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Creative CEO: iPod shuffle is a joke

Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo has offered some harsh words for Apple’s new iPod shuffle.  “Actually, to me it’s a big let-down: we’re expecting a good fight but they’re coming out with something that’s five generations older,” Wong Hoo said. “It’s our first generation MuVo One product feature, without display, just have a (shuffle feature). We had that—that’s a four-year-old product.”

“So I think the whole industry will just laugh at it, because the flash people—it’s worse than the cheapest Chinese player,” he added. “Even the cheap, cheap Chinese brand today has display and has FM. They don’t have this kind of thing, and they expect to come out with a fight; I think it’s a non-starter to begin with.”

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All the folks asking why you’d need FM radio… how about news, weather, sports, talk radio, or just “I’m tired of listening to this stuff, I need a break for a bit”

Posted by JCO on January 17, 2005 at 9:57 AM (CST)


When I first saw this thing, I was thinking about how I wouldn’t buy it at all. But now that I think about it, it’s a very cool idea. I still won’t buy one just yet as I’m saving up for a 4G ipod (or a 3G if I can find one cheap). But down the line, it might be a nice investment…a nice simple player. My last MP3 player was a Lyra 32MB (OLD). and I loved it.

All in all, Apple has the right idea here.

Posted by Seto Kaiba on January 17, 2005 at 10:46 AM (CST)


I am very sure Apple has done its market research and there will be a market for the iPod Shuffle, e.g for running or on the treadmill, you wouldn’t want to keep looking athe screen all the time to find your song, you’ll probably already have a playlist with workout music

I am a Singaporean but I am utterly disappointed and ashamed by Sim to harsh out things like that at Apple, no doubt he has valid points but it is his tone and manner, I am definitely one of the “unfortunate” ones to see him said those words on our local TV news, seriously I feel like giving him one tight slap, how arrogant… I apologise to all…

True that flash-based music players are not new, and Apple has done away with a screen and the ability to choose a song, will it succeed? Market forces will tell, we shall see after a while how well it has done, is it going to be another iPod or another G4 Cube?

But from what I saw at my local Apple Centre (we don’t have Apple Retails own and run by Apple), they had a first batch of “hundreds” of iPod Shuffle, and I was told it was all sold out, I only manage to see, touch, feel and play with the “demo” the sales person wore around his neck.

Again, it is Sim’s attitude, manner and arrogance that totally turn me off, I hate to say this, but he is acting like what we call “typical ugly Singaporean”, and I myself is one, I am ashamed.

Oh and by the way, with Creative bragging so much about how 4 years ago they already came out with this idea bla bla bla, I am and will forever stay away from Creative products, which by the way, are totall sooooo unfriendly to the Macs.

Sim I hope you are reading this, here is one of your fellow country man who doesn’t appreciate your manner, and do you see Apple CEO Jobs go bashing about other people’s products? No he doesn’t, he always compare or dispute them with his own, and providing some facts, and the occasional jokes like Longhorn…

Creative, this is why Apple beaten you to the digital music player market share, you should seriously thinking of changing your company name.

Posted by howwow in Singapore on January 17, 2005 at 10:59 AM (CST)


I think they left out the screen in order to save cost… (duh) because they are were trying to hit the 99.00 mark, but more importantly- they don’t want to alienate their current iPod line up.  If the shuffle was the end-all-be-all player, why would you want the rest of the line?  If you want the screen, step up to the mini, you want more space and a screen?  step up to iPod.  You want more space, and a color screen and photos? Step up to the iPod Photo.  It all makes a lot of sense actually- like most of the things they make.  Don’t forget that iTunes is the only thing that REALLY separates any iPod product.  What other DMP actually has equally good design on the software side? 

But more to the topic-  Woo sounds like a sore loser, that was a over-zealous “why didn’t i think of that” comment and everyone saw it.  They think that the hardware solves it all.  Think software dumb@ss!


Posted by apple juice in USA on January 17, 2005 at 11:54 AM (CST)


That just seems to be the friggin’ problem. Most of you lame-ass people see iPod on this stupid peace of crap and you’re instantly totaly brainwashed. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up!!! You would buy back your own crap that you flushed down the toilet yesterday if it would say iPod. When a new product says iPod it doesn’t instantly mean you own the greatest thing in the world if you have one. And just by the way, if you haven’t found out yet, Apple gave that thing a shuffle function just to make up some kind of lame excuse for leaving out the screen and interface. You can say much about Creative, but they are still on top of the flash-player market and will be for a long time if Apple doesn’t come up with some nice alternative. Don’t just look at the name. Look behind that and see if the player really if thought out or if it really is a peace of shit. Obvisously, the iPod Shuffle is the latter.

Posted by IkBenStevey in Netherlands on January 17, 2005 at 12:37 PM (CST)


iPod Shuffle on it’s best:

Posted by IkBenStevey in Netherlands on January 17, 2005 at 12:40 PM (CST)


iPod Shuffle on it’s best:

Posted by IkBenStevey in Netherlands on January 17, 2005 at 12:40 PM (CST)


People like IkBenSteveyneed to chill out and lay off the nerd/Fan thing. Look creative & rio both know that the iPod brand is a strong one. they know that mac/ipod fans will buy it just becouse it has apple/ipod on it HOWEVER, they also know that if there is one company can sell a mp3 player as hip trendy toy it’s Apple . 

Also these guys have BLOWN this market for 4 years now. If thier product was as wanted as the ipod, a striped down smaller version of the pod wouldn’t be flying of of stores as we “type” . Also, I find it odd that this market has been left so open for so long. The low end mp3 arena has had no clear leader and for anyone to say anther product is a joke is either foolish talk or that person has a case of wishful failure for the new product. 

