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Forums: Video FFWD bug, Compatible Gear, Linux - Final Call, iLounge Frappr

This weeks look into the iLounge Discussion Forums: A reader has noted a possible ‘bug’ in the ability to fast forward back to a point in an iPod video - if you have noticed a similar issue, please join the discussion.

Have you wondered if the drawer full of iPod accessories you bought for your previous iPod will work with the new 5G? The answers are simple, and covered in our review, but if you want to hear more details, perhaps the “DEFINITIVE: iPod 5G Accessory Compatibility Thread” will ease you through the changes.

We recently asked iLoungers to indicate if they wanted a Linux iPod forum to be established. While the response this time round has definately been up on the last one we still want to hear from you if you haven’t already added your opinion. Please respond ASAP.

We know what you look like and now we want to know where you live - iLounge has created a Friend Mapper or Frappr, so join, post a shout-out and upload a photo or graphic of your choice for a chance to win an iPod accessory grab bag… iPod cases and goodies for your iPod model.

Forums: TV & Video Forum, iPod box, Music, Eminem Ad

In this week’s dip into the iLounge Discussion Forums: now that Apple have added video playback to the newest member of the iPod family, you’ll want somewhere to discuss it. So why not pay a visit to the latest addition to the iLounge forums: the TV & Videos Forum. We’re certain that as more readers receive their 5G iPods there’ll be plenty of discussion here.

With the arrival of the new 5G iPod we have completely waved goodbye to the iPod “box” - the origami-like experience of unfolding the “box” is something that new iPod users will miss. Some readers are discussing its passing in “R.I.P. iPod Box….” Will you miss its cubic charm?

Many readers will still feel that the iPod is first and foremost a music player, and will perhaps have no interest in the video playback ability of the 5G. If you are one of these users, then visit the Music Recommendation forum for some new sounds, as suggested by other iLounge readers.

First it was there, then it was gone. But now it is back again - the Eminem Ad has returned. Some readers discuss the merits of choosing Eminem to star in the 5G ad campaign. How do you feel? Should Apple have retained the anonymous dancing silhouettes or is it time to move on?

Forums: More new forums, New iPod, RIP iT5, Linux Forum?

In this week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums: a new set of forums have been launched for the new iPod 5G (video). We have opened a General Discussion forum, which is already seeing a lot of activity, a forum for Problems & Solutions, which we hope will see little activity, and we’re sure the Cases forum for the new iPod will see plenty of posts.

Members share their views of the “new iPod,” “video iPod,” or “5G iPod” in “The Official “New iPod” Discussion Thread”. Love it and want one? Or are you ambivalent about the newest Apple iPod? Share your views.

With the release of iTunes 6 during the “One More Thing” event, iTunes 5 is relegated to the history books as the shortest-lived version of iTunes. Join other members mourning its passing and reminiscing its brief time installed on their computers…

We have had a request from a member to establish a forum to cater for Linux iPod users within the iLounge community. At present there seems to be little in the way of a large enough response from the Linux iPod users to warrant a dedicated forum. Are you a Linux iPodder and would a Linux forum be of use? If so, please comment in the thread.

Forums: Brassonano, Red iPods, mini forums, IRC Chat

In our look back at this week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: Although a tutorial was posted recently on the web regarding using Brasso to remove scratches from iPod nanos, it is not a new discovery. Nearly three years ago, Brasso was suggested as a suitable polish for iPods. But be warned - if you work the surface too hard you could end up with this problem...

In the Hacks & Mods forum, members continue to display their iPod painting skills. One has painted his 4G iPod blood red, and not content with that mod, he has also changed the display. Another member has painted the front AND back of his 4G iPod.

The iPod mini may have been relegated to the history books - for now - but it is still a popular model and it is still supported on iLounge, with forums for General Discussion and also Problems & Solutions. And if you feel the “tough kid” on the Apple block needs protecting, there is always the iPod mini Cases forum.

Finally, we have re-established a channel on IRC for those iLounge members who wish to chat with other members. If you’re an experienced IRC chatter the server is: and the channel: #ilounge - availability permitting, we hope to have a member of Team iLounge available as often as possible. More info can be found here.

