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4G iPod has secret features?

Time Magazine’s Wilson Rothman named the new 4G iPod the “Gadget of the Week” and noted that “you should know that internally the new iPod is a ground-up reconstruction, and its really compelling applications — the ones that very well might get the goat of anyone unable or unwilling to upgrade — are still secret. All that Apple is saying is that there’s more to this than what’s being publicized.”

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You know how some people voiced concerns about how the screen was a different colour than the 3G iPod (text is now blue instead of black)? That’s because the firmware upgrade will reveal that the screen IS colour. All three of them (colours that is).
An iSight like attachment to record video (MPEG4) will also be revealed. As the bleeps above was wondering, at least one more menu item will appear with regards to the video aspects of the 4G iPod.
I think you all be surprised at what apple has achieved with this one…

Posted by JJ1974 on August 2, 2004 at 4:18 PM (CDT)


The following link from an earlier post list discusses processor advances in the ipod generations.

A more advanced processor with cache improvements would allow longer battery, and better playback.  This may explain why some people are hearing improved playback on mp3s but not AAC.

Posted by redruM on August 2, 2004 at 6:03 PM (CDT)


jj1974 - even if what you said is true,

i) why did apple launch the bloody 4g without colour support then? that would be a selling point that would allow them to move a lot more ipod

ii) how the heck would anything look on a low-res screen like that? unless you’re gonna tell me apple deliberately reduced their menu resolution *boggle*

iii) how did they fit a colour screen in AND still increase battery life?

Posted by agentsmith on August 2, 2004 at 8:07 PM (CDT)



i) They launched without colour support because the accessories are not yet available. Get new iPoders in with the cheaper price. Finalise the accessories then release a firmware upgrade to suck in the current iPoders who won’t upgrade with the currently shown “features”. Don’t you think apple want us all to upgrade?

ii) You’re right, it is a low res screen. But this is meant as a preview screen when recording. It’s not meant to be the playback display device. The output to an external display will be through the dock.

iii) As usual, just like all companies that produce devices that run on batteries, the battery usage times are indicative only. That is, with all extra features turned off (ie equaliser, volume at half, wireless off, etc) Apple have been working hard constantly on making the iPod the best there is. Sitting back and resting on their laurels would soon see apple swamped by “cheaper” competitors. Apple needs stay a step ahead.

Saying that, they still may have added a wireless technology for AirTunes integration (eg. Airport Express remote control). Sure battery life would decrease but you would be near the dock or Airport Express itself for recharging, correct? Going to out with no need for wireless? Turn it off. Battery life now back to “normal”, for want of a better word.

Lastly, they dropped the remote control because why would you need a remote control for a remote control? :)

Posted by JJ1974 on August 3, 2004 at 12:36 AM (CDT)


1. I would love to see 60gig, I have almost 200 gig in music on my computator and I am changing it up on the iPod ALL THE TIME.

2. FM radio? If I wanted to listen to the radio, then why the heck would I have an iPod. AM maybe, but ... FM radio in most of this country is AWFUL. I listen to my iPod to AVOID crappy music that most of the time is on the radio stations in the US of A.

3. All this talk about other features and the likes? Guys and gals, it is an MP3 player, was built to be one. I have no need for contacts, games, etc… I just want music on my iPod. If I wanted a PDA, I would buy a PDA and throw a 2gig Compact Flash card in it for music. I don’t need any more bells and whistles on the iPod, I just want it for music.

4. Since I use the Ipod for 8-10 hours a day, 12 hours of battery life alone is worth upgrading. My 2g is over 2 years old and is still perfect battery wise, but to have 2-3 more hours, rock on.

5. Porcupine Tree rules.

Posted by Bry on August 3, 2004 at 11:01 AM (CDT)


That is true.  Didn’t think of that

Posted by Nemesis on August 3, 2004 at 6:54 PM (CDT)


I have been using shure e2c earphones, which sound good on the loudness setting. However the bass is to say the least a little lacking. is there anyway to increase the bass from my Ipod??? Through my laptop with the bass topped up a little sound is fantastic. I basically want the loudness setting with the low freq enhanced a little.

