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Photos of iPod nano 4G, classic (120GB), shuffle 2008 posted in high-res

iLounge has just posted new photos of the fourth-generation iPod nano, iPod classic (120GB), and the fall 2008 iPod shuffle on our Flickr page. The new set of high-resolution photos features complete unboxing and close-up product shots of the iPod nano 4G, and unboxing photos of the iPod classic 2G and the new (Product) RED iPod shuffle. If you haven’t already, check out our high-resolution unboxing gallery of the second-generation iPod touch, and see our extended First Looks at the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch for even more photos.

High-resolution iPod touch 2G unboxing photos posted

As promised, we’ve just posted a high-resolution unboxing gallery for the second-generation iPod touch, enabling you to see the new device in greater detail. The images are available in sizes up to 1600x1200 pixels, and feature both the newest iPhone OS product and its packaging; we will be posting more images soon.

See our extended First Looks at the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch for more photos.

Apple posts new iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G ads

Apple has posted two new television commercials for the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch. The new iPod nano commercial shows each of the new nine colored nanos floating past the camera with different features such as Cover Flow and video playback on the screens. The nanos then form a non-uniform line, with paint matching each of the devices’ colors spilling out from the bottom. The ad closes with Apple’s new nano slogan “nano-chromatic,” and features the song “Bruises” by Chairlift. The iPod touch commercial starts with a profile of the new device, which is rotated to landscape orientation to play a game, followed by the appearance of several more touches playing different games, each appearing on top of the last, and finishing with the iPod app’s Cover Flow view and the slogan “The funnest iPod ever.” It features the song “Around the Bend” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Both commercials are now available for viewing on Apple’s website.

Belkin rolls out cases for new iPod family

Belkin has introduced its new lineup of cases for the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch. The Sport Armband Plus with FastFit features a removable sleeve with a low-profile belt clip and key pouch, a Cable Capsule for headphone-cord management, the FastFit system for one-handed fastening, Nike+ compatibility, a built-in clear screen protector, and is made with lightweight water-wicking materials. It will be available for the iPod nano 4G, the iPod touch 2G, and the iPod classic 2G, and will sell for $30. Also coming for the nano 4G, touch 2G, and classic 2G is the Sport Armband, which offers an adjustable dual-fit system for maximized sizing, a built-in clear screen protector, a key pocket, reflective material for nighttime safety, and Nike+ compatibility. It will sell for $25.

imageBelkin’s Clear Acrylic Case is a clear hard-shell case offering Click Wheel protection, a form-fitting design, and a snap together design; it will be available for the nano 4G, touch 2G, and classic 2G, and will sell for $25, $30, and $30, respectively. The Remix Metal is a slim case in red, silver, pink or black, offering a metal faceplate and Click Wheel protection. It will be available for the iPod nano 4G and iPod classic 2G, and will sell for $25 and $30, respectively. Similar in appearance to Belkin’s Silicone Sleeve for iPhone 3G, the Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve offers a two-tone, laser-etched design, form-fitting construction, and open access to all ports and controls. It will come in a number of colorways, including black/infrared, cool gray/grapefruit, pink/translucent white, black/blue, black/green, black/white, and blue/orange, will be available for the nano 4G ($20), touch 2G ($25), and classic 2G ($30). Single color Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeves will also be available in two-packs for the nano 4G, touch 2G, and classic 2G, and will sell for $20 each.

imageThe Simple Silicone Sleeve will also come in a two-pack, and features a minimal, form-fitting design, access to ports and controls, and will come in black/black, black/blue, pink/translucent, and red/gray. It will be available for the iPod nano 4G ($15), iPod touch 2G ($20), and iPod classic 2G ($20). Belkin’s Leather Sleeve cases will feature slim designs, soft microfiber interior lining, a Velcro closure, and will be available in black or pink for the nano 4G ($25), touch 2G ($30), and classic 2G ($30). The Leather Folio cases also offer microfiber inner lining and Velcro closures, with a horizontal flap that closes over the face of the iPod, and will be available in black or pink for the iPod nano 4G ($25) and iPod touch 2G ($30). The Leather Pull-Tap Holster is a pocket-style case with an elastic tab for easy removal of the device and a slim design, and will be available for the iPod touch 2G and iPod classic 2G for $30.

