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Chillingo launches real location-based MMORPG

Chillingo has launched My Kingdom, a unique massively multiplayer online role-playing game that uses players’ real-world locations as part of the game play experience. In My Kington players start off as simple merchants and must establish settlements and explore territory within the game based on actual real-world locations as determined by the GPS/location services in their device. Players trade commodities by moving around and visiting other locations in the real world that corresponding to virtual locations in the game, claiming new unexplored territories and visiting villages and settlements created by other players. The game includes over 40 different kinds of land types ranging from jungles and deserts to extinct volcanoes and arctic tundra. Players expand their empire and rise to power by exploring and claiming more territory, producing goods and earning gold. As players advance in the game they rise in rank and can build a wider variety of buildings within their kingdoms and even recruit an army to demand allegiance from other players. Players can also earn achievements and reputation in one of four guilds within the game: The Traders Guild, The Explorers Guild, The Manufacturers Guild or the Thieves Guild. Game Center support is included for tracking leaderboard positions and achievements. My Kingdom is available from the App Store as a free download.

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Blurb peaked my curiosity so I bit…

Only played a tiny bit, but some things are immediately clear:

1. Calling it massively multiplayer is a stretch (*cough*marketing lie*cough*) since it’s no more massively multiplayer than FarmVille or Mafia Wars or We Rule or any other *multi-player* games without any real time interaction between, well, anybody.

2. For a new game it suffers from the same old bogus “low memory” bug under iOS 4.X as many older games showing its sloppy development.

3. It’s heavily geared toward iPhone users with GPS and constant connectivity. Us “lowly” touch users can technically play the game, but our ability to expand and play will be limited to the number of wi-fi hotspots we can get to without too much effort, whereas to explore a new locale the iPhone user only has to walk to the end of their street.

I can’t comment much more, the interface is sloppy, obtuse, and the game doesn’t appear any more sophisticated than Mafia Wars, but maybe I’m missing something having only played the tutorial portion.

Posted by Code Monkey in Toronto on November 5, 2010 at 7:02 PM (CDT)


I have been playing this game for a few days now and its by far the best game i have ever played on my i-phone. Its fun to trade with others on the market, there is a lot to develop while playing this game. Takes a bit of patience at the start but it’s well worth it. You can explore the the area in RL. Find treasures, attack others etc Really worth a try!

Posted by Alice in Toronto on November 12, 2010 at 4:17 AM (CST)


The “Low Memory” warning seems to be a doppleganger added by specific developers simply to notify the user of the problem. The reality, however, is that iOS should kill off any apps as necessary to free up memory—a process that seems to be getting more efficient with each iOS point release.  In the case of this game, at least, I’ve simply ignored the low memory warning and haven’t ever had a single problem with the game.

I’ve heard from several developers, including the ones for this game, that the warning is intended as a means of allowing users to choose which apps to kill rather than allowing iOS to summarily terminate apps. I don’t personally buy that logic as I think that iOS handles this reasonably well, but I suppose for those who like to micromanage their multitasking dock as if it were a “real” task manager it may have some comfort.

Bear in mind that even Apple employees don’t sing from the same song sheet when it comes to memory management on iOS 4. When I took my iPhone 4 into the Genius Bar for a replacement back in August, the Genius ran diagnostics on it and pointed out that his diagnostics showed that my RAM was low and explained to me how I should regularly open the multitasking dock and manually kill off apps I’m not using in order to “improve my performance.”

In terms of the game itself, I’m personally finding the location-based aspects of it to be a lot of fun.  While I agree that an iPod touch user will probably not get as much enjoyment out of it, for an iPhone user it’s great and encourages one to actually get out and explore a bit since you have to physically visit new places as part of the game, as well as occasionally going back to your existing settlements in order to build stuff.  If nothing else it’s a game that actually promotes a more healthy lifestyle since you won’t get anywhere trying to play it in couch-potato mode.

Posted by Jesse Hollington in Toronto on November 12, 2010 at 10:37 AM (CST)

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