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iPodweek + Forums: iTunes Bug, CD Rips, and Fun Chats

imageIt’s Friday, which means that our weekly newsletter iPodweek will be released later today. As always, we have a simple submission form you can use to sign up. There are no strings attached; sign up today to get exclusive discounts, iLounge contests, and a quick summary of all things iPod, iTunes, iPhone and Apple TV sent directly to your mailbox.

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What’s new in the iLounge Discussion Forums this week? In “They replaced it!”, a reader tells how Apple quickly replaced his second-generation shuffle after he couldn’t transfer MP3 files to it—and then discovered that the problem was due to a bug in iTunes 7.2. If you’ve been getting an error message that your iPod can’t play certain music, don’t junk the iPod; read this discussion in our iPod shuffle Forum.

Still trying to figure out the smartest way to rip music to your iPod? Our Digital Audio Formats Forum has plenty of discussions that will help you make a good choice, but this discussion is packed with good, practical advice. Users seem to have settled on 192Kbps files, either in AAC or MP3 format, while others think 128Kbps AACs are plenty good for normal listening. What do you think?

In the Board Games sub-forum of our popular forum The Lounge, you’ll always find a random, non-iPod discussion worth reading. In The Post for Stuff You Just Wanna Tell People, an 108-page discussion that’s been going on since early 2004, readers have been posting about everything from playing Halo and Counter Strike to their favorite TV series and computer programs. Most readers post just a sentence or two about what they’re doing or what they think about someone else’s posts. Add yours and see what your fellow iLoungers think.

iPodweek and Forums: iPhone, iTunes Plus, Worn-out Logos

It’s Friday, which means two things at iLounge: our weekly newsletter iPodweek is coming later today, and it’s time for a roundup of what’s happening in our forums. To sign up for iPodweek, use the simple submission form here:

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New in the iLounge Discussion Forums this week: readers in the iPhone Forum have started their own mini-poll: Are you going to buy the new iPhone? So far, more than 2/3 of responses said “yes,” but at least half of the “yes” votes are waiting on price drops. Add your vote to the thread, which is also generating interesting discussions, but bear in mind—you may just ‘think different’ about price when you actually try iPhone yourself.

In our iTunes Store Forum, readers are actively discussing iTunes Plus downloads, including upgrading on a whole library or song-by-song basis, DRM-free benefits of iTunes Plus, network errors, and name/email address tagging. If you have an opinion on iTunes Plus, the iTunes Store Forum might be the right place to express it.

Finally, in our iPod shuffle Forum, readers are discussing how their iPod shuffle rear logo art is coming off, either through smudges, lines, or worse. Is there finally a reason to justify a case for the lowest-end iPod?

Forums: Free Books, EU iPhone, Fix Your PC, iLounge Feedback

This week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums looks at some of the most popular discussions taking place on the site.

Everyone loves free stuff. In our Audiobooks Forum, readers have spent a lot of time looking for free audio books, maintaining a huge thread since 2005 to help people find what’s online. A separate discussion, Audible Book Recommendations - Post Yours Here, has since 2003 tracked reader advice on the best audiobooks available from Audible (and the iTunes Store). Read the list, or add your suggestions there.

In our growing iPhone Forum, readers outside the United States have been trying to figure out how to join the iPhone community before their countries’ official, and as yet unknown official launch dates. In Buying iPhone Abroad, international customers are discussing the wisdom of buying the U.S. phone given its contract and EDGE support; will forthcoming European and Asian versions be better?

Our second most popular forum is, interestingly, The Lounge - a place where readers can discuss anything not related to the iPod. As just one example of the helpful suggestions in there, one reader’s request for help “Making Computer Faster” has resulted in useful tips on optimizing an older Dell computer. Will something in there help you, too?

Finally, one of our quietest forums is Feedback & Suggestions, which gives readers the chance to ask questions or offer suggestions for improving the site. As we continue to work on a major update to iLounge, we’re interested in hearing your thoughts; post them in the forum and we’ll take them into consideration.

Forums: Cover songs, Compilations, iPhone abroad, Earphones

Over in our Music forum, iLounger Chricton asks what are the Best and Worst Cover Songs of all time, with some members discovering songs they already knew were actually covers of previously recorded tracks. Make your opinion heard in the thread.

In our fifth-generation iPod forum, the Setting Up Compilations thread offers a wealth of suggestions and tips on how to keep your compilation albums in order, both in iTunes and on your iPod.

Planning on getting an iPhone but don’t live in the US? Check out the ongoing discussion in the iPhone forum about buying the device abroad — options range from getting on a plane, to buying on eBay, to waiting for the European version.

iLounge reader Marcos asks for your suggestions for non-isolating earphones with good bass over in our Ear/Headphones forum. Several readers have already begun making suggestions.

