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“Hello iPod, Goodbye, MD”

Gizmodo reports that Apple has launched an ad campaign in Japan which rejects Sony’s Mini Disc player. The ad slogan reads, “Hello iPod, Goodbye, MD.”

“Sony really dropped the ball by letting Apple get a foothold in the portable audio market, with the Walkman they had practically owned the entire notion of carrying your music around with you for over two decades.”

Source: Macminute

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Hmmm Sony should try and fight back, even though I love my iPod and like Apple, Sony have made some good ad campaigns so it would be good to see how they rivel outside just the music player battle

Posted by Fusen in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 7:02 PM (CDT)


I used to love my MD player but i got frustrated when they refused to support macs. thus i went to the ipod.

Posted by dokoroko in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 7:28 PM (CDT)


on a scale form 1 to 10 I give md’s a 2 and i give the pod a 9, I bought a sony MZ-N1 when it first came out, cost me 300$, I couldve gotten a 10gb pod for that, worst mistake ever made, and plus the recording time cant even compare with the pod

Posted by John in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 8:07 PM (CDT)


I truely never gave it a second thought about getting one, I didn’t see the point in getting what is basically just a small version of a casette player. And the thing still needed discs which I think is a waste of money when mp3 players can store more music cheaper as if you want to you can get mp3’s for free too.

Posted by Fusen in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 8:11 PM (CDT)


I’m glad that Apple has begun this ad campaign, and I hope this makes the iPod more successful to a point where it’ll own more of the portable music player market than the MD. I’ve always been so frustrated with Sony and their refusal to embrace MP3, even though the gadgets they make are designed pretty well. In all fairness, their stubborness is only a result of their music division, but I hope the success of the iPod will get Sony and their music division to finally comprehend that DRM crippled music technology is a thing of the past

Posted by Sampson in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 8:18 PM (CDT)


Even though I am not a Japanese market expert, I question the logic behind Apple “calling out” Sony.  IMHO, Apple should have “let sleeping dog’s lie”.  My guess is that Apple is still high on the success of their “Switcher” campaign.  The PC market is very different than the music market.  Especially since there is room for many players…

Posted by slaw in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 8:29 PM (CDT)


Good point, slaw.

Also, confrontational and/or product-comparison ads are almost unheard of in Japan. I have yet to see the ads on TV here, but it doesn’t sound promising, and I am sure that many Japanese (my family included) will frown upon such ads.

Posted by gk in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 10:45 PM (CDT)


lol,, no wonder this is an ipod site,, i wonder what the md people would say about this,,
iRiver has got their new iHP-100,, and they are having ads using ipod as their comparison,,
its pretty scary out there,,

Posted by kawabunga in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 11:02 PM (CDT)


mds are awesome if you have the equipment and/or patience to use them. i gave up my mz-n1 to move to the ipod only because i didnt want to use 1:1 recording speeds for the best quality sound. mds offer superior audio if recorded properly. that being said, the mp3s (although a lossless format) are decent. and i love the pod. but i still have a soft spot for mds… i just think that the technology was never pushed in the US.

Posted by seoulfully in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 11:41 PM (CDT)


i agree,, japan (esp. sony) has good stuff, but it just doesnt come over,,

Posted by kawabunga in Irvine, CA on June 24, 2003 at 11:59 PM (CDT)


I love my ipod, but I have to say minidiscs are very underrated.  Think of it this way—you can hold 500 minutes on one minidisc costing about $2.  Tell me where you can get a flash drive that holds that much for $2.  They’re better for recording than cds—you have the whole track thing, but can record like a tape, reuse the disc, and save space.

Of course, despite all this, the ipod still beats any minidisc player.  I’m just saying a minidisc player is far better than any flash drive based mp3 player….and there’s one thing I’ll always probably use the MD for; late night recording.  Most Sony MD players support mic recording, so as a musician I can record guitar bits I don’t want to forget as soon as I come up with them.  I like Sony products in general, I’ve always found their sound quality to be very good.

I love my ipod, but I had to defend the minidisc as well.  It’s excellent in its own way.

Posted by ambika in Irvine, CA on June 25, 2003 at 2:39 AM (CDT)


I’ve used to use MD exclusively, but since the ipod no more. The thing about MD is the fact that you still have to carry around the discs, which may not be as bad as cd’s, but still with the ipod it’s less to carry around and the music is more easily accessable.

Posted by revmike in Irvine, CA on June 25, 2003 at 12:20 PM (CDT)


Sony had some really cool flash based “mp3” players, too bad they f’d them up with too many restrictions. You had to convert your mp3’s to ATRACs in order to put them on the player and check them in/out on your computer. It was ridiculous.

I would count on Sony puting out a really great HD based player, hardware wise, but then ruining it with restrictions the same way they ruined their flash based players.

(Sony Music vs. Sony Electronics)

Posted by TwoBZTwoP in Irvine, CA on June 25, 2003 at 1:26 PM (CDT)


whats the name of the font shown in that picture?i have it on my computer but i dont know the name

Posted by ari in Irvine, CA on June 25, 2003 at 4:39 PM (CDT)


which font do you mean?

Posted by Fusen in Irvine, CA on June 26, 2003 at 8:38 AM (CDT)


MiniDiscs WERE underrated for a long time.

Posted by Gidds in Irvine, CA on June 26, 2003 at 9:59 AM (CDT)


Minidisc was great in it’s day and I hadn’t listened to mine i ages.  However I used it the other day to record some audio sound bites from some DVD movies (matrix, 25th Hour) uisng it’s optical input.  I then put them into my ibook using iMic and final vinyl, chopped the sound up with Audacity (great piece of freeware).  Say what you want MD has one big advantage over iPod you can record onto it in a numer of different ways.

Sony should have made it mp3 friendly but hten we’d be moaning about having to input a disc!

Posted by mac_gladdy in Irvine, CA on July 3, 2003 at 3:21 AM (CDT)


Hey, to hell with the Japs.  They were too busy arguing over the DVD format, which was a complete waste of time.  So is releasing puny mp3 players.  Long live the iPod!  It’s really got the biggest boys in town!  On the planet!  In the UNIVERSE!  The next time we send a recording into deep space, we should record it on an iPod, then everyone can have a say on it!

Posted by twdldee in Irvine, CA on July 4, 2003 at 1:51 AM (CDT)


I have had MD players for about 6 years now and in March bought my first Ipod. I have loved my MD players especially my N1, but the problem I had was every time I would go on a trip or vacation I had 2 cases full (about 24-30) of minidisks to carry along with the player. Now that I have a 10 gb Ipod I have transferred about 100 CD

Posted by Terry in Irvine, CA on August 7, 2003 at 9:21 AM (CDT)


I have an iPod but its strictly for convenience. To duplicate my old MD functions I use my Archos: analog and digital input and output, mic recording. For concerts and speeches its incredible to be able to record endlessly at variable bitrates.

Even the MD diehards have given up on MD!

Posted by ArchosIsMDReplacement in Irvine, CA on August 11, 2003 at 4:17 PM (CDT)

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