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Apple chart reveals iPod shuffle 3G track, scrubbing controls


Apple has posted a new knowledge base document outlining the control methods for the third-generation iPod shuffle, including two features that appeared to be missing: fast forward and rewind. According to the document, users will need to double-click and then hold the center earphone remote button to fast-forward, an action that will be accompanied by a single green blink from the unit’s status light. Rewind will require a triple-click and hold, again accompanied by a single green blink, while next track/previous track operations are carried out with double- and triple-clicks, respectively, the same behavior exhibited on the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G, and 120GB iPod classic. Finally, users must click and hold the center button to hear the song title and track names, hold until the unit issues a tone and then release to switch playlists, clicking briefly again once the desired playlist name has been spoken, and click and hold to exit the playlist menu.

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I wonder why other iPods can’t fast forward/rewind with an Apple headphone with remote

Posted by sonalitude on March 12, 2009 at 1:26 AM (CDT)


All this seems too complicated to be recieved well by the general public.

It seems to me, the ‘wow factor’* of having no buttons and a very tiny player cannot outweigh the hassle of mastering a totally new and less-than-intuitive control scheme.

I have a 2G iPod Shuffle and I truly love it. It’s very easy to control, very functional and small enough that it can fit pretty much anywhere.

However, I’ve never wished it were smaller and I’ve definitely never wished it didn’t have buttons. I can also honestly say that I’ve never wished any music player could talk to me. That just sounds obnoxious.

Please… someone tell me. Besides the increased storage and playlists**, why would I ever want this? Why would anyone ever want this, especially if they’ve already got an older Shuffle that works just fine?

* Yes, the phrase ‘wow factor’ was used intentionally and cynically…
** Not really selling points… 1GB is more than enough space when the point of the thing is to give you a random selection of your music. Same with playlists. If the point was to Shuffle, why give people the option of having playlists? And anyway, can you imagine listening to a robotic voice read off all your playlists?

Posted by Isral DeBruin on March 12, 2009 at 10:56 AM (CDT)


I agree. All sounds unncessarily complicated to me. The point of owning a shuffle is that it is SIMPLE—the iPod you use when you are doing the vacuuming and ironing or digging the garden.

I have two second generation shuffles, and 1 GB is about right for this sort of playback. To be honest my 2GB shuffle is almost too large—it holds an enormous amount of music and I cannot for the life of me imagine why you would want four.

As for the headphone issue, I find the white earbuds hurt and I know I am not alone in this. Why would I want to give up my nice comfortable over the ear headphones just to buy some third party control line set that cost more than the shuffle itself?

I’ve always liked Apple products since my very first II+ computer, but they do have the occasional misfire and it seems to me this is probably one of them.

Posted by Queen Dragon on March 12, 2009 at 6:56 PM (CDT)

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