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DLO intros replacement caps, lanyards for iPod shuffle

pic Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today announced the Cool Caps Replacement Caps & Lanyards for the iPod shuffle. The Cool Caps, which replace the standard Apple USB caps, come in a 5-Pack of colored caps, lanyards, and lanyard clips. The lanyard on each of the Cool Caps is adjustable and removable, allowing users to “change the length of the lanyard, mix and match colors from different caps or remove the lanyard altogether and use the caps alone.” The $29.99 Cool Caps 5-Pack includes caps and lanyards in shades of green, blue, white, purple and orange.

 Check out iLounge’s review of the Cool Caps here.

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wow six dollars for a piece of plastic that covers up the bottom of the shuffle, so worth it.

Posted by M Bargo on March 30, 2005 at 12:52 PM (CST)


Apparently a lot of 3rd party vendors seem to think that just because Apple can charge a premium for their well designed items which are based on a proven track record, that people will over-pay for accessories or related products (however pointless and stupid) based solely on the association.

It is my sincere hope that people will use opportunities like this (and the “pod buddy”) to prove these 3rd parties wrong.

There is an enormous market for legitimate, reasonably-priced, useful iPod accessories. This product doesn’t even come close to fitting within that category.

Posted by punxking on March 30, 2005 at 2:17 PM (CST)



wow….just, wow

Posted by Edson346 on March 30, 2005 at 3:12 PM (CST)


I can’t stand that these companies all seem to think that if we want their product at all, we must want 5 of them.  This seems to be an especially common trend with Shuffle accessories.  Let’s hope Apple doesn’t plan to only start offering iPods in 5-packs.

Posted by pickme on March 30, 2005 at 3:22 PM (CST)


yeah, I know, so far, the only one that i have seen sold seperately so far is the sportgrip from Marware.  I guess they think you need one for every room of your house or something.

Posted by madkow on March 30, 2005 at 4:03 PM (CST)


Wow! Talk about crap on a string! You’ve got to be kidding me! $30 for a plastic cap and a piece of string?? These companies are morons if they think someone is actually going to buy this junk and 5 of them at a time at that!

What a ripoff! Why do all these vultures think that just because the name iPod is used they can charge outrageous prices for complete garbage??

They’ll learn the hard way when their overpriced crappy products tank.

Posted by FallN on March 30, 2005 at 4:11 PM (CST)


They’re way too expensive for what they are and i don’t particularly like the shape of them. No thanks.

Posted by iPodNod on March 30, 2005 at 6:09 PM (CST)


The laynard is a good idea but extremely poorly implimented with the shuffle.

It is only a matter of time before we hear about droves of ipod shuffle owners loosing or damaging the shuffle because the laynard cap released from the shuffle.

Has apple heard of gravity?

I used my laynard for a day. I went to the bookstore, ordered coffee, and proceeded to kick back to some tunes. Oops…No ipod. I found it in the parking lot.

Just wait. You’ll see.

I was going to wear a condom, but I figured, when’s the next time I’m going to be in Haiti. Bad idea jeans.

Posted by mikulla on March 30, 2005 at 9:28 PM (CST)


“Mix and match different caps and lanyards for endless color combos”
since when is 25 endless.

where is the orange lanyard?

Posted by cutbutt on March 31, 2005 at 2:19 AM (CST)


For what it’s worth, I saw these at these at Best Buy for 25 bucks.

Posted by gerper on March 31, 2005 at 6:38 AM (CST)


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