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“pic” iPod flash: ‘Life is

Italian Macintosh journalists at MacityNet have reported that workers at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, home of this week’s MacWorld Conference & Expo, temporarily but publicly displayed a large Apple banner for a new iPod model. According to MacityNet, which features pictures of the banner reading “Life is random”, the full banner made reference to a 240-song capacity, which would signal the use of 1GB of flash memory for the new iPod’s storage. A black randomized play icon appears to be visible against a green background.

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Once again, don’t assume that you know better then Apple does. Apple has great products because they spend the $$$ on research and development, not on their own opinions. They develop what consumers want. Every iPod that people have doubted has been a huge success so far, and I guarantee this iPod “shuffle” will be a hit. $150-$200 iPod? 1GB? That’s plenty of space for the below-average audio listener. it WILL sell, screen or no screen.

Posted by kainjow on January 10, 2005 at 2:32 PM (CST)


So basically this new ipod is nothing more than a one gigabyte play button that goes random as if it were something out of the ordinary. Battery life isn’t even in it’s favor because you’d finish listening to all the songs before a days end. I think Apple’s looking for a way to give another one of it’s breakthrough products away to the competition again (personal computer, hard-drive based DAP)

Posted by andres in Miami on January 10, 2005 at 2:33 PM (CST)


can someone post one of the pics here?

Posted by andres in Miami on January 10, 2005 at 2:36 PM (CST)


Can you be forced to delete a pic? That’s what the guys at MACityNet said happened. It could probably be found floating around Google…

Posted by andres in Miami on January 10, 2005 at 2:41 PM (CST)


lets get real guys! if it has no screen no doubt it will be TINY, TINY, TINY. but you know what flash players have been around and some are designed to fit on a keychain already. they all have screens! they ALL HAVE SHUFFLE TOO! and most cost $99 or less.

so you will be paying a premium to not have a screen, be forced to shuffle, use iTunes AACs and call it “an ipod.”

no this will FAIL, yes the ipod names means a lot, but when people buy the thing and realize they can find a particular song… you can bet the negative word will spread.

Posted by canyonblue737 on January 10, 2005 at 3:05 PM (CST)


i mean look at how small this one is… 24 grams, fits on a keychain, includes a microphone for voice recodings AND an FM tuner. AND IT HAS SHUFFLE.


Posted by canyonblue737 on January 10, 2005 at 3:08 PM (CST)


has it ever occured to any of you that the screen may slide out of the ipod?  or that it may possibly be on the side of it?

Posted by wezman2k on January 10, 2005 at 3:49 PM (CST)


Wow that mp3 player is very small. I personally think that having no screen and no way to select tracks would be plain stupid and suicidal.

Therefore, i think Apple is going to release a revolutionary new in-line remote with a small LCD display, thereby enabling users to navigate throught the tracks.

This will come with the iPod shuffles (lol) and will be available as an accessory for other iPods. That’s my take on things.

And wezman2k, no screen means NO screen.

Posted by iPodNod in London, UK on January 10, 2005 at 3:58 PM (CST)


Maybe it will take memory cards so you could have different playlists on different cards. Then 1 GB is just the beginning.

Posted by brted on January 10, 2005 at 4:38 PM (CST)


It is also entirely possible “Random” is in reference to Random Access Memory (“RAM”) - and not just the songs.  We may be missing the point entirely.

I do agree a screenless, shuffle-only iPod would be a bummer.  I’m hoping it offers the ability to choose medthod of play, and to browse.

Posted by Geoffrey in Valhalla, NY on January 10, 2005 at 5:05 PM (CST)


What would Random Access Memory have to do though? It’s surely in reference to the shuffle feature.

Also, i don’t see how this thing is going to get sold when it’s being sold quite a bit more expensively than most flash players, yet it doesn’t have any of the features such as a radio and voice recorder (or does it?), which almost all flash players have.

Posted by iPodNod in London, UK on January 10, 2005 at 5:18 PM (CST)


Here’s my problem. If you’re going to keep it to random shuffle, have small memory. 1 GB is too much(But small) to not have access to specific songs. 1GB is about 250 songs. Let’s say you were to buy it, and you had 250+ songs. Wouldn’t you like to access a specific song. If you have small songs, there’s a better chance you’ll land on that song. And besides, most people, I believe, who have an iPod, actually have music! Anyone who doesn’t, would rather just buy the mini for an extra 50-100 dollars and get 4 times the space, plus a menu. I’m not sure if I want this to succeed, or get off the market because it might be a disgrace to the iPod series.

