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Mix: AT&T breaks, Fortune 500, NSA, iPad Pedestal

Citing multiple AT&T sources, the Boy Genius Report claims that AT&T has put a block on employee vacations in June. According to the report, the “only” times AT&T has done a straight block such as this is for iPhone releases, suggesting the next-generation iPhone will launch that month.

Apple has jumped from 71st to 56th in the latest annual Fortune 500 rankings. Ahead of Apple on the list are competitors HP, which ranked 10th, and Dell, which ranked 38th. Notably, Fortune did not take into account Apple’s change in accounting practices, which would have left the company with $46.7 billion in revenues, instead of $36.5 billion as listed, a change large enough to have moved Apple into 43rd place. The list is based on the companies’ gross revenue after adjustments made to exclude the impact of excise taxes; if ranked by market value, Apple would be far ahead of both Dell and HP, with a market value of $209 billion, compared to values of $29 billion for Dell and $125 billion for HP.

Speaking in a congressional hearing, Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, revealed that he is an iPad user. “I am a technologist. I love computers. I have a new iPad,” Alexander said to the committee, calling the device “wonderful.”

NewPCgadgets has introduced its new Pedestal Base for the iPad. Made from glossy black acrylic, the Pedestal Base was designed to “match Apples own viewing preferences,” with the back raised two inches and the front one inch; other features include a slot for cable pass-through and management, non-skid pads, and the ability to hold an iPad in either horizontal or vertical position. The Pedestal Base for iPad is available now and sells for $30.

iDisplay turns your iPad into a secondary monitor

SHAPE Services has released iDisplay, a new universal application that allows Mac users to extend their desktop onto their iPad or iPhone. Users install a free companion application on their Mac and then run iDisplay on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to connect to the Mac over Wi-Fi and act as a second display. Users can then simply drag windows and other objects from the normal Mac desktop off the screen edge and onto the iPad display in the same manner as using a secondary monitor. iDisplay also allows users to control the mouse using the touch screen to select text and other objects that are displayed on the iPad or iPhone screen. iDisplay is available from the App Store for $5; the Mac application is a free download from the developer’s web site. A Windows version of the host application is presently under development.

$150 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

iLounge is pleased to announce the launch of its new iPads Around the World Gallery. Joining our current iPod and iPhone galleries, which are the largest single collection of people and their iDevices, the new iPad gallery aims to expand the collection with images of Apple’s newest device at both well- and not-so-well-known locations around the world. So get out there with your new iPad and let us see where you’ve been travelling!

In celebration of the iPads Around the World Gallery launch we are giving away a $150 iTunes Gift Card. All you have to do is retweet our message and submit one or more photos of your iPad in front of a landmark and be entered for a chance to win the $150 iTunes Gift Card. The winner will be picked in a random drawing on May 1, 2010.

Dodocase for iPad mimics Moleskine journals

Dodocase has introduced its new Dodocase for iPad, a horizontally-opening flip style case. Similar to the Incase Convertible Book Jacket, the Dodocase takes its design cues from the popular Moleskine line of notebooks and journals, including a black, faux leather exterior and elastic closing strap. Other features include a padded bamboo iPad holder, the ability to fold the front cover back for use as a horizontal stand, cut-outs for access to all ports and controls, and a fabric interior lining. The Dodocase for iPad is available now for delivery in 4-6 weeks and sells for $50.

GoodReader for iPad update adds Document Sharing support

GoodReader has released an update for its popular iPad document management application, adding support for the iPad’s new Document Sharing feature. GoodReader iPad users can now open documents in GoodReader from other iPad applications such as Apple’s Mail app, Safari and any other third-party apps that support Document Sharing. Documents stored in GoodReader can also be opened in other compatible applications such as Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps. GoodReader continues to provide support for viewing a wide vareity of files types and transferring files to and from the iPad via a number of online services including MobileMe iDisk,, Dropbox and Google Docs. GoodReader for iPad is available from the App Store for $1.

Gameloft releases Shrek Kart HD for iPad

Gameloft has released Shrek Kart HD for the iPad. Shrek Kart puts players in the role of one of more than 10 characters from the Shrek movies to compete for the title of the Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer. The game includes four single player modes, local multiplayer support, 10 unique karts, 15 tracks and numerous power-ups and challenges throughout. The new iPad version provides all of the familiar game play features from the original Shrek Kart for iPhone and adds new features such as a redesigned mini-map and a new customizable user interface. Shrek Kart HD is available from the App Store for $7.

Padster Bags debuts Padster Original for iPad

Padster Bags has debuted its new Padster Original bag for the iPad. Made from soft-milled full grain cowhide, ballistic nylon, cotton-blend lining, and metal hardware, the Original is a messenger-style bag, offering a dedicated, zippered neoprene pouch for the iPad, a multitude of interior and exterior pockets, a zippered closure, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The Padster Original bag for iPad is available now and sells for $165.