imageFinally, Belkin will be offering Eco-Conscious versions of its folio and sleeve cases, featuring vegetable-tanned leather with natural felt interior. The Eco-Conscious Sleeve will be available for the iPod nano 4G ($25), iPod touch 2G ($30) only, while the Eco-Conscious Folio will be available for the nano 4G ($25) and touch 2G ($30), and iPod classic 2G ($30). 3-packs of Screen Overlay clear protectors will also be available for all three devices, and will run $13 for the iPod nano 4G and $15 for the iPod touch 2G and iPod classic 2G. Belkin’s entire line of accessories for the iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G, and iPod classic 2G will be available in mid-September in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Second-generation iPod touch unboxing photos online

iLounge has just finished its preliminary unboxing of the second-generation iPod touch. While we will be posting higher-resolution images of the new touch later today, we have uploaded a number of photos showing the unboxing process to our Flickr account. Notably, the new iPod touch packaging comes wrapped in white plastic for protection, the touch itself comes with a sticker over the screen that makes the device appear as if it is turned on, and it includes Universal Dock Adapter #16.

Australian, Japanese Apple Stores receive new nanos, touches

While customers in the United States wait for their local Apple Stores to receive stock of the new fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch, stores in Australia and Japan have already begun selling the devices. Tom Baker has posted a number of photos showing both the new iPod nano and iPod touch from the Apple Store in Sydney, complete with the devices’ new packaging, while Flickr user Masaru Kamikura has uploaded three shots, showing the new nanos and touches on display in an Apple Store in Japan. During yesterday’s special event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the new 8GB nanos would be in stores in the “next few days,” with 16GB models expected to appear this weekend or early next week at latest, and the iPod touch 2G was said to be available immediately. In our brief checks, iLounge has found current availability to somewhat scattered; we recommend calling your local store before heading out to make sure they have the model you’re looking for in stock.

Apple releases iPhone 2.1 Software Update for iPod touch

Apple has released its iPhone 2.1 Software Update for the iPod touch. Pre-installed on all second-generation iPod touch units, the software offers Genius playlist creation, dramatically faster backups, improved email reliability, faster installation of 3rd party applications, faster loading and searching of contacts, and bug fixes for hangs and crashes caused by having lots of 3rd party applications installed, and other problems. The software is currently available through the Update feature in iTunes, is a free download to all iPod touch users running software 2.0 or later, and is a $10 upgrade for all users using 1.x software.

Photo of the Week: iPod in the Philippines

This week’s featured photo is from our iPods Around the World gallery, and shows an iPod classic on board a boat near the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. To share your photos and to be considered for our Photo of the Week, you simply need to submit your own photo to one of our galleries. So get out there, take some pictures with your iPod or iPhone, and maybe your submission will be our next Photo of the Week!

High-resolution iPod nano 4G photos posted

We’ve just posted a high-resolution photo gallery of the fourth-generation iPod nano, enabling you to see Apple’s newest miniature flash player in greater detail. The images, which are available in sizes up to 1600x1200 pixels, let you inspect the colors, the curves, and the metal textures up close and personal; we will be posting more soon.

See our extended First Looks at the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch for more photos.

Walkthrough videos of iPod nano 4G, touch 2G available

iLounge has posted new videos showing off the interfaces of the new fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch. Both videos are available now on YouTube (iPod nano 4G / iPod touch 2G), and are also available for viewing in our hands-on article from today’s event.

Griffin updates accessories for iPhone 3G

Griffin Technology has announced several new accessories updated for the iPhone 3G. The WindowSeat automobile mount for iPhone and iPod touch now ships with a cradle for the iPhone 3G as well, while retaining its $30 price. The Reflect case for iPhone 3G is a polycarbonate shell with a reflective finish on the front edges and a matte black rubberized back, offering open access to all ports and controls. It includes a static-peel screen protector and cleaning cloth, and sells for $25. Griffin’s iClear for iPhone 3G is a clear polycarbonate snap-together case offering full access to all ports and controls and an included screen protector and cleaning cloth. It will be available for $20 for the case only, or in a package with a belt clip and armband for $30. The Streamline for iPhone 3G is a one-piece armband offering a clear, built-in full-face screen protector that allows for full control of the device, reflective trim for enhanced nighttime visibility, and a washable, breathable, two-way adjustable band. It sells for $20. Finally, the company has announced that its Wave case for iPhone 3G is now available in multi-color two-packs. Packs include green & black, pink & blue, pink & white, and blue & white, and sell for $35 each.

