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Apple axes iPhone Bluetooth Headset

According to Apple’s online store, the company has discontinued its iPhone Bluetooth Headset. Announced alongside the original iPhone and released shortly after the first-generation handset, the iPhone Bluetooth Headset originally came in a large box, along with a charging cable and Dual Dock for $129; later versions of the headset came in smaller, more iPod-like clear packaging without the Dock for the reduced price of $99. It is unclear why Apple chose to discontinue the product or if it has a replacement model in development. [via Apple Insider]

Update: SetteB.IT is reporting (Translated Link) that the headset is still listed as available in both Italy and France.

Hama shows two gaming pads for iPod, iPhone

European accessory company Hama is showing two different gaming pads for the iPhone and iPod touch at the CeBIT, videos of which have been posted online. The first model is an oversized, steering wheel-shaped pad, while the second is a more compact, case-like pad. Pricing and release information are currently unavailable; continue reading for embedded videos of the products.

Logic3 intros ProDock for iPod, iPhone

Logic3 has introduced its new ProDock for the iPod and iPhone. The new docking station features component and composite video outputs and RCA audio outputs for connection to a TV or sound system, an included full function remote control, and a mini USB port for syncing. It will also include an AC adapter for charging the connected iPod or iPhone. Logic3’s ProDock is available now and sells for $75.

Miniot debuts iWood cobra for iPhone 3G

Miniot has introduced the iWood cobra for iPhone 3G. Made from two pieces of selected wood, the iWood cobra features dual racing-style stripes running down the center of the case, with the stripes made from maple, and the rest of the body made from either padouk or wenge woods. Other features include open access to all ports and controls, a dock-friendly slide-together design, and the case can be personalized with a custom engraved monogram, message, or logo. Miniot’s iWood cobra for iPhone 3G is available now and sells in padouk/maple for €120, or roughly $152, while the wenge/maple version sells for €140, or roughly $178.

Mophie unveils Juice Pack Air for iPhone 3G

Mophie has introduced its Juice Pack Air, a thinner, more case-like version of its Juice Pack external battery pack for the iPhone 3G. The Juice Pack Air features a rechargeable 1200mAh lithium polymer battery integrated in a hard-shell case. The Air will also feature pass-through USB charging and syncing, an on/off switch, a 4 LED charge status indicator, and a slide-together design. Premiering in black, white, or purple, the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 3G is available for pre-order now at a price of $80, and will ship this spring.

SmHeart Link provides iPhone, exercise equipment interaction

iTMP Technology has introduced the SmHeart Link, a new product that serves as a wireless bridge between exercise equipment sensors and the iPhone or iPod touch. The SmHeart Link collects data from distributed health and fitness sensors such as heart rate monitors and cycling sensors and sends it to the iPhone via Wi-Fi. According to the company, the device is compatible with heart monitor chest straps from companies such as Polar, Garmin, Nike, Reebok, Timex Ironman, New Balance and Numetrex, and is also compatible with biking sensors to track speed, cadence and power. The SmHeart Link pairs with several iPhone apps released by iTMP, including iRPM+, a bike computer and heart monitor application, iSPINNING, a cardio fitness and cycling application designed for Spinner bike enthusiasts, and iNewLeaf, which is also a cardio fitness and cycling computer that lets users incorporate metabolic profile data from New Leaf Fitness. The iTMP SmHeart Link is available now and sells for $155.

iSkin debuts solo FX for iPhone 3G

iSkin has introduced the solo FX, its latest protective case for the iPhone 3G. Like the previously-released solo for iPhone 3G, the solo FX is a form-fitting case, featuring integrated volume and power button protection, an embossed design pattern for added visual interest, unobstructed access to all ports and controls, and a high-gloss finish with a non-slip grip surface. In addition, the case includes a mirror-finish screen film protector. The solo FX for iPhone 3G is available now in translucent blue, red, green, and orange, and sells for $33.

SolLight intros SoliCharger Solar-powered iPhone charger

SolLight has introduced its new SoliCharger, a new solar-powered charger the the iPhone and some iPods. The bottom-connecting lithium-ion battery pack features a solar panel on one side for charging, but can also be charged via a standard iPhone USB cable or 12V iPod/iPhone car charger, providing up to a 50% charge for the iPhone. It also features a pass-through 30-pin port, LED charging status lights, and the ability to charge some other iPod models—due to the design, some wider iPods will not fit in the device. The SolLight SoliCharger is available now and sells for $40.