Posted by roastpoo on August 4, 2004 at 7:22 AM (CDT)


Apple is a very forward looking company. To think that they are not making a video product would be a mistake. Consider their use of wireless networking and the fact that the ipod is the perfect portable storage device. Now add a really nice screen connected to the ipod via bluetooth and you have a killer product. (If the screen rolled up ala oLED tech that would be even better.) Add a wireless foldup keyboard and you have something that could compete with OQO type products. Just a thought.

Posted by Bernard on August 4, 2004 at 7:36 AM (CDT)


The new 4g is a disappointment to me - at least with its current feature set. Big freaking deal to have shuffle on the main screen - if i had it my way, i’d have included Party Shuffle on the pod - it would be the most useful feature when i’m at a party with my pod and my iTrip and people want to hear something next - imagine people gawking at the pod, browsing through your collection, picking songs, and soon they hear them through the party’s system? Yes I am a dj and this would be an awesome feature.

Also, my 3g is fine for me even though i’ve filled up the 40 GB space - mostly at 160 or 192 AAC, i would use AL (aka FLAC) if the pod had the space - i don’t need the minor enhancements of the 4g. I will, however, be first in line for whatever they offer with halfway-decent stereo line-in recording. That is the biggest lacking feature in my mind.

Posted by max c on August 4, 2004 at 10:22 AM (CDT)


blah blah blah - this is all more BS.  big freakin deal, yet another ipod.  the 4’th gen.  whatever.  i can see making a big deal over the mini, but this thing is hardly different from the 3rd gen.  what can it do besides like 2 added features in the software that the 3rd gen couldn’t?  and the size diff is so minimal, nobody can tell unless your totally an-al about such things.

i could see wifi as the only major addition to the ipod, but i think that it needs to be built in, not on a dock.  many other players have it, and since the technology is so small nowadays, why can’t they add it?  they’re certainly charging enough already?

Posted by makeoneupyourself on August 5, 2004 at 5:46 AM (CDT)


So I was a little doubtful of the blue screen.  But it does work (I just tried it myself).  As for the i/o fibre port in the headphone jack, it is not there.  Believe me.  I just used my 2mm fibre cord camera (used in dentistry) to peer into the audio jack housing.  There is NO optical digital eye at all, just a black plastic strip deep inside the port.  Sorry guys, but it just isn’t there.  But hey, the blue color is awesome!

Posted by John Sullivan on August 5, 2004 at 5:40 PM (CDT)


Video iPod.  It’s just too good an idea.  Apple tends to get the initial idea right and then pretty much moves on to something else.  Stock mouse still one button.  Took forever for DVD Player to get a feature added so that it would remember where you last were automatically even after ejecting and reinserting a DVD.

That said, I think it would be great if they did to a video iPod.

Possible Names for Video iPod:
ModPod - Really like this one the best

Other iPod Possibilities:
GodPod - Comes preloaded with religious audio books and religious inspirational music.  No sync connections, but modern music is evil, evil, evil, not to mention dancing, just look at what dancing did to John the Baptist!
RodPod - iPod with fishing attachments.  Listen to Brahms, and Everclear while you catch, net and gut a trout.
CodPod - Really, it’s just a second generation RodPod.
BodPod - Doubles as a bathroom scale.
PodPod - Listen to your tunes for twice as many hours as you could before (24 hours playback!) but be careful, if you run the batteries down completely the PodPod assumes your physical appearance and then kills you, replacing you as a perfect replica, other than the fact that it sounds like MacInTalk.
QuadPod - It’s an mp3 player, and It’s a stair master!
WadPod - Need I say more??
BaudPod - Doesn’t have earphones, but has a phone connection.  It calls any number you dial on it and then it screetches. (I think that Steve may have already marketed this some years ago, only they called it something else.)

Posted by Tom on August 19, 2004 at 3:45 AM (CDT)


I used to have my itrip in my ipod, set to 102fm, and every radio in the house set to 102 fm.  I’d walk around the house (or office) and whereever I’d go I’d be surrounded by beautiful music, MY beautiful music that I made with Garageband!!!

Posted by Sam on August 31, 2004 at 9:28 PM (CDT)

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