First Look: iPod nano’s new colors, compared

Following Apple’s Let’s Rock event today, iLounge had the opportunity to compare the colors of the new fourth-generation iPod nano lineup with those of past iPod releases. Below is a gallery of those comparison shots; for more photos from the event be sure to visit our Flickr page.

HD TV shows now on the iTunes Store, NBC returns [updated x2]

Apple today announced that with iTunes 8.0, HD TV shows are now available on the iTunes Store, including content from longtime holdout NBC/Universal. The new HD offerings are priced at $2.99 per episode, or $1 more than the SD versions of the same shows, and can be viewed through iTunes on a computer or from the Apple TV. Content from NBC includes the popular shows “Heroes,” “The Office,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “30 Rock,” while select programs from ABC, Showtime, and CBS are also available in HD.

“The return of our shows to iTunes is terrific news for everyone who loves television and the ease and convenience of Apple’s iTunes,” said Jeff Zucker, President and CEO, NBC Universal. “And now, by offering consumers a variety of new options, our fans have even more ways to enjoy our content.”

“We are thrilled that NBC is back on iTunes in time for the Fall TV season,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “NBC has some of TV’s most popular shows and now customers can purchase and download them from iTunes in SD or stunning HD.”

Update: In addition to the new HD TV show offerings, Apple has added the ability to pre-order upcoming movie releases.

Update x2 According to the iTunes Store, each HD-quality episode purchased includes an SD version for viewing on an iPod or iPhone. From the iTunes Store: “Every HD episode comes with a standard definition version, perfect for viewing on the go on your iPod and iPhone. When you sync your show to your iPod or iPhone, iTunes will automatically transfer the right version.”

App Store downloads hit 100 million mark

Apple has announced that iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide have downloaded more than 100 million applications from the App Store since its launch on July 11. More than 3,000 applications are now available on the App Store, with over 90 percent priced at less than $10 and more than 600 offered for free.

“iPhone’s unique capabilities, easy SDK and the ability to reach an audience of millions via the App Store made this an easy development choice for us,” said John Pollard, Jott CEO. “To date, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of downloads of Jott for iPhone, which has been a major win for our company.”

“Because I already had a full-time job I used the iPhone SDK to create Trisim in my spare time and in my wildest dreams I never expected this kind of result,” said Steve Demeter, founder of Demiforce. “Selling over 27,000 downloads in the first three weeks means I now have a significant new income stream and some exciting career choices that I didn’t have a couple of months ago.”

“As an 18 year old iPhone Developer Program member I won an Apple WWDC student scholarship and used the opportunity to complete my app over the summer,” said Bryan Henry, developer of Equivalence. “It was a lot of fun to pull it together and certainly the most lucrative summer job I’ve ever had as I made over $8,000 in my first month of App Store sales.”

“Our new account registrations on the App Store are 300 percent better than all our other registration avenues combined,” said Chris MacAskill, SmugMug’s co-founder. “We’ve been able to do things with our iPhone app that we just couldn’t have dreamed of doing on any other mobile platform, so these are revolutionary times for us and for iPhone and iPod touch users.”

Hands-on: iPod nano 4G and iPod touch 2G

The hands-on area for the new iPods and iTunes 8 was crowded, but we had the opportunity to test the new iPod nanos and iPod touches. Pictures, videos showing the iPod nano 4G and iPod touch 2G interfaces, and impressions are below.

Apple releases iTunes 8 with Genius auto-playlists

Apple today released iTunes 8, the latest update to its digital media management application featuring support for HD TV shows in the iTunes Store and a new Genius feature which automatically makes playlists from songs in the user’s library. When a song is selected, a new Genius button in the bottom right corner will create a new playlist. Apple-developed Genius Algorithms communicate with the iTunes Store, taking info about your library and sending it anonymously to Apple to let them learn about your tastes. A new grid view displays media by cover art, with a bar at the top to choose between albums, artists, genres, composers, and a slider to adjust the size of the art. This view also works with TV shows, movies, podcasts. iTunes 8 is a free download for both Mac and Windows users and is available now from

Highlights from Apple’s ‘Let’s Rock’ special event [updated]

Aside from major product upgrades, Apple today also revealed an update to the iPod classic, announced iPhone Software 2.1, and made several remarks regarding the performance of the iTunes Store and iPod sales.

iPod classic: Apple today updated its iPod classic line, removing both the 80GB and 160GB models and replacing them with a single, thin-bodied 120GB model, which will sell for $249. The new iPod classic offers on-device Genius playlist creation, and compatibility with the newly-announced Apple headphones.

