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Bexy debuts iMirror iPod dock

Bexy Corporation has introduced its iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station for iPod, a dock and wireless LCD remote combo that allows users to navigate the iPod from the remote. Features include a wireless RF-based 2-way remote with LCD screen and iPod navigation functions, an iPod Dock with S-Video, RCA audio and video, and mini-jack line output, and a mini USB port for syncing capability. “Now consumers can use their iPod as an integral part of their home entertainment experience without having to get up from the couch or go to another room to view or control the system,” said John Gitelman, CMO for Bexy. The Bexy iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station for iPod is available now from Bexy’s website and sells for $150.

Apple releases iPhone Software version 1.0.2

Apple has released iPhone Software Version 1.0.2, the second update to the handheld’s software. According to Apple, version 1.0.2 “includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.” It is worth noting that while version 1.0.1 was listed as containing “bug fixes,” it also added several new features and tweaked several others. iPhone Software Version 1.0.2 is available through the Check for Updates feature in iTunes.

Mix: Europe, Wal-Mart, HOF, iDiamond

According to a Financial Times report, Apple has signed deals with T-Mobile of Germany, Orange of France, and O2 in the UK, to be the exclusive carriers of the iPhone in those European countries. The report claims that as part of the deal, Apple will receive 10 percent of revenue from calls and data usage of iPhone customers, and that the deal will be officially announced at the IFA trade fair in Berlin at the end of August.

U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart has begun selling DRM-free MP3 music from major record labels such as Universal and EMI for $0.94 per track. As Universal announced earlier in the month, its “test” of DRM-free music sales began today through retailers such as Wal-Mart and Gbox.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been selected for induction into the California Hall of Fame. Jobs, along with notable figures such as photographer Ansel Adams, Jackie Robinson, Elizabeth Taylor, and John Wayne, will be inducted during a Dec. 5 ceremony in Sacramento, CA.

A special edition gold and diamond covered iPod shuffle, dubbed the iDiamond, has been created by jewelry designer Thomas Heyerdahl. The not-for-sale shuffle features 430 hand-set diamonds, solid 18 karat white and pink gold, and has an estimated value of $41,000.

Full iPhone unlock completed via hardware?

George Hotz, in a post on, claims to have successfully completed a full unlock of the iPhone using a hardware hack. The current method, which Hotz says “involves taking apart your phone and doing some complicated soldering, with a high probability of a bricked phone,” allows all hardware to be removed following the unlock, and allows the iPhone to work with an active SIM card from any GSM carrier. According to the post, information and instructions on how to perform the unlock will be released one week from today. At that point, Hotz claims, it may be possible to unlock the phone without risky hardware modifications. Video of the unlocked iPhone in action is now available on YouTube.

SwitchEasy ships revised RunAway adapter for Nike+iPod Sport Kit

SwitchEasy Limited has introduced its newly revised RunAway and new RunAway Crystal AnyShoe Adapters for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. The RunAway is an adapter for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit that allows it to be used with non-Nike+ shoes. Features include a power button to disable the sensor, polycarbonate/ABS construction, a redesigned holder cap, a reinforced locking mechanism, and a receiver lock. In addition to standard black and white RunAway models, the RunAway Crystal adds translucent ruby, sapphire, and crystal color options to the RunAway line. The SwitchEasy RunAway and RunAway Crystal AnyShoe Adapter for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit are available now and sell for $9.

MTV, RealNetworks partner to challenge iTunes [updated]

Viacom’s MTV Networks is ready to announce that it is merging its online digital music offerings into a new venture with RealNetworks in an effort to better compete with iTunes, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The new joint venture will reportedly use Verizon Wireless for mobile distribution of content, a move that provides the service additional leverage against Apple and iTunes, following the launch of the AT&T-only iPhone. The report also claims that the venture will be headed by Michael Bloom, who currently heads Urge for MTV Networks. The new venture effectively signals the end of the Urge service, which was announced in partnership with Microsoft last year.

Update: In an official announcement, Real and MTV revealed that they are uniting Real’s Rhapsody service and MTV’s URGE service in a single offering from a new company, Rhapsody America, that will be the exclusive digital music service for Real and for MTV Networks in the United States. Through the new company both Real and MTV have formed a long-term exclusive relationship with Verizon Wireless. As part of that relationship, Rhapsody will be fully integrated with Verizon’s VCAST Music service. As of today, users of MTV’s URGE service can use their existing usernames and passwords to log in to Rhapsody and get access to both services.

Mix: MAME, Samsung, Teeth, Vodafone

A new project to port MAME — the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator — to the iPhone has been launched. No application installer has yet been released; early builds of the application are successfully running games such as Pac-Man and Q*Bert.

