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Forbes: Apple Tunes Up

Forbes writer Arik Hesseldahl surveys the iTunes Music Store on the day after the “big” announcement by Apple. Hesseldahl sums up the service by saying it “is enormously easy to use and dangerously addictive.” 

“On the whole, Apple’s musical moves look like the right ones. Now that they’re made we have to wonder why no one else had thought to make digital music services so straightforward and easy—and above all, legal.”

“iTunes Pricing Analyzed”

Peter Kim, Associate Editor for O’Grady’s Powerpage writes an article with comparisons between Apple’s iTunes Music Store pricing vs. singles, subscriptions and file swapping.

“Already, debate has heated up about pricing on the iTunes Music Store, both in and outside the music community. Competing services claim their unlimited monthly fees are a better option to Apple’s pricey .99 per song / $4.95 - $9.95 an album. Some users are already complaining that traditional CDs are a better deal. It all depends on how you look at it.”

Mac: AppleScripts for New iPod 2.0 Released

Make your life a bit easier with new AppleScripts for iPod. The new note reader on new iPods with iPod Software 2.0 can read and store notes on iPod. These new AppleScripts help automate the process.

Apple Resources for iPod Developers

Apple has posted several resources for iPod developers on its Apple Developer Connection website.

iPod Note Reader User Guide (PDF)
Interested in taking full advantage of the Notes capability in the new iPod? Want information on the ‘NotesOnly’ mode (also called Museum Mode) which allows you to create custom or restricted user interfaces for special purposes. For all of this information and more download the iPod Note Readers Guide here. [Apr 28 2003]           

Dimensional Drawings for Carrying Case Developers (PDF)         
Are you a case vendor looking to design a case for the new iPod? Here is a PDF document that should give you all of the measurements you need to get started. [Apr 28 2003]

iPod Accessory Developers      
Interesting in developing a accessory for the new iPod and need more information on the connectors and technical specifications? If so please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Meet the New iPods Friday, May 2nd

Apple stores nationwide will be hosting the “Live On Stage” event introducing new iPods to the public this Friday, May 2 from 6-10 PM.

“Sporting a new design, with enough capacity to hold more than 7500 songs, the new iPod rocks into the Apple Store on Friday, May 2, during a revolutionary event you won’t want to miss.

From 6 to 10 p.m., enjoy a live DJ spinning tunes on his iPod. Receive a free event poster (while supplies last). And get a limited edition T-shirt for $10 -  or for free if you buy an iPod. That’s not all: you can also enter to win a JBL sound system worth $1800.

Special Appearances. Singer-songwriter Liz Phair will appear at the SoHo store and ska band Less Than Jake will appear at The Grove during this special event.

Be the first to get your hands on the incredible new iPod and discover for yourself how the world’s greatest portable music player just got even better.

Find an Apple Retail Store near you.”

Note: iLounge will be at Apple Store Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California on Friday night. Come join us as we get our hands on a new iPod.

Give Apple iPod Feedback

Are you upset that Apple did not include support for note reader, two new games, On-the-Go playlists, customizable menu and sleep timer in iPod Software 1.3 for older iPods? Send them a peice of your mind as we have on the official iPod Feedback page at

Note: It’s very curious that Apple is listing iPod Software 2.0 in its list of choices in the “What iPod software are you running?” menu. Does this mean that iPod Software 1.3 is the last of the updates for older iPods or is it just an incremental update to immediately support iTunes 4 and AAC. Will iPod Software 2.0 support new features on old iPods?

Watch, See and Experience Music at

Apple has posted a new video about iPods, iTunes and the iTunes Music Store along with new ads about the new music service. There is also a new QuickTimeVR of the new iPod.

iTunes for Windows

According to an interview with Steve Jobs, Fortune magazine writer Devin Leonard writes that Apple will introduce an iTunes for Windows by end of year.

“Jobs, however, isn’t targeting just Mac users. He plans to roll out a Windows version of iTunes by the end of the year. (Apple already sells a Windows-compatible version of the iPod, which accounts for about half of all units sold.) It is a dramatic departure for Steve, who has deliberately kept the Mac’s best features off the screens of the much larger Microsoft-dominated world.”

