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DLO accepting pre-orders for iBoom

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters is accepting pre-orders for iBoom at $149.99 with shipping expected in mid-October. iBoom is the first boombox solution designed specifically for iPod and iPod mini. iBoom is a 20 watts per channel, four-speaker boombox system with built-in digital FM radio. iBoom also features a digital FM radio, built-in handle for ease of portability, auxiliary input jack and can be powered via its included AC adapter or 6 D batteries (not included). While under AC power, iBoom extends the battery life of iPod as it powers and charges iPod. The product works with all iPods with the 30-pin dock connector, and it comes complete with a spacer to accommodate the iPod mini. A custom carrying bag with shoulder strap will follow.

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Now they just need to make a waterproof version to take to the beach!

Posted by h2o in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 3:23 PM (CDT)


PLEASE REVIEW THIS ONE!!! Hoping it sounds good b/c it looks great and is exactly what I need!

Posted by Ben in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 3:43 PM (CDT)


Anyone know if you can record FM broadcasts to your iPod??

Posted by los507 in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 3:59 PM (CDT)


anyone else think it looks like a little kids toy from the picture?

They could have made it look more modern

Posted by m00j in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 6:45 PM (CDT)


Let me know if it has room to insert the iPod while the iSkin is on.

Posted by Mani in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 7:06 PM (CDT)


When will it be available in UK?

Posted by Wonderstoat in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 8:57 PM (CDT)


it looks crap

Posted by illa in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 9:09 PM (CDT)


um yeah 150 for something so useless, no thank you.

Posted by redfusion in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 10:43 PM (CDT)


or you could buy an iTrip for 35 bucks and more then 80 watts of total power…..what about a line in….even better!

Posted by rivlinm in Irvine, CA on October 7, 2004 at 11:54 PM (CDT)


OMG. Who designed that thing? Thats terrible.

Posted by guppi in Irvine, CA on October 8, 2004 at 3:38 AM (CDT)


I can’t believe they are charging $150 for that thing.  There’s nothing else like it on the market, but they seriously need to take that one back to the drawing board and not base their designs off of PlaySchool toys.

Posted by madkow in Irvine, CA on October 8, 2004 at 7:03 AM (CDT)


i didn’t know the ipod was around in 1986 when that thing was designed.

Posted by JP in Irvine, CA on October 8, 2004 at 11:35 PM (CDT)


It just looks so cheaply made. It looks chintzy and low quality. I won’t be buying one.

Posted by Joshdude in Irvine, CA on October 9, 2004 at 3:00 PM (CDT)


I wouldn’t buy one ieven if it did look nicer.  Good concept but there’s better ways to do it.  iTrip was mentioned.

Posted by Dylan in Irvine, CA on October 10, 2004 at 2:05 AM (CDT)


What is it with you funny ipod users and your itrips? I can’t get over that. I had a 1g ipod, sold it and bought a crappy Rio Karma and then sold that and got a 3g. I really like the ipod and I consider myself an audiophile. I also am addicted to ipod accessories but can’t bring myself to actually spend money on accessories that sound like crap. Now the iboom? Could i find features that I would have done differently? Sure but it probably sounds much better than any of the InMotion products and it’s functional. I swear, I must have joined an ipod cult or something. I want my accessories to look cool but I care MUCH more about the quality of the sound.

Posted by teckbri in Irvine, CA on October 12, 2004 at 5:39 PM (CDT)


overdue product. This will fill a market demand. I’d like if it had a built in battery that auto-charges whenever plugged in (just like the iPod itself). To me, that’d be a natural feature to include. Also, i asked a sales person at the Chicago Apple Store if they expected to carry the iBoom, and they said they had never heard of the product. Shouldn’t DLO be looking to move a large volume of units through these (and other) outlets during the upcoming holiday shopping season? I know I would. For $150, I want to hear it brfore I spend.

Posted by Steve M. in Irvine, CA on October 12, 2004 at 10:29 PM (CDT)


I read an interview with the founder of DLO, he’s done a lot of business with CompUSA.  Perhaps they may be sold there.
I’d just like to see a review of one.  I’m interested in the functionality and I really don’t care about the “fashionability” of the thing.

Posted by Joe H. in Irvine, CA on October 16, 2004 at 6:58 AM (CDT)


Looks like i’ll be stopping into a CompUSA outlet to ask. Funny thing about that place, i always have a hard time finding a salesperson who is knowledgable or interesten in selling anything. (my experiance at this one outlet)

As far as “looks”... it looks user friendly. Take a gander at the curent line of boom boxes available today. Most look like the controll panel of a UFO. I’d rather have a well designed user interface than one ment to impress teenagers.

Posted by Steve M. in Irvine, CA on October 16, 2004 at 1:51 PM (CDT)


Ok now there are enough ipod specific speaker systems for someone to do a full review. Altec Lansing, Bose, JVC, Dlo. The iboom does intrest me as it’s the first solution with big enough speakers to get some bass response. If only there was a website dedicated to all things ipod who could do the review…...oh wait!

ps. itrip? are you kidding me? you might as well listen to your ipod though a tin can on a string.

Posted by richep in Irvine, CA on October 28, 2004 at 10:54 AM (CDT)


I just got my iboom and it sounds great. It’s smaller than i expected, but puts out clear sound and decent bass for it’s size. It also has a line-in jack. It does not sound like crap.

Posted by kedo in Irvine, CA on November 12, 2004 at 5:02 PM (CST)

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