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AT&T deluged with negative comments following iPhone plan changes

Following AT&T’s decision to introduce new “smartphone” plans that will impact iPhone and iPad 3G users, the company has been flooded with negative sentiments from angry customers. The company’s Facebook Wall is filled with comments ranging from well-mannered and sensible sentiments—“Just imagine the good PR you guys will get if you offer the tethering for free with the [DataPro] plan, it won’t change anything in your service since everybody will use the same data that [they are] already paying [for]”—to bolder and frequently brutal ones, such as “AT&T is showing their true colors… They really truly suck.” Many users, including iLounge readers, have focused about the abrupt change in iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G service terms after only a month on store shelves. “Bait and Switch,” says iLounge reader Liz. “They pumped the iPad 3G for months on the unlimited data plan with no contract and now they’re taking it away only what 2 months or less since the 3G launched? Screw AT&T I’d rather pay the big cash to another carrier and use MiFi instead.”

A quick search of Twitter for the hashtag “#attsucks” turns up numerous recent tweets, for obvious reasons all negative. “I’m sure of two things: as of 6/7 I’m giving $15 less to AT&T each month,” writes user davehiggins1. “As of 11/20 I’m giving $0 to AT&T each month.” Twitter user HelloTasmin writes, “Does it actually make it better that I pay slightly less for a service that becomes sh!*!ier every day?” It remains to be seen whether the backlash will force AT&T’s hand to remedy some of the newly-created issues; however, as iLounge reader Devo points out in a comment on our editorial on the matter, there is some precedent for iPhone-related customer outcry leading a carrier to change its policies.

“When Apple finally announced that Canadians [were] going to get their chance to get their hands on a (legitimate) iPhone, Rogers communications (our AT&T equivalent provider north of the border) announced some pretty lousy data plans,” Devo writes. “In fact, some of them had (have) ridiculously low caps. I think they started [at] 100MB! Canadian customers were so [put] off that Americans were being offered unlimited data that a petition was started to try and force Rogers to offer the same, an unlimited plan at a fair ($30) price. What we got was a limited time offer of 6GB for that $30, and yes I signed up for that. Then last summer, Rogers got wise and when Apple offered tethering on the iPhone, customers could use that service, free of any additional charge, and any data usage incurred would count towards that month’s allowed data. Now AT&T wants to make the same mistakes as Rogers, and hopes to get away with it? What are they thinking? Who in the world thinks it’s a good idea to offer worse service at a higher price, than was available to consumers in the past. They must think you’re all idiots.”

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I’m happy AT&T is finally giving the majority of users the chance to save some money on there monthly bill.. i have had my 3GS for about a year and haven’t reached the 1 gig mark yet.. SO, even with the $25 plan i will save 5 dollars . and the change i will go over is HIGHLY unlikely.

People that bitch about AT&T will bitch with any carrier IMO.

Posted by Zerofun on June 3, 2010 at 11:16 AM (CDT)


I’ve actually come around a little now on the new data plans, though I think 2GB is way too low for what once was basically unlimited. A hard limit of 5GB would have been more appropriate, especially in light of tethering becoming available.

What does tick me off is the ludicrous and baseless charge of $20/mo for the privilege of tethering. $20/mo for tether AND an extra 2GB (total of 4GB) would have been acceptable. As it stands however, tethering pulls from the shared pull of the same 2GB data you have without tethering. Basically, you get to pay $20/mo to AT&T for *nothing*.

Thankfully, I’ll be able to keep my current $30 unlimited plan, which I fully intend to do. I would like the option to tether, but it’s simply not worth it to leave my unlimited plan. Plus, there’s always MyWi for that.

Posted by Chris Pratt on June 3, 2010 at 12:31 PM (CDT)


AT&T needs to keep their unlimited data as is.  Changing this will cost them customers. I own a 3GS and am very happy with it. If they change their plan, I will change companies when my contract ends next year. AT&T always is trying to take advantage of their customers.  Thirty dollars is to much as it is.

Posted by John F Galo on June 3, 2010 at 1:52 PM (CDT)


Love my 3GS, but if I were a new potential AT&T iPhone subscriber, the current data plans would prevent me from signing up.  I listen to a ton of internet radio, and my data usage is in the 3-4gb range.  I guess I’d get an iPod Touch instead and take my wireless business elsewhere.

I hope this isn’t like the airlines, where one makes a change and the others follow suit…

Posted by benjitek on June 3, 2010 at 2:24 PM (CDT)


If AT&T is really concern about the excessive amount of data use by iPhone users then I have a solution. Add this plan to your new plans that start on June 7th.

$0 for data service refused.

If you add that plan then I will believe that reason.

Posted by Miguel Rodriguez on June 3, 2010 at 3:18 PM (CDT)


I for one, truly hope that AT&T does NOT change their mind about the new data plans. This will save me and my boyfriend $30 a month. Maybe what they need to do is have a $15 a month limited plan and a $30 a month unlimited plan. Makes sense to me.  And I really don’t know enough about tethering to comment on it, but not interested in it anyway. So…to me, this is all great news. At a savings of $30 a month, it will pay for my new iPhone 4G in less than 7 months!!! Sweet!!!

