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Last chance to enter the Sena Cases Engraved Giveaway

If you haven’t yet submitted your entry for our Sena Cases Engraved Giveaway, this weekend is your last chance. In our Giveaway of the Month for January, iLounge and Sena Cases are giving away 10 Sarach Leatherskin cases for iPhone 3G/3GS, with free engraving. To enter, simply fill out and submit the form on the giveaway page—the giveaway will end on January 31, 2010 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. Good luck!

Apple A4 iPad chip based on ARM technology

The new Apple A4 system-on-a-chip powering the company’s iPad tablet is based on ARM technology, according to a new report. Citing Warren East, CEO of ARM, Bright Side of News reports that ARM has licensed its CPU and GPU technology to Apple. Based on this information, BSN suggests that the A4 includes both a ARM Cortex-A9 multi-core CPU, as well as an ARM Mali GPU, and other functions designed into the chip by Apple. The article also suggests that Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi played heavily in the design of the chip, as PA Semi founder Dan Dobberpuhl was a lead designer of Alpha and StrongARM processors at his former employer Digital Equipment Corporation. Apple itself has not offered any specifics on the A4 chip outside of specifying its 1GHz clockspeed and describing it as “the most advanced chip” the company has done up to this point.

Nokia disputes Apple’s ‘largest mobile device company’ claim

In a posting on Nokia’s official Conversations blog, Mark Squires, head of social media communications for the Finnish company, has disputed Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ claim that Apple is, by revenue, now “the largest mobile devices company in the world.” The article refers to a story from Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat, quoting Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo saying that Nokia is the world’s biggest mobile device manufacturer, when using a “generally accepted and stable definition of mobile devices,” which excludes laptops. Squires then references Sanomat’s revenue comparison between the two company’s October-December financial results, which stated that Nokia saw revenue of €8.18 billion from its devices and services business during the period, while Apple—even using its own definition of mobile devices—saw revenue of only €7.25 billion.

An analysis of Apple’s reported earnings (PDF Link) does not bear this out, however, as Apple’s revenue from iPod, iPhone, and laptop sales was $11.73 billion, or €8.45 billion, during the December quarter. Removing revenue from laptop sales does leave Apple behind Nokia, resulting in revenues of $8.97 billion, or €6.46 billion, during the period; it is unclear how Helsingin Sanomat arrived at the €7.25 billion number, but it appears to be incorrect. Squires goes on to point out that Nokia remains far ahead of Apple in terms of total devices sold. Nokia and Apple have recently been engaged in an ongoing legal battle, each company accusing the other of patent infringement, with the U.S. International Trade Commission launching an official probe into possible infringement on Apple’s part earlier this week.

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iPad promo video, product shots show functional Flash

New findings by 9to5Mac illustrate that both Apple’s promotional video for iPad and product shots on the company’s website show Adobe’s Flash plug-in functioning properly on the device, despite the fact that the plug-in was not functioning during Apple’s demonstration of the iPad earlier this week. As evidenced by our screenshot (below) of the New York Times article The 31 Places to Go in 2010, a large Flash-based slideshow dominates the top of the page, and is seen properly rendered on the above shot taken from Apple’s iPad Features page, as well as in Apple’s iPad promotional video. Flash content on the front page of the NYT is also shown as being properly rendered in the video and in other product shots used throughout Apple’s website, leaving the state of Flash on the iPad uncertain, as the plug-in was noticeably absent from the device during Wednesday’s Apple event, as seen in the below photo from Engadget. Adobe has publicly criticized Apple for the iPad’s lack of Flash support, claiming that the company was imposing “restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers.” [via Mac Rumors]

Jobs: iPad offers 140 hours of music, iBooks pricing ‘same’ as Amazon

In a brief, impromptu video interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, captured and posted online by AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal had the chance to ask several questions about the iBookstore and the iPad in general. When asked why someone would purchase a book from the iBookstore for $14.99 instead of paying only $9.99 on the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, Jobs replied that “won’t be the case,” adding that “the prices will be the same.” When asked about battery life, Jobs replied with the already revealed 10 hour number, but when asked about music specifically, Jobs said, “140-something hours, I think.” Finally, when Mossberg made a comparison between the Kindle and the iPad in terms of reading battery life, Jobs said that “it’s not that big a deal… 10 hours is a long time. You’re not going to read for 10 hours.”

Wrappers debuts protective sleeves for iPad

Wrappers has announced its new line of textile protective sleeves for the new iPad tablet. The new sleeves feature dense closed cell foam reinforcement on the sides, a pillow case-style design, and no external logos. The sleeve will come in a wide variety of styles, including canvas-backed corduroy for $36, black and white rafia for $45, an aqua case from LVMH Kenzo for $40, a wool & black velvet mix from Calvin Klein for $65, a checked textile from Ralph Lauren for $61, alcantara for $50, ballistic black nylon cordura for $26, and metallic-finish polyurethane for $50. Wrapper’s new lineup of sleeves for the Apple iPad will be available when the device ships.

