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Naturesleeve intros Slider Case for iPhone 3G, 3GS

Naturesleeve has introduced its new Slider Case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Made from 70% recycled plastic, the Slider is a two-piece hard plastic case offering open access to all ports, controls, and the camera, a soft velvet interior lining, and a slide-off bottom section for easy docking. In addition, Naturesleeve has promised to plant a tree through the American Forests program for each purchase. The Naturesleeve Slider Case for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is available now and sells for $22.

Proporta debuts Union Jack iPhone pouch

Proporta has debuted its new Patent Leather Union Jack Pouch for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. This full covering case features soft, protective inner lining, a slot for storing credit cards, a stitched Union Jack design on the front, patent leather construction, and more. The Proporta Patent Leather Union Jack Pouch for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is available now and sells for $29.

iPhone bests rivals in touchscreen stress test

Consulting house MOTO Development Group has performed an analysis of smartphone touchscreen sensitivity, putting the iPhone up against three Android-powered rivals: the HTC Droid Eris, the Motorola Droid, and the newly released Google Nexus One. The test used a drawing app to attempt to draw straight lines in a diamond pattern across each screen using both light and medium finger pressure. As the report notes, “on inferior touchscreens, it’s basically impossible to draw straight lines. Instead, the lines look jagged or zig-zag, no matter how slowly you go, because the sensor size is too big, the touch-sampling rate is too low, and/or the algorithms that convert gestures into images are too non-linear to faithfully represent user inputs.” The iPhone was the winner of the overall performance test, creating fairly straight lines compared to its competitors, but lagged behind the other offerings in edge performance, with noticeable curving of the lines as they reached the edges of the screen.

Elgato unveils EyeTV One tuner for Mac and PC

Elgato has introduced its new EyeTV One TV tuner for Mac and Windows. The EyeTV One connects to the computer via USB and allows users to watch and record HDTV channels broadcast over-the-air for free. Features include a coaxial plug for connecting an antenna, a flexible USB extender, included EyeTV 3 software, which offers the ability to stream video to the iPhone and iPod touch via the company’s EyeTV app or the Live3G web app, and more. The Elgato EyeTV One TV tuner works only in North America and is available now for $120.

JVC rolls out nano-matching SP-A130 portable speaker

JVC has announced its new SP-A130 compact portable speaker system. The SP-A130 will come in four colors—black, silver, pink, and blue—to match the colors of those fifth-generation iPod nano models, and also offers two 30mm speaker drivers, an active/passive switch that allows the speakers to operate on two AAA batteries or on power from the connected device, a built-in storage area for the connecting cord, an integrated stand, and a sliding cover design for added compactness and protection for the speakers. The JVC SP-A130 compact portable speaker system will be available in March and will sell for $30.

Special CES Giveaway: iLounge Limited Edition Cases + More

If you’re in the vicinity of the iLounge Pavilion at CES today, stop by the iLounge booth early: we have a very limited number of iLounge Limited Edition Cases to give away to readers who ask for them. The cases are custom-branded and custom-colored Speck CandyShells—winners of our 2009 Accessory of the Year Award for their excellent, protective design—and we have some other goodies to give away, too. Find the iLounge booth at #3810 in North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Shure shows SE425 and SE535 earphones

Shure has announced its new SE425 and SE535 earphones. The new SE425 earphones are a completely redesigned version of the company’s prior dual-driver SE420s, with detachable cables, a new body style, and a more affordable price: $350. The SE535s are by comparison a modest update to the company’s prior SE530 earphones, keeping the three-driver design of the earlier model, and adding detachable cabling, a more compact body, and very subtle audio tweaks. The SE535s will be priced at $550. Both models are expected to launch later this year and will be available in clear or bronze.

iPhone chip maker intros new graphics core

Imagination Technologies, makers of the PowerVR series of graphics cores found in the iPhone and iPod touch, has introduced the PowerVR SGX545, a new embedded graphics IP core that could possibly make its way into future iPhone and iPod touch models. The new core offers the ability to drive HD screens at high frame rates, and supports a wide range of graphics programming APIs, including OpenGL ES 2.x, OpenGL 3.x, and OpenCL 1.x—a standard that allows developers to tap into the power of the graphics core to handle more common computing tasks. According to Imagination, the core has already been proven in “a test chip from Imagination and licensed by a lead partner.” The iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod touch also use PowerVR SGX graphics cores; in addition, Apple owns a portion of Imagination and more than doubled its stake in the company last year, from 3.6 percent to 9.5 percent.

Uncommon launches personalized case service

Uncommon has launched a new online-based personalized case service that allows users to put any image they like on a Capsule Case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The company uses a web-based interface to let users upload and place their photos onto the case, an then employs an exclusive 3D TATT printing process to transfer the ink deep into the case surface. Features of the case include shatterproof polycarbonate construction, a removable bottom for easy docking, a twin-shot dark bezel to highlight the device’s screen, easy-access button covers, and open access to all other ports, controls, and the camera. Uncommon’s iPhone 3G/3GS Customized Capsule Case sells for $40; an iPod touch model is expected to launch soon.

iPhone dominates holiday sales on Orange France

The iPhone accounted for more than three-quarters of all cell phone sales made by Orange over the holiday season, according to a new report. Speaking in an interview with French-language Les Echos (Translated Link), Didier Lombard, CEO of Orange parent company France Telecom, said that the iPhone accounted for 77% of phones sold in a bundle, and called the momentum behind the iPhone “a phenomenon.” Although the machine-based Google translation of the article is far from perfect, Lombard does appear to be wary of the “monopoly” the iPhone has on sales, pointing out that the company has started its own “Orange Shop Application.” [via MDN]

Apple releases iTunes, Apple TV-focused Bonjour update

Apple has posted an update to its Bonjour network discovery software for Mac OS X. According to the release notes for Bonjour Update 2010-001, the update “improves the reliability of connections between iTunes and Apple TV.” As the bulk of iLounge’s editors are currently on site at the 2010 CES, we haven’t yet had a chance to test the new update, but we encourage our Mac-using readers to comment with their experiences with the update, good or bad.

