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Marware intros Sport Grip, Sportsuit for iPhone 3G

Marware has introduced its Sport Grip and Sportsuit Convertible cases for the iPhone 3G. The Sport Grip is made from non-slip silicone, and offers direct access to the iPhone’s screen, ports, and controls. The Marware Sport Grip for iPhone 3G will also include clear protective film and a microfiber cleaning cloth, and is now available for pre-order in a variety of colors for $20. The Sportsuit Convertible is described by the company as a 3-in-1 case that can function as an armband, a clip-on case, or a protective sleeve. made from lightweight, stretchable neoprene, the case offers an integrated clear vinyl display protector, an adjustable, removable Velcro armband, a removable armband carrying pouch, a Multidapt low-profile belt clip, access to the phone’s various controls and ports, and includes clear protective film and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The Marware Sportsuit Convertible for iPhone 3G is now available for pre-order, and sells for $35. Both cases are expected to begin shipping soon.

Incase debuts cases for iPhone 3G

Incase has announced its first cases for the iPhone 3G. The Leather Folio for iPhone 3G is made from genuine Nappa leather and ballistic nylon, and features custom suede interior lining, velcro closures, and will be available with a belt clip in select colors. Incase’s Leather & Neoprene sleeves will offer form-fitting construction in either leather or neoprene, direct access to the iPhone’s screen, ports, and controls, and will allow charging while in the case. The Protective Cover for iPhone 3G is made from a form-fitting injection molded material, and features a custom gloss topographic pattern on the matte exterior, access to all ports and controls, and will be available in a variety of colors. Finally, the Slider Case for iPhone 3G is made from lightweight hardshell plastic, offers access to all ports and controls, features a slide-away bottom cover for easy docking, and will be available in a variety of colors in both matte and gloss finishes. According to Incase, the Leather Folio, Leather & Neoprene Sleeves and Protective Covers will be available at Apple retail and online stores for the launch of iPhone 3G, with additional products to follow.


Wrappers unveils Sleeves for iPhone 3G

Wrappers has introduced its new Sleeves and Shiny Sleeves for the iPhone 3G. Original Sleeves offer a simple pouch-style design with an alcantara exterior in Slate Black, Jubilee Red, Otter Grey, or Metal Grey, microfiber lining, and an optional elastic band.  Wrappers Sleeves for iPhone 3G are priced at £11, or around $23. Wrappers new Shiny Sleeves for iPhone 3G are made from waterproof polished polyurethane, offer a slim profile, and feature 100% Thai silk lining in one of five colors. Wrappers Shiny Sleeves for iPhone 3G will sell for £14, or around $29. Both cases are expected to be available from July 11.

Marware announces C.E.O. Premiere for iPhone 3G

Marware has announced its C.E.O. Premiere case for the iPhone 3G. Made from textured Nappa leather, the C.E.O. Premiere features a magnetic flap, an opening on the bottom for esy removal of the phone, a microfiber interior, side openings for access to the headphone jack and sleep/wake button, a built-in belt clip, and perforated design accents with contrast stitching. The case also includes clear protective film and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Marware’s C.E.O. Premiere case for iPhone 3G is now available for pre-order in black, and is expected to begin shipping by July 1. It sells for $30.

Griffin intros new line of iPhone 3G cases

Griffin Technology has introduced its new line of cases for the iPhone 3G. The Wave for iPhone 3G features wave-shaped contours that overlap and interlock in a double-helix closure. The form-fitting polycarbonate case also offers full access to the iPhone’s ports and controls, and will be available in black, blue, pink, or white. Griffin’s Nu Form with EasyDock for iPhone 3G is an impact-resistant, hard-shell case featuring an EasyDock design with a removable bottom for more convenient docking. It includes a rigid, thin screen protector, and will be available in black or white.

imageThe Elan Form with EasyDock for iPhone 3G is a hard-shell leather case that offers triple protection in a slim, no-clip design. The case features a top-grain leather exterior bonded to hard-shell polycarbonate material, and an EasyDock design. Elan Form with EasyDock will be available in pink or black. Finally, the Elan Clip for iPhone 3G is a leather holster-style case with an inner polycarbonate shell. It features a 180-degree rotating belt clip that doubles as a stand, and includes a static peel screen protector and a premium microfiber cleaning cloth. All of Griffin’s new cases for iPhone 3G will be available at major retailers, including Apple and AT&T stores, on July 11, 2008, and will also be available on the company’s website in late June 2008.

