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iOS 6 Maps to boast Yelp check-in integration

Apple’s Maps application in iOS 6 will offer users the ability to check-in to Yelp directly from the app, according to a new report. Citing materials Apple distributed to software developers, Bloomberg reports that the integration—which will let users communicate with Yelp without exiting the map—may help Yelp challenge competing check-in services from Foursquare and Facebook. Apple already has a relationship with Yelp through Siri, and has also integrated the service’s reviews and photos into the iOS 6 Maps application.

Reading Rainbow launches official iPad app

Reading Rainbow has released an official iPad application based on the popular and long-running children’s television series. Hosted by LeVar Burton, the Reading Rainbow library provides users with access to a trusted library of books that can be customized to the child’s interests. Children can also take exciting virtual video field trips to themed islands where they can discover new fiction and non-fiction books that include audio storytelling by celebrity actors and light animations and activities to enhance the story.

Reading Rainbow provides access to over 150 interactive books and 16 video field trips and promises frequent updates to expand the available content further. Reading recommendations can be customized to the child and an integrated reward program helps to motivate reading; parents can also access a dashboard to share their child’s reading progress. The Reading Rainbow app is a free download and users can select a single book and view introductory videos for free; a recurring in-app subscription of $10/month or $30 for 6 months provides unlimited access to the library and can be used on multiple iPads that share the same iTunes Store account. Reading Rainbow requires an iPad running iOS 5.0 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download.

GoodReader adds YouTube video downloading

Good.iWare has released an update to GoodReader for iPad adding the ability to save HTML5 video from Safari along with several improvements for PDF handling and remote server connections. GoodReader for iPad 3.15 now allows users to create a special bookmarklet in Safari that can be used to download and save HTML5 video from web sites such as YouTube; videos can then be stored in GoodReader for offline viewing or uploaded to a computer or online file sharing service in the same manner as any other file. PDF improvements include an eraser tool for freehand PDF drawing annotations, the ability to e-mail a PDF Annotations Summary and support for links with custom URL schemes for launching other iOS apps from within a PDF document.

Users can also now setup one-way download-only Auto Sync to allow local files to be overwritten with remote files even if they have been edited on the local device and a new “Upload” button provides a quick shortcut for uploading files and folders to remove servers. Dropbox links can also now be created for any file or folder from directly within the app, allowing users to send out the link for sharing files with other users via Dropbox. Several issues have also been addressed with AFP servers and video files losing their playback position on iOS 5.1. GoodReader for iPad 3.15 is available from the App Store for $5.

Cyan Worlds releases realMyst for iPad

Cyan Worlds has released realMyst for the iPad, an iOS version of the 2000 remake of the classic video game Myst. As with the original remake, realMyst for the iPad provides a realtime 3D environment in which users can freely move rather than being restricted to pre-rendered stills, with higher resolution graphics and controls optimized for the touchscreen display. realMyst provides the full gameplay and interaction of the original classic with all of the original Myst Ages plus the bonus Rime Age along with Interaction Guides to get users started and an integrated Hint Guide. Dynamic environments provide effects such as rippling water, falling rain and waving trees accompanied by dynamic 3D sounds and the haunting Myst music score; Full Retina Display support is also provided for the third-generation iPad. realMyst requires an iPad 2 or third-generation iPad using iOS 3.2 or later and is available from the App Store for an introductory price of $7.

FileMaker releases Bento 4 for IPad

FileMaker has released a major new version of its Bento personal database application for the iPad, adding new design tools that allow users to effectively use the iPad version as a standalone app. A complete reinvention of the original Bento iPad app, the new version allows users to build their own database solutions right on the iPad for organizing contacts, tracking projects, planning events, managing lists and much more, all using powerful and intuitive drag and drop design tools. Users can choose from 25 included database templates or link directly to the Bento Template Exchange to access hundreds of free templates to get up and running quickly or simply start from a blank slate and build their own solution; the new design tools allow users to quickly and easily customize templates and create forms with 40 Retina Display ready themes that can also be used to add coordinated backgrounds, fonts, and shading.

