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2013 Readers’ Choice Awards update - time to vote!

Thousands of votes have already been cast in our 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards. Belkin, Logitech, and Unu are in the lead for Accessory Maker of the Year. Google, Nosy Crow, Facebook, and Evernote are battling it out for App Developer of the Year. EA, Epic, Rovio, and Sega are leading the way to be named Game Developer of the Year. Each category has quite a few other options, as well, plus substantial numbers of write-in candidates.

In each category, there’s still time for any company to come from behind and win. Voting ends at 11:59 Pacific Time, Oct. 31. The winners will be announced in early November. Cast your vote today!

Game Controller poll ends, New iPad poll begins

Our latest poll – “What’s the maximum price you’d pay for an iPhone 5/5s/iPod touch 5G-only game controller?” – has now ended. With iOS 7 adding official support for iPhone and iPod game controllers, we asked our readers to let us know what they would consider to be a fair price for such an accessory, assuming it worked only with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and fifth-generation iPod touch.

The majority of responses—fifty-one percent—indicated that they had no interest at all in an iOS Game Controller. Of the remaining responses, most were closely split between “under $30” at twenty-one percent and “$30 - $50” at nineteen percent. Only five percent of respondents indicated that they would consider a game controller in the $51-$70 range, and only four percent would consider one in the $71 - $100 range.

2013 Readers’ Choice update; vote now!

The votes are streaming in for our 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards. Early on, Logitech and Belkin are neck-in-neck in the race for Accessory Maker of the Year, with ZeroChroma and Griffin not far behind.

Google has jumped to an early lead for App Developer of the Year, with Orbotix, StoryToys, and Evernote battling it out for the runner-up position. Epic Games is off to a strong start in the battle for Game Developer of the Year, with EA and Rovio following behind.

Voting ends at 11:59 Pacific Time, Oct. 31. The winners will be announced in early November. Vote now today!

Vote now in iLounge’s 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards!

Ahead of iLounge’s upcoming 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers’ Guide, we have just opened voting for the 2013 edition of our Readers’ Choice Awards. Held annually for years, our Readers’ Choice Awards give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite third-party developers across both accessories and software.

Vote now using this link. Our three-question survey asks for your choices in the categories of: iOS Accessory Maker of the Year, iOS App Developer of the Year, and iOS Game Developer of the Year. Numerous options are provided for your convenience, and we always consider write-in votes as well. Voting closes at 11:59 Pacific Time on October 31, so don’t wait — cast your vote today!

iPhone upgrade poll ends, Game Controller poll begins

With over 2,400 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll – “Do you plan to purchase one of the new iPhone models this year?” – has now ended. With the release of not one, but two new iPhone models this month, we asked our readers to let us know whether they were planning on upgrading their current mobile phone to either of the new models, and which one they would be upgrading from.

The overall majority of responses—fifty-eight percent—indicated that they were planning to purchase an iPhone 5s specifically, with thirty-three percent of respondents indicating that they would be upgrading from a pre-iPhone 5 model, and twenty-one percent upgrading from the iPhone 5. Four percent of respondents indicated that they would be purchasing an iPhone 5s as their very first iPhone. Only five percent of readers showed an interest in the iPhone 5c, with four percent buying one to replace an older iPhone model and 1% picking it up as their first iPhone. Surprisingly, 14 people indicated that they were planning to purchase an iPhone 5c to replace their iPhone 5.

The majority of the remaining responses came from twenty-one percent of readers who were happy with their current iPhone and not planning to upgrade at all, nine percent who indicated that they wanted to upgrade, but are stuck on an existing contract, while four percent have no interest in owning an iPhone at all and the remaining three percent noted they’d be replacing their iPhone with something else.

Fingerprint scanner poll ends, iPhone upgrade poll begins

With over 1,400 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll – “If Apple includes a fingerprint scanner in the next iPhone, will you use it?” – has now ended. With rumours of a built-in fingerprint sensor in the next-generation iPhone, we asked readers to let us know if they considered this a feature that they would actually find useful in a new device. Readers were asked whether they would use a fingerprint scanner for device unlocking, secure transactions, or both, or whether they had no interest in a fingerprint scanning feature regardless of whether they otherwise planned to buy the new iPhone or not.

The overall majority of responses—fifty-two percent—indicated that they would be willing to use the fingerprint scanner for both device unlocking and secure transactions. Seventeen percent indicated that they would use a fingerprint scanner only for device unlocking, while three percent felt it was only appropriate for secure transactions. Seventeen percent of respondents told us that they didn’t plan on buying the next-generation iPhone regardless of the fingerprint scanner, while twelve percent indicated that they planned to buy the next-generation iPhone, but had no interest in fingerprint scanning capability.

iOS 7 features poll ends, fingerprint scanner poll begins

With over 1,100 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll – “What new feature in iOS 7 are you most excited about?” – has now ended. With more information coming out on iOS 7 with every new beta, we asked readers to let us know which of the new features in iOS 7 they were most excited about.