The article goes on to talk about the iTunes Music Store and how Jobs is predicting that it will be a huge success.

“He [Steve] adds: ‘Just watch. We’ll have more people using the iTunes Music Store in the first day than Pressplay or MusicNet have even signed up as subscribers—probably in the first hour.’”

Mac: iPod tracks -> Desktop 1.2 Released

The script “iPod tracks -> Desktop” is installed in iTunes script menu. This script will copy the selected tracks in iTunes (not Playlists) on you Desktop, easily.

New Belkin Accessories for New iPod

You might have noticed Belkin has new iPod accessories available on the iPod’s “Cool Accessories” page. There is a new Belkin Battery Pack and Auto Charger w/Audio for new iPods. The Battery pack retails for $59, provides 12-15 hours of battry life, suction cups to adhere to the back of iPod, charge-level indicator and includes 4 “AA” batteries. The Auto Charger w/Audio retails for $39.95 and features; 3.5mm audio output that plays your iPod through car stereo, controls iPod device’s volume with adjustable amplifier, charges iPod though cigarette lighter adapter and has a replaceable safety fuse.

Note: The photo across the top of the accessory page… reminds you of the iPods Around the World Photo Gallery, doesn’t it?

Creative Announces Three New Speaker Systems for iPod

Creative Labs, Inc, introduces two new white speaker systems for iPod. The portable TravelSound I300 speakers and the higher-powered desktop Creative I-Trigue speaker system both match the look and design of iPods. The TravelSound features a one-piece, powered, digitally amplified speaker system, foldable design, 30 hours of playback time with 4 AAA batteries, and comes with universal power adapter and travel case. The TravelSound I300 retails for $99 and will be available for shipping next month.

The I-Trigue is a desktop satellite speaker system featuring a two slim speakers, a wood subwoofer, 80 total watts of power, wired remote with power, volume, and bass controls, and a built in headphone jack.

A new third speaker system that matches the iPod’s design will be available in three months. Creative will release another announcement when the time comes.

Apple iPod Updater 1.3 Released

The update command downloads new software to an iPod. The update command may be disabled if the iPod does not need to be updated because it already has up-to-date software. The restore command returns an iPod to ‘factory fresh’ condition. It erases and reformats the iPod before downloading new software. WARNING: The restore command erases all of the music and other data currently on the iPod.

Note: iPod Software for Windows will be available in early May.

iTunes Music Store Launched

Along with new iPod and iTunes, Steve Jobs announced the new iTunes Music Store at a press conference in San Francisco today. Integrated into iTunes 4, the service offers Mac users a convenient method to search or browse for songs and purchase via 1-Click ordering at .99 cents each. Apple has provided an online users guide to help navigate the new service.

“The revolutionary iTunes Music Store puts 200,000 songs at your fingertips. It?s built right into iTunes 4 and lets you search or browse genres, new releases, exclusives and more. Preview any song for free, when you find a song you want, buy it for just 99

Apple Announces New iPods: 10, 15 and 30GB

Apple today announced three new iPod models in 10GB, 15GB and 30GB capacities. Life is good. The new models feature an all new case design and updated iPod software. The following is a list of features available on all new models or noted otherwise.


  • Thinner and lighter

  • 10GB and 15GB is 5.6 ounces, 30GB is 6.2 ounces and thicker than 10GB and 15GB

  • Blue backlit screen

  • 4 touch buttons (reverse, “Menu”, play/pause and forward) across top of touch wheel

  • Remote connector

  • Headphone port

  • “Hold” switch

  • Dock connector on bottom

  • Docking station with line-out

  • FireWire (Mac)

  • USB 2.0 (Windows - requires USB 2.0 + FireWire Cable and software update. Available in June)

  • Customizable menu

  • Includes two new games; solitaire and parachute

  • Create On-The-Go playlists

  • Calendaer

  • Contacts

  • Notes reader

  • Sleep timer and Alarm clock

  • AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) supported

    iPod 15GB and 30GB models (Mac and Windows) include Earbud headphones, AC adapter, dock connector to FireWire cable, 4-pin-to-6-pin FireWire adapter. The 30GB model includes the Dock, remote, carrying case, earbud headphones, AC adapter, dock connector to FireWire cable and 4-pin-to-6-pin FireWire adapter. The new iPods retail for (10GB) $299, (15GB) $399 and (30GB) $499, and is now available for order at Apple store online. Expected shipping is 2-5 days for UPS Ground.

