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App Mix: Droplitz, A.D.D. Lite, Card Tower, Warpack Grunts

Altus has released Droplitz, a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Droplitz has playes rotate dials in order to create pathways through which balls called Droplitz can travel safely in order to be collected at the bottom of the screen. The game offers three distinct play modes of varying ability, as well as the ability to make multiple connections for higher scores. Droplitz is available now from the App Store and sells for $2.

IUGO Mobile Entertainment has released A.D.D. Lite, its new mini-game title for the iPhone and iPod touch. A.D.D. Lite (Another Dumb Distraction) is the free version of the upcoming title A.D.D., and offers 16 mini-games, many offering raunchy subject matter and game play. A.D.D. Lite is available now as a free download; the full version, offering 76 mini-games, is “still pending Apple approval.”

Karma World has released Card Tower: The House of Cards, its new application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Card Tower simulates building a house of cards using multi-touch controls and accurate physics rules, with an undo feature offering a chance to correct small mistakes. Card Tower: The House of Cards is available now and priced at $1.

Freeverse has released Warpack Grunts, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. In Warpack Grunts, players take control of a squad of fighters in order to stop “Evil Dude” and his army from taking over the world. The game offers 40 levels, four difficulty levels, online high scores for the campaign and each level, and a special unlockable game mode. Warpack Grunts sells for $1.

Final day to enter the iPWR SuperPack Giveaway

If you haven’t yet entered our iPWR SuperPack Giveaway, now’s your last chance—the contest ends tonight. In our Giveaway of the Month for June, 20 lucky iLounge readers will receive an iPWR SuperPack Rechargeable External Battery for the iPhone or iPod touch. To enter, simply fill out and submit the form on the giveaway page—the giveaway will end on June 30, 2009 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. Good luck!

Edifier brings iF500 iPod, iPhone speaker to US, Canada

Edifier has announced that it is bringing its iF500 speaker system for iPod and iPhone to the United States and Canada. The iF500 is a one-piece system featuring an integrated dock, a five-driver system with vibration and resonance control technologies, low-frequency porting and mid-range tuned cavities, a digital FM radio, auxiliary input for other audio sources, and an included remote control. Edifier’s iF500 speaker system for iPod and iPhone is available now and sells for $300.

New iPhone 3GS ads tout Voice Control, Copy + Paste

Apple has begun airing two new TV advertisements for the iPhone 3GS. Shot with a black phone on a white background, both ads are similar in execution to the recent “there’s an app for that” series of advertisements. One focuses on the new copy & paste feature—although the ad never specifies that the feature is available on older iPhone 3.0-ready devices as well—and shows examples of copying a phone number for SMS, a portion of a website to email, and a map. The other ad focuses on the 3GS’s Voice Control feature, showing how it can be used to dial calls using names from the device’s contacts list, and how it can be used to control the iPod app—the ad uses “If I Had Eyes” by Jack Johnson in the example. Neither ad has yet been posted to Apple’s iPhone TV Ads gallery, but both are embedded below, and are available directly on YouTube from the links above.

Miniot intros wooden pouch for iPhone 3G, 3GS

Miniot has introduced its new Miniot pouch for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and second-generation iPod touch. Like the company’s iWood cases, the pouch is made in the Netherlands from a single piece of selected wood, making each one unique. Other features include a soft interior lining to prevent scratching, available monogram, message, or logo engraving, and an optional belt clip and built-in stand. The Miniot pouch will be available July; pricing has yet to be announced.

Id Software releases Doom Resurrection for iPhone, iPod touch

Id Software has released Doom Resurrection, its first original game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Revealed in an interview earlier this month, the game’s storyline takes place alongside the story of Doom 3, but in a different location. Features include an accelerometer-based aiming system, eight levels, a wide variety of enemies and weapons, and four difficulty levels. Doom Resurrection is available now from the App Store and sells for $10.

Apple agrees to Micro-USB for iPhone charging in EU

Apple is among a large group of cell phone manufacturers that have signed a new European Commission agreement aimed at standardizing all smartphone chargers starting next year. “People will not have to throw away their charger whenever they buy a new phone,” said EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen, suggesting that unwanted phone accessories account for thousands of tons of waste in Europe each year. The new chargers will use the Micro-USB standard to ensure compatibility, and will be usable only on data-enabled phones. Along with Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, NEC, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung, and Texas Instruments have all signed the agreement. All iPods and iPhones since the third-generation iPod have used Apple’s 30-pin Dock Connector for charging; it is unclear whether future Europe-bound iPhones will adopt the new connector or simply offer a pack-in converter for use with standardized Micro-USB chargers.

iPhone 3GS units overheating, causing discoloration?