Samsung has introduced a 160GB 1.8-inch hard drive, the same size as Apple uses in its hard drive-based iPods. It is unknown whether this new high-capacity drive will appear in any future iPod models.

Japanese researchers have developed a new system that uses infrared sensors and a microcomputer to let people operate music players such as the iPod by clenching their teeth. The system is also able to differentiate between commands and common motions such as chewing or talking.

A new report from claims that Vodafone is once again a frontrunner to sign an exclusive deal with Apple to carry the iPhone in Europe. Last week, a product page on the website suggested that both O2 and Vodafone may provide service for the iPhone in the UK.

HandBrake 0.9.0 brings iPhone compatibility, more

HandBrake, a popular DVD to MPEG-4 video conversion utility for Mac, Linux, and Windows, has been updated to version 0.9.0. This new release includes a myriad of improvements, such as a newly-envisioned interface on the Mac, a totally re-developed Windows interface, improved picture quality, new high-quality presets, improved multi-threaded encoding for the iPod, new presets for devices including the iPhone and PSP, and support for DTS as an audio source. HandBrake 0.9.0 is available now as a free download.

Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones now available

Apple is now offering refurbished iPhones on the online Apple Store. Found under the “Special Deals” section, the 4GB and 8GB models are available for $399 and $499 respectively, representing a savings of $100, or up to 21 percent, off the original price. All Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones include a full one-year warranty, and are also eligible for the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone.

Noreve offers Tradition leather case for iPhone

Noreve has introduced its Apple iPhone Tradition leather case, which features a protective front flap and magnetic closure. Other features include access to the Dock Connector, camera, headphone port, ring/silent switch, volume buttons, SIM card, speaker, and microphone, two business card slots, and a removable metal belt clip. The Noreve Apple iPhone Tradition leather case is available now in twelve different colors and sells for $45.

Mix: Amazon, BlackBerry, Multiply, GizMac

Amazon has launched its new beta iPhone portal. An option to use the new interface appears when navigating to on the iPhone. [via TUAW]

A new rumor has surfaced on a BlackBerry enthusiast site claiming that AT&T is intentionally limiting GPS functionality in the upcoming BlackBerry 8820 to avoid the handset clashing with the iPhone.

Social networking site Multiply has also launched a new iPhone-optimized version of its site. The new iPhone-friendly version can be accessed by visiting

GizMac Accessories has announced its “Replace Your Case” promotion. “Customers will receive 50% off the retail price of the Titan Clear iPod Nano case when they send GizMac a competitor’s case for a trade-in,” explained Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing for GizMac Accessories. “Simply input the code ‘Replace’ when placing an order and send your trade-in case to GizMac referencing your order number.” The promotion runs today through Aug. 31.

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Analyst sees “sustained iPhone momentum”

Mike Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Capital, has said that checks with Apple and AT&T retail stores show “sustained iPhone momentum.” Abramsky predicts that 1.5 million iPhones will be sold by the end of the quarter, well above Apple’s target of 1 million. He also sees total iPhone shipments of 14.3 million by the end of calendar year 2008, and expects Euopean iPhone carrier partners to be announced next month. Of note, Abramsky also says that checks with large retailers show that cannibalization of iPod sales by the iPhone appears minimal.

Roxio Popcorn 3 adds iPhone, Apple TV, Tivo support

Roxio is preparing an update to its Popcorn desktop DVD and video conversion application for Mac. Popcorn 3 features support for both the iPhone and Apple TV, better video quality settings, and TivoToGo functionality. Along with its DVD-burning features, which include Fit-to-DVD, automatic video conversion and menu building, and support for dual-layer drives, the application’s video conversion feature gets batch conversion, a video quality preview that lets users see what the compressed video will look like at the current settings, and the ability to convert TivoToGo recordings for viewing on the iPhone, Apple TV, or iPod. Roxio Popcorn 3 will be available at the end of the month and will run $50 for a full version; $30 for an upgrade from previous versions.

Mix: iPhone UK, Meebo, Endeavour, Autos

A product page for the iPhone on the website points to both O2 and Vodafone as possible carriers for the device in the UK. The page contains a simple disclaimer, stating “Please note that pricing and information for the Apple iPhone is based on the best information available to us at this moment in time.” [via MacWorld UK]

Instant messaging site Meebo has launched an iPhone-compatible interface, which allows chatting with AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber buddies from the phone.