Forums: Best Song Ever, iPhone UMPC, Smartlists, Memories

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums:

Some people - okay, lots of people - have opinions on the best music ever made. In our Music Forum, reader Silvio asks: “Is this the greatest song of all time?” with a link to a certain Led Zeppelin track. Register your vote in the thread.

Our iPhone Forum continues to pick up steam as readers continue to wonder about Apple’s eventual goals for iPhone technology. In “iPhone as UMPC,” readers discuss whether the iPhone is Apple’s way of testing the ultra-mobile PC market - or may actually evolve into one as time goes on. What do you think?

In the iTunes (Mac + PC) Forum, TheDoctor started a thread called “Your Smart Playlist Ideas—Post them Here” back in 2004, and readers are still discussing “Super Smart Playlists” with all sorts of different ideas for building fun automatic playlists from your library.

Finally, in our iPod Culture and Stories Forum, reader Peacefroggyac started a discussion called “Memories of the old days…” to ask if other readers remembered what it was like when no one understood what an iPod was, and “why you needed that many songs.” Share your recollections in the thread - did you lead the bandwagon or jump on only recently?

Forums: Wet nano, Stuck iPod, Love Apple, Thanks Audrey

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: Do you own an iPod nano? Have questions or opinions to share with the iLounge community? The iPod nano forum is nearing its 40,000th post, with the clearly titled iPod nano Washed raising the prospect of how to absorb a washing machine’s liquidy addition to a nano. Some iLoungers suggest using uncooked rice—we’ll be watching to see whether this one gets resolved.

We’ve had this happen once in a while with our own iPods; now a forum member raises it for discussion. In “DO NOT DISCONNECT” message does not go away!, a reader with a 80GB iPod wonders why it’s happening. Have you had similar issues with your own iPod?

It’s a simple question to ask or answer for most people: What makes you love Apple? A design student writing her dissertation wants to know your thoughts; so add them to the thread. Not surprisingly, you’ll also see some people explain why they don’t love Apple.

Always helpful, forum moderator Audrey (honeybee1236) used to maintain FREE iTMS TV Shows Available, a list of free downloadable TV content available on the iTunes Store. Now, readers point out, Apple keeps a list on iTunes, so Audrey’s already moved on to newer and bigger things. You can monitor her recent helpful posts though this link. Thanks for all of your help, Audrey!

iPodweek launches, XtremeMac giveaway & Forums Friday

Our iPodweek newsletter has just launched! If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time. Sponsor XtremeMac is running a prize giveaway worth $370, including one (1) XtremeMac Luna iPod Alarm Clock Radio, one (1) pair of FS1 earphones and one (1) InCharge Traveler set. Full details are inside iPodweek!

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What’s in the iLounge Discussion Forums this week? We’re spotlighting some of our most popular threads, including:

With nearly 34,000 views, A Guide to Using Sound Check helps you adjust your iTunes library’s volume levels so that songs don’t alternate between whispers and screams.

With 49,000 views, Syncing With a Library Larger Than Your iPod helps you do just that—handy if your iPod nano can’t keep up with your ever-expanding collection of music.

And finally, with over 65,000 views, iLounge’s own Bob Levens explains how to get the best out of in-canal earphones. Recently a fan of custom-made earmolds, you can read Bob’s tips from back in the days when he relied on little foam or rubber tips to enjoy music. “Thanks to this thread I got my Sennheiser CX300s to fit properly,” said forum member Ron519098. “The sound is now amazing.” Take a peek inside.

Forums: 6G iPods, Your Home Setup, and iPhone Poll

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums:

Because we’re always excited about whatever Apple might be planning to release in the iPod family, we love the Future iPods forum—a place to speculate on upcoming iPod models. Perhaps not surprising given how long in the tooth the 5G iPod feels, the forum is filled with people on the verge of collapse. You can guess what people are excitedly saying in Going crazy waiting for the next iPod, and About a new Video iPod. But in I don’t like the direction mainline iPods are headed, users worry about control schemes for touchscreen iPods. Which side are you on?

Elsewhere in the Forums: A thread running since 2004 lets you compare the computer setups of your fellow iLoungers. As one reader put it before showing a photo of his own spread, “Let’s see who’s got the cool setup and who is just plain out boring.” Take a look at Workspace Setup for the details.

Finally, from the iPhone forum, there’s a new reader poll in town. One iLounge reader asks, Will you buy the new iPhone? and of course, poses pricing hypotheticals to see if you’ll bite. Will you?

Forums: iPhone deals & Divx, High-end car kits, Podcasts

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: Discussions of iPhones, Car Integration, and Podcasts.