Griffin rolls out line of accessories for iPad

Griffin Technology has announced its new line of accessories for the new Apple iPad tablet. The Elan Passport is a folio-style case featuring microsuede inner lining for scratch protection, a tab closure, inner pockets for ID, business, and other cards, and a horizontally-folding design. It will sell for $50. The Elan Sleeve is a slipcase-style cover for the iPad, featuring a top-mounted tab closure that also helps remove the iPad from the sleeve, a smooth synthetic outer shell, and a microsuede interior for added protection. It too will sell for $50. The FlexGrip for iPad is a flexible silicone skin, featuring ridges on the back for added grip, as well as open access to all ports and controls. It will be available in four colors and will sell for $30.

Griffin’s Jumper is a new neoprene sleeve for iPad, offering a tough yet stretchy exterior, an integrated pull tab that tucks closed for added coverage, and a slim profile. It will sell for $30 as well. Finally, the Screen Care Kit for iPad will include a premium reusable cleaning cloth and a low-glare matte-finish static peel screen protector for $25. All of Griffin’s new accessories for iPad are expected to be available later this spring.

Scosche intros KickBack case for iPad

Scosche has taken the wraps off its new KickBack case for the Apple iPad tablet. The KickBack is a hybrid polycarbonate and rubber case that features a locking kickstand good for viewing content in either vertical or horizontal position, as well as molded rear grips for more secure handling and open access to all ports and controls. The Scosche KickBack for iPad will ship with a screen protector and cleaning cloth and will be available this spring.

Adobe speaks out on iPad’s lack of Flash support

Adobe has posted a new article on its Flash Platform blog discussing Apple’s iPad announcement and the device’s lack of Flash support. After calling the iPad a “pretty good new device” and discussing the various Adobe technologies that do appear on the iPad, including PDF and ePub support, Adobe employee Adrian Ludwig lambasts Apple for its choice to leave Flash support off the iPad. “It looks like Apple is continuing to impose restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers,” Ludwig writes. “Unlike many other ebook readers using the ePub file format, consumers will not be able to access ePub content with Apple’s DRM technology on devices made by other manufacturers.  And without Flash support, iPad users will not be able to access the full range of web content, including over 70% of games and 75% of video on the web. If I want to use the iPad to connect to Disney, Hulu, Miniclip, Farmville, ESPN, Kongregate, or JibJab—not to mention the millions of other sites on the web—I’ll be out of luck.” Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said in February 2009 that Apple and Adobe were “collaborating” in an effort to bring Flash to the iPhone, but no further statements have been made since.

Limited Edition iLounge case charity auction extended, $255 raised so far

Our initial Limited Edition iPhone case auction for charity has ended as a huge success, helping to raise $255 for the the Red Cross Haiti Relief & Development fund. Congratulations to the winner!

We’re so thrilled by the result—and by the interest from readers—that we’ve decided to auction off our two remaining cases (Auction 1/Auction 2) to help raise additional funds and give those who didn’t get a chance to bid the first time another shot. These cases sport a unique grey and orange color combination and were handed out at the iLounge booth inside the iLounge Pavilion at the 2010 CES; only 100 were made, and only two remain unaccounted for—meaning this is your last chance to own one and help out those suffering from the recent earthquake in Haiti at the same time. The auctions will end on January 31st at roughly 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, respectively. Good luck!

Update: Our second and third Limited Edition iPhone case auctions have ended, with another $192 being raised for Haiti relief efforts. Congratulations and thanks to both the winners!

Tablet data poll ends, iPad name poll begins

With nearly 2,900 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“Will you buy the Apple tablet if it requires you to sign up for a cellular data service plan?” has ended. Readers were given a range of choices, with two positive answers, one dependent on plan pricing and one not, as well as two negative answers, one of which covered those who weren’t interested no matter what services or features are offered.

Unless most readers were hoping for a price lower than $499, it seems many will be in line for an iPad in the near future, as more than half of readers—56%—said they wouldn’t buy the tablet, now known as the iPad, if it required cellular service, but would if it’s Wi-Fi only. A full one-fifth of readers—20%—said they wouldn’t buy the iPad no matter what features or services are offered, followed by 19% who said they would buy it but only if the pricing and data service terms are reasonable. Finally, 6% of readers said they would buy one regardless of the pricing of the cellular plan. Thanks for all your votes!

Our new poll focuses on the product name, “iPad.” We’d like to know what you think of it. Whether you’re a man or woman, do you like the name, like it but don’t plan on buying one, or do you dislike the name, and will buy one anyway, or do you dislike the name and don’t plan on purchasing one? Our new poll, “What are your feelings about the iPad name?” lets you answer that question. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main home page. Cast your vote today!

