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Apple snubs iPhone developers at end of WWDC

A first-hand account from the final session of Apple’s 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) claims the company actively avoided facing the questions of many iPhone developers. Tumblr and Instapaper developer Marco Arment reports that the final session of WWDC ‘09, which he attended, was about publishing on the App Store, and although the content of the session is under NDA, Arment claims the session was more notable for what it didn’t contain. Arment writes, “So I’ll tell you what wasn’t in it: the audience Q&A session that succeeded nearly every other WWDC session and usually provided invaluable access to Apple employees and useful additional knowledge to attendees. The session itself blew through its lightweight examples quickly, ending 45 minutes early. The majority of the audience was clearly there for the Q&A. As people lined up at the microphones around the room, the presenter abruptly showed a simple slide with only ‘WWDC’ in plain lettering, thanked us for coming, and bolted off the stage. The Apple engineers, usually staying around the stage for one-on-one questions, were gone. The lights came up instantly, and it was the only session that didn’t end in music. The audience was stunned.”

“It was a giant middle finger to iPhone developers. And that’s the closing impression that Apple gave us for WWDC. Clearly, they had absolutely no interest in fielding even a single question from the topic that we have the most questions about,” he continues. “This went far beyond reluctant tolerance. It’s hard to interpret it as anything else except blatant hostility. We could probably have a more open discussion with Kim Jong-il about North Korea’s nuclear policy.” A separate report from earlier in the week suggests the company may have been trying to sidestep questions from developers regarding the company’s opaque and sometimes frustrating iPhone application approval process, as developers were unable to get answers about their rejections, even when speaking face-to-face with Apple employees during the event. [via DF]

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‘It’s hard to interpret it as anything else except blatant hostility. We could probably have a more open discussion with Kim Jong-il about North Korea’s nuclear policy.” ‘

They had to get back to their secret research deep underground in the labs.  But I think some people are getting a little crazy with statements like that.  I mean come on…

Posted by sting7k on June 16, 2009 at 10:30 AM (CDT)


It’s great that the rage of fellow developers starts getting everyday news. Hopefully this (and other things where Apple clearly sucks - like exclusive carriers and simlocks, that avoid old iPhones from being used again and driving sales of our apps) gets a serious image fiasco for Apple - and hopefully finally someone of the executive idiots in command realizes that they have to change it!

Posted by Josh on June 16, 2009 at 10:57 AM (CDT)


Josh i couldn’t agree with you more. Though my house is full of Apple products. My trust and respect in Apple these past few months has dropped considerably.

Posted by Johnathan on June 16, 2009 at 1:21 PM (CDT)


Too often the Q&A;part become “my two minutes in the limelight” or “how can I shame Apple” without providing anything productive. Apple isn’t going to make public statements about policy in that forum. The people that would be on stage don’t control the policy in any case. You’re much better off talking to people one-on-one in the labs.

Posted by Chris on June 16, 2009 at 1:22 PM (CDT)


I hope to God that these times with Jobs gone is not a sign of whats to come when apple becomes operated by another person, group, or entity.  It all most makes me wish Jobs would dissolve the company after he leaves for good as the last 6 months don’t make the company’s future with out Jobs look good. I would actually call it dismal. But we will see what Jobs has to say when he returns.

Posted by viper09 on June 17, 2009 at 5:08 AM (CDT)

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