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MEElectronics intros LifePower Battery for iPad

MEElectronics has introduced its new LifePower Battery for iPad. The LifePower Battery is a hybrid battery/case, and features an integrated 8000mAh battery, a built-in swiveling stand, leather accents on the rear with a leather hand grip, integrated stereo speakers, a pop-out top piece for easy insertion and removal of the iPad, separate on/off switches for the battery and speakers, open access to all ports and controls, save for the Dock Connector, a padded inner frame, and an included charging cable and neoprene carrying bag. MEElectronics’ LifePower Battery for iPad will sell for $200; availability has yet to be announced. For more information on the MEElectronics LifePower Battery, see our First Look article.

Oyama intros Protect, Power + Sync case for iPhone 4

Oyama has introduced its new OY450 Protect, Power + Sync case for the iPhone 4. The OY450 is a hybrid battery + case, featuring an integrated 1500mAh rechargeable cell, a built-in USB cable for charging and syncing the iPhone, a metal flip-out vertical stand, an external charge level indicator, speaker and microphone pass-through openings, and open access to all ports, controls, and cameras, save for the Dock Connector. Oyama’s OY450 Protect, Power + Sync case for the iPhone 4 will be available in four glossy color schemes; pricing and release information has yet to be revealed.

Verbatim shows Bluetooth Wireless iPad Keyboard

Verbatim is showing its new Bluetooth Wireless iPad Keyboard at the 2011 International CES. Meant as a companion to the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or other Bluetooth-capable mobile device, the Keyboard features a thin profile, a single-fold design that collapses for travel, Bluetooth connectivity, an included storage case, built-in media controls, and an included stand for the iPhone, iPod touch, or other handheld devices. Pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

Keystone rolls out ECO AmigoCase for iPhone 4

Keystone has rolled out its new ECO AmigoCase for the iPhone 4. Designed like a portable phone charging station, the AmigoCase consists of a protective cover for the iPhone and a battery pack, which features a built-in clip to let users attach it to clothing or a bag, slipping the phone back into the pack when not in use, while keeping it protected when it is in use. Features include an on/off switch for the battery pack, protection for the iPhone 4’s case when it is inside the battery pack, a 5500mAh rechargeable battery with a four LED charging indicator and micro-USB charging port, and open access to all ports and controls when the protective cover is used alone. Keystone’s new ECO AmigoCase for the iPhone 4 will be available in several different colors this Spring and will sell for $80.

NLU Products unveils Shelter case for iPhone 4

NLU Products has unveiled its new Shelter case for the iPhone 4. The Shelter is a polycarbonate hard shell case featuring a small gap between the iPhone 4 and the outer shell which is filled with soft TPE rubber ridges for shock absorption and improved speaker quality. Other features include push-though coverage for the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons, open access to all other ports, controls, and cameras, and several contrasting color schemes. NLU Products’ Shelter case for the iPhone 4 is available now and sells for $30.

Kensington unveils PowerLift iPhone battery, more

Kensington has unveiled four new accessories for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The PowerLift is a 1200mAh external battery pack + dock for iPhone featuring a unique flip design that allows it to be used as an iPhone stand, an integrated USB cable for charging, and a built-in battery power indicator. It will sell for $50. Also new is the BlackBelt Protection Band for iPad, a thick silicone case that mimics Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper Case in design, while covering slightly more of the iPad’s rear, offering push-through access to the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons, and open access to all other ports and controls. It will sell for $40. The Virtuoso stylus and pen combines a touchscreen-friendly stylus with built in pen, and features a comfort grip as well as a capitative soft tip. It is priced at $25. Finally, the Dual USB Wall Charger allows users to charge two iPods, iPhones, or iPads from a single power outlet, and features an included USB to 30-pin cable, as well as 2.1 Amp output for quick iPad charging. The Dual USB Wall Charger sells for $35; all of Kensington’s new accessories are available for pre-order now.

DigiPower unveils accessories for iPhone 4, iPad

DigiPower has unveiled its new accessories for the iPad and iPhone 4. The Boost Elite Battery for iPhone 4 is a hybrid battery/case featuring an integrated 1400mAh rechargeable battery, a micro-USB port for charging, a four light charge indicator, clear, flexible TPU plastic edging for easier insertion and removal of the iPhone, and open access to all ports, controls, and the cameras, save for the Dock Connector port. The Boost Elite Battery for iPhone 4 is available now and sells for $60. The JumpStart Flip for iPhone, which first debuted in our 2011 Buyers’ Guide, is an external battery pack and stand featuring a flip-out design, an integrated 3300mAh rechargeable battery, a sheet of grippy rubber to hold the iPhone or iPod to the JumpStart’s face, two separate USB ports for 1A or 500mA charging, four blue charge indicators, an integrated USB cable for charging the internal battery, included Dock Connector, micro-USB, and mini-USB cables, and an included carrying case. It is available now and sells for $60.

