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Belkin Tunecast Mobile FM Transmitter for $20 at Best Buy

Best Buy has the Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter F8V367-APL for only $30 - $10 rebate (exp 12/13) = $20 w/ free shipping. Plug it into your iPod’s headphone jack and the signal is broadcast via FM.

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I tried this product and it didn’t work for me very well in the Seattle area. The problem is that there are only four frequency choices and either there was a radio station directly on that frequency. Or there was a radio station right next to that frequency that bled over.

Note that is was pretty good when I was out away from cities. So if you are in an area where you won’t be affected by radio staitons on or near the four frequencies it would be a good product.

I do like the iTrip a WHOLE lot better though. For one you don’t have a battery to replace (it uses just a little power from iPod) and you don’t have to worry about the cord or the dangling modulator to deal with.

Posted by OlsonBW in Irvine, CA on December 11, 2003 at 12:03 PM (CST)


Actually, the iTrip takes quite a lot of power. With my 3g, 40 Gig iPod, I ran it non-stop for about 8 hours. Charged it fully, plugged in the iTrip and ran the same test. It lasted about 5 hours. That’s quite a hit. I still like the flexibility of the iTrip, and would recommend it, but not if your planning on using all day without being able to charge your iPod.

Posted by Ziggy in Irvine, CA on December 11, 2003 at 12:20 PM (CST)


If you’re going to buy the iTrip, it seems a no-brainer to buy one of the car chargers too.  I use it like that, and am having no problems at all.  If you’re going to use the iTrip at home, you can power it with the AC, or power it from the fire wire connector.  It’s quite lovely.  I recommend it all.

Posted by Smiles in Irvine, CA on December 11, 2003 at 1:37 PM (CST)


Yea I have this Belkin product it suxs. Basically stopped working on me a few weeks into it and now I’m back to good ol’ tape converter. I want an iTrip. i’m about to go take an iTrip to the store and iBuy myself iOne.

Posted by kainjow in Irvine, CA on December 11, 2003 at 4:14 PM (CST)


I have actually had pretty good success with the Belkin…haven’t tried the iTrip so can’t make a comparison though. I do live in a fairly rural area however, but it worked quite well in the middle of Atlanta. Changing batteries is a little annoying, but I think I would rather deal with that than have it drain the iPod.

Posted by Foghorn Leghorn in Irvine, CA on December 13, 2003 at 10:22 AM (CST)


It is rare that if I’m using the iTrip that I’m not either in my Jeep or on my motorcycle. Both have cigarette lighters (I added one to my Honda GoldWing). I use another Griffin product called the PowerPod which plugs into the cigarette lighter and the iPod’s sync cable plugs into that. With it hooked up this way my iPod charges while I’m driving or riding my motorcycle. So, no worries about the battery running down.

Posted by Sabon in Irvine, CA on December 15, 2003 at 11:26 AM (CST)

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