Belkin premieres line of cases for iPhone 3G

Belkin has announced a complete line of cases for the upcoming iPhone 3G. The Formed Leather Case offers slim, formed-leather construction, microfiber lining, and open access to the iPhone’s screen and controls. It will be available in black or pink for $30. An Eco-Conscious Formed Leather Case will also be offered, featuring a natural-felt interior and a price of $35. Belkin’s Leather Sleeve with Clip features form-fitting leather construction with a suede interior, open access to the touch screen and Dock connector, and an included belt clip. Like the Formed Leather Case, it will be offered in black or pink and will sell for $30. The Clear Acrylic Case for iPhone 3G is a slim polycarbonate case that offers full access to all ports and controls, as well as a removable base cabinet for docking access. It will sell for $30.

imageMade from nylon, the Slim-Fit Case is a holster-style case featuring microfiber lining, a slim profile, a rigid protective inner layer with shock-absorbent padding, a speaker opening, and an integrated belt clip. It too will sell for $30. The Silicone Sleeve for iPhone 3G is a textured and multicolored case with a custom-pattern exterior. It offers access to all controls and ports, and will be available in black/infrared, gray/grapefruit, and pink/gray for $25. The Leather Flip Folio features a holster design with a multipurpose pocket, microfiber inner lining, a rigid internal protective layer, openings for access to the phone’s controls and ports, and a magnetic closure. It will sell for $35.

imageBelkin’s Micro Grip for iPhone 3G features a textured, reflective, custom-pattern rubber exterior, and offers access to all controls and ports and form-fitting construction. It will be available in pink and black and will sell for $25. Finally, the Sport Armband Plus with FastFit is made from lightweight, water-wicking materials, and features a removable sleeve for the iPhone, a low-profile belt clip, key pouch, and a cable capsule for headphone cord management. It will sell for $30. Belkin also plans to offer ClearScreen Overlay screen protectors for iPhone 3G. Made from clear static-cling plastic, they will be available for $13/3-pack. Belkin’s new line of protective cases for the iPhone 3G will launch in the US in July, with launches in Europe, Asia, and Australia to follow soon after.

Marware unveils C.E.O. Sleeve for iPhone 3G

Marware has announced its C.E.O. Sleeve for iPhone 3G. Made from Nappa leather, the sleeve features a microfiber interior, elastic siding for a snug fit, perforated design accents with contrast stitching, open access to the 3G’s headphone jack and sleep/wake button, and an interchangeable Multidapt low-profile belt clip. It will also include clear protective film and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The Marware C.E.O. Sleeve for iPhone 3G is available now for pre-order online for $25 and is expected to ship prior to July 1.

Speck debuts ToughSkin, SeeThru for iPhone 3G

Speck Products has announced its upcoming ToughSkin and SeeThru cases for the iPhone 3G. Originally announced in The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, the ToughSkin for iPhone 3G is a rubberized case offering a textured pattern that protects the iPhone from accidental bumps and drops while allowing full access to buttons and controls. The bottom of the case flips back for easier docking, and the case also features a removable belt clip. The Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 3G will be available in July and will sell for $35. The SeeThru for iPhone 3G is a hard shell case with built-in rubberized side strips for extra grip and a specially designed bottom that slides off for docking and conveniently doubles as a stand. Available in a variety of colors, the Speck SeeThru for iPhone 3G will be available in July for $30.

New Apple iPhone 3G accessories revealed

Apple’s website has revealed two new iPhone accessories that will likely debut alongside the iPhone 3G. First is the iPhone 3G Dock, which offers USB charging, syncing, and audio out, as well as the ability to use the iPhone in speakerphone mode while docked. Also new is the Apple USB Power Adapter (2008), which slims the original iPhone and iPod charger down to a small white adapter not much larger than a standard two-prong to three-prong adapter. Pricing and release information for the new accessories has yet to be announced.

Updated: The iPhone 3G Dock is no longer included with the device, and will be available separately from the iPhone for $29. The Apple USB Power Adapter will continue to be included in the iPhone 3G package, and retail for $29 if you need a spare.

iSkin rolls out Fuze case for iPhone

iSkin has begun shipping its Fuze case for iPhone. Originally announced in January, the Fuze blends dual layer impact-resistant polycarbonate with a shock absorbing soft inner liner for added protection. The Fuse allows for full screen, sensor, port and antenna access, and also features an integrated flexible Dock Connector cover, a rubberized outer finish for enhanced grip, and compatibility with iSkin’s revoClip. The iSkin Fuze for iPhone is available now and sells for $40.

GHSkinz intros iPhone, iPod touch skins

Guitar and peripheral skins manufacturer GHSkinz has launched its new line of decorative skins for the iPhone and iPod touch. Each skin features full color graphics, laminated and printed on removable vinyl. The skins cover both the front and the back of the iPhone or iPod touch, and are available in a variety of designs. Each iPhone skin also includes a matching background wallpaper image. GHSkinz for iPhone and iPod touch are available now and sell for $5.49 and $5.29 each, respectively.

