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Mark/Space releases Missing Sync for iPhone

Mark/Space has officially released its The Missing Sync for iPhone software. The Missing Sync offers users data migration of contacts, tasks, events, and photos from Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry smartphones, as well as the ability to archive, browse, and search iPhone call logs, SMS text messages, and notes. Brian Hall, Mark/Space president and CEO, said, “Prospective iPhone customers want to know that they can take their existing smartphone data with them, and Missing Sync for iPhone is designed to meet that need. Existing and prospective iPhone customers alike will benefit from enhanced access to their Call Log, SMS text messages and Notes.” The Missing Sync for iPhone requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and sells for $40; a crossgrade from qualifying Mark/Space products costs $25.

Findley Designs updates iPod Access Photo v1.3, adds iPhone support

Findley Designs has released iPod Access Photo v1.3, the latest version of its photo utility for iPod. iPod Access Photo allows users to select individual photos and albums on their iPods and move them back onto their computer or external hard drive. New in version 1.3 is support for the iPhone and iPod touch, improved support for the iPod classic and iPod nano (with video), and support for Mac OS X 10.5. Other features include the ability to view photos by album, automatic use of the highest resolution image available, and the ability to copy all photos with one click. iPod Access Photo v1.3 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X.

SuperSync 2.0 offers speed, setup, transfer improvements

SuperSync has announced the release of its SuperSync 2.0 personal music library synchronization software. SuperSync lets users synchronize their music libraries between multiple computers over the internet. The latest version of the software allows up to five simultaneous track uploads and downloads, making synchronization faster, and features a completely redesigned file transfer interface, support for automatic Universal Plug and Play router setup, improved iTunes integration, and more. SuperSync 2.0 is available now for Mac OS X and Windows, and is priced at $29 for a 2-machine license. A demo version is also available.

iGet Mobile enables remote Mac access from iPhone, iPod touch

Nakahara Informatics has announced its iGet Mobile 1.0 remote access software. iGet Mobile is a Mac-only application that allows users to securely access their Mac’s documents and files from an iPhone, iPod touch, Windows PC, or other non-Mac device. It provides a lightweight web interface to the Mac, with special features geared toward users of the iPhone and iPod touch, and can also perform on-the-fly document conversions to allow unsupported file types to be viewed on the iPhone and iPod touch. “Since the very first day that the iPhone was released, we’ve been asked when we’ll have a version of iGet that works with it,” said CEO Christopher Martin. “People don’t necessarily want to take their laptops with them as much as before, and yet they still want to be able to connect back to their Macs and access their documents, maybe for business reasons, or maybe just to find something to read while waiting at the dentist’s office.” iGet Mobile 1.0 is now available, and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Regularly priced at $39, the software is currently available for the special introductory price of $29.

SRS Labs updates iWOW iTunes Plug-In for Mac

SRS Labs has released its iWOW 2 iTunes Plug-In for Mac, the latest version of the audio enhancement software. iWOW 2 uses several patented audio enhancement technologies from SRS Labs to provide 3D audio from desktop and laptop computers as well as external speakers and headphones. Features include the ability to create and save presets for specific songs, videos and podcasts, an ‘Auto-preset’ option that automatically chooses the best iWOW preset based on the information in the music or video, and Movie Mode, which offers virtual surround sound over headphones. Tom Yuen, Chairman and CEO of SRS Labs, said, “As the popularity of Mac’s as entertainment devices increases, so does the demand for enhanced audio to ensure the best experience. With iWOW 2, music and video can be experienced with superior audio that complements the visual experience.” iWOW 2 requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later and iTunes 6 or later. iWOW 2 sells for $20; owners of iWOW 1 can upgrade for $12.

Roxio Popcorn 3 adds iPhone, Apple TV, Tivo support

Roxio is preparing an update to its Popcorn desktop DVD and video conversion application for Mac. Popcorn 3 features support for both the iPhone and Apple TV, better video quality settings, and TivoToGo functionality. Along with its DVD-burning features, which include Fit-to-DVD, automatic video conversion and menu building, and support for dual-layer drives, the application’s video conversion feature gets batch conversion, a video quality preview that lets users see what the compressed video will look like at the current settings, and the ability to convert TivoToGo recordings for viewing on the iPhone, Apple TV, or iPod. Roxio Popcorn 3 will be available at the end of the month and will run $50 for a full version; $30 for an upgrade from previous versions.

beaTunes version 1.2 offers track identification

Tagtraum Industries has released beaTunes 1.2, the latest version of its iTunes library management tool. beaTunes offers color, BPM, and language analysis, and can intelligently create playlists of matching songs. New in version 1.2 is a track identification feature for songs without artist or title information that uses acoustic fingerprints provided by MusicIP’s MusicDNS service. Other improvements include new inspections, a full-screen album charts mode, and feature enhancements. beaTunes 1.2 is available as a 14-day trial for both Mac and Windows; a full license runs $25.

