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Apple begins audit of iPod factory conditions

Apple said today that it has begun a “thorough audit” of the Chinese iPod factory operated by Foxconn, which recently came under fire for poor working conditions. “Apple has begun a thorough audit of the manufacturing plant operated by Foxconn in Longhua, China,” said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling. The audit will look at “employee working and living conditions, interviews of employees and managers, compliance with overtime and wage regulations, and other areas as necessary to insure adherence to Apple’s supplier code of conduct,” Dowling said. Foxconn denies any wrongdoing. “Foxconn’s employment practices are completely in accordance with the requirements of Shenzhen labor supervision departments and the Shenzhen Labor Supervision Bureau can come to our factory to carry out inspections,” Foxconn spokeswoman Miss He said.

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Whats new!! Slave labour I mean cheap labour from third world countries to minimize expense and maximize profit for the corporations. SHAME ON APPLE

Posted by s372491 on June 19, 2006 at 9:07 PM (CDT)



It’s all about reputation. They’re making false claims so they can look better. Nothing will be done about the slaves.

That’s what happens when you trust corporate organizations.

Posted by some guy on June 19, 2006 at 9:43 PM (CDT)


The US Economy is based on Slave Labour from Third World Countries.

For instance, Ford America Export Unfinished Sheet-metal to Ford Mexico, where they are Built into Complete Cars. Ford get Export Kickbacks from the Govt.
Ford Mexico then transfer the Finished cars back to Ford America (not exported, ‘transferred’, avoiding Import Duties), who sell them as American Manufactured Cars.

Without Third-World Slave Labour and Fiddling the Books, the US Economy would collapse.

Posted by Daniel Woods on June 20, 2006 at 5:06 AM (CDT)


I bet Apple gonna come out and say “oh everything is excellent there and according to the Chinese [unfair] laws!”

Posted by slayer on June 20, 2006 at 9:41 AM (CDT)


BTW, before further Apple bashing, Foxconn also manufacture products for HP, IBM, Toshiba, Nokia etc. iPod is only one of the items they manufacture.  I am not an Apple supporter, but got to be fair.

It’s time that people in the western world NOT trying to ‘Westerniz’ the rest of the world, other developing country needs to evolve on their own very much like how the Western world had evolved.

Posted by D. Lens on June 20, 2006 at 10:51 AM (CDT)


Daniel Woods, you back that up like it’s a good thing. How ignorant. We need to reform our economy. It is based on blindly “looking the other way” and that’s what Apple is going to do. It’s all because of big companies like Ford, Apple, Microsoft, etc. They all have enough money but all they do is cheat our economy out of more money so they don’t lose as much but still sell the products at the same price. It’s all greed.

That’s why you should go open-source.

Posted by some guy on June 20, 2006 at 2:45 PM (CDT)


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Posted by qmqdwqsu on February 26, 2007 at 10:18 AM (CST)

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