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A $50 Microsoft iPod Killer? Feh!!

Microsoft is apparently preparing to battle the iPod. Not satisfied with decimating the Macintosh with undercut pricing (and, admittedly, a more sound distribution model) Microsoft wants the iPod to have a more Apple-like 5 percent market-share.

But will it work? Yes, and no…

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if apple opend there OS to PC’s then it would not work as well than if it came on the mac because there hardware is customized around the software

that is why M$ software has tons of gliches

Posted by BIGP in Texas on May 29, 2004 at 9:56 AM (CDT)


I’ll believe it when I see it, and I’ll judge it then.  I’m quite happy with my blue iPod mini that my girlfriend gave me and I continue to recommend them to everyone who asks me about MP3 players; but for people on a budget who don

Posted by Jody on May 29, 2004 at 10:28 AM (CDT)


i think microsoft knows what they’re doing… look at xbox… its superior to other consoles and theyre online service is way better than any others… and look at windows… if they made 99% of windows programs and made their own chips it wouldnt crash either… its not the OS’s fault (always)... 50$.. well… it wont be that big… or maybe it will since you can get a 200 GB hdd for like 200 bucks… still dont know why i paid 300 dollars for 15gb hdd with a little display on it and a crashing os…

Posted by ewok in oklahoma on May 29, 2004 at 11:48 AM (CDT)


“look at xbox… its superior to other consoles”

The XBox may have technical specs that exceed most other consoles, but the quality and quantity and diversity of its games suck.

In the end it’s about the software, stupid.

Posted by ZBox on May 29, 2004 at 11:58 AM (CDT)



You made a great point, but do you realize what you said is exactly why Microsoft will have a good shot at taking the MP3 market share from Apple.

In the case of XBox it’s about the games.  In the case of MP3 players it’s the music.

If MS makes an MP3 player for $50, the masses won’t care if MS is osing money on it, they’ll just be happy they got theirs for $50 instead of $200-450 more for an iPod.

Posted by Big Sid on May 29, 2004 at 1:19 PM (CDT)



I hear what you’re saying aout Microsoft just giving this one to Apple, but I think that would be just about the worst move for consumers.

Even if MS does take the market share from Apple in the MP3 realm, then Apple will just drop back to its 2-5% market share and keep turning out ‘innovative’ products that their fan base appreciates.  The people who want to buy an iPod will always be able to, but soon the guys next to you at the coffee shop, or gym listening to music will be doing so with a Sony, RCA, Rio, Dell or Microsoft player.

The reason MS can’t give this one to Apple is because Apple’s agenda is to gouge the consumer for money with a hardware purchase.  Just look at it in absolute terms… why is it better for consumers to pay $500 instead of $50 (comparing a 40gb iPod to the proposed Microsoft player)?

Apple is trying its best to model its music business the way Microsoft modeled its OS business, but the point Apple always misses is that Microsoft achieves its ends by offering consumers a better deal financially.

I’m an advocate for consumers not being raped at the checkstand.

Posted by Big Sid on May 29, 2004 at 1:30 PM (CDT)


I’m not sure about 50USD price but I think as a consumer it will be good if microsoft enters this market, Atleast we will get good competition for “overpriced” iPod.

Posted by MJ on May 29, 2004 at 5:09 PM (CDT)


No $50 iPod Clone From Microsoft

How come when the Denver Post misquotes Yusuf Mehdi, a Microsoft VP about a $50 iPod, the misinformation spreads to several Mac news organization?  Come on guys, go to the original news source instead of another source mangling the news story.

Posted by EJ on May 29, 2004 at 5:48 PM (CDT)


MSFT make a loss on the XBOX because if it gets a substantial user base they’ll make much more back on licence fees (i.e. every XBOX game sold they get money for). That’ll be difficult to do with a music player unless they convince people to buy the music through their own store (i.e. a MSFT version of iTunes).

Posted by Oliver on May 29, 2004 at 6:55 PM (CDT)


  that problem you were having with your ipod. you should try defragging it just like you would with any other hard drive. you’ll notice some serious speed improvements also. I used Disk Warrior, and mannnn my ipod zooms

Posted by peter mcsquareliz on May 29, 2004 at 8:34 PM (CDT)


Guys, Ever thought that this is only publicity?
They do this for ppl to talk about it and have a look at MS. And in the end, they will be selling it at 100 or 150.

There was a restaurant that just open and there wasn’t lot of ppl and they decide to sell a 1000 pounds omelet and after weeks, no one tried it but tone of news came out world wide and the restaurant is now well known.

This is part of the marketing strategy.

Posted by GSY on May 29, 2004 at 9:58 PM (CDT)


Are we forgetting that there are already cheaper solutions to the iPod available? All a $50 mp3 player will look like will be something “cheap”. There is no way to improve upon the scroll wheel. M$ will have to make some pretty close design choices to pull this off.

Posted by Sam on May 31, 2004 at 9:16 AM (CDT)


This is how MS works.  The only reason they announce a non-existent $50 product is to keep those on the fence about purchasing an iPod from doing so.

Posted by The Raven in USA on May 31, 2004 at 2:08 PM (CDT)


ipodx, the ability to build a Mac from off the shelf parts will NOT be what makes the market expand. 99% of home users do not build their own computer. The average huge company does not build their own computer, not do they buy systems from small chop-shops that build custom systems. I guess what I am trying to say is that you are wrong.

Posted by Biff on June 1, 2004 at 9:25 AM (CDT)


Um Shrike I am not SOO missing the point buddy. Maybe you should look up industrial design in the dictionary. Whether you appreciate it or not Apple is innovative in the way of industrial design. Is it for “everyone”? probably not but that doesn’t mean it isn’t above average.

A little late.. but anyway:

Please reread what I wrote because I said exactly this. To repeat myself:

He didn’t said “apple has no good design” but “not everyone likes their design”.

Is apples design above average - yes

does everyone like apples design or even cares about it - no

But the author of the article seems to think this is the case. And was critizised because of this. And that is the point you are still missing.

Posted by Shrike on June 6, 2004 at 12:33 AM (CDT)

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