Bento 4 for iPad also expands the data views available, allowing users to visualize their information in Table, Split and Full screen views in addition to custom form designs. Multi-field sorting and highlighted searching are also now available to make information easier to find and organize and new database fields have been added for calculations, encrypted data and GPS location. With the new design tools the iPad version of Bento can be used by itself to create database apps on the iPad; Bento for Mac users can also still continue to sync with Bento for Mac, including the ability to transfer new libraries and apps created on the device back to the desktop version. Bento 4 for iPad is a new app rather than an update, although users can optionally import and update databases from the earlier version. Bento 4 for iPad requires iOS 5.0 or later and is available from the App Store for an introductory price of $5 until July 31. Bento 4.1 for Mac is required to sync with the new Bento 4 for iPad; it is available from the Mac App Store for $30 and is a free update for existing Bento 4 for Mac users. The iPhone and original Bento for iPad apps also remain available on the App Store and provide a more limited set of features designed for viewing and updating database content on the go.

Apple airs new ‘Do It All’ iPad TV ad

Apple has started to air its latest TV advertisement for the third-generation iPad. Entitled “Do It All”, the add focuses on a number of tasks that can be completed using the device. “Send a note. Stay informed. Catch a show. Make your point,” the narrator states. “Make a memory. Make a masterpiece. Read something. Watch something. And learn something. Do it all more beautifully, with the Retina Display, on iPad.” The ad is available for viewing below in embedded form or on YouTube via the above link.

Display Recorder allows live iOS screen recording

Bugun Software has released Display Recorder, a new app designed to allow iOS device users to make live recordings of what is happening on their device’s display. To record, users simply open the app, tap the record button and then exit the app and carry on using their iOS device while the app records video in the background. Recordings are made in real-time directly to an H.264 MP4 format and include both video and audio; users can upload the resulting recordings directly to YouTube or save them to the device’s Camera Roll. The app also features adjustable video orientation and video and audio quality settings and hardware accelerated video recording; a Screen Capture recording mode is also available for capturing OpenGLES apps such as games.

Notably, Apple has not traditionally allowed third-party screen capturing applications on the App Store, effectively relegating such features to the realm of jailbroken devices. It is unclear whether this represents a change in Apple’s App Store policies or merely an application that has slipped through the review process and may soon be removed from the App Store. For now at least, Display Recorder is available from the App Store for $2. [via 9to5Mac]

Dropbox adds automatic Photo & Video Uploads

Dropbox has released an update to its universal iOS app adding support for automatically uploading photos from the iOS Camera Roll. Automatic Camera Uploading was originally introduced to the desktop and Android clients earlier this year and allows users to configure their Dropbox client to automatically upload new photos and videos from their iOS Camera Roll whenever the Dropbox app is opened. Automatically uploaded items are stored in a “Camera Uploads” folder and automatically renamed with a date and time filename. Users can choose to enable uploading of photos over a cellular data connection or restrict uploads to Wi-Fi; videos are only automatically uploaded over Wi-Fi regardless of this setting.

The new version also allows users to see all photos and videos they’ve uploaded to Dropbox in Gallery view and adds support for uploading files of any size and selecting multiple files to move or delete in a single operation. Dropbox is also continuing its offer of free bonus storage for uploading camera roll photos via the Dropbox apps; users who have not already earned this bonus storage via the desktop or Android apps can receive 500MB of space for each 500MB of photos they upload using the iOS app, up to a maximum of 3GB. Dropbox 1.5 is a universal app and is available from the App Store as a free download.

IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Slash

IK Multimedia has released AmpliTube Slash, a special edition of its popular guitar effects app for iOS devices. AmpliTube is a mobile guitar and bass effects processor that allows users to turn their iOS device into a complete guitar rig and mobile recording studio. AmpliTube Slash is a signature version developed in cooperation with the famous Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist to model his entire rig of iconic pedals and amplifiers, including two classic rock amps—the Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall AFD100, both equipped with the Slash preferred 1960 Marshall speaker cabinet. Users can chain up to six pedal effects including Slash signature Delay, Gate, Octave/Fuzz, Chorus, Booster and Wah/Distortion in a fully configurable rig allowing the users to combine pedals in a 3 to 12 effects chain with one or two simultaneous amps and cabinets plus microphones. The app also includes 30 Slash tone presets, links to Slash songs and the ability to import and play backing tracks from the iOS music library or computer. Single track recording is included in the app with the ability o export recordings via e-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or iTunes File Sharing and users can upgrade to a four-track recorder via in-app purchase.

The main AmpliTube app has also been updated with the ability to add Slash gear a la carte via in-app purchase, and new features introduced in AmpliTube Slash including a new mixer and recorder section with loop points, visual metronome and tap tempo, digital audio and MIDI support, audio copy and paste and SoundCloud and fTP export for recordings. The AmpliTube series of apps are available from the App Store in several versions: the special edition AmpliTube Slash ($10) for the iPhone and iPod touch,
AmpliTube Slash for iPad ($10) are sold separately from the original AmpliTube, which is available in either full AmpliTube for iPad ($20) and AmpliTube ($20) for iPhone and iPod touch versions or a la carte editions that allow users to start with a free app and purchase the specific cabinets, amps and effects they want individually.


Apple updates AirPort Utility, adds IPv6 support

Apple has released an update to its AirPort Utility for iOS devices adding support for the new Apple AirPort Express (Mid 2012) released yesterday. AirPort Utility allows users to manage Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Time Capsule devices from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, presented as a graphical overview of the user’s Wi-Fi network and devices. Users can display information about connected Wi-Fi devices, view and change base station and network settings, restart devices and update firmware and passwords. With the latest update users can now configure IPv6 settings on AirPort base stations as well. AirPort Utility requires iOS 5 and is available from the App Store as a free download.

Verizon shared data plans going live June 28

Verizon Wireless has announced that its new Share Everything Plans will be available on June 28. According to the company, the new plans include unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text, and a single data allowance that can be shared with up to 10 devices. In addition, the Mobile Hotspot service will be included on all devices. The plans start at 1GB/mo. for $50 and go up to 10GB/mo. for $100; each individual device incurs a fee, with smartphones costing $40 per month, cellular routers and notebooks running $20 per month, and tablets costing $10 per month.

iOS 6: New Maps with traffic & turn-by-turn navigation

During today’s WWDC 2012 Keynote, Apple took the wraps off a new Maps app and service integrated with iOS 6 and completely rebuilt by Apple from the ground up. Described as a “world-wide effort” the new Maps service includes Apple’s own local search with over 100 million business listings already included providing local business information and direct integration with third-party services such as Yelp. Maps are presented as vector graphics with a transition to a 3D representation when zooming in more closely. A fly-over is also available allowing users to view a three-dimensional satellite view presentation of buildings and landmarks.

The new Maps app also builds in turn-by-turn navigation with a visual 3D presentation and Siri integration for features such getting directions, receiving ETA updates and finding points of interest en route. Apple has also announced the integration of its own traffic service based on “anonymous, realtime” information crowd-sourced from iOS users, providing a graphic representation of busy traffic areas and integration into its new built-in turn-by-turn navigation, with real-time ETA updates and prompts for re-routing based on heavy traffic.

iOS 6: Guided Access improves app experience for children

Apple today announced that iOS 6 will include a new accessibility feature called Guided Access. This new feature is aimed at children with autism and allows a parent or other adult to select specific portions of apps—such as navigation controls—to disable, and also provides the option to enable or disable the hardware buttons, touch controls, or motion controls independently.

