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Griffin: New iTrip Now Shipping

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By Dennis Lloyd

Publisher, iLounge
Published: Monday, October 6, 2003
News Categories: iPod Accessories

picToday Griffin Technology announced that the new iTrip for 3G iPods is now shipping. “The new model ($35) improves upon its predecessor with an even sleeker body style, new power saving features and a red LED light to match the new iPods red backlight perfectly.” As reported earlier, Grifffin has also officially released over 100 new international frequencies for use on original and new iTrips.

“The iTrip-NEW for the new iPods is NOW SHIPPING. However - pre-orders are being filled first so new orders (orders placed today) will take up to 3 weeks to fulfill. We’re making them as fast as we can, but we just wanted you to know so you don’t expect your order immediately. You will receive an email the day it ships and your credit card will NOT charged until then.”

Press Release:

NASHVILLE, TN - October 6, 2003. Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of exciting hardware and software products for the Mac and PC market, today announced the NEW iTrip FM Transmitter for third generation iPods has begun shipping. Announced this summer, the new iTrip is similar to the Original iTrip and retains its most popular features like unlimited station frequencies and battery-free iPod mating design. The new model improves upon its predecessor with an even sleeker body style, new power saving features and a red LED light to match the new iPods red backlight perfectly. Now shipping, the new iTrip is $35 and is available directly from Griffin Technology at

The iTrip has several ‘one of a kind’ design innovations found nowhere else. Ultra compact in size, the iTrip rests atop the iPod and attaches securely to the headphone jack without any cable mess. The iTrip is controlled by the iPod itself and can broadcast to over 200 possible frequencies on the FM dial. The iTrip also saves batteries ’ because it doesn’t use any. It draws its minimal power directly from the iPod and automatically shuts off after 60 seconds without music. This latest iTrip contains new power saving features that keeps the iTrip in sleep mode until music is actually being played ’ at which time the iTrip automatically comes on.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the pre-release interest in the new iTrip.” said Van Thompson, VP - Production for Griffin Technology. “It’s going to take a few weeks to catch up with every order up but I think our customers will find the wait worth it. The iTrip is one of the finest overall products we’ve ever released.”

Also released today are over 100 new international iTrip frequencies that are compatible with both original and new iTrips. Two new packets of frequencies are available now to download at These include a European iTrip frequency packet that contains both odd and even frequencies from 88.0 to 108.0. The other iTrip packet contains both odd and even frequencies from 76.0 to 90.0. Any iTrip owner can use any of these frequencies by simply dragging and dropping the selected frequencies into their iTrip stations playlist.

Pricing & Availability
The new iTrip - FM Transmitter for the iPod is priced $35 USD and is available now. The iTrip can be purchased directly from Griffin at and at finer computer outlets everywhere.

New iTrip Frequencies are free and can be downloaded at

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I ordered mine in May shortly after the new design of the iPods came out.  Still have no E-mail from Griffin…will wait and see how long it takes.

Posted by Mr Strat on October 6, 2003 at 7:03 AM (PDT)


Mine was ordered June 19th. No email yet from Griffin. I ordered as soon as it was possible. Lets see how long it takes for me to get an email regarding shipment.

Posted by Robert Perkins on October 6, 2003 at 7:24 AM (PDT)


I just got an email from Griffin. It said the first orders were taken in April, and they will ship first. Mine was ordered in June,so it might be a while. The next email I get from them will be the shipping email.

Posted by Robert Perkins on October 6, 2003 at 7:55 AM (PDT)


And now the iFM and iFire have disappeared from the Griffin site.  I guess they got tired of people hounding them for release dates on their unreleased products.  I for one still hope the iFire comes along soon.

Posted by jimthorn on October 6, 2003 at 8:43 AM (PDT)


So my question is, if we’ve been waiting all this time for some type of new firmware or something where is it?  Or was that just Griffin messing us around because they didn’t have their stuff together?  Well it’s nice to know that the only legit reason it was taking so long was a lie.

Posted by enfused on October 6, 2003 at 9:18 AM (PDT)


so what’s the quality of this thing anyways?  Does it sound like crap?

Posted by tetro on October 6, 2003 at 9:51 AM (PDT)


Got my email from griffin.  ordered mine in early july, cant wait to get the damn thing,

Posted by CautionESPN on October 6, 2003 at 9:59 AM (PDT)


Classy. Really.

Posted by Bademeister on October 6, 2003 at 11:39 AM (PDT)


Okay, I get it. I got it the first time. Ignore the loser and get on with it.

Posted by Bademeister on October 6, 2003 at 12:07 PM (PDT)


iFM and iFire are still there… just hit the products tab.

Posted by Randy Debler on October 6, 2003 at 12:41 PM (PDT)


Word!  Just got the e-mail!  Mine shipped and should be at my house Thursday!  Woo hoO!  Funny my car charger shipped days ago and they are both scheduled to get there the same day.  What luck.

Posted by enfused on October 7, 2003 at 6:39 PM (PDT)


enfused:  When did you order yours?

Posted by splitpea on October 7, 2003 at 8:03 PM (PDT)


Got my notice yesterday and it should be here tomorrow.  Don’t remember ordering 2nd Day UPS, but that’s OK.  I want the sucker!

Posted by Mr Strat on October 8, 2003 at 3:42 AM (PDT)


why are they charging $22 for shipping?

Posted by Yuri on October 8, 2003 at 7:56 AM (PDT)


I ordered mine on August 7th.  I saw the “now >finally< shipping” banner on Monday morning, got the e-mail about it at noon.  I imagine there are a couple thousand orders (easily) before me.

Those of you who recieved yours or got shipping notification, when did you order?

Posted by Ken on October 8, 2003 at 9:35 AM (PDT)


I ordered mine back in mid/late June.  My shipping was only $7 and was 2 day as well.

Posted by enfused on October 8, 2003 at 10:36 AM (PDT)


Received my iTrip yesterday and loaded in software. That part was simple and worked well. Now the trick is finding an unused frequency here in LA. So far sound quality with iPod sounds like a station that’s not tuned in well. Any suggestions on frequency or otherwise?

Posted by Mark on October 9, 2003 at 6:24 AM (PDT)


iTrip Just releasd new frequencies few days ago.  I suggest visiting the site.


Posted by Yuri on October 9, 2003 at 6:26 AM (PDT)


Thanks, Yuri. I’ll give that a try.

Posted by Mark on October 9, 2003 at 7:57 AM (PDT)


You are welcome, here is the link. I guess I should have included that earlier… >:-)

Posted by Yuri on October 9, 2003 at 8:13 AM (PDT)

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