Forums: Nano film, 1000 CDs, Inverted display, Sig Results

This week in our look at the iLounge Discussion Forums: iPod nano scratching has prompted the question, “what is the best sticker film for nano?” Do you have a preference for protecting your nano until more cases appear?

We all know the tag line, “1000 songs in your pocket,” but one member asks “for those of you who have 1000+ CDs, what do you do with them all?” Do you relegate your CDs to the basement or keep them on display?

After several months of wanting to change his iPod display to match his car stereo display, one member has succeeded in ‘inverting” the display on his third gen 20GB iPod. A cool blue?

And finally, in the Final Round of the Signature of the Year 2005 contest in The Lounge area of the forums, iLounger Jeff (jwc110869) has managed to retain his title for a second year! See the signature that earned him his title, and start honing your sig for the next contest!

Forums: nano Case Concepts, iPod uses, Pamper nano, Deleting Podcasts

In this week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums: iLounge member mcdj continues to impress fellow iLoungers with his conceptual art for iPod nano cases. So far he has presented The nanoPipes, The nanotes, The Nanoroll, The nanoPipe - Drivers Edition and The nanoHatch. Keep your eyes peeled for his next idea.

Found a non-obvious use for your iPod? Some suggestions are shared here by readers - “Non-Obvious Things You Can Do With Your IPod”. Do you have anything to add to the list?

One thing which everyone seems to be reporting is the susceptibility of the iPod nano to scratching - this is not a new problem as search of our “old forums” produced what may have been the very first reports of iPods scratching - back in November, 2001. This current thread shows how members are constantly searching for ways to remove the marks of everyday wear and tear.

And finally this week: do you have an iPod full of Podcasts and wonder how to delete them? This tip from a member may answer your question.

Forums: Spousal suspicion, nano Euro capped?, Black or White, iTunes 5 for Windows, cracked nanos

In the latest dip into the iLounge Discussion Forums: with the iPod nano screaming “Buy Me” and invoking impulse purchases, one reader shares his attempts to hide his latest iPod addition from his suspicious wife. Have you succumbed to the urge?

A reader asks the question “Are nanos available in Europe subject to the EU Volume Cap?” Initial replies suggest not, and one member even states his nano arrived with a sticker stating in French “...that prolonged use at high volumes may damage the user’s hearing.”

In a poll started by one member the votes are pretty even in “Which color for nano? What’s your choice?” Do you think that the classic white rules or that black is the new white?

With the news that Apple is to address iTunes 5 problems with an update, make sure you check out the forums for posts on this issue, in the iTunes for Windows Discussion forum and also in the Windows iPod Problems Discussion forum.

Some readers are reporting that their iPod nanos have suffered cracked displays after being carried in their pockets - have you had a similar problem?

Forums: New Forums, nano views, pico?, iTie

In this week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums: with the release of the iPod nano, new forums have been created to cater for the latest member of the iPod family. We have added a iPod nano General Discussion Forum as well as a forum for Problems & Solutions. There’s also a sub-forum for the surely imminent range of iPod nano Cases.

Like the iPod nano? Dislike it? Disappointed or overjoyed? Share your nano views with other iLoungers in the “The Official New iPod nano Thread ..... What do you think?!” thread.

And just as the iPod nano hits the shelves, one member posts what he believes is the next in the iPod line - drumroll please - the iPod pico!

And one member has posted what must the ultimate iPod accessory for the school or office - a hole new dimension in ties - The iTie…...

Forums: iTunes Phone forum, Podcast guide, In Car iPod

In the iLounge Discussion Forums this week: with the announcement by Apple and Motorola of upcoming ‘events,’ make sure you keep up with the forum discussion on the iTunes phones.

Still wondering what to make of this whole ‘podcasting’ thing? Understanding the Podcasting Revolution & Bookmarking might clear things up for you….

With the publication of the comprehensive iLounge Fall 2005 FM Transmitter Shootout, some other options for FM transmitters may be found in the In Car Solutions forum. If, after reading the “Shootout,” you still feel that you want another option, see what methods other iLoungers have employed integrating their iPods into their cars.

