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Apple introduces iPod shuffle

pic Confirming months of speculation and publicized leaks from suppliers, Apple today unveiled the newest member of the iPod family, iPod shuffle. The compact digital audio player—built with flash memory instead of a hard-disk drive like other iPods—is the lowest-priced model yet, but also offers the least amount of song capacity. It is available immediately in 512MB and 1GB capacities for or $99 and $149, respectively.

Physically smaller than an iPod mini but made entirely from glossy white plastic like the front casings of most full-sized iPods, iPod shuffle is so named for its dramatic departure from iPod norms: it lacks its predecessors’ now iconic screen and Click Wheel controls, and is intended for casual, randomized music listening rather than storage of a full music library.

“iPod shuffle is smaller and lighter than a pack of gum and costs less than $100,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With most flash-memory music players users must use tiny displays and complicated controls to find their music; with iPod shuffle you just relax and it serves up new combinations of your music every time you listen.”

Apple said iPod shuffle takes advantage of iTunes’ new AutoFill feature, which “automatically selects the perfect number of songs to fill iPod shuffle from a user’s complete music library on their computer.” The company said that at any time, with a flip of a switch on the back of iPod shuffle, users can choose to listen to their music in order rather than shuffled.

Featuring a simplified four-direction control system to let users skip forward and backward, play/pause, and adjust volume upwards and downwards, iPod shuffle includes a headphone port at its top and standard Dock Connector port on its bottom to permit listening and file transferring, respectively.

The device, which can be plugged directly into a computer via USB, also doubles as a portable flash drive to back up and transfer personal files.

In addition to an included lanyard and earphones, Apple is selling an optional armband, clear sport case with neck strap, dock, USB power adapter, and battery pack that boosts battery life to up to 20 additional hours. All of the accessories sell for $29.

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Jeez. I keep reading “lack of a screen” and I wonder how you kids would have gotten along in the days when we only had pocket radios or cassette players, and you didn’t get to read what song was coming up next… You had to- GASP!- listen to it for two seconds to hear what song was coming up next. With the radio we were stuck listening to the crappy song or tuning in another station (and not many cities had more than one cool station) and with the cassette player we had to fast-forward past the bad song, which took a few minutes, and required us to actually stop it and listen to see if the song was over yet.

Spoiled, crabby people. I swear. This thing’s frickin’ genius compared to what I had to put up with when I was in school. How can you actually complain about something that holds MORE music, has an INSTANT shuffle feature, is smaller, and sounds 10x better than a radio or cassette player?

Come on back to 1985 and complain about this thing, and watch everyone look at you like you’re an idiot.

No screen. Sheesh! CD players didn’t have screens! Tape players didn’t have screens! Radios didn’t have screens! What the hell?

I love my iPod, but the screen is not a deal-breaker. Not by far.

Posted by Wilder_K_Wight on January 14, 2005 at 5:18 AM (CST)


well, it’s strange feeling. first time, it was not attractive really because something was lack of. but after looking at it everytime, it makes me so exciting. finally, I understood what Apple really intended for ipod shuffle. even if it doesn’t have any screen, it not important. because it’s not like regular ipod used to be. I think that it’s smart design, thinking, considering what kind of people will use for. at least, it looked through our minds.

yeah, I really like it. and I can’t wait for getting it soon. more than before, I really love Apple, mac ever.

Posted by crazypod in St. Louis, MO on January 14, 2005 at 2:57 PM (CST)


Have 1st Gen (5Gig) used mainly for latest downloaded stuff, 3rd Gen (30 Gig) for Pre year 2000 music, 4th Gen (60 Gig)for photo’s and 2000music runs and now I’ve ordered a 1 Gig shuffle to play with as a random selector, I think I like Ipod stuff!

Posted by gpod in England on January 14, 2005 at 4:08 PM (CST)


The iPod Shuffle seems to have a cool factor, and for $100 why not if you don’t already have a flash player.

Posted by Sorcery5 on January 15, 2005 at 9:57 AM (CST)


If control of the music you’re listening to isn’t important, why not buy a ten dollar radio instead of a flash player?

I’m old enough to remember when an Hitachi AM transistor radio the size of two Ipods was state of the art—but that was then, and this is now, and the shuffle just doesn’t cut it. I also remember when there were three channels to choose from on the TV… but I have cable now! Could any of go back? Would we want to?

Sure, I know it’a all an illusion, but we treasure the illusion of choice—Apple spent years advocating it, but now is happy to compromise their own vision by proclaiming “life is Random”—because it’s cheaper that way.

Posted by samiglick in NYC on January 16, 2005 at 3:31 PM (CST)


Just bought one in the UK. Nice. Does all I want.
BUT, since the accessories are still beyond the horizon, does anyone know if simply wiring up some batteries to the power pins on a female USB will be sufficient to make a battery pack??

I will be stuck away from my mac for a week or so and the built-in rechargeable is only good for 12 hours…


Cheers,  Steve

Posted by bonegang in UK on January 17, 2005 at 8:18 AM (CST)


I have had mine for three days now and it is so awesome. Dont even notice the extra weight in my pocket and the lanyard thing is cool. I’ve gotten several glances from strangers. Im assuming they think im “cool”. haha. yea it is probably the coolest flash drive and its a ipod so it plays music too. word. Everyone should get one now. Best has had them in stock more than most other places.

Posted by yanksfan161 on February 10, 2005 at 7:04 PM (CST)


yanksfan161 is right.  I also have had mine for three days. I’m a high school student so getting the 1 gig is just right for me and my budget.  Unlike what apple says I was able to fit 300+ song on mine.  Well it is pretty freakin awesome and I will not let go of it. HOLLA! :>)

Posted by badrice_15 in Elk Grove on February 12, 2005 at 7:20 PM (CST)


I’m no teenager and the shuffle 512 does exactly what I want. If I’m out and about I don’t want to be fiddling with a complicated device. I just want to unobtrusively listen to music. I can change my music selection weekly or daily so I don’t get bored, and I have room for at least 6 CDs—and any files I need to carry back and forth from school to home.

My main uses will be walking for exercise, and listening to music while grading papers at school.

- high school math teacher

Posted by kayvee on February 22, 2005 at 2:47 PM (CST)

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