Incipio LAB cases launch for iPhone 3G

Initially shown during Macworld Expo, Incipio’s LAB series cases for the iPhone 3G are now available. A 2009 Best of Show Award Finalist, the LAB series is a line of four differently-designed cases, which began as an interdisciplinary art experiment, with the designs originating on paper before making their way onto the backs of the cases in the form of molded, highly distinctive rubber. Each case offers button covers for the sleep/wake and volume buttons, open access to the headphone jack, Dock Connector, camera, and ring/silent switch, and full access to the iPhone’s face, including the screen and Home button. Available in metallic (Eagle), Tribal, Superhero, and Camelot designs, Incipio’s LAB series cases for the iPhone 3G are available now and sell for $20 each.

PhoneSuit unveils Mili Power Pack for iPhone [updated]

PhoneSuit has introduced its new Mili Power Pack for iPhone. The Mili, like the Mophie Juice Pack, slides onto the phone from the bottom, leaving the top and front exposed while covering most of the device’s back side. Compatible with both the iPhone and iPhone 3G, the Mili features an 1800 mAh battery, along with a mini-UB port for recharging and a full-size USB port for charging other accessories. The company claims the battery provides 350 hours of standby time, 6 hours of talk time or Internet use over 3G, 12 hours of talk time on EDGE, and 7 hours of Internet use over Wi-Fi, as well as 28 hours of audio playback or 8 hours of video playback. The PhoneSuit Mili Power Pack for iPhone will be available in six colors for $80; ordering will begin January 23.

Updated Feb. 19, 2009 PhoneSuit has announced that all Mili Power Pack units purchased from Feb. 19 forward will include a higher-capacity, 2000 mAh battery. The price for the Mili will remain $80, and the product’s packaging will be updated to reflect the change.

Ten One Design intros SoundClip for iPhone 3G

Ten One Design has introduced the SoundClip, a new passive sound enhancer for the iPhone 3G. Made from a single piece of plastic, the SoundClip attaches to the Dock Connector, and is designed to direct sound from the iPhone’s built-in speaker towards the user. In addition to serving as a port protector, the device also prevents a user’s hand from inadvertently covering the speaker during activities such as gaming, and attaches to the iPhone’s sync cable when not in use. According to the company, SoundClip amplifies iPhone audio by 10dB between 5kH and 20kHz, and improves frequency response, as well. Ten One Design’s SoundClip for iPhone 3G is available now and sells for $8.

iLive rolls out iPod, iPhone sound systems

iLive has introduced several new sound systems for the iPod and iPhone. The iS809B and iS819B are wireless speaker systems for iPod. Both units’ speakers operate over the 2.4 GHz frequency, with RF remotes for control flexibility, and the ability to operate on either AC or battery power. The main control units feature an integrated iPod dock, clock, line input, and in the iS819B, an AM/FM radio. The iLive iS809B and iS819B wireless speaker systems for iPod will sell for $130 and $150, respectively.

The company’s new “Works with iPhone” certified offerings include the iSP209B, a small portable speaker unit, the iSP389B, a combined tabletop clock and speaker, and the iSP809B, a HD radio and speaker system with iTunes tagging. All three of the systems offer alarm clocks and included remote controls; the iSP209B is programmable to wake to the iPod, while the iSP809B has dual alarms. iLive’s iSP209B, iSP389B, and iSP809B iPhone-compatible systems will sell for $80, $100, and $150, respectively. Finally, the iCP689B is a new clock radio for iPod, offering IntelliSet automatic time setting, an AM/FM radio with 20 station presets, dual alarms, and an included remote control. It will sell for $100; all of iLive’s new speaker systems are expected to ship this spring.

iVoice intros Diamond-X Dual Mic Bluetooth Headset

iVoice has introduced its Diamond-X Dual Mic Bluetooth Headset, described by the company as the world’s first Bluetooth headset to report the name of the caller from the user’s phonebook. In addition to the name reporting, it features automatic volume control depending on environmental conditions, up to 5.5 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time, dual microphones for noise cancellation, an in-ear design with three sizes of rubber ear gels, and an included mini-USB power adapter, car charger, and wall charger. It will be available later this month and is priced at $100.

