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AT&T activates 4.3 million iPhones in Q1

Reporting its first quarter fiscal results, AT&T today announced that it activated 4.3 million iPhones during the period. That number is substantially higher than the 3.6 million iPhones activated in the year-ago quarter, and accounted for 78 percent of overall smartphone sales. 21 percent of the iPhone customers were new to AT&T. The carrier also added 240,000 tablet customers during the period—roughly three-quarters of which were postpaid—but did not specify how many of those were iPad customers.

2K Games releases Sid Meier’s Pirates for iPhone

2K Games has brought its Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad (iLounge Rating: A-) over to the iPhone and iPod touch with a new version of the classic game for the smaller screen. Originally released last summer, Sid Meier’s Pirates was an iPad adaptation of the classic high-seas adventure game made famous on the console and PC gaming platforms in the late eighties and early nineties. The iPhone and iPod touch version appears to be a direct port of last year’s iPad version, putting the player at the helm of one of 27 fully customizable ships as they travel to various ports of call, build a crew and journey out on quests for treasure and adventure. Players engage in activities ranging from sea battles to sword fights with intuitive touch controls to parry, counter and duel as they challenge and pursue some of the most famous pirates from history. Sid Meier’s Pirates! for the iPhone and iPod touch requires iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store for $3.

SpoonJuice re-releases Daily Deeds

SpoonJuice has re-released Daily Deeds, its habit-tracking app for the iPhone and iPod touch, with an under-the-hood refresh and some very important bug fixes. Daily Deeds helps remind and motivate users to perform routine daily tasks by creating a list of actions that can be checked off each day as they’re completed and reviewed on a calendar view or in PDF summary reports. Re-released under a new App Store developer account, Daily Deeds 1.5 adds little in the way of new features, and appears to primarily a maintenance release. As it has been released as a new app anther than an update to the prior version, users will need to download it separately; the developer is providing it as a free download for the first week to allow existing users to obtain it at no cost and as a gift for new users. The prior version sold for $1 and is expected to disappear form the App Store in the coming weeks.

Waves Audio releases Mashup Pro DJ app

Waves Audio and Musicsoft Arts have teamed up to release Mashup, a new DJ mixing app designed to provide pro DJ’s with a sophisticated mobile DJ booth on their iPad. Replacing complex and expensive DJ gear, Mashup provides two rotating stereo decks and a mixer capable of playing all standard unprotected audio formats, an advanced scratch engine, resonant filters with a large touch-ribbon UI and hi-end equalizers with larger interface controls. Users can create unlimited playlists on the fly, setup auto-sync and beat matching between decks and record mixes in stereo for further editing, mixing and sharing in other apps. Tracks can be selected from the iOS music library or purchased from an in-app DJ Shop with a collection of tracks from top DJs such as Junior Sanchez and Kris Menace. Users can also pair Mashup running on an iPhone or iPod touch with the iPad version over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for DJing with headphones.

Mashup is designed to provide superior audio processing on the iPad with technology developed by Waves Audio, a leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and recipient of the 2011 Technical Grammy award. In addition to the standard audio engine with features such as resonant filters and noise-free scratching, users can also optionally upgrade to Waves’ unique MAXX sound enhancing engine which provides boosted base frequencies and improved volume designed for any listening environment from headphones to large cabinet speakers. Mashup is a universal app requiring an iPhone 4/4S, fourth-generation iPod touch, iPad 2 or third-generation iPad and iOS 4.3 or later and is available from the App Store for $40; the optional MAXX add-on is available via in-app purchase for an additional $5.

Clear adds shake to undo, new secret themes

Realmac Software has released an update to Clear, its minimalist list making app for the iPhone and iPod touch. First released in February, Clear is designed to allow users to quickly and easily manage simple lists of tasks and other items with a unique, gesture-based user interface. Version 1.1 adds support for undoing actions by shaking the device and basically removes the character cap on items. The update also introduces new “Secret Themes” for users to discover; the original version offered a special Tweetbot bonus theme for users of that particular app, it’s unknown whether these new secret themes follow the same patter or are hidden in some other way. The update also adds a number of smaller tweaks and fixes, including an option to display the iOS status bar, improvements to item creation, new UI elements and improvements to readability in low-contrast themes. Clear requires iOS 5.0 or later and is available from the App Store for $1.

