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AT&T problems await iPad to iPad 2 3G upgraders

Based on the experience of iLounge’s editors, users moving from original iPad 3G units to iPad 2s with AT&T 3G hardware may experience AT&T service problems. During testing of two AT&T iPad 2 units, iLounge discovered that the unit registered with a prior AT&T data service account refused to activate on AT&T’s network, despite full payment of the company’s $25 service fee using the device. The second unit, registered with a new account and e-mail address, activated almost immediately.

After contacting AT&T, iLounge learned that users who attempt to activate AT&T iPad 2 service using the original iPad’s AT&T account will experience two problems. First, the iPad 2 will not activate. Second, the user will either have to manually swap the Micro-SIM cards between the iPad and iPad 2 units, or AT&T will disable the iPad’s Micro-SIM in order to allow the iPad 2’s Micro-SIM to work. The AT&T representative claimed that a user who chooses the latter option will have to buy a replacement card should they want to restore 3G service to the older model, as the first Micro-SIM will no longer be usable.

In any case, since AT&T does not appear to be capable of registering multiple iPad and iPad 2 units on a single account, iPad and iPad 2 customers will need to have one email address and account for each iPad they own should they want to enable service on multiple iPads. Users experiencing problems with AT&T iPad service should contact 1-800-331-0500, also available as a free call to AT&T cellular customers by dialing 611.

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No problems here. I swapped SIM cards right off the bat, signed into my AT&T account on the new iPad, and boom - I was online.

Posted by Jerrod H. on March 14, 2011 at 12:18 PM (CDT)


I had no problem transferring my unlimited 3G account from old iPad to new iPad 2 on Friday called AT&T, rep on line walked me through steps to activate new sim card was up and running in less than 5 minutes. I don’t know why everyone bashes AT&T I have never had a bad experience with their customer reps.

Posted by Scott Aparo on March 14, 2011 at 2:27 PM (CDT)


I had this problem too.  But what fixes it is go to, select the “Need More Data” link, then log into the page as an existing customer.  From there, you will see edit user info.  Click on that then on the next page, click on update device info.  Add your NEW iPad IMEI and ICCID and you will be all set.  It worked for me! No sim card switch is needed so you will still have same SIM as the number on the back of your iPad. Good luck!

Posted by B Jones on March 14, 2011 at 2:30 PM (CDT)


I had the original AT&T iPad model, and then just now bought the Verizon iPad 2.  But I was warned by Verizon’s Prepaid Customer Service Rep that I will not be able to use the same iTunes account with my Verizon iPad as the previous AT&T iTunes account. He was certain that I would receive an error message when I tried to set the account up with the same info as my previous model.  I haven’t tested this yet, but I’m waiting for the AT&T model of the iPad 2 so I can swap it for this Verizon model. (Best Buy and Apple have both eliminated restocking fees recently, so a swap is finally a feasible option.)
Once I have the AT&T model, I’ll try the steps that B Jones suggested.  Hopefully it’ll be a painless transition.

Posted by Toontimer on March 15, 2011 at 11:27 AM (CDT)

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