SwitchEasy rolls out RebelSerpent for iPhone 3G

SwitchEasy has introduced the RebelSerpent, its latest case for the iPhone 3G. Based on the company’s well-received CapsuleRebel case, the RebelSerpent is a hybrid case featuring a inner layer made of Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer (ADSP) and a Lexan polycarbonate “UltraFrame”  that attaches to the outside of the ADSP shell. Unlike the CapsuleRebel’s shell, which features a smooth surface, the RebelSerpent’s offers a faceted, diamond-shaped texture for added grip. It also features tactile covers for the device’s buttons, and comes with two anti-static screen guards, a microfiber cleaning wipe, a Universal Dock Adapter, a video dock stand, and a Dock Connector protector. The SwitchEasy RebelSerpent for iPhone 3G is available now and sells for $27.

Helium Digital intros Gel-Shellz for iPhone 3G

Helium Digital has introduced its Gel-Shellz cases for the iPhone 3G. The Gel-Shellz are made from premium silicone, and feature a grooved design for added grip, integrated covers for the Dock Connector and headphone jack, open access to all other ports and controls, and translucent covers for the front sensors and Apple logo. Helium Digital’s Gel-Shellz for iPhone 3G will be available in January in a variety of two-tone color schemes and will sell for $25CAD, or roughly $20.

Mophie unveils cases for iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G

Mophie/mStation has introduced two new cases for the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod touch, along with a new case for the fourth-generation iPod nano. The Hardcase and Hardcase Plus for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G are both made from high-quality clear polycarbonate and feature a two-piece snap together design as well as open access to all ports and controls. While the Hardcase offers open access to either devices’ screen, the Hardcase Plus features a built-in, touch-through hard plastic screen guard. The Mophie’s Hardcases for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G sell for $25 each, while the Hardcase Plus models sell for $30 each. The company’s Hardcase for iPod nano 4G is also made from high quality clear polycarbonate, and offers a built-in screen protector, a snap together design, and open access to all ports and controls. It sells for $20. Finally, Mophie is now offering Screen Shields for both the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G. These washable, removable, and reusable guards offer both anti-glare and UV protection, include a cleaning cloth, and sell for $12 each.

Solar Arcadia offers solar iPhone chargers

Solar Arcadia is now offering several styles of solar-powered, charging-capable cases for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Both the SideFlip and Leather Flip cases features solar panels that charge a 3.7V 1500 mAh lithium polymer battery with LED status indicators and a reverse current protection circuit to prevent batteries form being discharged. The cases are made from ABS sheepskin, offer open access to the sleep/wake and volume buttons as well as the ring/silent switch, and feature built-in screen protectors as well as either vertically- (Leather Flip) or horizontally-opening (SideFlip) front flip covers which also hold the solar panels. Available in red, white, or black, Solar Arcadia’s SideFlip Solar iPhone cases sell for $40-$46, while the Leather Flip, available in black only, sells for $46.

Ultimate Ears releases 10vi Earphones

Ultimate Ears has introduced its new 10vi Earphones. Designed for use with the iPhone and other smartphones, the triple-driver earphones feature an in-line microphone and remote button for answering calls and controlling audio playback. According to Ultimate Ears, the 10vi also feature the same sonic signature as the company’s custom personal monitors. Included with the earphones are a 1/4” adapter jack, a hard shell carrying case, a cleaning tool, a 26” extender cable, a sound level attenuator, and a kit containing an assortment of eartips to ensure a proper fit and seal. The Ultimate Ears 10vi Earphones are available now and sell for $420.

Tekkeon myPower protects, charges iPhone 3G

Tekkeon has introduced its new myPower combination case and battery for the iPhone 3G. Designed as an open faced leather case, the myPower offers open access to the headphone jack, Home, sleep/wake, and volume buttons, ring/silent switch, and screen. In addition to a snap closure and an included screen protector, the case features an integrated, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, with a capacity level indicator and mini-USB port for charging the battery that doubles as a charging/sync port for the iPhone. The Tekkeon myPower for iPhone is Works With iPhone certified, and is available for pre-order now for $70. It is expected to begin shipping on December 15.

Speck debuts QwickDraw holster for iPhone, iPhone 3G

Speck Products has introduced its new QwickDraw case for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. The new holster-style case features Speck’s spring-loaded Qwick Latch technology that keeps the phone securely locked in the case, yet allows for fast, easy removal. Other features include soft interior lining, a rotating belt clip, and a black, textured outer surface with stitching details. The Speck QwickDraw for iPhone and iPhone 3G is available now and is priced at $30.

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