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Adobe sees 7M Flash requests from iPhone, iPod touch in Dec.

Adobe has revealed there were more than 7 million attempts by iPhone and iPod touch users to download Flash from in December. Discussing the matter with the San Francisco Chronicle, Adobe claimed that the stat clearly shows demand for Flash from iPhone and iPod touch users, despite Apple’s decision not to support the technology. For comparison, Adobe said the number of iPhone and iPod touch Flash download attempts was only 3 million in June 2009. It is unclear whether the number counts multiple attempts by the same user, although it seems likely given the wording of their statement.

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This illustrates the problem. Apple, and those defending Apple, are probably right - Flash will likely become a thing of the past.

But, by the time that happens, our current iPod Touches and iPhones will have long been upgraded or made redundant by newer models.

Right now, Flash is everywhere, all over the internet. For Apple not to support it right now, when it is so popular, just seems to reduce the functionality of their devices. Looking to the future? Perhaps but I live in the present, as do most iPhone and iPod Touch users. For me, it just seems like something these devices should be able to do but can’t.

Posted by BeefJerky on February 10, 2010 at 10:19 AM (CST)


Whether or not those numbers represent duplicate attempts, it highlights the problem with Apple’s strategy: it is not obvious to many users why so much web content doesn’t work. Browser tells them they need a plugin, they attempt to get said plugin, and nothing happens… The assumption is that something is wrong when it’s “working as intended”. Couldn’t Apple code the iPhone Safari app to be more clear about the lack of Flash support?

Posted by Code Monkey on February 10, 2010 at 11:24 AM (CST)


That number is a red herring.  I pull up this page and there are 5 flash ads going.  If I were on an iphone that would be 5 ‘requests’ for flash by an iphone - when I really want none of it - the flash just came with the page.

Posted by John Mc on February 10, 2010 at 12:22 PM (CST)


7 Million. Out of a total of 75 million devices.

Not a lot, really.

Posted by Cameron on February 10, 2010 at 12:36 PM (CST)


@3, no, the number is not a red herring. It’s attempts to download the Flash plugin from, something a user must deliberately initiate, not merely requests to ANY Flash content.

Posted by Code Monkey on February 10, 2010 at 12:48 PM (CST)


Whether the number Adobe is accurately depicted or not (sounds like 7 million users don’t really understand how browsers or the web works, but that’s beside the point), it’s a pathetic attempt by Adobe to prop up their argument that people want Flash.

I agree with @3.

For those of you who are still suffering with downloading Flash banner ads and dealing with Flash video, might I recommend:

Click2Flash for Safari —or—FlashBlock for Firefox

Posted by Don Funk on February 10, 2010 at 2:07 PM (CST)


@6: It’s sort of a chicken an egg subject. I wouldn’t buy an iPhone OS device for its web browsing because I don’t just want Flash, I demand its support. Web browsing without plugin support, ALL plugin support, just means I’m stuck missing out on a seamless browsing experience. The same thing hits me on my desktop when I run into some IE or Firefox only issue, but at least there I’ve got the option of opening the site in one of those browsers 15 seconds later. On an iPhone OS device, no such choice, it’s just a dead end.

So, do iPhone OS device users want flash? Well, we can surmise at least some 5%-10% do by those “pathetic” Adobe announced numbers, but we can also assume there’s some percentage who would like it, though don’t find it gamebreaking, AND do understand how browsing on iPhone OS devices work and simply aren’t dumbly trying to download it from Adoble. And, of course, there’s the matter of wondering just how many people aren’t buying iPhone OS devices over matters like this, or if they are, are largely ignoring, or at least downplaying, the browsing capabilities.

It’s hard to tell what’s driving what here. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that there are more people playing something as silly and pointless as FarmVille every single month than have purchased an iPhone OS device since their launch, and that’s just a single example of a popular Flash only application.

So, maybe most iPhone OS users don’t care, but maybe they’re iPhone OS users *because* they didn’t care to begin with.

Posted by Code Monkey on February 10, 2010 at 2:33 PM (CST)


There is a rumor that Hulu may soon be able to deliver videos to the iPad without Flash.

Posted by Galley on February 10, 2010 at 9:25 PM (CST)


What most people are not considering is that Apple does not care whether their customers want flash or not, my opinion: most want it. Mistake #1.. A company gets too big when they begin not to listen to their customers. There are over a quarter million website using embedded flash, some of them are top rated sites..I don’t like Apple purposefully degrading my web experience because they don’t like one of the most popular technologies out…. If people are silent about this Apple could begin to limit things on all of their products, anything they don’t like they will leave out.. As a mac user, I believe Mac to be the best, but if they don’t get flash support I will not buy an ipad, & when my contract is up for change, I will not purchase another iphone… I don’t like them controlling what I view…

Posted by mike on February 11, 2010 at 11:20 AM (CST)


I can’t help feeling the amount of free Flash games converted to paid Apps plays a part in Apple’s decision not to support Flash.

Posted by BeefJerky on February 11, 2010 at 2:04 PM (CST)


BeefJerky, didn’t even consider that, but I suspect that’s only a beneficial side effect rather than a primary cause. I think this is one of those Steve Jobs against the world matters, much like his stubborn refusal to allow for custom equalizers on the iPod even though it’s trivial to implement and people have been asking for it for several years.

The irony of this phallus waving match between Adobe and Apple is that if not for Adobe there probably wouldn’t be an Apple today.