The Expandable Game Case for iPhone 4 is a modular case system offering the ability to remove the battery from the case if it’s not needed, and the ability to add on fitted game grips instead, with openings for cable/port access. DigiPower indicates that the Game Case may be sold in two separate versions—one with the standard case and battery pack, and one with the game grips included—and pricing is currently expected to fall near $80. Finally, the Coffee Clutch Carrying Case + Portable Stand for iPad is a hybrid case/stand for the iPad featuring an integrated handle, a removable, purse-like arm strap, a flip-out rear stand, open access to all ports and controls, and a mix of rubber and hard plastic construction. It is available now and sells for $30.

Speck rolls out CandyShell View for iPhone 4

Speck Products has rolled out its new CandyShell View case for the iPhone 4. Expanding on the hard plastic/soft inner lining combination of prior CandyShell cases, the CandyShell View features a patent pending, spring-loaded retractable stand that pops out of the rear for vertical or horizontal support; the stand fold back up into the case when not in use. The CandyShell View for iPhone 4 will be available later this month in grey/black and will sell for $40.

BlueLounge outs Nest Stand + Tray for iPad

BlueLounge has outed its new Nest Stand + Tray for the Apple iPad. Designed to hold an iPad either with or without a case and in horizontal or vertical orientation, the Nest doubles as a catch-all tray for items such as USB drives, cables, adapters, keys, and more. Nest is available in a wide range of colors, including pink, chartreuse, orange, blue, black, and white, and sells for $16.

Amzer intros Foldo stand for iPad

Amzer has introduced its Foldo Universal Tablet Stand for the iPad and other tablet computers. The Foldo features support to multiple viewing angles, non-skid pads for secure footing, the ability to hold a device in either portrait or landscape orientation with or without a case, and a lightweight design that folds up for added portability. Amzer’s Foldo Univeral Tablet Stand for the iPad is available now and sells for $17.

2011 CES Day 1 Wrap-Up: Dexim, Griffin, iSkin, LuxMobile, Westone + More

We’ve posted hundreds of photographs from the 2011 CES today, showing off some of the over 200 Apple-focused exhibitors within the iLounge Pavilion in addition to other exhibitors located elsewhere at the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. Additionally, we’ve just posted individual exhibitor-specific reports for a large number of companies, including some of the most interesting booths we’ve visited so far:

Andon Health
Cervantes Mobile
Griffin Technology
Other World Computing

We’ll have many more to add this evening and over the course of the next several days—keep watching for all the details!

iPad 2 Body Spotted at iLounge Pavilion?

A rear shell purportedly from the second-generation iPad has been spotted at the 2011 International CES within the iLounge Pavilion. The shell, which has been marked by developer Gopod Mobile with “iPad 2” and “128GB” logos that would not appear on the actual device, is being shown paired with an iPad 2-specific foldable rechargeable battery pack developed by the company, and depicts the revised device’s redesigned curves, ports, and cameras; it is said by Gopod to represent the actual appearance of the as-yet-unreleased thinner and slightly smaller iPad. Three full-sized photos follow; additional photos can be seen in our 2011 CES Photo Gallery.

2011 CES: Day 1 photo gallery posted, growing

Day one of the 2011 International CES is now underway, and iLounge’s editors have been canvassing the show floor checking out all of the latest Apple gear from hundreds of vendors. Our latest photographs are being added en masse to our 2011 CES + iLounge Pavilion Photo Gallery, and we’re in the process of building individual exhibitor listings and show reports to share with you: you’ll be able to find individual booth reports and photos on the left hand column of our CES mini-site.


There will be much, much more to share over the next several days. If you’re attending CES, drop by iLounge’s booth for free goodies from Gelaskins, Speck, Just Mobile, and iLounge—including an iPad giveaway, full-body stickers, a limited edition stylus giveaway, and cases—plus a daily Happy Hour from 2pm to 5pm. We look forward to seeing you here, and sharing as much as possible with you through our mini-site!


AT&T to cut iPhone 3GS price to $49

AT&T will lower its pricing for the 8GB iPhone 3GS to $49, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The report claims that AT&T will lower the price from $99 to $49 with a two-year contract due to increasing competition in the smartphone space. Also mentioned as a contributing factor is Verizon’s impending launch of the iPhone, which will signal the end of AT&T’s exclusivity in the U.S. The company will join other retailers, such as Walmart and Best Buy, in discounting the iPhone

2011 Digital Experience photos and Apple walkthrough posted

Building upon our ever-growing collection of Apple-focused 2011 CES photos, we’ve just added both new images and a walkthrough of the new Apple-specific products shown at Digital Experience—Pepcom’s annual pre-CES event to preview small collections of products from a variety of different companies. Inside the walkthrough are early looks at Bowers & Wilkins’ new AirPlay-compatible speaker Zeppelin Air, Mophie’s Juice Pack Pulse, Native Union’s MM05 handset, and much more.