The truth is the ipod Shuffle is doing well and will continue to do so as long as the ipod brand is still slapped on it (marketing 101 tip 5 : A good brand name = good sales ). Creative that ‘s somthing you should keep in mind (zen, nomad, ect…). Two ,people who are not in a market are more than likely NOT waiting for new bells and add-ons.  Nerds, geeks, and techheads are not buying Low end . The people on that end of the pool HATE your 3 line screen! And yes they would rather not have one. My own mother HAtes me and my sister’s ipods BUT loves the shuffle so much so she got one this weekend. She didn’t want an iriver or a NV2000 (or whatever they are) she wanted that “cheep little simple ipod” so there you have it .

Posted by DaDeacon on January 17, 2005 at 4:01 PM (CST)


Why is it that the CEO of Creative is lashing out at Apple—is it out of frustration?  Creative OWNED the MP3 player market with their hard drive based Nomad Jukebox back 4 years ago—its a shame that the CEO didn’t understand the market opportunity he had back then and marketed the toaster sized Nomad Jukebox as a “computer peripheral” and not a music player the way Apple did with their iPod.  Lash out at Apple all you want, sir - you only have yourself and your lamea$$ marketing team to blame since you needed Apple to show you the market potential in the Mp3 player space.  Congrats on being in a 4 way tie for last regardless of your comments, the Shuffle will still sell better than your current model Muvo.

Posted by calvinkronenberg in usa on January 18, 2005 at 7:37 AM (CST)


I love my IPOD but Steve Jobs is a thief. People who will buy the shuffle are falling for his marketing schemes. Another “Emperor’s New Clothes” product.

People be real, YOU DO look at your iPod to see what’s playing just like you look to see who’s calling you on your cell phone.

IPOD is great and so are their PCs but way overpriced. But Jobs still tries to justify its cost and profits from it. PLEASE. Mac mini, A JOKE. Even Mac users agree.

Only die-hard Apple fans will support this product and that’s admirable but ignorant.

Posted by ipod pc-user in NYC - Queens on January 20, 2005 at 12:13 PM (CST)


You know, some days people arguing that “simplicity” should always win over all other considerations all the time reminds me of how AOL marketed its service in the 90s.

“Who needs all the bells and whistles and fancy features of the internet? AOL gives you what you need in a small, simple package!”

Posted by Demosthenes on January 20, 2005 at 12:40 PM (CST)


Word of advise to Steve Jobs & Apple, Inc.

Save some marketing & advertising dollars and put a dam screen & longer battery life into this pos.

If Apple repackaged dog turds you the public would purchase it.

How many people can memorize 120 or 240 songs that they will put on their Shuffle?

Steve Jobs is laughing all the way to the bank. Inferior product sells like hotcakes.

Posted by milk3pod in chicago, il on January 20, 2005 at 6:50 PM (CST)


Many cheap cheap chinese players don’t say APPLE on them.

It’s all about the brand.

Posted by theanimaster in Bangkok on January 20, 2005 at 9:58 PM (CST)


Creativ have to really got to eat the Humble “Apple"Pie.
those comment are really uncalled for.what he mean by “cheap cheap chinese brand” that like totally insulting.even chinese listen from ipod.
so what it have more function?fm only wat.

even me is so “paiseh” meaning ashamed that he made such a rude comment on can i buy a “home-grown” product learning that ceo said something like arrogant n turn off.

i myself now own a creative player that was given free i’m dying to sell it away but it got like no market price.whereas a Ipod will maintain it’s price.if i’m a Ipod Collector i won’t mind spending $$ on auctioning for a Ipod least it looked better than a RIO.

but seriously even my mp3player is a 1.5GB i seldom look at the screen when i’m skipping the song.i only look at it when i’m change folder n stuff like that.most of the time it’s under Shuffle. i think that y a screen had been omitted from Shuffle.i mean there’s no need for it y waste the cost.but a screen is definitly better.that mean more $.
a Creativ 256MB is around the same price as Shuffle 1GB. for 4times more space who need a screen or fm?plus it’s a APPLE.who cares!

everyone WOW at a iPod.
that’s the diff between
Beautiful & Awareness VS Creativ yet Blur(everything need or no need also all dumped inside)

Posted by Zing on January 21, 2005 at 1:18 PM (CST)


what he mean by “cheap cheap chinese brand” that like totally insulting.even chinese listen from ipod

I think as a Singaporean he’s trying to get a dig in at the Taiwanese, by also calling them Chinese. It’s a double-insult, kind of cleverely snide.

The shuffle is manufactured by Asustek of Taiwan, but I think it is using its Chinese plants in Shanghai.

Being a Singaporean company, Creative usually tries to design and manufacture a lot of its stuff within SG, and it pushes the “snob” appeal of being “Not Made In China”. This image works better in some markets than others, such as Korea and Japan.

As an aside, the mini is currently being manufactured by Hon Hai Precision, in Taiwan. Hon Hai also manufactures many Dell and Sony branded PCs. I do find it amusing that so many people diss the Dells, while bigging up the Apples, but when you see them rolling off the same assembly lines it really brings home to you how commoditized electronics has become.

Posted by Demosthenes on January 21, 2005 at 1:44 PM (CST)


Hon Hai Precision manufactures for all pc makes and aftermarket suppliers. IBM & Celestica to name a few.

No you missed the point on his refer to the cheap chinese players. What he is talking about is players from companies like BenQ, Safa, Yes, JNC, Alfa, WeWa!!,Datum, Takchamp, Luwen, and Talent Tech to name just a few of the many available in China.

Posted by milk3pod in chicago, il on January 21, 2005 at 8:56 PM (CST)

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