A majority of respondents—thirty-five percent—stated that it’s the new design that they’re most excited about, with the new Control Center coming in second at twenty-eight percent. iOS in the Car support was a distant third with only seven percent of readers choosing that as the feature they’re most looking forward to, edging out the remaining listed iOS 7 features—iTunes Radio, automatic App updates, new camera and photo features, AirDrop, Notification Center, and Activation Lock.

iPhone carrier poll ends, iOS 7 features poll begins

With over 1,600 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll – “What’s most important to you when choosing an iPhone carrier?” – has now ended. Following the launch of the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, we asked readers to let us know what was more important to them when choosing an iPhone carrier.

Pricing of monthly plans was the overall most important factor, according to forty-one percent of respondents. Thirty-one percent indicated that coverage area was critical, while thirteen percent indicated cellular data speeds would be their primary consideration. The remaining votes were divided between loyalty to a current carrier at six percent, and contract requirements, hardware upgrade eligibility, customer service and subsidized hardware pricing all pretty closely split at two to three percent each.

Happy Independence Day from iLounge!

As our U.S.-based editors are celebrating Independence Day with our families, iLounge will be on a limited publishing schedule today, July 4, 2013. Happy Fourth of July to our U.S. readers—we’ll be back in full force tomorrow!

Media invited to iLounge NYC at CE Week 2013

CE Week 2013 is quickly approaching, and iLounge is proud to bring the excitement of the Apple accessory industry to New York City. iLounge NYC offers media and trade professionals an opportunity to see the summer lineups of new Apple-related products from a number of top-tier companies.

Today, we’re inviting members of the media to a special VIP lunch on the first day of the CE Week Line Shows and Exhibits, June 26, from 12:00-1:30 p.m. Registered attendees will be provided with a special lunch menu, a wine and beer bar and desserts, with an opportunity to see new Apple accessories within the iLounge NYC area.

Qualified media who haven’t already registered for CE Week 2013 can do so by visiting CE Week’s registration site, which will include access to the special lunch. The iLounge NYC exhibition will run June 26-27 at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street.

Happy Memorial Day!

iLounge will be only modestly updated today as our editors celebrate the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. Our team will be back tomorrow, May 28, with regular updates.

We hope you, your family, and friends enjoy a relaxing holiday together.

iOS 7 design poll ends, iPhone carrier poll begins

With almost 1300 votes from iLounge readers, our latest recent poll—“How should iOS 7 look?”—has now ended. Following rumours about the work being done by Jony Ive on polishing iOS 7, we asked readers to let us know what they should think the next major iOS release should look like.

Responses were somewhat evenly split between the three options, with forty-three percent of respondents indicating that they wanted to a see more exciting and eye-popping design while thirty-four percent said they preferred a simpler and flatter design throughout the entire UI. The remaining twenty-five percent indicated they were fine with the current UI design, and simply want to see new features in the next major update.

iLounge launches Rumor + Speculation Roundups

Today, iLounge is introducing Rumor + Speculation Roundups — a new section of the site to keep readers updated on rumored Apple devices. Each page is designed to help readers quickly canvas all the major credible rumors and speculation concerning a specific upcoming Apple product, such as the iPhone 5S or fifth-generation iPad. While recent months have seen plenty of stories on expected Apple products, these pages will contain our editors’ insights as to what’s likely to be real, and what’s not. We’ll also update each of the pages as more information is released. Our first page is for the rumored low-cost iPhone, with more to follow each day this week.

iLounge releases iPad + mini Buyers’ Guide

iLounge’s 2013 iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide is now available for download! The newest edition of our guide features everything you need to know about the iPad and iPad mini, including an extensive overview of the devices, top apps and games, and of course, our look at the best accessories available for the new iPads.

Additionally, the guide includes a photo gallery of our Best of Show Awards from the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, and covers new iTunes and Apple TV updates, as well. As always, the iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide is a free download. It is available in a single-page or twin-page “spread” format. Download your copy today!