Forums: More Brushed iPods, Forum Fun, iPoding Bikers, Hidden Songs

In the iLounge Discussion Forums this week: Members continue to show off iPod customizations achieved by brushing the backs with various designs.

In a repeat of the unofficial forum signature contest of last year entries are being accepted for the 2005 contest. Before you go looking for prizes, this is purely for fun - don’t get too excited…

Are you a motorcyclist who uses your iPod on the road? One member is looking for a way to go wireless - any suggestions?

Ever get to the end of the last song on a CD and wonder why there are still several minutes left to run to the end of the track? You may have found a hidden song - read what others have found…

Forums: Decade Songs, Earphones Poll, Oldest Song, iPod Lock-in

In this week’s dip into the iLounge Discussion Forums: a reader asks for others to share songs that summed up the decade of their choice. Do you have any favorite songs?

Wonder what earphones other iLounge members use? In this poll thread, now up to 22 pages, you can find out.

Having discovered the oldest song in his iTunes Library, iLounge Admin MikeM asks if anyone can beat October 4th, 2002 at 12:38 as the oldest date?

The use of his iPod during a High School Lock-In is shared by one reader, who then discusses how he was allowed to DJ for his fellow students. Do you have a similar story?

Forums: EQ settings, Display hack, Older iPodders, Intro thread

In this week’s dip into the iLounge Discussion Forums: although many iPod users prefer not to use the iPod’s equalizers, one reader has asked, “What Are Your Favorite EQ Settings?” Are you an EQ on or an EQ off kind of iPodder?

Some iPod owners have decided to ‘hack’ their iPods in order to change the “Do not disconnect” message - see what others have used to replace the default message. (Be careful: some customization may invalidate your warranty.)

One reader says that his sister believes he is too old to own an iPod at 47 - do you think the iPod crosses the generation gap, or is it a music device for younger audiences only? (If so, are the rest of us doomed to using cassette Walkmen forever?)

Along the lines of our long-running “Show us what you look like” thread: check out The Definitive “Introducing Myself” Thread. New to the forums? Then introduce yourself here!

Forums: Bigger iPod mini?, iPod Lullaby, Bedtime Tunes, Podjacking

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: the possibility of a 8 or even 10GB iPod mini is raised. Would you be tempted by the smaller form factor of the iPod mini to avoid a full-sized iPod?

A few readers are using iPods to fall asleep. While going to sleep while wearing earphones should be avoided, what other ways do you use the iPod to help you drift off?

In a related topic, there’s a discussion on Music To Sleep To. Have you compiled a definitive playlist to ‘rock’ you to sleep?

The subject of “Jack Sharing” (or Podjacking) was mentioned recently in a popular U.K. Mac magazine, a topic originally raised by a Lounger in the forums nearly 2½ years ago. Have you had any experience of a stranger asking to plug into your iPod? Or do you think it’s just an urban myth?

Forums: iPod disguise, Musical Hallucinations, Anti-Video, Musical Nations

In this week’s dip into the iLounge Discussion Forums, one iPod owner reveals an interesting method to protect your possession from covetous eyes in the “CD Player…or is it?” thread in the Hacks and Mods Forum.

The claim that iPod users are experiencing what a UK psychiatrist calls “musical hallucinations” is now being discussed in the forums. If you can’t get a song out of your head, perhaps this explains why…

In the Future iPods Forum, one reader asks why there is such hostility towards the possibilty of a video iPod. Are you pro- or anti-video on the iPod?

One reader has posted a novel poll: “Which is your favorite country for music?” Do you have a favorite artist from a particular country? Share your views on which nation has produced the most memorable sounds.

Forums: $0.79 shuffle mod, Snapple iPod, iPod video Views, iPod age limit

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: if the thought of spending more money on accessories for your shuffle makes you flinch, a $0.79 hook shuffle mod by one forum member may be just the answer.

In another mod, one member has hacked his 30GB iPod photo to replace icons with a Snapple bottle. A refreshing change?