Fujitsu claims iPad name ‘is ours’

Apple may be headed for a dispute with Fujitsu over the iPad trademark. Fujitsu applied for the iPad trademark in the U.S. in 2003, a year after it unveiled its own iPad, a handheld device designed to help shop clerks with inventory, sales, and price checks. “It’s our understanding that the name is ours,” Masahiro Yamane, director of Fujitsu’s public relations division, told the New York Times. Features of Fujitsu’s iPad include a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, an Intel processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and VoIP telephony. “Mobile is a keyword for Fujitsu’s iPad, too,” Mr. Yamane said. “With the iPad, workers don’t have to keep running back to a computer. They have everything right at their fingertips.”

The United States Patent and Trademark Office listed Fujitsu’s application for the mark as abandoned in early 2009, but the company revived the application in June; soon after, Apple began filing for an iPad international trademark via a proxy company, and has since filed requests with the USPTO for more time to oppose Fujitsu’s application. According to the report, Apple has until February 28 to state whether it will oppose Fujitsu’s claims to the iPad name. Notably, Apple faced a similar situation with the original iPhone, as that name was held by Cisco at the time; the two companies eventually negotiated a settlement. Fujitsu is a current component supplier to Apple, providing the company with laptop hard drives for its MacBook line of notebooks.

AT&T activates 3.1 million iPhones in Q4

Announcing its fourth-quarter fiscal results, AT&T has revealed that it handled 3.1 million iPhone activations during the holiday quarter. According to the announcement, this was the second-highest quarterly iPhone activation total to date, with more than a third of those activations coming from customers who were new to AT&T. Overall, the company saw net gains of 2.7 million wireless subscribers, the second-highest quarterly net gain in the company’s history; based on the numbers, the iPhone accounted for well over a third of those additions.

iPhone SDK update allows VoIP over 3G

Apple has updated its iPhone OS SDK to allow Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls over cellular networks. According to a press release touting iCall, a VoIP application that claims to be the first to offer VoIP over 3G on the iPhone, Apple has updated both its developer agreement and SDK to allow for the new functionality. AT&T announced in October that it would allow VoIP apps to run over its 3G network, reversing a policy that limited all VoIP activity from the iPhone to Wi-Fi networks only. While iCall claims to be the first app to offer VoIP over 3G, now that Apple has begun accepting apps that offer this functionality, it is only a matter of time before iCall competitors such as Skype, Truphone and others roll out updated VoIP apps that work over 3G.

Quicktime video of iPad unveiling event now available


Apple has posted a streaming Quicktime video of its iPad announcement event, held earlier today at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA. The video is one hour and thirty-three minutes long, and contains several demonstrations including the iPad, iBooks, iTunes, App store, iWork, various applications and other features. Apple is expected to release the iPad Wi-Fi 60 days from today and the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 90 days from today.

Complete iPad walkthrough video now online (updated x2)

iLounge has posted a complete walkthrough video of Apple’s new iPad tablet. Highlights of the 10-minute video include a complete interface walkthrough, showing each of the built-in apps as well as the iWork suite, multiple looks at the device’s external body, and more. The complete video is available in embedded form below and is also available on YouTube.

Updated: We’ve added the longer, higher-resolution Vimeo version of the video for your viewing pleasure.

Updated x2: Our complete iPad walkthrough video is now available in 720p HD on Vimeo.

Apple releases iPhone OS 3.2 SDK for iPad

Following its introduction of the new iPad tablet computer, Apple today made available a beta of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK, which supports iPad applications. According to information provided to iLounge by an anonymous source, the SDK itself is available, including an iPad simulator, but it does not support current iPhone or iPod touch hardware. New features available via the SDK include external display support, enhanced gesture recognizers, improved text support, custom font support, file-sharing support, which will allow apps to read and write to and from a shared folder that automatically mounts to the desktop when connected to a computer, the ability to associate documents with a specific application, the ability to generate PDF files from the device, and changes to the media player framework that will give developers more control over how video is presented to the user. The iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta is available now to registered iPhone developers through the iPhone Dev Center.

iPad, iPad 3G sport different back casings

According to photos posted to Apple’s iPad Gallery, the Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + 3G models use different back casings. While the non-3G model features nothing but a black Apple logo and the normal model name, capacity, and other legal information on its back, the 3G model features a prominent black plastic strip occupying roughly two-thirds of the central top portion of the back casing, which is consistent with details provided to iLounge prior to the device’s unveiling. A photo illustrating the differences appears below.

Apple debuts iWork for iPad tablet

During its introduction of the new iPad tablet computer, Apple also unveiled new versions of its iWork productivity apps, designed especially for the new iPad tablet. Consisting of Keynote, a PowerPoint replacement, Pages, a word processor, and Numbers, a spreadsheet application, the iWork suite has been referred to as Apple’s competitor to Microsoft Office. Each of the new iPad-specific applications offers a multi-touch interface, the ability to add media stored on the iPad, and, in Numbers, user-switchable keyboards tailored to one specific task or another. The iPad versions of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers will be available separately through the App Store for $10 each. More photos showing the apps in action are available on our Flickr photostream.

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