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Hot iPod Fashion Entries - 4 iPhones Still Available

The latest entries in our iPod Fashion Photo Contest are getting better and better. If you want a shot at one of four Apple iPhones or iTunes Gift Card money from iLounge, it’s time to submit your photo! Take a look at what we’re seeing so far:



Dress Yourself




Dress Your iPod

Official rules and more samples can be found here. Entries are due by May 20, 2007, and winners will be announced on June 1 inside The Free iPod Book 3. Good luck, and show your creativity!

New iPodweek: more discounts, new giveaway & more!

Our weekly newsletter iPodweek is arriving this afternoon, featuring updates from iLounge, plus a brand new accessory giveaway and another exclusive coupon code. Sign up now: it even includes last week’s XtremeMac discount code for those who missed it last time.

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Win 1 of 4 iPhones, iTune$ for iPod Fashion Photos

Want to win an Apple iPhone or iTunes Gift Card money from iLounge? There’s still time left!


We are holding our iPod Fashion Photo Contest to coincide with the release of The Free iPod Book 3.0 - sequel to our popular, million-downloaded series of Books. To enter, submit your photograph in one of two categories - People or iPods - for a chance at two 8GB iPhone top prizes, two 4GB iPhone second prizes, or two $100 iTunes Gift Cards.

Official rules and more samples can be found here. Entries are due by May 20, 2007, and winners will be announced on June 1 inside The Free iPod Book 3. Best of luck to all entrants!

iLounge offers 4 iPhones, Cash as Fashion Photo Prizes

Want to win an Apple iPhone? Now you have 4 chances. To coincide with the release of The Free iPod Book 3.0 - sequel to our popular, million-downloaded series of Books - iLounge has just announced the iPod Fashion Contest. Submit your photograph in one of two categories - People or iPods - for a chance at two 8GB iPhone top prizes, two 4GB iPhone second prizes, or two $100 iTunes Gift Cards.

Official rules and samples can be found here. Entries are due by May 20, 2007, and winners will be announced on June 1 inside The Free iPod Book 3. Best of luck to all entrants!

Translate iLounge into 9 languages (beta)

In response to numerous requests from readers overseas, we’ve just added an automatic translation feature to iLounge. Currently found on the left hand side of our main page, the translator bar provides Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translations of most content on our pages, and is accessible via flag icons.


We’re currently tweaking the translator bar and will enhance its functionality in the near future, but wanted to make it available in beta form while we work through the issues. As with all machine translation services, its results won’t be perfect, but they’ll hopefully convey the key points of our stories for easier multi-lingual consumption. Enjoy!

Beautiful contest gallery posted; iPhone, Apple TV to be won

Judging is now underway for the iLounge Wallpaper Contest, which as announced in February will issue one iPhone, one Apple TV, or two iPods to the best entries received. With far over 700 entries, the contest’s official Gallery is amongst the best we’ve ever seen, with over 60 top submissions currently under serious consideration for our prizes.

We’ve picked just a few of the many amazing entries, ranging from wildly creative to subtle and cool, to highlight in this story. Click on the Comments link below for additional thumbnails, or click here to browse the complete Gallery. By design, all of the full-sized images in the Gallery are large enough to be used as desktop wallpaper for your PC or Mac. Winners will be announced by the end of tomorrow, March 31, 2007.

Update: Winners have been announced here. Congratulations!

Win iPhone, Apple TV or iPods in iLounge Wallpaper Contest

To build upon iLounge’s large collection of desktop wallpaper images, we’ve launched the “Wallpaper Yourself an iPhone, Apple TV, or iPods” art contest. To enter, you just need to a create a high-resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels) desktop wallpaper featuring any current iPod model and the name. One grand prize winner will receive a 4GB iPhone, while a second place winner will get a new Apple TV set-top box. One third place winner will receive a 4GB iPod nano and a second-generation iPod shuffle in their choice of color. Click here for full contest rules and submission info.

iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz on Your Mac Life tonight

iLounge Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Horwitz will will appear tonight on the popular Internet Radio broadcast Your Mac Life. Topics discussed will include Apple and The Beatles. The broadcast will begin at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, 5:30 p.m. Pacific. An audio feed is available here, with a QuickTime video feed available here.