Roxio offers Crunch video converter for Apple TV, iPod, iPhone

Roxio this week will announce Crunch, a new Mac application that converts videos for playback on the Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone. Crunch includes support for both native QuickTime file formats including DV, AVI, MOV, and non-QuickTime file formats including DivX, MPEG-2 and DVD-Video. Roxio said the software will also convert DVDs and VIDEO_TS folders, and offers multiple optimized MPEG-4 and H.264 settings.

“With award winning technology from the leader in digital media, Roxio Crunch makes taking your video in to the living room or the palm of your hands fast and simple,” the company said in documents provided to iLounge. “Roxio Crunch is a one-stop shop for all of your video conversion needs. Batch export will make your life even simpler—converted video will be automatically added to iTunes for syncing.” Roxio’s site has yet to be updated with information on Crunch, and pricing and availability were not provided. View screenshots below.

SlingPlayer for Mac offers Apple TV, iPod support

Sling Media has released SlingPlayer for Mac 1.0, new software for the company’s Slingbox device that enables users to view television content remotely on a Mac computer. The SlingPlayer software also claims to allow users to watch content from an Apple TV, as well as “Front Row, iPod in Apple’s Universal Dock or iPod in an iPod Hi-Fi.”

“With this software release, Slingbox owners can now view their television directly on their Macintosh computer screen,” says Sling Media. “With full remote control, they can watch content from their home entertainment system whether from cable, DVR, DVD and even a full range of Apple entertainment products including: Apple TV, Front Row, iPod in Apple’s Universal Dock or iPod in an iPod Hi-Fi.”

Aspyr releases iQuiz Maker; Apple offers quiz pack tutorial

Mac game publisher Aspyr has released iQuiz Maker, a new Mac OS X application that allows users to easily create custom quizzes for the new iQuiz iPod game. “iQuiz Maker lets you write your own True or False and multiple choice questions and choose themes to customize the look of your quiz. Add a new group, add a quiz, type in your questions, select your answers—even write the messages players see when they win or lose. You can have your own quiz up and running in minutes. And when you’re done, you can save your quiz and share it with friends.” In addition, Apple has posted detailed instructions on how to create iQuiz packs from scratch. “If you want to go above and beyond what iQuiz Maker has to offer, you can create your own quizzes using a simple .txt file, game tags, and a set of custom .tga images,” says Apple.

EyeTV 2.4 update adds Apple TV support

Elgato Systems has released EyeTV 2.4, a free update to its EyeTV software which brings one-click video export for the Apple TV. “The feature functions in the same way as EyeTV 2’s easy iPod export button,” says Elgato. “Simply select a video from the list of recordings and click the new Apple TV button in the menu bar. Alternatively, the export can be automated as part of the recording schedule.” EyeTV 2.4 also offers bug fixes and other improvements, including support of third-party infrared hardware, Program Guide enhancements, and support for Apple’s Spotlight search technology.

TiVo partners with Roxio to bring TiVoToGo to Mac OS X

TiVo announced today that it has teamed up with Roxio to offer the highly anticipated TiVoToGo support for Mac OS X. Through Toast 8 Titanium ($100), Roxio’s disc burning software for Macs, TiVo subscribers with broadband connected TiVo Series2 DVRs can transfer recorded shows to watch on their Mac, burn to a DVD, or encode and transfer to a fifth-generation iPod. Recorded content can be transferred to a Mac either one episode at a time or automatically as soon as the TiVo DVR has recorded them.

Apple acquires CoverFlow iTunes add-on

Apple’s new Cover Flow feature was added to iTunes 7 after the company purchased the similarly named CoverFlow iTunes add-on from independent Mac software developer Steel Skies. “We are pleased to announce that all CoverFlow technology and intellectual property was recently sold to Apple,” says a posting on the developer’s website. “It has been incorporated into the latest version of iTunes.” Cover Flow allows you to flip between your music or video collection with an interface that mimics a real-life CD or DVD collection.

