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Eminem sues Apple over iTunes ad

“Rapper Eminem’s music publisher is suing Apple Computer Inc., claiming the company used one of the hip-hop superstar’s songs in a television advertisement without permission.

Eight Mile Style filed the copyright infringement suit late last week against Apple, Viacom Inc., its MTV subsidiary and the TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency.

At issue is an ad for Apple’s iTunes pay-per-download music software, in which a 10-year-old sings Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” The suit claims the commercial aired on MTV beginning in July 2003 and ran numerous times for at least three months. It also appeared on Apple’s Web site.”

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“Don’t steal music”

Posted by narco in Burbank on February 24, 2004 at 12:23 PM (CST)


Massive boycot of Eminem !!!
All this sueing is ridiculous.

Posted by Nuts on February 24, 2004 at 12:31 PM (CST)


It took THAT to make you boycott eminem?

Posted by scot on February 24, 2004 at 1:01 PM (CST)


“It don’t endorse no products. Fight the man! *random grunting noises*”

“Oh, and by the way, consider yourself served.”

Does anyone else see a hyperinflated ego here?

Posted by Boffo on February 24, 2004 at 1:01 PM (CST)


those rap loving terrorists!!!!

Posted by Dan on February 24, 2004 at 1:21 PM (CST)


this isn’t about ego… you just can’t use someone else’s music to promote your product without them knowing and agreeing to it.

it’s called misappropriation

i don’t like eminem but if this was ANYONE than they would have perfectly legal grounds to sue and they should win

Posted by koolio on February 24, 2004 at 1:26 PM (CST)


but 50 cents and Obie Trice did use the ipod in their mvs right? ha-ha

Posted by Ed on February 24, 2004 at 1:29 PM (CST)


eminem can shove it, i hope Apple wins :o)

Posted by Paula on February 24, 2004 at 1:34 PM (CST)


They won’t, because Apple stole his music. Ironic, huh?

Posted by Dasein on February 24, 2004 at 1:36 PM (CST)


I’m no lawyer, but there wasn’t any music playing in the background if I recall and it’s not his voice. It doesn’t seem like he has a lot to stand on. It isn’t like “you’ve got to lose yourself in the music” is an original line. Eminem isn’t the first to say those 8 words.

Posted by scot on February 24, 2004 at 1:44 PM (CST)


eventhogh i dont like eminems, and hate his “music”, he should still win, i mean it IS his music, how would you fell if someone stole your music?

Posted by Dan on February 24, 2004 at 1:47 PM (CST)


this is stupid.  it’s an advertisement- enimem should be glad that apple thinks his music’s good enough to even help sell their product.  in turn, it’s basically free advertisement for him as well.  heck… i would care if anybody used my music for ads. it just means that it’s good enough to be associated with “people are gonna want this product”

Posted by awaitingtheday on February 24, 2004 at 1:59 PM (CST)


Those commercials show people singing their favorite songs, not the artists singing their songs. So if I am walking down the street singing “Lose Yourself” and Eminem(or one of his “entourage”) then I am infringing on his copyright? Or is it that I am making money selling lemonad while singing his song that is infringement. Because then customers might think that Eminem is supporting my lemonade stand because I am singing his song…....

Posted by Chris on February 24, 2004 at 2:04 PM (CST)


geez…who cares? i say ship the homophobic trailer trash off to Greenland where he belongs!  They aren’t songs by the way…its GARBAGE!

Posted by lj on February 24, 2004 at 2:07 PM (CST)



Posted by BenJii on February 24, 2004 at 2:09 PM (CST)


usually large companies , especialy advertising agencies have Errors and Omissions insurance.

Errors and Omissions insurance covers you for any professional liabilities that may arise - for the content of your publications, programmes or advertising campaigns

Posted by delrossi on February 24, 2004 at 2:18 PM (CST)


Eminem… The Beatles… who else is gonna sue Apple?

If what was stated in the article is true, then Apple really screwed up.

Maybe Apple thinks they’re above the law.

Posted by BigSid in Los Angeles on February 24, 2004 at 2:29 PM (CST)


In my tiny opinion, if Apple wasn’t trying to trick the public into thinking that Eminem supports Apple, which it doesn’t seem that they were, it stands to reason that they don’t need his permission to have that kid sing Eminem’s music.  It’s the same as if M&M/Mars sued him for using “their” name for his own purposes.  He isn’t trying to convince people he is a candy.  The courts, we trust, will act upon a standard of what’s “reasonable”, which would seem to favor Apple.  Also, keep in mind that celebrities often “tell” their lawyers to sue without firm legal grounds, and the lawyers do so, knowing there isn’t a real case to be made, and knowing that if they don’t do what is asked, they will be replaced.

Posted by Brent on February 24, 2004 at 2:36 PM (CST)


Are we talking about the candy here? Because he really is being an ass.

Posted by The White Gold on February 24, 2004 at 2:52 PM (CST)


The most popular “legal” music download service is now taking heat for illegal use of music.

Posted by Schiano on February 24, 2004 at 2:52 PM (CST)

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