iLounge debuts free 2007 Accessories Guide in iPod format

As a fun experiment - still in progress - iLounge has just released the 2007 Guide to New iPod Accessories & More, an iPod-formatted downloadable guide to the major new iPod accessories and announcements from this year’s Macworld Expo and International Consumer Electronics Show. Developed using Mogopop - a web site that leverages Apple’s iPod Notes feature to create downloadable packages of linked text, photos, and videos - the Guide features videos of Apple TV and iPhone, numerous pictures of new iPod accessories, and details on their vendors, all viewable on a fifth-generation iPod. It’s intended as a “carry it anywhere” version of our Expo coverage from earlier this month.

“The Guide is the most ambitious project yet published to Mogopop, showcasing the scope and scale of what the Mogopop system can tackle,” explained Kara Berklich Weber, co-founder/VP Strategic Development, Mogopop. “With photos, videos, and dozens of pages of useful, informative text, the New iPod Accessories Guide is just the sort of content our users want in a portable format. This will dramatically improve anyone’s next accessories shopping trip.”

The new Guide is free for download, and available now from this link. Follow the link, download the Mogopop Manager, connect your iPod, then download the Guide and install it on your iPod with the Manager. To find the Guide on your iPod, start at the main menu, pick Extras, then pick Notes. Please note that limitations of its design - for instance, the requirements that pictures and videos be linked, rather than embedded - are limitations of Apple’s iPod Notes software; we’ve tried to make the Guide as easy to use as possible given these constraints.

Happy New Year and Thank You from iLounge

Heading into 2007, the entire staff of iLounge would like to take a moment to thank all of you in our community for this spectacular 2006. The year that’s passed has been full of memorably great moments, and we can’t wait to top them in the year to come.

Happy New Year, and again, thank you from iLounge! The comments thread below is continued from our holiday gift comparison thread - feel free to continue the discussion.

2007 Best of Show: Call for Submissions

Two trade shows in January, 2007 - the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and Macworld Expo in San Francisco - are expected to see the introduction of hundreds of new iPod accessories. As always, iLounge will be spotlighting the best product introductions for our readers, giving you a preview of what’s coming up in the brand new year, and issuing Awards to the cream of the crop.

If you represent an iPod accessory manufacturer who will be formally exhibiting new products at your own CES or Macworld Expo booth, and would like to have your new products considered for one of a limited number of iLounge 2007 Best of Show Awards, please contact jeremy (at) immediately for product submission details. While we have already contacted the vast majority of the industry’s participants on this subject via e-mail, this public notice is intended to make sure that any other qualified company’s products have an opportunity to be considered, as well. Best of luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in January!

Please note: Our deadline is December 16, 2006, and only previously unreleased products are eligible for Best of Show consideration.

New iPod Stars: Juicy J, Joey McIntyre and Joey Medina

We’ve posted a new edition of our iPod Stars feature - an opportunity for iLounge to talk with celebrity musicians and performers about how they use their iPods, what they think of iTunes downloads of their performances, and what they’ve been up to.


In this edition, we heard from Oscar-winning rapper Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia, Joey McIntyre from Dancing With the Stars and Boston Public, and Joey Medina from Los Angeles-based band (and iLounge favorite) The Tender Box. Enjoy!


Win a MacBook, iPods or earphones in iLounge contests

We recently launched two new contests with some great prizes:

To celebrate our upcoming fifth birthday, we’ve launched the iLounge 5th Birthday Contest. Prizes include a white Apple MacBook and 80GB iPod pack, an 80GB black iPod, and a 4GB iPod nano in your color of choice. To enter, you must design an effective, interesting online ad for iLounge.

The second contest we recently kicked off is the Musician Match Game Contest. The object of the game is to match the custom Ultimate Ears earphones to the musician who wears them. A winner will be randomly drawn from correct entries. First and second prizes will be randomly drawn from all other entries. Prizes include one pair of Ultimate Ears UE 10 Pro earphones, custom fitted for your ears and free personalization, one pair of 5 Pro earphones, and one pair of 5 EB earphones.

iLounge debuts iPod Stars feature

We’ve just debuted a new regular feature of the site: iPod Stars. Each week, we’ll be talking to celebrities about how they use their iPods, and what they’ve been up to.