  • Buzz of the day is an Apple Event

    Today marks the day Apple could change the face of downloading music. The news agencies are buzzing with new articles published about the rumored new Apple service. Here’s a handy list of links to articles:

  • “Apple to Unveil Music Service: Online offering faces a greater marketing task due to court decision in favor of free networks” Los Angeles Times (free registration required)

  • “Apple to take byte out of piracy: New online music service touted to reduce music piracy” Vancouver Sun

  • “Taking it online: After years of digital piracy by consumers, the music industry is teaming up with Internet firms to get its share on downloads” Boston Globe

  • “Can Apple Get Music Lovers To Pay?” CBS News

  • “Apple Said to Be Entering E-Music Fray With Pay Service” New York Times

  • “Apple plans foray into contentious online music sector” International Herald Tribune

  • “Apple’s Making Serious Music” Silicon Valley

  • “Milestone day in life for Apple Computer: Online music offering may be industry lifeline” The Herald UK

  • “Apple to start musical service” San Francisco Chronicle

  • “Apple music service to go live”

  • “Apple music download ‘walkman of age’” Macworld UK

  • “Everyone agrees, Apple will announce music service today” MacUser

  • “Apple Said to Be Entering E-Music Fray With Pay Service”

    Matt Richtel of The New York Times wrote about Apple’s rumored music download service.

    “But Philip Leigh, a digital media analyst with Raymond James & Associates, an investment banking firm in St. Petersburg, Fla., said the presence of Apple in the market could give a lift to digital music services beyond the confines of Apple’s limited user base. The reason, he said, is that if Apple starts advertising the sale of music, “they’ll be advertising to the whole world.”“

    Also note in the article that Hillary B. Rosen, the CEO of the RIAA (Recording Industry Assoc. of America) gave a favorable nod to the new Apple service.

    “Hilary B. Rosen, the chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, said she believed Apple had struck an industry-friendly balance. Apple’s music service “has compatibility with a hardware product that is elegant and easy to use,” said Ms. Rosen, who said she planned to attend Apple’s news conference. “The Apple system has the potential to do for music sales what the Walkman did for the cassette,” she added.”

    iRemote Concept for iPod

    Mark Degg of has emailed iLounge with information about his webpage outlining the concept for a wireless remote control for iPod. Inspired by the Burton/Apple Amp Jacket and Griffin’s iTrip FM transmitter, Mark’s webpage has 3D images and details about its function in hopes to influence manufacturers to get involved. If you’re a manufacturer looking for a new idea to bring to market contact Mark at his webpage.

    Apple Music Service features

    The buzz of the day seems to be Apple’s rumored new music service. There have been several reports of the new service from various news agencies in the past weeks. We have compiled a list of features said to be available with the new service:

    • Available only for Apple computers (may change)
    • No subscription required
    • Each song costs about .99 cents to download
    • Albums cost about $10 to download
    • Purchase and download songs via updated iTunes using 1-click ordering
    • Songs available in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format
    • Sync songs to iPod or burn to CD
    • Exclusive downloads from Artists
    • Use with up to 3 Macs

    “WSJ: Apple signs exclusive artists for music service”

    MacMinute has a report about a report that appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required) giving more details about the rumored new Apple music service expected to be announced this Monday, April 28.

    “In addition to the Eagles, the Apple CEO has signed up the pop band No Doubt, and several other artists who haven’t yet allowed their songs to be offered by other online ventures. The new service is expected to have an “exclusives” area for music not available elsewhere.”

    Griffin ships iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod

    Griffin has announced it is now shipping the iTrip FM transmitter for iPod. With iTrip you can broadcast the music on iPod through your car’s FM receiver, home stereo or any FM receiver. The iTrip attaches to the top of iPod via the headphone port, draws power from the iPod and utilizes the iPod’s controls to select FM frequencies. iTrip retails for $35 and is now shipping.

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