Posted by Sadie_KC on June 3, 2010 at 3:33 PM (CDT)


When I read vehement attacks against AT&T, whom I admit has some network problems, it often appears to me that these responders are heavy users. I live in San Francisco and so I’ve experienced difficulty with 3G, but for the most part I limit my data usage to wifi zones. I think average users don’t experience the outages power users do, or perhaps live in areas where AT&T’s networks aren’t constantly overwhelmed. Maybe heavy users should pay more; I certainly won’t mind paying less.

Posted by camembert on June 3, 2010 at 4:08 PM (CDT)


Contrary to one commenter in San Francisco, I find AT&T cell AND 3G service here to be lousy.  Even AT&T admits in recent publications there are “problems” for both San Francisco and New York City.

I live in the geographic center of San Francisco and find about 20% of cell calls don’t go through on the first dial.  About the same percentage of calls drop during phone conversation. There is even a major difference in connectivity between rooms in my one-bedroom apartment. I’ve also encountered several block wide “dead” spots where the iphone reports there is no network for phone calls or 3G.  I’m not a heavy phone user!

I purchased an iPad last month and purposely passed on the 3G model.  AT&T can’t handle the 3G load they already have, and you can bet that will get even worse with the increased iPad 3G usage and the soon-to-be-released new iPhone.

My decision to pass on the iPad 3G means Apple lost the $100 more I gladly would have paid if AT&T provided better 3G coverage.  I don’t think I’m alone in that decision. 

Apple is selling products that promote and increase connectivity, but AT&T can’t provide the service they supposely offer. Unfortunately, Apple has to be hit in the pocketbook before taking steps to scrap the exclusivity deal with AT&T.  It’s coming and it won’t be a single moment too soon. Even though I have the benefit of a 20% corporate discount, I will be one of the first in line to switch to another carrier when Apple scuttles the AT&T contract.

To my fellow San Francisco commenter, wake up!  You already ARE subsidizing other AT&T users! The rate they offer corporate accounts is offset by what they’re charging you.  What makes you think AT&T isn’t going to “introduce” other measures (i.e, rate increases) later for regular service?  Any reduction they offer now will be more than made up by increases later.  They aren’t just going to charge more for heavy users - corporate logic is to look at every single class of service and increase profits (rates).  Enjoy your limited use discount while it lasts!

With the nationwide adoption of the new iPad and new iPhone, this problem will become a daily reality for the rest of the U.S.  That’s why AT&T is already taking steps to limit use.  This is the same AT&T that recorded record profits in their last fiscal year.

Posted by Jay Stone on June 3, 2010 at 6:25 PM (CDT)


The only way to fix this problem is for the iphone to be sold by other cell phone companies like sprint, Verizon and T-Moble.  As long as AT&T is the only company that can provide the iphone to customers then they can charge what ever they want without worrying about customers going to other companies with better Iphone plans.  Personally I love the iphone but I think that I am going to go with sprint (Evo 4g).  This phone is pretty impressive and sprint offers better data plans than AT&T does.

Posted by Tim Grant on June 3, 2010 at 8:12 PM (CDT)


People who think they are going to be able to just tether all their data are living in a dream world.

Posted by Dick Bacon on June 4, 2010 at 1:24 AM (CDT)


All I can say is I’m so disappointed as an AT&T iphone customer for the past 2 years, I really love my iphone, and I use about 280MB-300MB of data on iphone#1 and about 180MB to 220MB on iphone#2 in a family plan, but the arbitrarily and abusive change of data plan pricing forces me to bring my business somewhere else, since my contract ends on June 9th, I cannot wait one day more!! maybe sprint EVO 4G is my next call!! bye bye AT&T :(

Posted by Tom Bruised on June 4, 2010 at 11:16 PM (CDT)


Here is the thing for many 3g users, awhile back Apple released an update that bricked many people’s 3g WiFi.  I myself listen to a lot of internet radio so i will definitely be keeping my unlimited data.  That is if I don’t switch over to verizon or sprint… Tethering is where you can use your phone basically as a modem for your computer to connect to the internet.  So those who want that feature are going to be paying for a measlly 2gb of data and an extra 20$ a month for tethering, (which does not include any more data).  Those that think they will save money know this. If you switch your plan, and find out that you wont actually be saving money because you use more data than you originally thought you will not be able to go back to unlimited.  Also, those who are at ATT’s defence… look at what they did with ipad users.. for two months they offer unlimited data and then BAM, taken away… a true bait and switch.  I personally hope apple announces a verizon Iphone, although i think we have to wait until 2011 for that..

Posted by Miles PO on June 5, 2010 at 12:28 AM (CDT)


I smell price fixing on the rise. Feds need to get ready to open an antitrust investigation once the other big 4 implement their ridiculous limited plans.

Posted by Jy on June 5, 2010 at 8:31 AM (CDT)


I am seeing so many people complaining about the price change, and in the same paragraph say they are not even using 1GB of data in a month. And YOU are complaining about the opportunity to pay LESS for your data plan? What a bunch of morons. I WELCOME the data rate change, as none of the 3 lines I pay for exceed 1GB a month. I’ll take any savings I can get. Unlimited is nice, but if you chart your usage and see you are not getting your money’s worth, then paying less for what you do use is smart.

Posted by Eric on June 8, 2010 at 1:16 PM (CDT)

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