This week, we chatted with DJ AM, one of the most photographed celebrity DJs in the world, and Sean Avery, the “feisty,” “bad boy” L.A. Kings center and music fan, about their favorite iPods and accessories. Here are our quick Q&As - more are coming.

iLounge debuts The 2007 iPod Buyers’ Guide

imageThe 2007 iPod Buyers’ Guide is here! Weighing in at 180 pages, the world’s most popular iPod and accessory buyers’ guide has returned for its third year, bigger and better than ever!

Want the full scoop on what’s inside? Here’s the official page, and here’s the short version: More than 20 exclusive accessory debuts. Our Best of the Year accessory awards. All the help you’ll need to pick the best new iPod for the holidays. Amazing photographs in our iPod Home pictorial feature and iPod Colors contest gallery. And much, much more.

Download Print Version Single page, best for printing (21.8 MB ZIP)
Download Wide Version Double page, best for monitors (21.7 MB ZIP)

Download it now - it’s 100% free and in PDF format. Enjoy!

Important: Buyers’ Guide Contest Entrants, Please Read

If you have submitted a contest entry to the iLounge Buyers’ Guide iPod Colors Contest, please read this notice and follow the directions carefully.

We received an incredible number of outstanding entries to this contest, but a number of entrants did not attach their e-mail addresses or names to their entries. iLounge’s editors have selected winners, however, we need to match names and e-mail addresses to the submitted photos.

As per the contest rules, please submit your high-resolution (1600x1200) images right away to [email protected] with your name and e-mail address attached. If your high-resolution image has not been received by 5:00PM PT tomorrow, October 31, 2006, you will be ineligible to win the grand or second-place prizes. Thank you!

Newly added: iLounge Column Shuffle

Today, we’ve reached another stage in our overhaul of the site’s left column: say hello to Column Shuffle. In August, we updated the column with new and more useful section headers, and added the ability to close and open sections of the site based on your preferences. Today, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to dynamically reorganize the sections in your preferred order, so that the topics you find most interesting can be closer to the top of the page every time you load iLounge. Just drag and release the headers - that’s it.


Additionally, we’ve also tossed in a permanent link to the iPod Storage Calculator, announced last week, so you can figure out how to maximize your iPod’s music storage space - more tweaks and improvements are planned for the very near future. Enjoy!

iLounge debuts iPod Storage Calculator

imageThough Apple lets you know how many iTunes Store-downloaded songs can fit on each iPod, readers often ask us how many songs from their existing library can be squeezed onto a given iPod hard drive or flash memory chipset. In this week’s Ask iLounge column, we answered that question by debuting the iPod Storage Calculator, a new tool that lets you quickly estimate how many compressed audio files of various types will fit in any current or past iPod’s storage capacity.

Most people will find that their existing collections consist of songs compressed at bitrates ranging from 96 to 192 kbps, so we’ve provided automatic calculations for each major bitrate in that range. A handful of listeners will have larger, less compressed files ranging up to 320 kbps, and we’ve included calculations for those bitrates, too. If you’re a really hard-core audiophile, you may insist on Lossless-formatted files - if so, you can use the custom calculation field to make a best guess, or the Lossless field that’s set to an average rate of 850 kbps.

We hope you find the new Storage Calculator useful. As always, your comments are appreciated.

Win a new iPod in our Buyers Guide Countdown Contest

To count down to the November 1 launch of our third annual Buyers’ Guide, we have launched a new photo contest with brand new iPods as prizes. The Buyers’ Guide Countdown Contest offers you the chance to win an 80GB iPod, an 8GB iPod nano, or a 4GB iPod nano if your colorful photo of an iPod is picked as a winner. See all the details and the full rules here!

Newly added: Pause, rewind and skip headlines

By reader request (and fulfilling our original design desires), our top-of-page headlines now have pause, rewind, and skip buttons, allowing you to stop their automatic rotation, go back to a story that caught your attention, or cut forward to something new. Though this isn’t a huge change to our main page, we wanted to let you know about it just in case you missed the “Show Previous Story,” “Show Next Story,” and “Pause Stories” buttons up there; give them a try, and we hope you like them.

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