Roxio intros Popcorn 2 with iPod support

Roxio has announced the release of Popcorn 2, a new version of its Mac-only DVD burning application. Popcorn 2 adds the ability to convert and transfer video to the fifth-generation iPod, Sony PSP and select mobile phones. The $50 software allows users to create portable-compatible versions of all popular video formats including non-protected DVD-Video, QuickTime movies, MPEG files, iMovie projects and more. Roxio said Popcorn 2 includes predefined settings optimized for standard or high-quality video output, or users can tweak their own DivX, MPEG4, or H.264 levels for bit rate, frame rate, and image size.

Podner iPod video app forced to change name

Splasm Software says it must come up with a new name for Podner, its Mac-only iPod video conversion application, following emails from Apple requesting a name change. Splasm is giving away free Podner registrations to those who submit one of the top five new names for the software.

“Twice in the last week, the kind folks at Apple Computer have asked us to change Podner’s name to something without the word ‘pod’ in it. We don’t see more than a passing family resemblance, but we can’t say we blame them,” the developer says. “Podner is an awfully popular iPod video conversion tool and if we were Apple we might circle the wagons round little bits and pieces of our trademark, too. When companies like Apple Corps can sue Apple Computer over a trademark dispute we think it might be time to saddle up and move along to a new name. C’mon now, who’s got the money to stand up and defend a cute cowboy hat?”

iPod Access for Mac, Windows updated

Findley Designs has released updates to its iPod Access software, which allows users to transfer files from an iPod back to a computer. iPod Access 3.7 for Mac and iPod Access 2.7 for Windows both bring support for playing video files directly from the iPod, as well as an option for ID3 Tag transfer for WAV, video and iFM files. iPod Access sells for $15.

EvolutionTV gets real-time video compression for iPod

Miglia Technology today announced the release of a free software update for its EvolutionTV digital video recorder for the Mac. The version 2.6 update adds real-time video compression for the fifth-generation iPod as well as the Sony PSP. “EvolutionTV is the only digital video recorder to offer real-time iPod encoding,” says Miglia. “Real-time encoding removes the need to go through a software export step, a very lengthy operation.”

iLife ‘06 features improved iPod capabilities

Apple today also introduced iLife ‘06, the latest update to its suite of digital lifestyle applications. Several of the included applications offer enhancements for iPod users. iMovie ‘06, along with its improved effects, titles, and animated themes, also includes a one press export to video iPod function for the fifth-generation iPod.

GarageBand, the suite’s audio editing tool, now features robust solutions for creating podcasts. Voices can easily be recorded, and radio-style sound effects and music jingles are included with the application, as well as support for adding chapter artwork and URL links. Talk show Podcasts can now be done by interviewing one or more guests simultaneously in iChat AV and recording directly into GarageBand 3. Finally, podcasts can be posted on .Mac and submitted to iTunes using the new iWeb application.

iLife ‘06 is available now and sells for $79.

EyeTV update adds one-step export to video iPods

Elgato Systems has released a software update for its Mac-based EyeTV digital video recorder that allows users to easily export recordings to formats optimized for the new video-enabled iPods.

“With EyeTV 1.8.4, EyeTV users can now export their EyeTV recordings to a video-capable iPod using two new preset formats,” explains the company. “One preset uses QuickTime H.264 compression, Apple’s preferred format. The second preset uses MPEG-4 compression, which encodes up to five times faster than H.264 and has higher resolution output. The MPEG-4 preset is recommended as it provides the best quality for viewing either on an iPod screen or on a TV screen. Neither preset requires QuickTime Pro.”

Mac: Speakables for iTunes released

Speakables for iTunes works in conjunction with Speakable Items—the free voice recognition software included in Mac OS X—to allow you to launch playlists just by using your voice. It sells for $10.

“Speakable Items frees you from your desktop (or makes you look cool when sitting there) by allowing you to control your Mac with simple voice commands. There are many common voice commands built in that you can already use right away, or create your own. Speakable for iTunes extends the capabilities of Speakable Items by allowing you to make your Playlists ‘speakable’ (that is, they will begin playing when you say the name of the playlist)—something you can’t do with Speakable Items alone.”

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