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Introversion releases Uplink for iPad

Introversion Software has released an iPad version of its classic hacking RPG Uplink. Originally developed for the PC platform in 2001, Uplink puts the player in the role of a freelance hacker in a futuristic world of high tech computer crime and corporate espionage. As an Uplink Agent the player makes a living performing hacking jobs for clients ranging from major corporations to shady underworld organizations, breaking into classified computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging systems and “adjusting” academic and criminal records. As players earn more income they are able to upgrade their hacking tools to tackle jobs against more sophisticated systems such as banks and government mainframes, all the while being careful to cover their tracks to avoid getting caught. In addition to standard one-off missions, a storyline also unfolds that draws players into a web of intrigue as a global conspiracy unfolds that could take down the entire Internet and plunge the world into an information dark age.

Notably, the iPad port of Uplink was actually developed by a fan of the game rather than Introversion itself. In an interview with Modojo, Introversion Software’s Mark Morris explained that while the company had worked on a mobile version of the game as far back as 2001 for the Windows CE and Palm OS platforms, the iPad version actually came into existence after the company was contacted by a fan, Andrew Carne, who had purchased the Uplink developer CD who then carried on to actually produce an almost complete port that Introversion was then simply able to polish and release. Morris went on to note in the interview that “If Andrew Carne hadn’t finished the port for us I don’t think we would have done it internally.”

Uplink requires iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store for $5. [via Touch Arcade]

WWDC banner confirms iOS 6 announcement

A photo taken during the raising of banners in preparation for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference has confirmed that the company will reveal iOS 6 at the event. 9to5Mac has posted the photo in a gallery of other shots showing the preparations; the iOS 6 logo is featured prominently, and has changed ever so slightly from the prior iOS 5 logo. Below the iOS 6 logo is the tagline “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system.” While it was widely assumed that Apple would announce the software at the event, it had yet to confirm as much, stating only that developers at the conference would “learn about the future of iOS”.

Algoriddim releases vjay for iPad

Algoriddim, developer of the popular djay DJ mixing app for iOS devices has released vjay, a new mixing and mashup app for video content on the iPad. Providing direct integration with the iPad media libraries, vjay allows users to mix and scratch both video and audio content from iTunes along with personal video footage to create their own interactive audio visual experience. Users can also record their very own clips into the mix using the iPad camera and add real-time video transitions and audio visual effects, loops and real-time VideoScratch. Users can also take advantage of a three-band equalizer, on-the-fly BPM and tempo detection with AutoSync and a split output mode for pre-cueing using headphones and an appropriate DJ mixing cable. 

Resulting mashups can be saved to the iPad video library for sharing with friends or displayed on a TV using a direct connection or wirelessly via AirPlay. iTunes Store integration allows users to easily search for and purchase music videos on the fly directly from within the app. A free bundle of content is also included in the app to help users get started including a music video from Parov Stelar, a dance video from Lil’Buck and Yak Films, a soccer video by football duo F2, a skateboarding video from Stereo Vinyl Cruisers, a snowboarding video by Isenseven, a video of parkour artist group, Parkour Paris and a collection of visual art videos by VJLoops. vjay requires an iPad 2 or third-generation iPad running iOS 5.1 or later and is available from the App Store for an introductory price of $10.

Apple hit with penalty over iPad ‘4G’ moniker

Apple has agreed to pay a AU$2.25 million (roughly $2.22 million) penalty to settle a case involving the third-generation iPad’s prior “4G” labeling. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple admitted that it may have misled consumers over the ability of the iPad to connect to fourth-generation cellular networks in Australia. Apple has also agreed to pay the court costs for the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission, which amount to AU$300,000, or roughly $296,000. Apple originally listed its cellular data-capable third-generation iPad as the “Wi-Fi + 4G” model, a name that drew the ire of regulators in a number of territories; it soon changed the name to “Wi-Fi + Cellular”.

The Omni Group launches OmniPlan for iPad

The Omni Group has released OmniPlan for iPad, the iOS adaptation of its popular Mac project management app, completing its commitment to bring its five premium Mac apps to the iOS platform. Designed to help users visualize, maintain and simplify projects, OmniPlan for iPad provides mobile access to important project management information with advanced features such as enhanced collaboration, change tracking and smart scheduling for project teams. Users can also share and synchronize entire projects over-the-air between multiple devices using a WebDAV service, allowing project teams to keep current while on the go; change tracking further allows users to easily see the latest updates at a glance.