The Omni Group outlines roadmap for iPad apps

The Omni Group has released an updated roadmap for its iPad applications. Following Apple’s announcement of the iPad at the end of January, Omni announced plans to develop iPad versions of its five most popular Mac apps: OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, OmniFocus and OmniGraphSketcher. The company later decided to focus on releasing OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher for the iPad launch as the company felt that these apps would be a good fit for the iPad, and they did not already exist as iPhone apps. OmniFocus for the iPhone has already been available for some time and can be used on the iPad, however the company indicates that a native version is in the works and scheduled for a June release. OmniOutliner for iPad is being developed concurrently with OmniFocus and will follow later in the summer and an iPad release of OmniPlan is scheduled for the fall. No details on pricing have yet been announced.

SaskTel to offer next-gen iPhone on July 1st? (Updated)

In a Leader Post article discussing the roll out of the company’s new 3G network, SaskTel CEO Robert Watson said the company will begin offering the iPhone on July 1, the day the new 3G network launches. “We’re building the 3G network right now,” Watson said.. “It will be up and running for July 1st (with) completion by the end of this year. The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.” SaskTel, based in Saskatchewan, will become the fourth Canadian carrier to offer the device, behind Rogers/Fido, Bell, and Telus.

Update: SaskTel has issued a statement clarifying Watson’s remarks. “The comments made by the SaskTel President and CEO in a news article on April 15, 2010 were not a confirmation of a release of a new version of the iPhone. The President was commenting on information that has been reported publicly and on the Internet for several months, which has speculated on the timing of a new release.”

Orange, O2, Vodafone to support iPad 3G in UK

Current iPhone carriers Orange, O2, and Vodafone have announced support for the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G in the United Kingdom. All three companies will be offering dedicated monthly tariffs for the device, although exact details have yet to be revealed. Orange said it will also be offering service in France, Spain, and Switzerland, in addition to the UK. Earlier this week, Apple announced that it was postponing the international launch of the iPad until the end of May due to “surprisingly strong US demand;” international pre-orders will begin on May 10th. [via Engadget]

Apple begins promoting iAd to Ad Agencies

Apple has begun visiting advertising agencies to promote its new iAd platform. In a posting on his company’s blog, Hill Holliday advertising executive Ilya Vedrashko shares some details on his meeting with the Apple iAd team. Vedrashko indicated that each published advertisement will carry the iAd logo to differentiate it from other advertising content, that there will be only one advertising banner per screen and that the ads “look and behave a lot like apps” comparing ads to the Zippo lighter app. He also notes that iAds can tap into OS features of the iPhone such as the compass, accelerometer and multitouch interface, and that while all ads will initially be built by Apple’s own iAd team in HTML5, Apple does plan to release an iAd SDK at some point in the future.

Apple also emphasized during this meeting that it is selling advertisers on the iPhone and iPod demographic in general, and not users of any specific app, and that it is lining up “charter” advertisers to be online for the June launch that will produce “high-quality creative” ads. Apple also discussed targeting and pricing during this meeting, and while Vedrashko indicated that he is unable to share any details, he described the targeting as “impressive in its granularity” and the pricing scheme as “straightforward and elegant.” In discussing the targeting, Vedrashko made reference to comments in a January blog post from his colleague Adam Cahill, suggesting that “Adam got more than a few things right” with regard to Apple using consumer metrics from iTunes and the App Store for targeted behavioural advertising.

Apple’s iAd features are part of iPhone OS 4, expected to be released for the iPhone and iPod touch this summer. The iPad will get iAd support later this fall when the iPhone OS 4 update is released for that device. [via Mac Rumors]

Stick It for iPad updated with Bump Technology

TapFactory has released an update adding Bump™ Technology to its popular Stick It notes app for the iPad. Stick It allows iPad users to take take and store quick sticky notes in a wide variety of different customizable styles. Users can e-mail their notes from the app or create a wallpaper to display them on their home screen or lock screen. In addition to several other minor features and bug fixes, the latest update now allows users to share notes with other Stick It users through Bump™ by bumping or shaking their devices and flinging notes across that they want to share. Stick It is available from the App Store for the iPad for a limited-time price of $1. A version for the iPhone and iPod touch is currently under development.

Joypad provides wireless iPhone game controller for Mac users

Zell Applications has released Joypad, a new application that allows Mac users to use their iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless gaming controller. The app connects over Wi-Fi to a Mac running the free companion Joypad Connect app and maps taps on the iPhone or iPad screen into equivalent keyboard actions on the host Mac. Joypad is available from the App Store for $2 and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices running iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and requires a Mac using OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard.

Smule releases Glee app

Smule has released an official iPhone and iPad application for fans of the TV show Glee. The Glee application allows users to sing along to songs from the official soundtrack of the show, recording their own versions and sharing them on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Smule’s own Sonic Network. Users can create their own virtual Glee club by recording a song and inviting their friends to add their own versions which are combined and harmonized into an actual club song. The application also allows users to listen to and rate recordings shared by other Glee users around the world and earn “Gleeks” by publishing songs on Facebook or MySpace and having them rated by other users. Glee is available from the App Store as a single universal iPhone and iPad app for $3.