Following the Wall Street Journal’s report that a video iPod could be around the corner, the discussion about video on iPods has been raised in the forums. What are your thoughts on the next big potential iPod release?

One reader has asked, “should there be an age limit on iPods?” and raised a poll on whether children under 10 years should be given iPods. What do you think?

Forums: Forum reshuffling, Gadget habit, Deleting Podcasts

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: with increased interest in Podcasts, our existing Podcast & Podcasting forum has now been promoted from a subforum to the main Forums page. Make sure to check it out!

We’ve also rearranged our iPod forums. Our old iPod photo forum has been converted to iPod (Color/Photo) to cover the updated iPod range, while all black and white (monochrome) iPod discussion can now be found in the renamed iPod (Black & White) forum. A similar reshuffle has taken place in the Problems & Solutions Discussion Forums.

Got a gadget habit? In a similar vein to the popular Workspace and Desktop threads, a member has asked for other Loungers to post their favorite gadgets. Share your obsession…

Finally, the question of how to delete Podcasts from your iPod after you have listened to them has been raised in the Podcasts Discussion forum.

Forums: Total Songs, Smart Playlist bug, Anti-Podcast, Woody iPod

In this week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums, one reader asks: how many songs do you have? In hours? Days? Weeks? - over 38% of those voting have 2600 or more…

A bug has been noted in the latest iPod Updater 2005-06-26: readers are finding that their Smart Playlists are no longer updating on the iPod. Join the discussion on this topic…

With the upsurge in podcasting and the latest iTunes 4.9 support for podcasts, one reader’s experiences so far have yet to convince him of the appeal of this latest broadcasting phenomenon... What do you think?

And finally, as previously reported in the iLounge news, a natural look iPod has been produced in an amazing mod by a reader who removed the complete front of his fourth generation iPod and produced a wood replacement, complete with a working wooden clickwheel. Read his detailed description of the mod and view the whole process in the Hacks and Mods Forum.

Forums: iTunes 4.9, iPod reshuffle, 5G’s unwanted, Audiophile?

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: now that Apple has upgraded iTunes to 4.9, share your thoughts and experiences with other readers in the iTunes for Mac Forum and iTunes For Windows Forum.

With the news that the iPod lineup has been streamlined, there are many opinions on the wisdom and benefits of this move. You can register your feelings here.

While everyone is stating what they would like to see on the next generation iPod, one reader has asked a good question: “What Would You NOT Like To See on the 5G iPod?” Want Apple to keep the iPod ‘simple’? Speak up!

What is an audiophile? In this post one reader asks this very question, and will hopefully have his answer!

Forums: Copy protected CDs, iPod mini in-car, headphone stash, iPod scars

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: now that Sony BMG and EMI are offering iPod incompatible audio CDs, we check into a long-running discussion on copy protected CDs in the Music Forums.

In the In-Car Solutions Forum one reader’s solution for a neat installation of an iPod mini in a Ford Explorer Sport has been resurrected from the depths.

The ability of iPod users to collect boxes full of ‘phones is raised in this thread asking for readers to list their “headphone stashes.” Are your shelves groaning under the weight of Shures, Sennheisers, Sonys, et al.?

How do you treat your iPod? Do you protect it at all costs or believe it should wear its scars proudly? Find out how others look after their iPods… or not, as the case may be!

Forums: Sound distortion, Summertime, iTunes tidiness, perfect earphones

Some points of interest this week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: The iPod photo ‘sound distortion issue’ reported by some members - are you having the problem described?

With a school break looming for many readers, thoughts are turning to summer trips. Do you have anything exciting lined up? Don’t forget to take your iPod!

Are you a neat person? Does “a place for everything and everything in its place” hold true for you, even when you’re organizing your music library? Other readers exchange their stories of iTunes tidiness (iTidiness?), or lack of it, in this thread....

The quest for the perfect earphone and iPod combination goes on as a member posts his impression of Shure’s E3c ‘phones. Have you found your perfect match yet? The Ear/Headphones Forum might be a good place to start, alongside the official iLounge Reviews section.

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