OmniPlan for iPad also provides advanced resource management including resource splitting and hammock tasks with user-defined prerequisites along with a Smart Scheduling feature to help project managers schedule projects for both individual resources or the project as a whole, including working back from a fixed end date and both automatic and manual resource levelling. Custom filters allow users to easily focus on specific aspects of a project plan based on criteria such as resource, status, type or date range and users can also create multiple baselines for project history analysis. OmniPlan for iPad can be used as a standalone app or synchronize with OmniPlan for Mac using Omni’s Sync Server or any WebDAV server; users can also configure multiple server repositories for sharing different projects with different teams. OmniPlan for iPad requires iOS 5.0 or later and is available from the App Store for $50.

Apple quietly posts iOS Security guide

Apple has quietly posted a new iOS Security guide (PDF Link) online. Seemingly aimed at businesses and other organizations considering the adoption of iOS devices, the 20-page document addresses several broad topics related to iOS security, including system architecture, encryption and data protection, network security, and device access. For those interested, the full document is available as a free download from the link above. [via MDN]

Siri for iPad, more coming in iOS 6

Apple is preparing to bring Siri to the iPad in iOS 6, according to a new report. Citing trusted sources, 9to5Mac reports that Siri on the iPad will offer the full slate of features offered on the iPhone 4S—minus phone call dialing, obviously—and will rely on the iPad’s built-in microphone, which the report claims is fully capable of handling Siri queries accurately. The report goes on to claim that Siri’s interface on the iPad will not be full-screen, as on the iPhone 4S, but will instead slide up from below the display using a “clever” animation, and will appear to float atop the current interface. While the feature has apparently been tested on both the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad, the report suggests that it will likely be exclusive to the latter in an effort to limit the strain put on the still-in-beta feature’s servers. The report claims that it is still unclear whether the feature will be announced next week at WWDC or at an assumed fall event to announce the next-generation iPhone.

In a separate report, 9to5Mac claims that iOS 6 will also bring several small improvements over from OS X Mountain Lion, including support for syncing open Safari tabs between Macs and iOS devices using iCloud, Mail VIPs, a feature that puts a star next to emails received from a specific group of people—this list would also be synced across devices using iCloud—and a Do Not Disturb toggle for Notification Center that will disable alerts and banners while on, and will be located near the Airplane Mode toggle in Settings.

Instapaper adds location-based Background Updating

Marco Arment has released an update to Instapaper adding Background Update Locations, a new feature that allows users to configure the app to automatically download new articles when a user arrives at or leaves specific locations. Using a technique pioneered by, the new feature leverages the Region Monitoring API introduced in iOS 5 which allows third-party applications to perform tasks when users enter or leave a location. With Instapaper 4.2.2 users can add up to 10 locations and Instapaper will update automatically whenever the users arrive at or leave any of those locations. Arment notes in his blog that these locations are used only within the app itself and not shared or sent to Instapaper’s servers or any other web service. He also indicates that the use of the geofencing feature by Instapaper does not appear to have any impact on battery life on either the iPhone or iPad. Instapaper 4.2.2 is available from the App Store for $5. Background Update Locations requires an iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G or third-generation iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular.

iOS 6 to get re-written core apps, Facebook integration

iOS 6, the upcoming version of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, will offer rewritten versions of the stock applications and Facebook integration, according to a pair of new reports. Citing a source with deep connections to Apple, iDownloadBlog claims that iOS 6 will offer stock applications that feature improved capabilities and some “major surprises”, but will look nearly identical to iOS 5 when looking at the lock or Home screens. “Basically, you wont know it is iOS 6 until you launch apps”, said the source. Separately, TechCrunch reports that iOS 6 will offer Facebook integration. The report claims that the sharing options and interface will likely be very similar to the Twitter integration found in iOS 5, and that the move should allow for more seamless handling of Facebook authentication within applications. Apple is expected to introduce iOS 6 during its keynote address at WWDC on June 11.

Highlight video of Apple CEO Cook at D10 now available

AllThingsD has posted a video of some of the highlights from Apple CEO Tim Cook’s on-stage interview last evening. During the interview, Cook discussed several large topics, including Apple post-Steve Jobs, the company’s TV efforts, Siri and potential upcoming features for the virtual assistant, the company’s Chinese manufacturing partners and work conditions at those factories, the tablet market and iPad’s potential, and the company’s ongoing patent disputes with various companies. Notably, Cook dodged repeated questions related to a potential HDTV business, hinted at potential Facebook integration on iOS, and suggested that the company will unveil several new features for Siri at its WWDC conference, which begins on June 11. The video is roughly 17 minutes in length and can be seen by visiting the above link.