Apple patent application points to iTunes Concert Ticket system


Patently Apple reports on a new patent application from Apple for a “Concert Ticket+” system. Patent application 20100082491 details a system that would provide an iTunes-based service for purchasing, storing and using concert tickets electronically. Users would be able to purchase event tickets via iTunes, store them on an electronic device such as an iPhone and use them in place of a paper ticket to gain entry to an event or venue. The patent outlines a ticketing system to be used not just for traditional music concerts but also sporting events, amusement parks and even a wedding invitation system. The patent outlines detailed information on how such tickets would be purchased, transferred, stored and validated at points of entry. Information is also outlined on how iPhone Concert Tickets could include detailed map and seating plan information and also be used to obtain additional benefits such as live recordings, exclusive interviews,  and discounted or prepaid merchandise and refreshments at an event. The full patent application is at the available online on the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site.

Direct-to-iPad rentals don’t transfer to iTunes

Movies rented from the iTunes Store using the iPad cannot be transferred back to users’ iTunes libraries, iLounge has discovered, and must be viewed solely on the iPad. When Apple introduced movie rentals as a new iTunes Store feature, it noted that movies rented using iTunes on a computer or on a portable device could be transferred to and from each other during the duration of the 30-day rental period. Movies rented from a computer version of iTunes can still be transferred to the iPad or any other Apple device, and of course, items purchased rather than rented using the iPad transfer back to iTunes in the same manner as with the iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.

Unlike the Apple TV, however, the iTunes Store does not provide any notification of this restriction when renting a movie on the iPad; the information is hidden unless the user chooses the “Learn About Rentals” option, or looks within the iTunes Store Terms of Service—it is similarly buried in a just-published Apple KnowledgeBase Article on Viewing and downloading HD content on iPad. Although similar to restrictions for the Apple TV, this differs from renting movies directly on iPhone or iPod touch devices, which can still be transferred back to iTunes during the rental period.

Site News: iPad replaces Apple TV on iLounge main page

It was inevitable once Apple TV news slowed to a trickle and iPad information began to flow steadily: as you may have noticed over the past few days, we’ve pulled the Apple TV from our top-of-main-page promotional area and replaced it with a dedicated iPad section. If you haven’t tried this feature of iLounge before, it’s worth exploring today: separately spotlighted iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other stories—iTunes, Backstage, and others—can be viewed with a single click of the “iPod,” “iPhone,” “iPad,” and “More” buttons near the top center of our index.


We’ll still continue to offer Apple TV news, tutorials, and reviews, of course: going forward, you can look for them under the “More” section.

iPad Camera Kit to provide USB Audio support?

A report from Create Digital Music indicates that the iPad Camera Connection Kit may be able to provide support for audio interfaces that are compatible with the USB Audio Class. The report points to a posting on the Apple Core Audio API Mailing List from Apple software engineering manager William Stewart. When asked if “class-compliant USB audio devices” would be supported through the USB dongle from the iPad Camera Connection Kit, Stewart replied simply “Yes.” Support for USB Audio Class devices would potentially allow applications on the iPad to interface directly with a variety of pro audio equipment without requiring specialized hardware accessories. The iPad Camera Connection Kit is scheduled for release later this month so this functionality has not yet been confirmed, however another post from Stewart implies that USB Audio Class support is already included in the OS and that the Camera Connection Kit is the only other requirement to interface with such devices. [via Mac Rumors]

ABC Player for iPad streams 650,000 television shows

The Wall Street Journal reports that the free ABC Player app for the iPad has been downloaded 205,000 times and used to watch 650,000 television episodes in the 10 days since the iPad’s release. According to ABC this has in turn generated “several million” ad impressions, and Disney-ABC television President Anne Sweeney indicates the network is pleased with the initial results. The ABC Player application allows iPad users to watch free, ad-supported television content on the iPad with five 30-second ads presented within each hour of programming in a manner similar to broadcast television. A direct link is also provided for each episode to allow iPad users to purchase the ad-free version from the iTunes Store. This coming fall ABC expects to begin providing more interactive advertising similar to that already found on its web player and eventually expects to allow affiliates the ability to sell specific advertising that would only be seen by users in their specific local markets. The ABC Player app is available from the App Store as a free download.

Israel bans iPad imports

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that the Communications Ministry in Israel has blocked the import of iPads to that country, directing customs officers to confiscate any iPads that are brought in from the U.S. According to ministry officials the iPad has not received the approval required for wireless devices to operate in Israel, the problem being that its wireless technology is “not compatible with Israeli standards.” Specifically, FCC regulations allow Wi-Fi devices sold in the U.S. to broadcast at higher power levels than are permitted in Europe and Israel, potentially preventing U.S. iPads from being approved for use in Israel. The ministry has requested information from Apple’s Israeli distributor, iDigital, to determine whether it will be able to approve importing iPads under Israeli communications regulations. [via Daring Fireball]

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