Bookmark our full CES mini-site for all of our coverage from the 2011 International Consumer Electronics show, continuing live in Las Vegas through Sunday.

iHome debuts more AirPlay speakers: iW2, iW3 join iW1

Immediately prior to the start of the 2011 CES, leading Apple speaker and alarm clock developer iHome unexpectedly debuted two new AirPlay wireless speakers, adding to the iTunes and iOS stereo receiver family started by the as-yet-unreleased $300 iW1. Continuing the iW1’s clean lines, the iW2 and iW3 sport black cloth front and side grilles with glossy plastic and metal accents, reducing the size of their physical enclosures to hold smaller drivers—two or four in the case of iW2, and four in iW3, tweeters firing forwards with bass drivers firing to the sides. Both the wide iW2 and tall iW3 remove the capacitive buttons on top in favor of physical counterparts, similarly dropping the iW1’s rechargeable battery and charging base in favor of mandatory wall power adapters. While the iW2 retains the flat, oval shape of the iW1, the iW3 features a taller, squared design. Other shared features between the two units include Wi-Fi, Ethernet ports—unique to the iW2 and iW3—plus USB connectivity for an iPod/iPhone/iPad dock, auxiliary audio inputs, and highly simplified wireless network setup with a free downloadable application.


iW2 and iW3 do not have final prices yet, but are targeted for the $200 price range, which would make them the most affordable AirPlay wireless speakers available. They are expected to be launched in Summer or Fall of 2011. Additional photographs of iW1, iW2, and iW3 are available here.

Mophie outs Powerstand for iPad, Pulse for iPod touch

Mophie has outed its new Powerstand charging stand for the iPad, as well as its new Pulse gaming case for the fourth-generation iPod touch. The Powerstand is made from aluminum, and features a dual-axis hinge design that allows users to rotate the iPad while adjusting to a variety of viewing angles, an integrated 2.1mAh wall charger, an included USB cable for computer-based charging and syncing, an LED status indicator, and a foldable design for travel. Also new is the Pulse gaming case for the fourth-generation iPod touch, which features Reflex haptic technology to offer gamers shake, vibrate, and pulse feedback, front-facing stereo speakers for improved audio, a textured grip, a pass-through USB port for charging and syncing while in the case, and open access to all ports, controls, and cameras, save for the Dock Connector. The Mophie Powerstand for iPad and Pulse case for the fourth-generation iPod touch will be available in the first quarter of 2011; pricing has yet to be announced.

Dexim: New case is not for iPad 2, despite reports

A new slim-line iPad keyboard and case combination product shown last night is not for the second-generation iPad, a representative for Dexim told iLounge today, contradicting widely circulated reports filed last night. “They just posted it to create buzz,” said Dexim’s Sam Habbar about the first-generation iPad case, saying that he has been unable to get media outlets to retract the claims, which stated that the unusually thin accessory set was for the rumored smaller version of the iPad.


The keyboard portion of the case, shown here, is claimed to be the thinnest Bluetooth keyboard available, packing wireless and battery hardware inside a leather-like shell that can be held alongside an iPad. It’s amongst many new accessories Dexim will be showing starting at the 2011 CES tomorrow.

Verizon iPhone 4 parts appear online?

New images and a video showing what appear to be altered iPhone 4 metal bands have appeared online, leading to speculation that the new parts are for the yet to be announced Verizon iPhone. SmartPhone Medic has posted photos it received from “a very reliable source” that shows many small changes, including four black bands as opposed to three—several of which have been repositioned—as well as a slight repositioning of the volume buttons and ring/silent switch. Curiously, the new part retains the SIM card slot of the current iPhone 4, suggesting that if the band is indeed from a Verizon iPhone, it will offer both CDMA and GSM functionality. GlobalDirectParts posted a video of what appears to be the same side panel, showing off the piece in detail before ending with a shot of what appears to be a fully assembled product, with the promise of more information next week. While it’s possible that the part is from an iPhone 4 clone, it appears to be very similar to the current generation’s side panel, lending credence to the idea that it is meant for an iPhone 4 that has been revised in some way.

Native Union outs MM03i, MM04 Bluetooth Telephones

Native Union has outed its new Moshi Moshi MM03i and MM04 Wireless Bluetooth Telephones. Like the company’s prior MM03 Bluetooth telephone accessory, the MM03i is a wireless Bluetooth accessory that enables users to their iPhones like a traditional handset thanks to a more substantial wireless handset. It features an integrated iPhone charging dock on the base, Bluetooth 2.1 with multi-point capabilities, a noise reduction system for the handset’s microphone, and an included wall adapter, USB cable for computer-based charging and international wall blades. It will sell for $150. The MM04i goes beyond the MM03i’s feature set by offering a retractable dock, the ability to act as a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless telephone handset, a silver honeycomb design on the top handset/speaker, a black soft touch rubber base for charging when not in use, Bluetooth 2.1, an attached auxiliary input cable, and included wall adapter with international charging plates. It will sell for $200; Native Union’s Moshi Moshi MM03i is available now, while availability for the MM04i Wireless Bluetooth Telephones has yet to be determined.

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