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BBC 6 Music report: Video iPod set to debut in London next week

During a broadcast earlier in the day, BBC 6 Music news reported “Apple is set to unveil a new video iPod at the BBC Television Centre in London on October the 12th. The company is expected to reveal details of the new MP3 and video player as well as video bundles to be available from the company’s iTunes stores.” Conflicting reports about the rumored video iPod have run rampant across the web since Apple sent out the “One More Thing…” announcements yesterday. The broadcast is no longer available on the BBC site.

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Wow, another overpriced product to be released from Apple. Course all the fanboys are going to drool. Me…I’ve already got a PMP that also records video and plays games.

Posted by khan on October 9, 2005 at 3:37 PM (CDT)


I’ve been thinking and reading lots online - All I can work out is the Nano is already video capable, but Apple had to wait two weeks to get the iTunes Video Store in good working order.  Still, even as a Mac fan I’m yet to be convinced to buy any iPod.  What I really want is the PDA/Phone/Digital Camera/iPod/OS X combination device.  Now that would be special!

Posted by mrtotes on October 9, 2005 at 4:13 PM (CDT)


“I would like to see Apple bring out a palm computer.”
By Walter Jeffries on 10.06.05 at 12:38 AM

Firstly, Walter if you remember from 1993 to 1998 Apple computer had the Newton. Big bulky but great, however it was killed young due to heavy losses financial made possible by a steep price of several thousand dollars.

With that little Apple history lesson out of the way let’s get to the ipod VIDEO!!!!!!!!! (If anyone wants to correct me, please feel free, but make sure you know what thy say before thy makes an arse of thyself.)

My cousin works for Intel but I knew about the Intel Mac thing before he did and he knew about Woodcrest and Whitefield processors before most knew about the P4 3.6 HT. What does this have to do with the iPod? It shows that despite the fact that Jobs confirmed things with Intel long before the announcement most people in the company were not told about this new client because that’s buisness and Intel didn’t go blabing because it didn’t want to lose that potential client to the likes of AMD. But that makes the case for iPod video worse, well maybe not. The BBC is a great source for online video content esecially since the advent of their own video codec. So as with Intel Apple would have to give them prior knowledge to the realase to alow for the BBC to cue up some video content for the divice but since we are talking about video that the BBC is already trying to give out for free via “” (and perhaps more? OOOO!!!!) they are not as worried about loyalty and secrets as the likes of Intel selling millions of processors because the money isn’t there. This alows for the BBC to be a bit careless release this little tidbit with many in the company alowing for the BBC 6 slip.

That alone perhaps is more or less highly educated speculation but here’s where we see a potential slip on Apple’s behalf. This story posted on talks of a website slip up on the itunes site of South Africa. A picture in the article shows two links to Video iPod adverts pre-made and ready to be shown in two quicktime quality formats. This seems to be legit though no longer available, but what makes me into a believer (since I missed the sites time on the Web) is when the url (the infamous url in the aritcle) is typed it automatically replaces the “video/” with “overview/”. When I saw that change for my own eyes it gave me a chill. WTF? Yeah a chill because I have gone to the Apple site a number of times and I know that when you type a page url that does not exist like “kwhd/” or “donkey/” in that same place a page comes up saying it cannot display that URL, no redirecting occurs, and atleast for me I have never been redirected unless it was to a page that at one time existed and is going to be reposted. Anyway that little thing has proven to me that the Video iPod is not just a Photo or Colour hacked but the real ephing deal.

Bafore I leave check out the picture on again because it might not end up real but it’s slick as slick. (Props to swede.) Anyway mates again if anyone would like to give me a holla’ just email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (note I keep my Gmail account for my peeps, and I don’t usually talk like that.)

Cheers Mates,

P.S. They beter alow the Photos, Colours, and Nanos to have a crapy version of this function at least! I mean the Nano can’t even attatch to a TV what is a slideshow good for on that thing if only one person can view it? But a small arsed telly now that would be just smashing or at least alow you to go hey iRiver sucks check this out Bam, and there on your screen your favorite clip from Monty Python or The Simpson at which time you both figuratively bitch slap the video mobile user with the skuweled Nano and video capable iRiver model that is still beter than that phony piece of crap. (Ha, Phoney)

Posted by Kendall Tawes on October 10, 2005 at 3:23 AM (CDT)


So i just saw something interesting. I was watching Entertainment Tonight and it was talking about CSI and Desperate Housewives when suddenly the anchor just happens to throw in “If your desperate to see an episode of Desperate Housewives that you missed, they have teamed up with apple so you can download episodes for the new video iPod” and it showed a little white iPod that you could hardly make out but the point still remains. The only question is when it’s being released i guess.

Posted by Justin on October 13, 2005 at 8:07 PM (CDT)


hi can you poot music from   christie

Posted by christie on November 9, 2005 at 3:28 AM (CST)

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