A number of iPhone 3GS owners have complained that the handset becomes overly hot, with at least one user reporting a discoloration of the white plastic back. Photos posted to the French site Nowhere Else (Translated Link) show a 16GB white iPhone 3GS unit with reddish/pink discolorations running vertically down the back on either side of the Apple logo; the user claims these appeared after the phone got “very hot” while testing out a variety of location-aware apps over 3G. At least one iLounge editor has seen similar behavior from his unit after connecting it to a specific battery pack for charging, and a thread on Apple’s support discussions site suggests others are also noticing their iPhones getting abnormally warm. It is unclear whether the issue is software- or hardware-based and if the warmth and discoloration problems are widespread. [via Engadget]

Tekkeon debuts myCase for iPhone 3G, 3GS

Tekkeon has introduced its new myCase line of cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Made from form-fitting, non-slip silicone, each myCase features a two-layer design, allowing the user to keep both layers on for a three-dimensional look, or remove the outer layer for a more traditional-looking case. Other features include access to all ports and controls, and an included myGuard screen protector. Tekkeon’s myCase for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is available in eight different shades and styles and sells for $20.

Apple launches online iPhone 3GS availability checker

Apple has launched a new online tool to allow potential iPhone 3GS customers to check on the stock levels at any of the company’s U.S.-based retail stores. Currently, iPhone 3GS availability varies wildly from store-to-store, with some stores sold completely out and some down to just one model available; most of the company’s biggest stores, such as The Grove in LA, the downtown San Francisco store, and the company’s glass cube 5th avenue store in New York City, have all models available. The availability checker page notes that the 8GB iPhone 3G is in-stock at all Apple Retail locations.

Last weekend to enter the iPWR SuperPack Giveaway

If you haven’t yet submitted your entry for our iPWR SuperPack Giveaway, there’s still time to do so. In our Giveaway of the Month for June, 20 lucky iLounge readers will receive an iPWR SuperPack Rechargeable External Battery for the iPhone or iPod touch. To enter, simply fill out and submit the form on the giveaway page—the giveaway will end on June 30, 2009 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. Good luck!

CopyTrans 3, CopyTrans Photo support iPhone OS 3.0

Wind Solutions has announced that the current versions of its Pod to PC transfer tool CopyTrans and photo transfer and backup tool CopyTrans Photo are both compatible with iPhone and iPod touch units running iPhone OS 3.0, including the iPhone 3GS. CopyTrans allows users to transfer media from their iPod or iPhone to their Windows PC, and can also create backups of iPods and iPhones for archival storage, while CopyTrans Photo allows for drag-and-drop photo transfers to and from iPods/iPhones and PCs, in-application navigation and browsing of photos stored on the iPod or iPhone, photo backup, the ability to view photos stored on the device as a slideshow, and the ability to create, delete, rename, and edit iPod and iPhone photo albums. CopyTrans 3 is available now for $20; CopyTrans Photo sells for $30. Both applications are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Apple: We will not distribute pornographic apps

Following yesterday’s report of an iPhone app touting nudity as one of its selling points, Apple has released a statement saying it will not distribute such applications. Hottest Girls from developer Allen Leung was pulled from the store yesterday afternoon following widespread publicity of the app’s new adult content; the developer blamed the app’s disappearance on heavy server loads. “The server usage is extremely high because of the popularity of this app. Thus, by not distributing the app, we can prevent our servers from crashing… Yes, the topless images will still be there when it is sold again,” said a statement on Leung’s website. It appears, however, that Apple may have had a hand in its removal, and will likely not allow the application back on the App Store in its current form.

“Apple will not distribute applications that contain inappropriate content, such as pornography,” Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr told CNN. “The developer of this application added inappropriate content directly from their server after the application had been approved and distributed, and after the developer had subsequently been asked to remove some offensive content. This was a direct violation of the terms of the iPhone Developer Program. The application is no longer available on the App Store.” Despite the strong statement from Apple, the App Store listing for Hottest Girls showed the app as being rated 17+ for “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity,” suggesting the company was prepared to allow apps with adult content onto the store.

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iPhone marketing exec Borchers leaves Apple

Bob Borchers, Apple’s senior director of worldwide product marketing for the iPhone and the host of the company’s guided tour videos for the iPhone and iPhone 3G has left the company for venture capital firm Opus Capital, the Wall Street Journal reports. According to the WSJ, Borchers had been with the company since 2004 working on products such as the iPod and iPhone, and said his time with the company was “amazing.” Borchers will be a general partner with Opus, focusing on mobile technologies.