Apple introduces iOS 6, coming this fall

Apple today announced iOS 6, the latest version of its operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 6 will be compatible with the iPhone 3GS and later, second- and third-generation iPad, and fourth-generation iPod touch. It will contain over 200 new user features and will ship to consumers this fall; a developer preview is available today. Apple highlighted several of the new features during its WWDC Keynote Address; you can find more information on those select features by following the links below:

iOS 6: Siri comes to iPad, gains new features
iOS 6: Facebook integration coming to iOS, iTunes + App Stores
iOS 6: Enhancements to Phone, Do Not Disturb
iOS 6: FaceTime over cellular, Apple ID unification
iOS 6: Safari gains offline Reading List, image uploads
iOS 6: introduces Passbook
iOS 6: Shared Photo Streams, Mail improvements
iOS 6: Guided Access improves app experience for children
iOS 6: New Maps with traffic & turn-by-turn navigation

iOS 6: Shared Photo Streams, Mail improvements

Among the new features of iOS 6 announced by Apple today are enhancements to its Photo Stream service and Mail app. The Shared Photo Streams feature will allow iCloud users to select photos and friends with whom they’d like to share the photos. Those friends will receive a notification alerting them to the stream, and those photos will appear in an album on their device, with the ability for friends to comment on photos. In Mail, users will be able to select certain users to designate as VIPs, which will elevate their alert status and cause the app to file all emails from that person in a dedicated mailbox, which will sit alongside a new Flagged mailbox. The new version of Mail will also allow users to insert photos and videos right from the compose window, open password-protected documents, and pull to refresh their messages.

iOS 6 introduces Passbook

During its presentation on iOS 6 today, Apple unveiled Passbook, a new integrated app designed to serve as a digital storage for information such as boarding passes, tickets and store cards. Initially integrated with companies such as United Airlines, Amtrack, Starbucks and Fandango, Passbook allows users to store digital copies of items for quick and easy retrieval on demand or based on geo-location; for example users can have the app automatically pull up their Starbucks card directly on the lock screen when near their favourite Starbucks location. Information such as boarding passes can also be updated as departure times and gate changes occur and push notifications provide users with near real-time updates as updates are received.

iOS 6: Safari gains offline Reading List, image uploads

Apart from the already revealed iCloud Tabs feature, Apple has announced that Safari in iOS 6 will receive a number of other enhancements. The Reading List feature, introduced in iOS 5, will gain a new offline mode so users can read when away from an Internet connection, and the updated app will allow for image uploads directly from the browser. Apple is also adding fullscreen support in landscape, and a new feature called Smart app banners that will let services sync between web activity and app activity, and will allow users to easily jump into or download the app.

iOS 6: FaceTime over cellular, Apple ID unification

As part of its unveiling of iOS 6, Apple has announced that the new OS will support FaceTime calls over cellular connections. As part of this feature rollout, the company will also be unifying users’ phone number and Apple ID, so that if a FaceTime call comes to a phone number, that user could answer the call on a Mac or iPad. This same unification will be used for iMessage, hopefully allowing for more streamlined interoperability between various iOS devices and Macs.

iOS 6: Enhancements to Phone, Do Not Disturb

As part of iOS 6, Apple will be rolling out several enhancements to the iPhone’s Phone application and offering a new notification setting called Do Not Disturb, The Phone application will now offer users the option of replying with a message or reminding them later should they choose not to answer a call. Both features have a number of built-in options, with preset text messages available for the first and reminder options based on time or location for the latter. In addition, iOS 6 will add a new feature called Do Not Disturb to the Settings app near notifications. The feature will allow users to set scheduled Do Not Disturb times, with fine-grained control over what calls should be allowed.

iOS 6: Facebook integration coming to iOS, iTunes + App Stores

Apple this morning announced that iOS 6 will offer integration with Facebook. As shown during the company’s Keynote Address, Facebook will be given its own space in the Settings app—similar to iOS’ current Twitter integration—and posting to the service will be handled in a very similar fashion. Apple will also be adding Facebook sharing options to the iTunes and App Stores, and will be integrating contacts and events into the appropriate apps on both iOS and OS X. Finally, new Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons have been added to Notification Center just below the top widgets area.

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