According to an ABC News report, every astronaut on board Space Shuttle Endeavour has an iPod. Canadian-born spacewalker Dave Williams says his contains a song his daughter recorded. “She plays the piano and she recorded ‘What a Wonderful World It Is’ for me to play while I looked at Earth,” Williams stated.

A survey of 100 upcoming 2008 automobile models, conducted by Telematics Research Group, shows nearly 50 percent offer iPod connectivity options, up from 40 percent in model year 2007.

Read on an iPhone: The Free iPod Book 3.3, optimized

You already know all about The Free iPod Book 3.3—our massive tutorial guide for iPods, iTunes, iPhones, and Apple TVs, released yesterday. This morning, we’ve debuted a special version of the Book that’s optimized for reading on the iPhone itself, so you can access everything, including its newly added Free iPhone Book accessory guide, from your pocket.

Our iPhone version of The Free iPod Book 3.3 attempts to make maximum use of the device’s basic PDF reader, rendering individual pages for the full iPhone screen rather than attempting to squeeze two page spreads together side-by-side. Consequently, header text is generally readable without zooming in; you can use pinch and expand gestures to focus on text and graphics that interest you. Additional technical details can be found by clicking on this article’s headline above.

You can get the iPhone version of The Free iPod Book 3.3 here.


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The full-sized version of the Book 3.3, available in widescreen (2-page-wide) or printable (1-page-wide) editions, is available here.

Survey: Early iPhone adopters very satisfied

According to the most recent ChangeWave Alliance survey, 77 percent of iPhone owners report being “very satisfied” with the device, while another 15 percent are “somewhat satisfied.” The survey, conducted July 18-25, included 74 iPhone owners, as well as 3,000 non-owners, who spoke of future purchasing plans. The closest manufacturer in terms of customer satisfaction was Research In Motion, makers of the BlackBerry, with 50 percent. Nearly two-thirds of iPhone owners said the integration of phone, iPod, and internet browser was the feature they liked best about the device; 35 percent claimed the speed of AT&T’s EDGE network was their biggest dislike. In addition, the percentage of non-owners stating they were likely to purchase the iPhone for themselves or someone else increased to 22 percent, up from 13 percent in the April ‘07 survey.

Logitech launches Pure-Fi iPod speaker systems

Logitech has introduced its new Pure-Fi line of iPod speaker systems. The first two systems in the lineup are the Pure-Fi Anywhere, a remake of the popular mm50 system, and the Pure-Fi Dream, an entirely new system designed for the bedroom. The Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere offers one-touch access to shuffle and repeat functions, a wireless remote control, 2-inch Max-X active drivers, a 10-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a battery-life indicator, an integrated Universal Dock, a protective travel case, and an AC adapter with integrated cable management. It works with all Dock-connecting iPods, and will sell for $150 when it is released in September.

imageThe Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Bedroom Music System features one-button access to six iPod playlists, six AM and 12 FM radio stations, easy access to the iPod’s shuffle and repeat functions, motion-activated backlit controls, and an auto-adjusting LCD that automatically dims at night and shows track/song/artist information from iPod tracks and RDS data from radio stations. Other features include dual alarms with battery backup, motion snooze alarm that responds to a wave of the hand, a digital AM/FM radio, a backlit remote control with snooze buttons, 3/4-inch dome tweeters and 3-inch long-throw woofers, and an integrated iPod Dock. The Pure-Fi Dream is priced at $250; it will be available in November.

Eighth iPhone television ad appears online [updated]

Apple has begun airing a new iPhone television commercial, which has appeared on YouTube. The spot, speculatively titled “How?”, is the eighth iPhone commercial. The spot says, “All these years, you’ve gone through the day without email like this in your pocket… or stock updates like this in your pocket… or internet like this in your pocket… and you survived. The question is… How?” Apple has yet to update its official site with the advertisement.

Update: Apple has now posted the commercial, titled “All These Years,” along with a ninth iPhone advertisement, titled “All The Parts.” Both commercials are now available for viewing on Apple’s website.

iLounge Adds Free iPhone Book to Million-Copy iPod Book 3

iLounge iPod Book 3.0

When we released The Free iPod Book 3.0 in June, we could never have imagined that readers would download it over a million times by the time we released an update. Today, iLounge is proud to announce the release of The Free iPod Book 3.3, the latest edition of our popular guide to All Things iPod and iTunes. We’ve completely revamped our iPhone coverage into a new section called The Free iPhone Book, designed to help you decide whether the iPhone is right for your needs, and how to accessorize it. You’ll find facts and opinions on iPhone hardware, software, calling plans, accessories, and even new iPhone-specific features of iTunes. Click on the headline above for more details, on the links to get your copy of the Book, or here to tell a friend!


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