Purported photos of iOS 6 Maps app emerge

Photos claiming to show bits and pieces of Apple’s revamped Maps application for iOS 6 have been posted online. Citing a trusted source who supplied both information and photos, BGR reports that the app will feature a refreshed interface and a new navigation bar. The bar in the new Maps is said to be silver, instead of blue—potentially indicating a system-wide switch away from the blue-tinted navigation bars that have dominated Apple’s built-in apps since the iPhone launched in 2007—and the app is said to sport a floating locate me button in the bottom left corner. The report goes on to state that users will be able to access the new 3D mode by peeling back the lower right hand corner—similar to the current version of Maps—and that once enabled, you can toggle 3D on/off using a dedicated button that sits to the right of the location button. Judging by the photos, it appears Apple’s new mapping offering will look at least somewhat similar to the maps seen in iPhoto for iOS, which was the first Apple-built iOS app to rely on in-house mapping technology.

Prototype iPad appears on eBay, shows two Dock Connectors

An eBay listing for a prototype first-generation iPad provides further confirmation that Apple produced a prototype iPad with a second Dock Connector. Although leaks, patent drawings and casings previously revealed that Apple was considering adding a second Dock Connector, this prototype represents the first complete picture of the dual-connector design.

This design corresponds to reports iLounge published prior to the announcement of the original iPad in January 2010, noting that Apple was planning a second Dock Connector on the horizontal bottom edge, which would have enabled the device to be mounted and charged in either portrait or landscape mode. The eBay listing notes that the iPad prototype and both Dock Connectors are functional, with the exception of problems with the touch screen. The prototype is running Apple’s “Switchboard” software testing suite and is running a beta version of iOS 3.2, the iOS version that shipped with the original iPad. The device carries a standard model number of A1219 along with “many identifying numbers” disclosing specific prototype information, as well as a casing date of 2009.

Pulp adds iCloud sync, new Home Page

Acrylic Software has released an update to its Pulp newsreader for the iPad adding a new home page feature and iCloud synchronization of content between the Mac and iPad version. Pulp provides a customizable newspaper-style view of RSS feeds with articles grouped into pages designed to allow users to quickly scan through headlines, previews and photos at a glance. Users can create their own categories and pages as well as customizing the column layout and presentation of each page.

Pulp 1.5 introduces a new home page feature that analyzes a user’s existing feeds to summarize the most relevant stories on a single home page. The new version also replaces the company’s own Pulp Sync feature with iCloud sync, allowing users to more seamlessly synchronize pages, feeds and read articles between all copies of Pulp for iPad and Pulp for Mac that share the same iCloud account. A number of other user interface tweaks and improvements and performance optimizations have also been added along with support for the third-generation iPad Retina Display. Pulp 1.5 requires iOS 5.0 or later and is currently available from the App Store for $3. Pulp for Mac ($5) has also been updated to add support for the new iCloud sync features along with improved browser integration and Safari Reading list support.

Third-gen iPad to launch in Guam, Philippines May 29

Apple will launch the third-generation iPad in Guam and the Philippines on May 29. The company’s iPad selection page for Asia shows both countries receiving the device on that date; Apple recently launched the third-generation iPad in 30 new countries on May 11 and 12. The device is currently available in roughly 90 countries around the world, and Apple has on several occasions noted that the worldwide rollout of the third-generation iPad has been the fastest ever for an Apple device. [via MacRumors]

Panic releases Diet Coda

Panic Software has released Diet Coda, an iPad adaptation of its popular web code editor and development app for Mac OS X. Designed to allow users to make quick edits and adjustments to their websites on the go, Diet Coda provides an advanced web editor with an intuitive touch interface that includes remote editing with syntax highlighting, FTP/SFTP file management and a built-in SSH terminal. A new Super-Loupe feature makes positioning the iOS cursor more seamless, particularly when working in more complex blocks of code and a contextual keyboard provides access to the appropriate special characters based on whatever the user is currently working on. Users can also store chunks of code as clips to be easily inserted in a single tap and an advanced find-and-replace feature is available including a wildcard token for easily searching out and replacing blocks of text or code. Diet Coda can also be used as a companion application for Coda 2.0 via its AirPreview feature, which allows the iPad to be used as a dedicated preview screen while developing on Coda 2 on the Mac. Diet Coda requires iOS 5.0 or later and is available from the App Store for $10 as a special 50% launch discount.

Tweetbot adds Nearby tweets, Keyword mute filters + more

Tapbots has released an update to Tweetbot adding a cornucopia of new features including support for finding tweets by geo-location, improvements to offline reading, mute filters based on keywords and several other UI enhancements. With Tweetbot 2.4 users can now easily find tweets posted near their current location or specify an alternate location to search from there; location-based keyword searches are now also supported for finding tweets based on location. The new update also allows users to mark tweets as favourites or add links to a Read Later service even when offline.