In the increasingly popular iPhone forum, readers are questioning the accuracy of claims allegedly made by a Cingular/AT&T customer service representative who said that Apple and Cingular will sell the iPhone as an iPod first, with additional fees - no cellular discounts - only if you want to access the Cingular phone network. Other readers wonder whether Apple will expand video format support on iPhone to allow it to play Divx or other files rather than just H.264 and MPEG-4 videos. What do you think?

Our In-Car Solutions forum is packed with discussions of new high-end car kits. Two of the most popular discussions right now are for Alpine’s CDA-9856 and the Nissan Murano iPod interface, but there are lots of other discussions for various cars and types of iPod integration.

Finally, if you’re looking to become a podcaster, a nice thread on Getting Your Podcast on iTunes points the way to documents that will help you format your podcast and submit it to Apple’s official database. It’s only one of over 175,000 threads that might help you make more of iTunes this weekend - give the rest a look!

Forums: iPod reliability, iTunes servers, Classified Ads, Prices

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums:

Users have started to debate whether recent iPod models suffer from serious reliability problems, or whether complaints of iPod failures are too hard to swallow. Do you have an experience - positive or negative - worth sharing?

For more than a month, some forum members have been noticing apparent iTunes Store server problems - lags and timeouts when searching for content. One user says that the Store times out every time he tries to search for an artist or album that isn’t available. Have you noticed any hiccups? Add your thoughts to the thread.

If you’ve been looking to buy or sell a used iPod or accessory, you’ve probably hunted through our Classifieds section. But if you haven’t visited, now might be the time: readers are looking to buy everything from working but scratched 5G iPods to second-generation iPod shuffles. Want to trade colored cases? Take a look - you might just be able to turn your old iPod gear into cash for something new.

Finally, in a discussion that’s been ongoing since 2003, readers from around the world talk about how much they’ve paid for their iPods. In the past month or so, a handful of readers from Vietnam, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. have added their prices. How much did you pay for your iPod, and where

Forums Friday: Stuck iPods, Best Cases, Future Pods, Verizon and iPhone

For this week’s peek at the iLounge Discussion Forums, we’ve picked a few topics that range from helpful to optimistic to snarky. Join these discussions (and thousands more) by checking out the links below.

Many comments were inspired by a user who said that he couldn’t get his iPod to turn off. In “For the Love of God, I Can’t Turn off my IPOD!,” reader n19htmare worked through obvious solutions before ultimately opening, photographing, and (sort of) fixing his video-screened iPod. The problem wasn’t what people were expecting. Also: can you offer tips to this iLounger whose nano appears to be frozen?

In our iPod Cases forum, readers continue to discuss and debate their favorite full-sized iPod cases and covers. Judging from the posts, readers seem to love InvisibleShields and Belkin’s recent Brushed Metal cases for iPods. What do you think?

What do you wish could be done with future iPods? That’s the question posted by one iLounge reader. Answers so far range from a miniature camera to optical audio output and user-expandable memory. We have our ideas; what are yours?

Finally, readers offer their opinions on Why Verizon passed on the iPhone, ranging from a poor business choice to a lack of ability to control the product’s interface and features. Was this a bad move or a good move in your view? .

Forums Friday: Apple TV, Rockbox, Jakpod, Music Recs

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: Thinking about buying an Apple TV or iPod-ready speakers? We’ve just expanded our In-Home Solutions forum to include everything from Apple TV to all iPod speakers and other In-Home accessories. You can take a peek at the new forum, Apple TV, Speakers & In-Home Solutions today.

Continuing a discussion started back in 2006, readers are still talking about Rockbox, an alternate firmware for the iPod and other music players that enables certain features not found in Apple’s iPod Software, including new audio formats, graphic equalizers, menu themes, fonts, and lots of games. For experienced users only - and then, ones with certain model iPods - Rockbox continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Need a way to transfer files from iPod to computer, or from iPod to iPod? One iLounge reader has posted news about his new free program - compatible even with Windows Vista - called Jakpod. Take a look at the screenshots and details in the discussion thread.

Finally, iLounge forum members have for years been exchanging music suggestions and recommendations. If you’re looking for a new band - or advice on finding a hard-to-locate song from an old favorite - check out the music forum and its recommendations sub-forum!

Forums Friday: 23rd iPod, Refurbished nanos, J&R Music World

Today’s check of the iLounge Discussion Forums uncovered lots of interesting discussions - here are a few that caught our attention:

In I Just Bought my 23rd iPod, one iLounge reader catalogs the 23 iPods he’s purchased, and amazingly, only three of them were shuffles. See the discussion that ensued, including some surprising revelations by other iLounge readers.