Redpark ships GPS to iOS cable

Redpark is now shipping its GPS Cable for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. According to the company, the GPS Cable allows iOS devices to connect to external navigation devices that use the NMEA 0183 protocol by offering a 30-pin connector on one end and a DB-9 connector on the other. The company claims that the cable is compatible with location-aware iOS apps—including the built-in Maps and Compass apps—and supports devices running iOS 5.x or later, including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, fourth-generation iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad, and, presumably, the third-generation iPad. Redpark’s GPS Cable for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is available now and sells for $59.

Next-gen iPhone Home buttons spotted

Two Chinese parts vendors are now offering “iPhone 5” Home button parts. As noted by Mac Rumors, the parts—which are available in both black and white from both vendors—are slightly different than the same part from the iPhone 4S, as they are rectangular in shape, with rounded corners and a round Home button sticking up in the center. Prior Home button parts featured a more closely tailored button surround with “wings” on either side. As with previous models, everything save for the round button itself will likely lie below the glass front surface of the device, and thus the changes will be invisible to the user. It appears at least somewhat likely that Apple has adopted the new design as a way to reduce reports of failing Home buttons, although it is possible that the new buttons also afford a small space savings from side-to-side.

Apple launches new iPhone, iPad Business websites

Apple has launched new mini websites highlighting the use of the iPhone and iPad in business. Entitled “iPhone in Business” and “iPad in Business”, respectively, the sites include pages dedicated to apps that are useful for business, discussion of integration of the devices into existing company infrastructure, task-specific examples of how the devices can help with various tasks, and profiles of businesses that are using the iPhone and iPad to help boost their productivity. Apple regularly touts business adoption of both the iPhone and iPad, both of which have been adopted by a high percentage of Fortune 500 companies.

Apple offers eBook settlement in Europe

Apple has offered a settlement relating to the ongoing eBook pricing case in Europe. The Telegraph reports that according to European Union competition commissioner Joaquín Almunia, the body has received settlement offers from Apple as well as all the publishers, save for Penguin. “[The publishers] are making proposals to reach an early resolution of the case,” he said; terms of the proposals were not disclosed. Notably, Apple has not made an effort to settle a similar case in the US, possibly due to the differing conditions of the two markets at the time of the alleged collusion.

Photogene for iPad adds Retina Display support, new editing tools

Photogene for iPad has been updated with support for the third-generation iPad Retina Display, new editing tools and performance improvements users of second- and third-generation iPad models. In addition to Retina Display support, version 3.4 greatly improves resolution during editing of photos on the newer iPad models and also takes advantage of the dual-core chipset on these models to reduce save and export times.

Several new editing tools have also bee introduced in this latest update, including the use of colour adjustments and filters as gradient transitions, new annotation tools for adding arrows and markers, the ability to rotate text boxes and a new oil-painting filter. A new curves algorithm has been added to provide easier curve handling and users can now add or modify photo geo-tags while editing and add textual watermarking with the Go-Pro update. Several bugs have also been fixed regarding Dropbox and FTP uploading as well as general stability throughout the app. Photogene for iPad requires iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store for $1.

MotionX Sleep adds improved alarms, Sleep History Visualization

MotionX has released an update to MotionX Sleep, its iPhone app for optimizing sleep cycles and promoting healthy activity. Designed to help users get a better night’s rest and be more active, MotionX Sleep uses the iPhone sensors to track and analyze movements during sleep to monitor the user’s sleep cycles and provide optimal wake-up alarms; users can wake to their favourite iPod song or choose from a set of built-in sounds such as jungle, rain or ocean waves. The app can also track steps taken and calories burned over the course of a day and provide “Get Active” alerts to let the user know when they’ve been sedentary for too long.