Mute filters can now be created based on keywords in addition to the previous options for people, hashtags and clients, with regular expressions also supported for creating advanced keyword patterns to mute; users can also now choose to mute mentions as well as posts in the main timeline. A number of other UI enhancements have also been made in this latest update, including an updated search view with a more efficient search box and a new browse section containing Trends, People and Top Tweets. In addition, double-tapping the search button now automatically takes the user to the keyword field for quicker entry and users can also now change their preferred location for viewing Trends. Several other minor user interface tweaks have also been made along with a number of bug fixes. Tweetbot 2.4 is available from the App Store in two separate versions for $3 each: Tweetbot for the iPhone and iPod touch and Tweetbot for iPad.

Third-gen iPad shipping times drop to 1-3 days

Apple has dropped its estimated shipping wait time for new orders of the third-generation iPad. Apple’s online store shows that the estimated shipment wait for all models—including both black and white variants of either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 4G models, across all capacities—is now 1-3 business days, down from 3-5 days. The changes appear to apply only to the U.S. and Canadian stores, as the company’s European online stores still show a wait of 7 business days; it is the second time this month that the shipping wait times for the third-generation iPad have dropped, as the wait for new orders was 5-7 business days at the end of April.

Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears update released

Epic Games and Chair Entertainment have released Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears, the latest major content update for the critically acclaimed iOS game. Available as a free update, Vault of Tears adds a large collection of new single player content as well new social features for the game’s ClashMob multiplayer update released last month.

In Vault of Tears players delve further into Siris’ mysterious past with new areas available to explore and a plethora of new enemies to encounter. A new Treasure Map feature allows players to discover hidden items and rewards as well as searching out a hidden ally. New enemies include the Mass Golem, Dark Fiend, Bog Giant, Acolyte and more along with a collection of over 50 new items to collect and master. Several new achievements have also been added along with unique gems to forge and a few other hidden surprises.

ClashMob players can also now earn extra turns and invite non-Infinity Blade players on their social networks to do in-game damage by liking the player’s battle calls on Facebook or re-tweeting them on Twitter. Players can also earn bonus plays by liking and commenting on the official Facebook post and retweeting the official tweet for the active ClashMob challenge. Infinity Blade II is currently available from the App Store for $3 for a limited time.

Photosmith 2.0 adds two-way Lightroom sync, Eye-fi support + more

C2 Enterprises has released Photosmith 2.0, a major update to its advanced photographic workflow app for iPad and Lightroom users. Redesigned from the ground up the new version boasts significant improvements in speed, flexibility and memory usage and adds a plethora of the most-requested features by users of the original version.

Photosmith 2.0 now supports wireless two-way synchronization with Adobe Lightroom via a free Lightroom plugin and can also directly receive photos wirelessly from Eye-Fi cards. Users can sort and filter photos, organize them into collections, and apply star ratings and colour labels, all of which can be synchronized with the photos in the user’s Lightroom library. Keywords and IPTC metadata can be applied to photos individually or in batches and users can define presets to quickly apply and reuse the same settings. Users can also share photos to Facebook and Flickr or send them out via e-mail and the app includes native support for Adobe Lightroom’s Export and Publish Services. RAW, JPG, RAW+JPG and DNG formats are fully supported along with advanced file formats from many popular cameras including Canon CR2, Nikon NEF, Pentax PEF, Sony ARW. Photosmith 2.0 requires an iPad running iOS 5.1 or later and is available from the App Store for $20 or as a free update for Photosmith 1.x users.

INRIX Traffic adds Personalized Traffic, Map Enhancements

INRIX has updated its traffic information and monitoring app adding new Personalize Traffic Reports designed to assist users with their daily commute. Version 4.0 adds a new “Places” page that allows users to quickly see at a glance the fastest route between two locations, the exact estimated arrival time of the two top routes and the optimal time to leave. Users can now also specify their home and work locations in the free version to help track their normal daily commute; an in-app Premium upgrade allows additional locations to be added as well as unlimited viewing of traffic cameras. The map view has also been enhanced with new icons and an optimized layout to provide a more intuitive view of en route traffic, with colours depicting traffic flow and icons used to identify specific events impacting traffic that users can tap on for additional details; the map view also now automatically adjusts to the user’s route at regular intervals to help reduce the need to zoom in and out. In addition, users can now quickly share their estimated arrival time via text message or e-mail. INRIX Traffic is a universal app and is available from the App Store as a free download.

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