In addition to a discussion titled Why I Hate the Red Nano, in which one reader takes issue with the (RED) campaign’s financial performance and Apple’s involvement with that cause, another discussion (Anyone Bought the Refurb 8GB Red Nanos) considers reader experiences in buying used iPods from Apple - with positive results. Have you bought a refurbished iPod? Share your views here.

Finally, readers discuss J&R Music World, a New York City mail order retailer that has bucked the city’s par experience by offering both good customer service and fairly aggressive prices for many years. Have you shopped at J&R? Have a better recommendation for other iLoungers?

These posts - and literally over 1,000,000 more - are yours for the reading in the iLounge Forums. Take a peek today and see what you’ve been missing!

Forums Friday: Black Docks, Season Passes, HDD2

Always hopping, the iLounge Discussion Forums are full of interesting topics this Friday; here’s a sampling of what your fellow iLoungers are talking about:

Everyone knows that Apple only sells white iPod docks - but why? Black iPods - and, of course, nanos - continue to be popular. Several readers discuss black Apple Dock alternatives for the iPod.

If you’ve bought an iTunes Store Season Pass to a TV show, share your impressions in this thread. A user’s thinking of taking the plunge and buying into the iTunes video library; iLounge forum moderator Audrey offers some helpful pointers. What do you think?

Now that DLO’s much-promoted HomeDock Deluxe 2.0 has been released, readers are beginning to put their just-received units through their paces. If you still have questions after reading our just-published First Look, dive into the forum discussion.

These posts - and literally over 1,000,000 more - are yours for the reading in the iLounge Forums. Take a peek today and see what you’ve been missing!

100,000th Forum member announced, awarded special iPod

Congratulations to new iLounge Discussion Forum member Alycia Kohler from New Jersey, who officially became our 100,000th validated forum member last week! Having helped us to reach this milestone, Alycia won a custom-colored fifth-generation iPod, courtesy of iLounge. With over 100,000 members, 150,000 topics and nearly 1,000,000 posts - even more if you count those in our old forums - our Discussion Forums continue to constitute the largest independent community of iPod users and discussions anywhere on the planet.

Thanks to all of our Forum members for their continued support! If you haven’t visited or signed up yet, now’s the time.

Forums: iLounge Nike+ challenge now open

In this latest look at the iLounge Discussion Forums: a member has thrown down the virtual gauntlet to other readers of the forums to compete in a virtual race, then share their results from Apple Computer’s Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

Up to 50 members can join in and the suggested challenges are Fastest 1 Mile, Fastest 5k/ 10k, and Most Miles Over Two Weeks. Feel up to a challenge or just want to have a bit of fun with fellow iLoungers? Read the invitation here.

iLounge launches mobile version of forums

iLounge is pleased to announce today the launch of our Mobile version of the iLounge Discussion Forums. Available at the top of our existing iLounge Mobile page ( under Forums Home, you can now access the world’s largest iPod community from the road—with a superior interface that’s easier and more powerful than ever before. Designed to be compatible with PDAs and keyboard-equipped smart phones, the Mobile Forums provide Members with a powerful search tool, list of new posts, and the option to switch between stripped-down and full graphical versions of the forums. You can easily post to the forums, too.

We hope that you enjoy the new Mobile Forums. As always, your comments and suggestions are most appreciated.


iLounge debuts massive Forums upgrade

After a successful upgrade yesterday evening, iLounge’s Discussion Forums today have a new look, new topics, and new features. Faster and easier to use than ever before, the Forums now benefit from expanded search capabilities, more efficient layout, and other design tweaks.


Forums: iPod+Linux Discussion Forum launches

What’s new in the iLounge Discussion Forums? Today, after many requests from our readers, iLounge is pleased to launch a new forum for iPod users who might wish to install Linux on their iPods. The new forum, iPod+Linux Discussion Forum will give members a special area to discuss Linux on iPods, exchange tips, and seek advice for any problems they might encounter.

Forums: Holiday support group, Buying advice, DIY 5G dock, Guide to video

In this week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums: with “that time of the year” fast approaching, members have resurrected the Christmas iPod Support Group thread. Originally posted back in 2003, it seems to find its way back into favor each year. Do you need “support?”

Having trouble deciding which accessory to buy for your iPod? If you’ve read the Holiday Buyers’ Guide and reviews of accessories on the main site, but are still unsure, then put your question to the iLounge readers in one of the iLounge Accessory Discussion Forums. Hopefully we can help you decide.

Got a spare fifth generation iPod universal dock adaptor lying around, or do you just want to make your own dock? One reader set about creating a homemade dock for their 5G iPod from an old iPod carrying case box.

Need to find out how to convert video to play on your 5G iPod? If our recent Mac features weren’t enough, perhaps the “GUIDES TO: Converting Video for iPod - Mac & Windows” thread in the Discussion Forum for “Filling Your iPod - TV & Videos” will help.

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