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Free 2004 DNC speeches on iTunes

The iTunes Music Store has recently added speeches from day one and day two of the Democratic National Convention: America 2004 held in Boston, Massachusettes. The free download includes speeches by former Vice President Al Gore; former President Bill Clinton; Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton; former President Jimmy Carter; Senator Ted Kennedy; and Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan and many more.

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Free propoganda from a bunch of liberals?  No thanks.  I’ll pass.

Posted by Mountain Man on July 30, 2004 at 7:53 PM (CDT)


Republicans make me sick to my stomach nowadays.  Nevertheless, I agree that posting of the Republican Convention on iTMS as well is the fair thing to do. 

Go John Kerry, go Democrats!

Posted by freezingmariner on July 31, 2004 at 12:05 AM (CDT)


You know, *The NY Times* had an editorial that cited a *New Republic* article a few weeks ago, that the administration was pressuring Pakistan to announce some major arrest or breakthrough, and sure enough, HOURS before Kerry’s speech, such an anouncement was made.

Still, I think both sides would agree that convention speeches (esp. the Keynote) are just slogans and platitudes. I hope they don’t post the Republican speech. Why spread hatred, fear, and self-righteous religiosity?

Posted by Questioner on July 31, 2004 at 1:29 AM (CDT)


God Bless English politics. We’re just a nicer bunch

Posted by ladafum on July 31, 2004 at 6:22 AM (CDT)


I thought these speeches would be bookmarkable.  Guess I have to fast forward to the good parts.

Posted by John on July 31, 2004 at 7:07 AM (CDT)


Don’t worry, bush fans; you’ll get your audio files.  But they won’t be free.  Only the upper class will be able to afford them, but then of course if you make 200k a year or more, you will get a fat tax deduction for it.  If you are a multinational corporation, there will be a loophole that will allow you to download the files from overseas for free.  If you are middle class, you will be able to download it, but only if you agree to train your overseas counterpart how to download it once you are laid off.  If you are in poverty, then you are screwed, because you won’t be able to afford it, and these speeches aren’t for you anyways…

Posted by Jeff on July 31, 2004 at 9:02 AM (CDT)


I wonder how long before they post days three and four. These are very nice files. I agree that it would be nice to be able to bookmark sections but I don’t see that as a major drawback.

Way to go Audible and Apple!

Posted by Bob Bob on July 31, 2004 at 10:36 AM (CDT)


What’s wrong with this photo? LOL

Another funny thing, the rest of the speeches are up, but I can’t download the Kerry or Edwards speech.

Posted by gary on August 1, 2004 at 3:28 AM (CDT)


I love how people have turned liberal into such a dirty word.  Look it up sometimes. On the other hand, I do think that right-wing-zealot-warmonger can have its fair share of negative conotations. So maybe Kerry is a liberal and Bush is a right-wing-fundamentalist zealot-warmonger. At least we can all call them like we see them. (not to self: stick to topic)
Look, listen to the speeches. Listen to the bush speeches in a few weeks. THink about how much better/worse you life is now and DO NOT listen to these talking heads on the televisions sticking to their talking points. Make up your own freaking mind. It surprises me how my generation is the first to be more conservative than our parents, and it is a direct consequence of all of these pundits blabbing on constantly until the point where, even same people who are cool enough to own an iPod begin to get s skewed out look.

Posted by Liberal is a dirty word... on August 1, 2004 at 5:51 AM (CDT)


SOmetimes you get to typing and mess up… sorry

Posted by "even same" = "even sane people" on August 1, 2004 at 5:53 AM (CDT)


I will personally take up that $10 bet and raise you $50 that the republicans wil get their speeches up. Post your email and we can shake on it.

Posted by Oh yeah and... on August 1, 2004 at 5:55 AM (CDT)


As a proud liberal, I do not shirk from the title… I am proud of it! We should stop being so sensitive about it. Stop pretending that we are “Progressives.” Be proud of being a liberal and stop whining.

But let’s be honest now… in the ‘90, the era of Bill Clinton, Democrats called every Republican a “Right-winger,” “Extreme Right,” “Religious Right,” ... they made “right” a dirty word. And now we Democrats complain??? Brought it upon ourselves we did.