Oakley debuts rubber iPhone case

Sunglass maker Oakley has introduced its new iPhone case, its first for the Apple handset. According to the company, the case is made from molded Unobtainium rubber, and features open access to the iPhone’s screen, camera, home button, and all other ports and controls, the ability to stand on its side for video viewing, and deep ridges on the sides and back for added grip. Available exclusively in black, the Oakley iPhone Case sells for $30.

RichardSolo debuts Backup Battery for iPhone, iPod

RichardSolo, the new company by The Sharper Image founder Richard Thalheimer, has introduced its new Backup Battery for iPhone/iPod. The compact battery connects to the iPod and iPhone via 30-pin connector, and features a lightweight black aluminum case with LED status lights. According to the company, the 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery can take hundreds of charges and can provide up to double the usage time of the iPhone or iPod’s built-in battery. Other features include automatic on/off charging technology to prevent overcharging, a mini-USB port for charging both the Backup Battery and the device at the same time, an included retractable USB charging cable and AC wall charger, and Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certification. “I’ve spent my entire career researching electronics and discovering the best new gadgets,” said Thalheimer. “I’ve never been more excited about a new product. Not only does it look great, but it also functions intuitively and quickly to charge an iPhone on the go. Most importantly, it is the most powerful pocket-sized unit you can buy.” The RichardSolo Backup Battery for iPhone/iPod is available now and sells for $50.

Maclove intros Face off coverings for iPhone

Maclove has introduced Face off for iPhone, a new line of decorative, protective coverings and matching wallpaper backgrounds. The Face off combines a clear, transparent screen protector with decorative designs that cover the rest of the iPhone’s face. A separate graphic-covered sheet is supplied for rear coverage; both the front and back pieces can easily be removed and reapplied. Based in China, Maclove is currently seeking Western distribution for its products.

Aliph intros new Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Aliph has introduced its new Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, the first substantial update to its award-winning original Jawbone. The new Jawbone is 50 percent smaller than the original, and like its predecessor it features military-grade noise elimination technology called NoiseAssassin. According to Aliph, the technology, originally developed for DARPA, provides the Jawbone with ten times the voice clarity of competing headsets. Other features of the new Jawbone include touch controls, a textured shield inspired by noise abatement surfaces, faster processing to help eliminate noise bursts, and a new fast-charge battery that charges up to 80 percent capacity in just over half an hour. The new headset weighs 10 grams, provides over four hours of talk time and over eight days of standby time, supports Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0, and includes three differently-sized earbuds, four earhoops (two leather, two slim), and a magnetic USB cable and wall charger. The new Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset is available now in matte black and will soon be available in silver and rose gold, and sells for $130.

Just Mobile debuts Xtand for iPhone

Just Mobile has introduced its new Xtand mobile stand for the iPhone. The Xtand is made from solid aluminum and features a 360-degree rotating iPhone holder that grips the device on all four corners, leaving all ports and controls accessible. The Xtand’s base is reminiscent of Apple’s recent monitor and iMac bases, with a smooth curve at the bottom and a hole in the middle for cable management. Pricing and release information for the Xtand has yet to be determined.

Vaja intros iVolution Stripes for iPhone

Vaja has introduced its new iVolution Stripes leather case for iPhone. The iVolution Stripes shares its basic design with the iVolution Top, offering a flip-down protective front flap, open access to all buttons and controls, and an optional rear clip. Unique to the iVolution Stripes is a customizable five-stripe color scheme, which allows the user “more than one million possible color combinations.” The color of the far left and far right stripes is the same and carries over onto the case’s back, which is a solid color. The Vaja iVolution Stripes for iPhone is available now and starts at $100.

Kensington rolls out Mini Battery Pack for iPhone, iPod

Kensington has introduced its new Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod. The Mini is a small, Dock-connecting accessory that can power and charge an iPhone or iPod, offering extended play times of up to 30 hours for music, six hours for video, and three hours of talk time. The small black body of the Mini houses a high-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery pack and a LED battery meter. The device also includes a retractable USB charging cable for recharging the battery pack. The Kensington Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod is available now and sells for $50.

ShadesCases debuts Shades for iPhone

ShadesCases has introduced its new Shades for iPhone. Like the company’s iPod cases, Shades for iPhone are made from 100% Polyurethane, measure only .4mm thick, and offer built-in clear screen protection, while allowing for full usability of the iPhone’s touch screen. Shades for iPhone are available now in 11 different colors, and sell for $17 each; the company is currently offering a “Buy two get the second half-off” promotion on the cases as well.

OtterBox rolls out pink ‘Strength’ cases for iPhone, iPod nano

OtterBox has announced its new limited edition pink “Strength” Defender series cases for the iPhone and iPod nano (with video). Otherwise identical to the normal Defender series, 10% of the purchase price of each pink Strength case will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade to support access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, with a focus on the medically underserved. The OtterBox Defender Strength Case for iPhone will sell for $50, while the Defender Strength for iPod nano will sell for $30. Both will be available soon.

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