iPod shuffle: Not mentioned during the event, Apple today quietly updated the iPod shuffle, replacing the current colors with more vibrant hues of blue, green, pink, and red (pictured). The silver model remains unchanged, as does the pricing: $49 for 1GB models and $69 for 2GB models. We had previously heard that there were electronic changes being made to the iPod shuffle for this revision; it is currently unclear whether this will result in a different sound profile for the shuffle, or what other changes might have been made.

iPhone: Apple will release iPhone Software 2.1, which debuts on the second-generation iPod touch, as a free update to all iPhone users this Friday. According to Apple, the update fixes lots of bugs, reduces call drops, significantly improves battery life, fixes problems caused by installing lots of apps on the phone, and provides faster backups in iTunes.

iPod: According to Apple, the latest data shows the iPod at 73.4% marketshare in United States. #2 is “other” at 15.4%, followed by Sandisk, and then Microsoft, which holds 2.6% of the market. Over 5,000 iPod accessories are now available, and 90% of all cars in the U.S. offer iPod integration. Cumulative iPod sales are now over 160 million units.

iTunes: The iTunes Store now offers 8.5 million songs, 125,000 podcasts, and 30,000 episodes of TV shows, and boasts 65,000,000 unique accounts.

Apple debuts second-generation iPod touch

Alongside new iPod nanos and iTunes 8, Apple today announced the new iPod touch, the second-generation of the iPhone OS music player. As previsouly reported by iLounge, the new touch features a shape that is like the iPhone 3G but with a back made from polished steel, with volume buttons on the side and a built in speaker. New software features include Genius playlist creation, a slightly enhanced user interface, and built in support Nike + iPod — no receiver is required, only the shoe transmitter. The player will offer compatibility with Apple’s new in-line control headphones, as well as battery life of 36 hours for music and 6 hours for video. The new iPod touch will also ship with software version 2.1, which will be a free update to current iPod touch users running software 2.0 or later, and will be a $10 upgrade for users coming from software 1.x. Pricing starts at $229 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 16GB model, and $399 for the 32GB model. All three models are available starting today.

“iPod touch is the funnest iPod we’ve ever created,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Users can listen to millions of songs, watch thousands of Hollywood movies and now, thanks to the App Store, download and play hundreds of great games on their iPod touch.”

Apple intros fourth-generation iPod nano

Apple today introduced the fourth-generation iPod nano. Touted by Apple as the thinnest iPod ever made, the new nano sports a curved aluminum design with curved glass, and looks very similar to previous reports. In addition to the new form factor, the new iPod nano features an accelerometer that allows the user to shake the device to enter shuffle mode. A new user interface also appears on the device, offering Genius playlist creation right from the nano, a Cover Flow mode that appears when the device is in landscape orientation, a built-in voice recording app, album art that appears at the bottom as the user scrolls through the traditional interface, and battery life of 24 hours for music and 4 hours for video. The new iPod nano will be available in nine colors — silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black and pink, and will be priced at $149 for the 8GB model and $199 for the new 16GB model.

“The iPod nano is the world’s most popular music player and we’ve made it even better for this holiday season,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We think users are going to love the amazing new design, the automatic Genius playlist creation, as well as automatically going into Cover Flow with just a turn of the wrist.”

Apple also announced new accessories for the iPod nano. New standard headphones will offer in-line play, pause, track skip, and volume control, plus a microphone to work with the nano’s built-in voice recording app. They will be available in October for $29. In addition, new In-Ear Headphones will offer dual drivers, and will sell for $79 when they go on sale in October.

iLounge’s ‘Let’s Rock’ live coverage transcript

Below is a complete transcript of iLounge’s live coverage from Apple’s “Let’s Rock” special event held Tuesday, September 9th 2008. Updates appear in reverse chronological order.

10:49 AM: iPod + iTunes. Best lineup we’ve ever had, says Steve. Shuffle is shown in the lineup, unchanged. Musical guest now about to perform. That’s it for the news, apparently. We’ll update you on who the performer is. Sold over 16 million albums. Tour was one of the hottest tickets this summer. #1 selling male artist in iTunes history: Jack Johnson. Playing acoustic guitar. We think we’re going to stop coverage at this point; plan for more photos of the new iPods and additional details from iLounge shortly. Thanks for reading!