In the end if we stood up and said “Hell yeah, I’m a Liberal, and damn proud of it,” the Conservatives would have to come up with a new one.

In the end it is only a word… sticks and stones.

Posted by A proud liberal on August 1, 2004 at 10:30 AM (CDT)


Jeff said, “If you are middle class, you will be able to download it, but only if you agree to train your overseas counterpart how to download it once you are laid off.”

As a true Independent, both parties disgust me. Let us not forget that all these jobs going overseas started in the Clinton years. Ever heard of NAFTA??? Clinton pushed that big time and was big time proud of signing it. NAFTA caused automotive assembly plants to be moved to Canada and Mexico… causing the layoff of tens of thousands. Where was Michael Moore (aka, “Roger & Me”) then?

Ever seen anything make in America anymore?! NAFTA caused many more American jobs like electronics and textiles to go south or north of the border.

Look at the Film Industry now… so many TV shows and Movies are shot in Canada. Last time I checked, most of “Hollywood” from the Executives to the workers, are overwhelmingly in the Democratic party.
California, home of “Hollywood” is a job wasteland (for those in the Industry). The former Governor and the current Legislature in control, are Democrats and yet they did not protect American did they now?! Can I have an “Eh?” with that!!!
Lets look at Steve Jobs… he is a big Democrat is he not?! And yet your beloved iPod is not made in America, but in China, a country still known for it’s human rights abuses! Big surprise that Al Gore took monies (by mistake he says… right), from this despicable government.

I do not care to vote for Bush nor Kerry… they are almost the same. People should get their collective heads out of the sand and realize that both the Democrats and Republicans only care about the money and the power that goes with it.

Time for a new party that truly cares for the people.

Posted by Jobs leaving America on August 1, 2004 at 11:20 AM (CDT)


Well said “proud liberal”

I’m not a liberal, I’m a “right-wing-zealot” to quote “dirty word” (LOL). But I think all this name calling is pointless and childish.

If you are a “liberal” or “conservative” and living in the US, just be proud of what you are - “Americans!”

Posted by Proud Conservative on August 1, 2004 at 3:34 PM (CDT)


Two things you do not talk about in public or at parties, politics and religion keep them to your selves no one has the same views so be quiet.

Posted by tussery on August 1, 2004 at 7:44 PM (CDT)


I am a proud liberal.  I will be voting for the Kerry/Edwards ticket in November.  I am glad that Apple is hosting these free downloads.  But being a liberal is also about being fair, so I believe that they should host the RNC speeches when the time comes. 

Now that I’ve said that… I don’t understand why the conservative radicals are so up in arms about this.  You act as if Apple is somehow supposed to be a mouthpiece for right-wing politics.  Anybody with a lick of sense knows that Apple as a whole is not fond of being “conservative” or “traditional”. 

George Bush proves that anybody, even the wrong man for the job, can grow up and be President of the United States.

Posted by Bring It On! on August 1, 2004 at 7:53 PM (CDT)


Since when have liberals been fair.  Last time I recall the people voting the democrat ticket here are the people who complain “my son is fat from eating mcdonald’s so it is mcdonalds fault” and the same people who get unemployment and social secruity on fraud so they dont have to work. Why the hell should I have to help support dumbasses like that.  And as for the republicans… they have to try and bring religion into politics.  Our fore fathers made it clear for seperation of cruch and state for a reason.  Why should muslims, jews, and athiests have to live by christian views.  The government is so corrupt right now that I refuse to vote for either two parties. Most of the american public is too blinded by the media that they only belive the government is a two party system, which only screws things up further.  People need to open their heads and observe what is actually going on around them other than taking the medium’s word for it.

Posted by tussery on August 1, 2004 at 9:33 PM (CDT)


Bla Bla Bla

Posted by Stupid People on August 2, 2004 at 7:31 AM (CDT)


Posted by More stupid stuff on August 2, 2004 at 7:43 AM (CDT)


They seem to have full day (multiple speech) downloads for the first three days of the convention, but for the final day, they only have Kerry’s speech and not the introductory speeches. I wonder if they’re still working on it, or just think no one wants those?

Posted by Mike W in Silicon Valley, CA on August 2, 2004 at 9:01 AM (CDT)

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