Posted by Code Monkey on February 11, 2010 at 4:55 PM (CST)


@7/5/2… Well said! I too am a proud owner of an iPhone. Although I particularly DON’T care about this inability, I would like to at least have the option. I am far from “noobish” on the technology scene, but must admit that I wasn’t aware that FLASH was NOT supported well into a few days of owning my iPhone. Fortunately, I’m the type who doesn’t depend on his iPhone for browser purposes only, but I must say that it’s not as they said “CHECK OUT THIS STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY, (batteries and flash not included)”... so I think it’s bureaucratic nonsense in which Apple chooses to try to change web browsing experiences.

p.s. in addition to comment #7, it’s not “chicken or egg”, it’s Apple wanting to be the chicken and the egg, trying to usurp the technology world

Posted by V4Vendetta on February 12, 2010 at 1:35 PM (CST)


I agree with @11.  This is a Steve Jobs phallus thing.  Like his refusal to add MMS to the iphone at launch (who uses that old technology anyway? umm.. Millions of people!).  I, for one, am passing on an iPad for the lack of flash.  I’m a diehard Facebook and Mafia Wars (not the crappy iphone version) fanatic and if my $250 HP netbook can do flash, I firmly believe a $499 or greater device should be able to as well.  I’d love for the world to move to HTML5 today but as we all know, there are millions of PCs out there still supporting old versions of software.  I ran across a person still on Windows 98 yesterday! Steve needs to quit the pissing matches about technology and get with Microsoft’s philosophy of “Embrace & Extend”.  There is a reason 90% of the market belongs to Microsoft.

Posted by Luke in DC on February 13, 2010 at 4:40 AM (CST)


The primary purpose for the iPad is portable web browsing, and Flash is one of the primary web technologies. It is used for WAY more than just video and ads - many of the most sophisticated sites are built with Flash. There is NO WAY I am purchasing the iPad until it supports Flash.

Posted by Sue P on February 16, 2010 at 11:16 AM (CST)


Stevie Jobs and his empire are employing their imperialistic ideologies amongst their consumers. By deciding what their customers want instead of the consumers making their own choices, like history of industrial revolution, they are shoving down our throats a standard of which we are forced to adopt. No doubt that th iPhone is ahead of the phone competition. But they are using their power in an unethical manner. Apple knows that their brand is in high demand and know that their prospect consumers are willing to accept their short comings in order to obtain their TRENDY technology. No matter what we still want ONE. There is no denial that iPhone could have flash just as the first and second generation could of had mms messaging and just as well that the ipad could have had a built in camera and what not. Predictably they will as always. We are donkeys to their carrot in a lemmings quest to fill their pocket. I love Apple products but what I hate is their proprietarism, their inflated cost for computers, and I hate they way they are deceptive in presenting their products in a give little take lots fashion. In my opinion Apple and their costs increase the antiquity rate. For the price you pay you could be geting alot more and perhaps better from a pc. Yes pc’s are prone to viruses but maybe one should stop going on THOSE sites (eh hem). Did you know if it were not for the iPhone and iPod Apple was close to being in the bucket? So to conclude in the case of Apple not supporting flash, they could but greed will not let them. Apple feels they know what is and will be best for you and what you want. Soon enough if not now we will be slaves to there technology because that’s how they want it. If anyone is a history buff you can clearly see what they are trying to accomplish. I’m suprised they have not launched their own service carrier ( APPLE WIRELESS ) yet. Hmmmmm.

Posted by Chimchim on April 3, 2010 at 5:20 AM (CDT)


I posted the second paragraph on the Apple website but they removed it the same day..  Today!

Do you honestly believe that no one else is having. The same thoughts or having to go through the same set of questions and answers?  Do you think that by hiding the topic it will just go away?  Why don’t you just do the right thing by your customers and settle your feud with Adobe so your customers don’t have to go through this?  What I have stated is not inflammatory nor is it any sort of an attempt to insight any sort of insurrection against anyone.  I just want to know what you are going to do.  I guess I got my answer by you removing my post from your message board.  I will post it on other message boards and see if the same thing happens there too.

Thanks for your great customer service.

I have a 64 GB WiFi iPad. It’s great, excepting that it does not allow me to interact with any of the websites that I need to interact with via Flash. I was planning on purchasing a second 3G iPad very soon but now I am in a dilemma because I have to be able to access the Flash websites that I mentioned earlier. Is this issue going to be resolved in favor of the users/customers or is it going to continue on as it is? I have not taken up an iPhone but I do have a touch iPod. I guess I have just not run into this issue while using my iPod. At any rate, I am now looking at purchasing a new laptop instead of a second iPad because of this issue - this really is the deal breaker for me. If Apple will not support Flash or at least allow me to access sites that use Flash to deliver their content then I have no choice and I will have to go with a device that will allow me to do what I need to do regardless of anyone else’s philosophical point of view.

One kind of irritating thing about the iPad that there are no arrow keys - that I have found.  I would put this as the second paragraph if I could have easily found a way to do it.

After my original post was removed from the Apple forums for being inflammatory I reposted it there as a comment about the iPad.  I don’t expect anyone outside of Apple ever sees those postings.

Posted by Chuck Taylor on May 1, 2010 at 10:47 PM (CDT)


I hear the argument flash is old hat and disagree.  They also said hdmi wasn’t as good as display Port now Mac mini and apple tv have them. Blueray is another pain in my apples side. Soon Mac might support that too.  Bottom line I now have a windows 7 machine w blueray and an android with flash.  It may not be what I wanted but it is what works and really that is what I wanted most.

Posted by Mike on November 29, 2010 at 1:02 PM (CST)

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