PhoneSuit rolls out Mili Pro projector for iPhone, iPod

PhoneSuit has announced its new Mili Pro micro video projector for the iPhone and iPod. The Mili Pro sports a unique folding design, which unpacks to form an angled dock, stand, and horizontally-aimed projector. Features include a LCOS, LED-driven 640x480 video projector, an integrated speaker, the ability to accept video via VGA or RCA inputs, as well as through the integrated 30-pin dock, a removable, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and an included spare battery. Compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models, the Mili Pro will be available in September; pricing has yet to be announced.

Apple ups stake in PowerVR maker Imagination

Apple has more than doubled its stake in U.K.-based Imagination Technologies, a new regulatory statement has revealed. The Street reports that Apple is boosting its ownership share in Imagination—which designs the PowerVR graphics chips found in the iPhone and iPod touch—from 3.6% to 9.5% via a combination of share placement and stock purchases. Apple first purchased 8.2 million shares, or a 3.6% ownership interest, in December; Intel also owns a stake in the company, and recently increased its ownership position to 16%.

Sena intros new cases for iPhone 3G, 3GS

Sena Cases has introduced three new cases for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The Sarach Flip Case is hand-sewn from full grain Napa leather, and features openings for all ports and controls, a hidden multi-purpose pocket in the vertically-opening flap, and a magnetic fastening system—which Apple has warned against in iPhone cases. It is available in four colors and sells for $70. The Sarach LeatherSkin Case offers many of the same features as the Flip, save for the front flap and multi-purpose pocket; it also eschews the magnetic closure system for a snap closure strap. It is also available in four colors and runs $60. Finally, the Corsa Designer Case is a slim, sleeve-style leather case featuring a perforated leather strip on the front, velvet lining, speaker opening, and a pull strap for easy removal of the device. It is available in five color combinations and sells for $40.

Mix: AdSense for apps, 3.0 adoption, 3GS graphics, YouTube

Google launched its new AdSense for Mobile Applications beta, allowing iPhone and Android developers to add Google-sourced contextual ads to their products. According to a post on the company’s official mobile blog, Google has already has a successful trial run of the service with a small number of partners, including Sega, Shazam, and Urbanspoon, and are now offering the advertising solution to a larger group. Interested developers can visit this site to learn more about the program and to apply for the beta service.

iPhone developer Tapbots has posted internal numbers showing the adoption rate of iPhone OS 3.0 for users of its Convertbot application. The results include device and OS version for each day in June, and count only users using the latest version of the application—1.3. For iPhone Convertbot users, who outnumber iPod touch users nearly 6-to-1, the percentage running OS 3.0 jumped from around 8% on June 9-16 to 79% as of June 22%, an impressive number considering the upgrade had only been available for five days at that point. iPod touch users appear to upgrading at a slower pace, with just over half of users having upgraded to 3.0 as of the 22nd. When taking into account the discrepancy between iPhone and iPod touch users, the overall 3.0 adoption rate sits at 75%.

The iPhone 3GS sports a faster version of the PowerVR SGX graphics chip than previously believed, according to a group of iPhone developers. Mac Rumors reports that the developers have found extension files on the 3GS named “IMGSGX535GLDriver,” suggesting that the new handset uses a version of the chip—the SGX535—designed for “high end mobile, portable, MID, UMPC, consumer, and automotive devices,” as opposed to the lower-end 520 that was previously suspected to be in the device, or the SGX530 chip found in the Palm Pre.

Google has announced that uploads from mobile phones to YouTube have jumped 400% since Friday’s launch of the iPhone 3GS. One of the most-publicized new features of the 3GS is the ability to shoot and edit video directly on the device, then upload it to YouTube or MobileMe, or share it via email or MMS. It is unclear, however, exactly how much of the jump is attributable to the iPhone 3GS given the continued influx of video uploads from Iran.

Iasus unveils 500K Series iPhone Edition Headset

Iasus has introduced its new 500K Series iPhone Edition Headset. Adapted from the design of standard issue FBI, CIA, and secret service earpieces, the 500K features an acoustic coil earpiece for maximum flexibility, discretion, and comfort, an acoustic earpiece, an in-line answer button designed to hand over 500,000 pushes that can both control music playback and answer calls, black or clear acoustic coil colors, multiple included earpiece styles, an included carrying case, and optional customized coils. The Iasus 500K Series iPhone Edition Headset will be available soon and is priced at $100.

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