10:47 AM: They’re trying to push it that way for sure. New iPod touch has new iPod touch 2.1 software. What if you have the first-generation iPod touch - free update from 2.0. If not upgraded, $9.95 upgrade from 1.x. Updates available today. If you have an iPhone, 2.1 software update. Fixes lots of bugs. Fewer call drops, significantly better battery life, no problems with lots of apps on the phone, backing up to iTunes is faster. People applauding for bug fixes. Free for all iPhone owners, available this Friday.

10:46 AM: Here’s the ad. iPod touch shown with Moto Chaser, Monkey Ball, other games being played. Is this Apple trying to market as a games machine?

10:45 AM: “The funnest iPod ever.” Three models: 8GB - $229. 16GB model - $299. 32GB model - $399. Available starting today.

10:44 AM: Steve’s back out. Works with new headphones and microphone for the iPod touch, 36 hours of music, 6 hours of video. Environmentally like the nano.

10:42 AM: Need for Speed Undercover shown for the first time on iPhone. Transport a “package” across town avoiding authorities, pick from real cars inc. Mustang, Porsche. He’s customizing a Porsche for a mission. 3-D interface is very edgy. angled screen, racing through city with nitro and flipover effects. Ramming police cars before getting pulled over. Coming this November.

10:40 AM: Real Soccer 09 (aka Real Football 09). This is a 3-D soccer game. Pick uniforms, teams, real team data for the actual international teams. Clean 3-D visuals. You can use on-screen D-pad and buttons that are transparent, or also use gestures. Scores a goal, audience cheering.

10:37 AM: Phil will be showing three new games. Spore Origins (EA), Real Soccer 09 (Gameloft). And Need For Speed (EA). Doing a demo of Spore, which was previously shown at Apple’s events. iLounge has already reviewed Spore Origins for the iPhone + iPod touch, posted last night.

10:34 AM: It’s only been open for 60 days. 700 games on the App Store today. Games have something for everybody. App Store now in 62 countries. Pretty amazing. Demo. New iPod touch has a more obvious polished metal front bezel. Showing movie Iron Man playing on iPod touch. Phil Schiller coming up on stage.

10:33 AM: Creating Genius playlists is obviously easy. And App Store… users have downloaded 100 million apps from Store. (does this count bugfixes?)

10:32 AM: Built in Nike + iPod. (!!) Software is built in. No need for a receiver for the iPod touch. All you need is the shoe transmitter.

10:29 AM: iPod touch. Incredible product (past one). This year, even better. Same screen. Even thinner. It has the same shape as the iPhone 3G but made from polished steel. Volume buttons on the side. Built in speaker! For casual listening, he notes. Not for audiophiles. Genius playlist creation. New UI is slightly enhanced with better detail etc. Better UI for audiobooks.

10:28 AM: New ad. Computer-rendered iPods tumbling into a line. Nothing is being shown with games. Nanos drip with colored paint.

10:25 AM: Nano-chromatic. Colors - best we’ve ever done. Silver, purple, bue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, black. There are 9 colors. $149 price for 8GB model. 16GB version for $199. Shipping out of factories today. 8 should be in stock next few days, 16 weekend or early next week at latest. Accessories: armband. New headphones sold separately have a pause and play button plus track skip plus volume. Back side has a microphone that works with the voice recording app in the nano. $29 in October. New in-ear headphones - finally got these right, Apple thinks. Dual-driver. $79 in October. Look like Shures mixed with Apple design.

10:24 AM: Battery life: 24 hours for music, 4 hours for video. Huh? We want to be really environmentally sensitive with these products. Environmental checklist: arsenic-free glass, BFR-free, Mercury-free, PVC free, and highly recyclable materials. “Really trying our best.”

10:23 AM: Shake sound has a little chime that plays. The new UI is displaying photos that rotate and fade in. Nice little effects.

10:20 AM: The bottom of the main screen scrolls with album art as you select from a plain 2G-style menu on the top of the screen. Interface seems faster than before. Just looks like a more polished version of the nano 3G interface, minus the stuff on the right of the screen. The color of the nano that’s being shown is like a dark silver - not as bright as the prior one, but lighter than the charcoal black version from last year. Shake your iPod nano to make it shuffle. People are actually cheering for that.

10:18 AM: Curved aluminum design, curved glass. Very durable. Enhanced UI with new features. Accelerometer from iPhone/touch now into the nano. Genius playlist creation right from the nano, even when not created in iTunes. See picture being sent to our flickr page. Rotate on the side and it looks like Cover Flow mode from nano 3G. Photos, etc rotate for the display. Now playing - hold down center button for a new menu to browse the album, artist, crete genius list. Voice recording program built in as before.