Version 2.0 adds a new alarm clock interface redesigned to make setting a Smart Sleep Cycle Alarm faster and move intuitive and a new audible placement test to help users optimize the placement of their device for the best sleep monitoring. A new Sleep History Visualization allows users to see their full sleep history with graphs and statistics and one-day, seven-day and thirty-day summaries, and users can share their stats online via integration with Facebook and Twitter. The Smart Sleep Cycle Alarm has also been improved with an adjustable wake-up window, optional vibration mode, and new alarm sounds and the app includes a number of other improvements and optimizations. MotionX Sleep 2.0 requires iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store for a limited-time price of $1.

Capcom announces Marvel vs Capcom 2 for iOS

Capcom has announced the impending arrival of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the iPhone and iPod touch. As mash-up of two fantasy universes, the new game will give players the opportunity to pit their favourite Marvel and Capcom characters against each other in an insane, action-packed arcade fighting experience. The game will sport a 56-character roster featuring such classics as Wolverine, Ryu, Iron Man and Mega Man and will include the “Variable System” from the original release for tag-team action, allowing players to tag in other team members at any time; players will also be able to execute the “Team Hyper Combo” attack where all three team members combine their ultimate powers for a massive attack. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is expected to be released on April 25th for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple reaches tax deal on Oregon data center

Apple has reached a deal with Prineville and Crook County, Oregon to move ahead with its new data center there. According to the Associated Press, Apple has agreed to pay local governments $150,000 a year and will get a 15-year property tax exemption for the new data center. In addition, Apple has also committed to a minimum of 35 jobs at the data center, wages that are at least 150 percent of the county’s average wage, and an investment of at least $250 million across its 160 acres of land.

TuneUp releases TuneUp Mobile

TuneUp Media, best known for its desktop app for automatically updating missing track info in iTunes, has released its first iOS app, TuneUp Mobile. Using the acoustic fingerprinting technology from the desktop version, TuneUp Mobile allows users to identify almost any song playing from an external source; users simply tap the “Listen” button and the song is identified in as little as three seconds along with lyrics, geo-tagging and options for sharing song info to Facebook and Twitter.

In addition TuneUp Mobile can scan the user’s music library to diagnose incorrect song information, missing album artwork, and duplicate tracks, providing a useful companion for users of the TuneUp app on the desktop. TuneUp Mobile requires iOS 4.3 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download with no ads and unlimited music recognition.

Bongiovi DPS adds Gesture controls, Lock Screen support

Bongiovi Acoustics has released an update to its iOS audio enhancement app adding new DPS features along with new gesture controls and lock screen support. The Bongiovi DPS app brings the company’s patented DPS audio enhancement technology to the iOS platform with real-time audio remastering to improve clarity and provide cleaner and deeper bass response. Users can access their music, videos and podcasts within the app directly from their device media library to play them in the app enhanced by DPS technology. Version 1.3 adds new Bongiovi DPS H.E.A.R. technology and new gesture-based controls for navigating tracks and pausing and resuming playback. The latest update also now supports the display of album artwork and track information on the locks screen on devices running iOS 5.0 or later and includes numerous performance upgrades and bug fixes. Bongiovi DPS requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S/3GS, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch and the iPad, the app is available from the App Store as a free, ad-supported download with a limited set of profiles; a $3 in-app upgrade to the full version is available to remove the ads and access the full set of audio profiles.

Third-gen iPad shipping times drop to 5-7 days

The shipping wait time for new third-generation iPad orders from Apple’s online store has dropped once again. A check of the store now shows that all models—including both black and white variants of either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 4G models, across all capacities—are now listed as shipping within 5-7 business days, down from 1-2 weeks. Notably, this applies to the US and Canada stores; a quick check of Apple’s UK storefront shows shipping waits in that country still listed as 1-2 weeks. [via Cnet]

Apple, Proview in talks over iPad trademark

Apple and China-based Proview have started talks aimed at resolving the ongoing legal dispute between the two companies over the iPad trademark. MacWorld UK reports that Ma Dongxiao, a lawyer representing Proview, said the talks were ongoing, but declined to share any details. The legal dispute between the two companies is still being deliberated by Chinese courts, but according to a court spokesman, the court earlier this week recommended that the companies find a way to mediate the dispute. Notably, Apple has yet to launch its third-generation iPad in China despite having received regulatory approval for the device; some have suggested that the ongoing trademark dispute may be behind Apple’s decision to temporarily withhold the device form the Chinese market.