Complete 2010 CES gallery posted online

The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing—and with tons of new iPod and iPhone gear on display. To peruse all of what’s new from the show floor, visit our Flickr gallery, which has grown to over 400 photos showing everything from inside the iLounge Pavilion and beyond.

Update: The gallery has been updated with descriptions of all the pictured iPod and iPhone products from across the 2010 CES.

Bandshell iPhone case packs integrated stand, more

TJM Innovations has introduced its new Bandshell case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The Bandshell claims to improve the sound coming from the iPhone’s built-in speaker via a “sound door” that slides out from the rear of the case to enhance the speaker’s acoustics. Other features include a flat side that enables the iPhone to stand on its own, and open access to all ports and controls. The Bandshell for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is available now in 12 colors and sells for $20.

2010 CES: What’s important, with updates

iLounge’s team of editors is on-site at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, and in addition to manning the official iLounge booth, we’ll be roaming the floors to bring you the news about the latest iPod and iPhone products from manufacturers around the world. As the sheer number of items being announced is enough to overwhelm even the most dedicated of readers, we’re putting the most important items—hands-on previews, show updates, and more—in this article for easy consumption. Much more to come.

CES 2010 iLounge Pavilion Exhibitors + Maps

CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

Complete 2010 CES Photo Gallery With Descriptions

iLounge’s 2010 CES iPod + iPhone Best of Show Awards

Fifteen High-Profile 2010 CES iPod + iPhone Debuts Worth Seeing

Apple launches web-based iTunes song previews

Apple has begun to offer preview samples of songs from the iTunes Store—the same previews available from within the iTunes application itself—over the web on its iTunes Preview site. Launched in November, the Preview pages include track listings, user reviews, and related links, and when it originally launched, song previews were a notable omission, especially for a site dubbed “Preview.” The new previews use QuickTime to deliver the audio, which is formatted in AAC. [via GigaOM]

Visit the iLounge Pavilion at 2010 International CES

Tomorrow, January 7, 2010, the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show will begin to welcome an estimated over 110,000 visitors from around the world, and the iLounge Pavilion will open as an exhibition of new iPod, iPhone, and Mac hardware and software. Over 100 companies have come together for the Pavilion, and our Editors have spent the day preparing a brand new iLounge booth: inside, you’ll find a dedicated visual history of the iPod and iPhone families, giveaways, areas for visitors to relax and recharge their devices, and more.


Visit the iLounge booth at North Hall #3810, immediately within the Grand Lobby of the 2010 CES. Doors open at 10am, and the show runs through Sunday at 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here.

2010 Apple product poll closes, protection poll begins

With over 4,600 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll, “Heading into 2010, what potential Apple product are you most looking forward to?” has ended. Readers had a choice between the rumored Apple Tablet, the fourth-generation iPhone, the fourth-generation iPod touch, a second-generation Apple TV, the sixth-generation iPod nano, a seventh-generation iPod classic, a fourth-generation iPod shuffle, or some other unknown product.

With 42% of the vote, the Apple Tablet—rumored to have an upcoming debut on January 27th—topped all other potential 2010 Apple products. The fourth-generation iPhone was second, with 34% of the vote, followed by the fourth-generation iPod touch with 11%, the seventh-generation iPod classic with 4%, and the second-generation Apple TV with 3%. Brining up the rear were the sixth-generation iPod nano and other with 2% each, and the fourth-generation iPod shuffle, which received just one percent of the vote. Thanks for all your responses!

Our latest poll focuses on device protection. We’d like to know: do you keep you iPod or iPhone protected? Whether you own an iPhone, iPod classic, touch, shuffle, or nano, we want to hear from you. Our new poll, “Do you keep your primary iPod or iPhone in a case or film?” lets you answer that question. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the far left-hand column of the main home page. Cast your vote today!

Take an early tour of the 2010 CES iLounge Pavilion

The show doesn’t start until tomorrow, but you can get an early look at the 2010 CES iLounge Pavilion—including the iLounge booth—by browsing the latest photos uploaded to our Flickr account today. In the pictures, you can see photos of both the official iLounge booth and a variety of the 100+ surrounding exhibitors; stay tuned to our Flickr account for more pictures to come.

Facebook 3.1 for iPhone, iPod touch brings Push support

Social networking site Facebook has released version 3.1 of its official application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The updated application offers optional Push Notifications for friend requests, wall posts, comments, and more, the ability to sync Facebook friends with your Address Book, and a choice of Live Feed within the main News Feed filter options. Facebook 3.1 is available now as a free download from the App Store.

Monster intros iCarCharger 800 for iPod, iPhone

Monster has introduced its new iCarCharger 800 two-in-one charger for the iPod and iPhone. The iCarCharger 800 allows users to charge two devices at once from an automobile’s cigarette lighter or power port. It does so with an integrated Dock Connector and a secondary in-line USB port that supports charging of a variety of USB devices, such as other iPods and iPhones, Bluetooth headsets, and more, through the secondary device’s supplied USB charging cable. Other features include an easy-to-read LED power status display, 1A of current output, and 24K gold charging contacts.

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