Posted by maxman on January 10, 2005 at 5:58 PM (CST)


revolutionary new in-line remote with a small LCD display

Oh right, just like the ones the iRivers have had as a pack-in for a few years now?  Those players’ interfaces suck but their remotes are to die for.

I actually said before that the best thing Apple could do for a new remote option was to license the iRiver remote from its designers - that thing is smalle and awesome. It just needs a splash of the old white aesthetic and it would be good to go!


Another good thing from a well-designed remote is that the iPod could actually be used by visually impaired people. As it stands the iPod is a wash here. To be useful, it needs a remote with simple buttons or a toggle switch/rocker. Tactile feedback is key. This would also be good for hands-free operation, of course.

Posted by Demosthenes on January 10, 2005 at 5:59 PM (CST)


No screen would blow.

I was hoping for something to replace my old RioSport flash-based player for exercise. Something that could play the AAC files I’ve downloaded (not many, but some). And yeah I have an iPod - just don’t want to exercise with it.

BTW, i know what it’s like to use my 256MB Rio w/o the screen as it’s broken. I don’t need the screen to navigate- but it’s a pain not being able to find that special song you need to motivate a quick run.

Posted by umijin on January 10, 2005 at 7:22 PM (CST)


apple will sell a lot of these players,but as stated by almost everyone here-a screenless player will only leave users frustrated within a few days-ipod status symbol? yes-enjoyable product?-no.
a inline remote would be great(with screen),and would stop people waving their ipod around at every opportunity(the ‘phones let me know you spent the $)-speaking of which..$99 seems to be the figure mentioned the most-this suggests a remote as an option..plus a whole new range of overpriced accesories…anyone?

Posted by Joao on January 10, 2005 at 7:34 PM (CST)


A screenless iPod wouldn’t do everything.

So for many of us, an iPod Mini is a better choice. The Mini isn’t going away, have no fear.

The iPod Shuffle is probably not meant to be the perfect iPod for EVERYONE—only perfect for some people.

Enough to sell well? We will see.

Posted by Nagromme on January 10, 2005 at 8:12 PM (CST)


the ONLY thing i see going for it is it’s the cheapest 1 gigabyte JumpDrive I’ve ever seen, assuming it’s cheaper than the mini. Assuming it’s between $100 and $200 that’s pretty cheap. 1 gigabyte jumpdrives are a minimum of $230 and range up to $300 (correct me if i’m wrong prices might have dropped since I’ve last seen). So if you look at it that way, in the jumpdrive market what an advance, cheap and comes with a play button. If it’s supposed to be competition for other MP3 players, it’s laughable.

Posted by andres in Miami on January 10, 2005 at 10:00 PM (CST)


macworld UK is claiming that the following slogans were seen today at the expo before being covered up…

1. life is random
2. 240 songs, one million ways

seems very certain the new ipod won’t have a screen which while it sucks is probably an attempt to make sure the sales don’t harm the more expensive models. after all if it had a screen many folks would buy the cheap $99 model and say “well it is an ipod” and not buy a more expensive model.

that said there are MANY claims of ANOTHER product called “ipod RADIO” which appears to be a DIFFERENT product with ties to Sirus Satelite radio and that may have an even bigger impact.

Posted by canyonblue737 on January 10, 2005 at 10:23 PM (CST)


it’s the cheapest 1 gigabyte JumpDrive I’ve ever seen ... Assuming it’s between $100 and $200 that’s pretty cheap. 1 gigabyte jumpdrives are a minimum of $230 and range up to $300

They have! You are being fleeced!

1GB JumpDrive, $50, no rebates.

Even the Lexar 1GB is less than $100 these days, and that’s before any rebates. You can get the Lexar 1GB JumpDrive for $50 after rebate.

It’s scary how fast RAM prices are dropping. Every time I think I have a handle on Moore’s Law it surprises me again. I’m seeing 1GB SD cards for less than $40 - for Apple *not* not include an SD slot on the “iPod shuffle” would be pretty dumb.

Posted by Demosthenes on January 10, 2005 at 11:13 PM (CST)


I don’t think it’s that bad a thing. I have all my singles stored under artist “Single” and it’s got about 250 songs in it. I can do at least a week of dog walks with that playlist. It would still be better if it took SD cards instead of being USB, but if you want to play those iTunes downloads on something . . .

Posted by brted on January 11, 2005 at 1:39 PM (CST)

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