Runmeter, Cyclemeter and Walkmeter add Training Plans, iCloud support

Abvio has released version 7.0 of Runmeter, Cyclemeter and Walkmeter its trio of fitness tracking apps, adding a variety of new features including new training plans, stopwatch pages and iCloud support. Built from the same foundation, each of the three apps provides optimized features for running, cycling or walking allowing users to track their workouts recording data such as time, location, distance, elevation and speed which can then be viewed as a series of maps and graphs organized by route and activity across different time periods.

Version 7.0 introduces 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon training plans, with the 5K plan specifically designed to help beginning runners work up to their first 5K race over a period of 10 weeks; the 10K, half-marathon and marathon plans built from this base to support running the longer races. Users can also build their own customized training plans in the app for other goals, including walking and cycling plans, and view their plans within the in-app calendar view or synchronize them to the iOS Calendar app.

The new version also introduces a new Stopwatch Pages feature designed to provide quick access to a detailed overview of workout data from a simple swipe across the screen; the display can be configured to include any of 150 statistics along with graphs, maps, splits, intervals and zones’ displays. Stopwatch Pages also includes an integrated music player and stats are colour-coded for quick visualization of data. A History Tab is also now available with a view of recent workouts and performance summaries by various categories such as time period, routes, training plans and more. Users with iOS 5.0 or later can also now use iCloud to backup, restore and transfer their workout data between devices; users can create an automatic backup schedule to save their data to iCloud at regular intervals and can load data onto another device such as an iPad for review and analysis. The database can also now be accessed via iTunes File Sharing for manual backup and restore via iTunes. The three applications Runmeter, Cyclemeter and Walkmeter are sold separately in the App Store for $3 each.

SnapSeed adds Instagram support

Nik Software has released an update to Snapseed, its acclaimed pro-level photo editing app for iOS devices, adding support for the third-generation Retina Display and sharing via Instagram. Snapseed is an advanced photo editing app focused on making photos look more professional while maintaining an intuitive and uncomplicated user interface. The app allows for the usual array of standard adjustments such as exposure, white balance, crop, straighten and rotate along with a collection of creative enhancements with filters and support for selective adjustments. Version 1.4 adds the ability to share photos via Instagram to existing sharing support for Facebook, Flickr and Twitter; users can now open any photo from SnapSeed directly in the Instagram app to either post them directly or add further Instagram filters. The update also includes updates to several popular filters within Snapseed including new conversion algorithms on the Black & White filter and independent brightness controls for the centre and edges on the Center Focus filter. Additional enhancements include fixes to square cropping, the addition of a 7:5 aspect ratio crop pre-set and support for Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese localizations. Snapseed is a universal app requiring iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store for $5.

GiddyUp helps friends get together on the go

GiddyUp is a new iPhone app designed to help friends quickly and easily arrange group events. Designed with a focus on speed and ease of use, GiddyUp allows iPhone users to create group plans in seconds with immediate push notifications to their friends via the GiddyUp service and the ability to get quick responses without having to deal with cluttered e-mail chains, endless group texts or long response times. Users create a new event which can also include a location, date and time, picture and additional notes and then select a list of friends to invite from the iOS contacts app; invitees are notified via push notifications if they have GiddyUp installed on their device or via a free SMS with a link to the mobile website otherwise. Users can RSVP from within the app or on the mobile web site and a built-in group chat feature helps everybody coordinate plans. Events can also be optionally shared on Facebook and Twitter and saved to the calendar. GiddyUp is available from the App Store as a free download.

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