10:16 AM: Nano has gone through 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation. Now 4th generation. It looks like the images we’ve shown; there is a more conspicuous hold switch at the top. Thinnest iPod ever made. Top has a swirled hold switch. New interface has cover art icons at the bottom of the screen. Interface looks unlike the faked shots shown online earlier.

10:15 AM: Updates and new products. iPod classic. Two models have been offered - no more thick one. 80GB for $249—now 120GB at $249. No more 160GB model. Now is 30,000 songs in your pocket. That’s it. Silver shown.

10:14 AM: iPod. Latest data shows iPod at 73.4% marketshare in US. #2 is “other” at 15.4%. #3 is Sandisk. #4 is Microsoft with 2.6%. Over 5,000 iPod accessories. They announce products before we want them to - it’s “funny.” 90% of all cars in US offer iPod integration. Cumulative iPod sales are now over 160m.

10:13 AM: The demo is dragging a lot. Audience basically silent. iTunes 8 available today.

10:11 AM: Long demo of the Genius feature. Gives you the ability to limit how many songs get picked for the playlist, refresh the list with different picks, and then save the playlist.

10:10 AM: Plays a clip of HD episode of The Office. Jim answering Dwight’s phone, taking an order.

10:08 AM: Genius Results are tailored to your music library. It’s all opt-in. Updated once a week automatically. The new icon looks atomic, somewhat like the logo for the Genius Bar at Apple Stores.

10:06 AM: Genius. Auto makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together, with just one click. Helps you rediscover music in your library. And it works well. Select a song, new Genius button in bottom right corner gets pressed and creates new genius list. Genius sidebar appears to recommend more stuff from the iTunes Store for things you might want to buy. Appears to the right of the main window. Apple-developed Genius Algorithms go out to the iTunes Store, taking info about your library and sending it to Apple to let them learn about your tastes. Sent completely anonymously. At no time is your ID kept around. It’s information from the millions of iTunes users combined together to make smarter choices.

10:04 AM: iTunes 8. A ton of new stuff. Few main pieces: HD TV shows. Accessibility - requests for voiceover and other tech fulfilled. New browsing and Genius. Browsing of albums has been weak. Grid-style display of album covers now appears, and a bar at the top lets you pick albums, artists, genres, composers, just like in iPhoto. You can pick scale. Works with TV shows, movies, podcasts.

10:02 AM: 65,000,000 accounts with credit cards in iTunes. Number one music distributor in any format in the US. New content getting added. HD TV shows. SD $1.99, HD $2.99. Watch on your computer. And Apple TV. NBC is coming back to iTunes. The Office, Monk, Battlestar Galactica. 30 Rock, Heroes. They’re coming back in SD and HD.

10:01 AM: Music is the topic today. Fun new offerings. iTunes image from NBC! Office + Heroes shown as banners. 8.5 million songs now in the store. 125,000 podcasts. 30,000 episodes of TV shows. 2,600 Hollywood movies. 3,000 applications for iPod touch and iPhone.

10:00 AM: The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. Nuff said.

10:00 AM: Lights are dimming. Music ends. Steve Jobs takes stage. He’s looking thin but moving fine. Really exciting stuff to share.

9:58 AM: Two iMacs on stage along with water bottles. Very small crowd here today.

9:57 AM: So far, not a single song from the last decade or two. All of the pre-event music is classic rock, such as The Doors (playing now).

9:54 AM: A pre-event chat with XtremeMac yielded some interesting news for those interested in the clock radio Luna X2—it’s still coming, along with Luna Voyager, the prior model. Sounds like the most recently revised October date will hold.

9:51 AM: We’ve heard that the new lineup of nanos will be introduced with an image showing them literally dripping with colorful paint. There will be many color choices this time. A source told us that the new colors are brighter tones than the prior lineup of colors, plus ones taken from the iPod shuffle lineup (e.g. purple, orange).

9:50 AM: We noticed Barbarian Group representatives outside. They developed Magnetosphere, the awesome visualizer that was featured on iLounge Backstage and in our Books. It sounds like Magnetosphere was purchased by Apple for integration into iTunes 8.

9:48 AM: Classic rock is playing as we’re waiting. Old rock was playing at WWDC when the iPhone 3G was announced, as well.

9:46 AM: We’re in the event. Apple has actually, amazingly provided laptop power strips, so we won’t have a mid-event power interruption.

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