Apple iWatch poll ends, iOS 7 design poll begins

With over 1200 votes from iLounge readers, our latest recent poll—“What feature would most compel you to buy an Apple iWatch?”—has now ended. With serious rumours of an Apple smart watch surfacing over the past few weeks, we asked readers to let us know what features they would find most compelling in an Apple-designed smart watch, or whether they were even interested in such a device at all.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents were generally uninterested in an Apple iWatch, split about evenly between not wanting a watch at all (19%) and not being interested specifically in a smart watch (20%). Of the respondents who would consider an iWatch, 18% were most interested in seeing notification display from their iOS devices, while 11% felt that the Apple industrial design would be compelling enough. Most of the remaining responses were split fairly evenly, with 10% looking for remote iOS device control, 9% for GPS and navigation features, and 7% for an ability to interact with Siri on their iOS devices. Lastly, 3% of readers indicated that standalone media playback would be a compelling feature, while another 3% suggested they’d want to see some other unspecified feature.

iLounge debuts iLounge NYC accessory event at CE Week 2013

iLounge today announced the creation of iLounge NYC, a curated special event and exhibition area at CE Week 2013. Working with CE Week and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), iLounge will bring the Apple accessory world to Manhattan, beginning with a special event for trade and media members on June 25, and a curated exhibition space on June 26 and 27. iLounge NYC will be the back-to-school/holiday-focused version of the incredibly successful winter iLounge Pavilion at CES in Las Vegas, which now occupies over 120,000 square feet of floor space — the largest unified exhibition area at the show.

“Apple accessory makers know that the iLounge Pavilion is the best place to debut their winter and spring lineups,” said Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge’s Editor-in-Chief. “We’re thrilled to curate a new iLounge NYC event to preview the year’s biggest back-to-school and holiday releases—at a great venue, within a city known for its love of Apple products.”

The full press release follows. Companies interested in additional details on iLounge NYC and the iLounge Pavilion should contact Jeremy Horwitz today.

Accessories trend poll ends, Apple iWatch poll begins

With approximately 900 votes from iLounge readers, our most recent poll—“What do you think the biggest trend in Apple accessories will be in 2013?”—has ended. With thousands of new iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories and several major trends we noted from manufacturers at the 2013 International CES, we asked readers to let us know what they thought would be the biggest trend in the Apple accessory market in 2013.

Forty-nine percent of respondents felt that we would see more Lightning accessories this year, essentially continuing the trend of wired and dock-based iOS device accessories. A general trend toward Bluetooth accessories was suggested by 25% of those responding, with Bluetooth speakers at 14% and general Bluetooth accessories at 11%. Of the remaining responses, 12% felt the trend would move more toward specialized and niche products, 6% toward more premium cases, and 5% to more successful independent projects growing from places like Kickstarter. Only 3% of responses suspected fewer AirPlay speakers this year.

Happy Presidents’ Day from iLounge

Happy Presidents’ Day from all of us at iLounge! We’ll be on a limited publication schedule today; we will return to normal updates on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Current U.S. President Barack Obama revealed what was on his iPod during his run to the White House, and former President George W. Bush showed off his iPod contents while in office. Tell us in the comment: what’s on your iPod these days?

Apple in 2013 polls ends, accessory trends poll begins

With over 1,500 votes from iLounge readers, our most recent poll—“What are you most hoping to see from Apple in 2013?”—has ended. Readers were asked to identify which rumoured or likely new product from Apple they are most looking forward to in the new year.

The top respondents were split pretty evenly between an iPad mini with Retina Display (19%), iOS 7 (17%), an Apple Television Set (16%), and a completely new product such as an Apple Watch coming in at 15%. 10% of readers indicated they they’re most looking forward to a next-generation iPhone, while 9% are hoping for an updated Apple TV set-top box, rather than a full-fledged television set. Of the remaining respondents, 7% indicated that they would most like to see a slimmer, next-generation iPad, 5% were hoping for a major new iPod release, and only 3% indicated that they would be most interested in a subscription music service from Apple.

Happy New Year 2013 From iLounge!

From all of us here at iLounge, Happy New Year! We’ll be on a limited publication schedule until the second of January as we celebrate with our families and friends.

While 2012 was an uneven year, it had several highlights, including the debut of the first iPad with a Retina display, the mid-year announcement of iOS 6, and then the near-simultaneous releases of two new iPods, the iPhone 5, and two new iPads before the holidays. With substantial iPad and iPad mini updates expected in 2013, it’s no surprise that the new year is shaping up to be very exciting indeed.

Once again, we are beyond thrilled to be hosting the largest iLounge Pavilion in the history of the International Consumer Electronics Show—this year, with over 120,000 square feet and 500 exhibitors devoted to iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac products. The 2013 International CES officially kicks off on January 8, and there will be plenty of news and events before the doors open. Our editors will be there for all of it.

Feel free to browse through our archives until we return, and be sure to join us for our upcoming CES live coverage. Once again, Happy New Year!

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