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iCueMix plug-in for iTunes released

iCueMix is a new iTunes plug-in for Windows users that delivers “personalized, mood-based mixes with a just single click.” iCueMix lets you: dynamically create a personalized mix with a single mouse click; modify a mix while you play, to build a mix for your every mood; discover new music based upon your collection, tastes and mood; share and compare your mixes with other iCueMix users; build and automatically sync personalized mixes for your iPod; and more.

“iCueMix uses artificial intelligence technology applied to your music collection to work out what songs to recommend in a mix,” explains the developer. “iCueMix has a community server that knows the music tastes of thousands of users that an iCueMix user can share and compare mixes against. It provides essential new song recommendations to complement your collection or the mix you are building. These recommendations, if required, can be purchased seamlessly via iTunes.”

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If this does anything like what it claims to do, it’s brilliant.  I’ve been trying to manually set up mood playlists in iTunes for awhile, but it just gets too time-consuming, especially fine-tuning the things. (a friend of mine got around this problem by filling his iPod with only one ‘mood’, a sort of tranquil, ambient electronica—he had a pretty blissed-out look on his face most of the time as a result)

The registration e-mail is a bit long in coming.  I am excited to try this.

Posted by Andrew on September 21, 2005 at 3:59 PM (CDT)


Yeah, the concept looks really promising, but I don’t seem to receive my confirmation email either.. too bad.

Posted by sennmen on September 21, 2005 at 5:01 PM (CDT)


Hi folks, unfortunate timing, the icuemix service has experienced a hardware/comms problem this evening. Your registration details will be sent through for you to try it out as soon as the fault is fixed. Thanks for your interest and comments on iCueMix. Apologies for any delay and inconvenience.

Posted by iCueMix Support on September 21, 2005 at 5:51 PM (CDT)


@ iCueMixSupport:  Thank you for the update. I registered this morning and was wondering why there was such a delay in receiving a password.  Can’t wait to try it out.

Posted by podeluxe on September 21, 2005 at 7:52 PM (CDT)


It probably got flooded by all the ilounge visiters willing to try this out. ;)

Posted by sennmen on September 22, 2005 at 6:46 AM (CDT)


i tried it a couple of times but its not working.. too bad coz it looks interesting…

Posted by augustine73 on September 22, 2005 at 7:59 AM (CDT)


Is anyone else having trouble logging in on iCueMix? I received my account confirmation, but now I’m getting errors about “invalid account details,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

Posted by oplusc on September 22, 2005 at 10:49 AM (CDT)


oplusc: I received my email confirmation, too, but can’t log in.  Hopefully this will get fixed soon!

Posted by podeluxe on September 22, 2005 at 11:16 AM (CDT)


Can’t log in either.  (recieved confirmation also).  Growing pains?

Posted by bcroz on September 22, 2005 at 11:21 AM (CDT)


We thought everyone might appreciate a quick update on the situation, especially since we can see that a number of you are not able to log on to the service.

Firstly, the huge take-up has taken us by surprise and has resulted in our server being swamped. 

We are working to improve the performance of our existing server, and to add another server to the system.  This will take a little time, so please bear with us!

We will post an update as soon as we have more information.

Posted by iCueMix support on September 22, 2005 at 12:24 PM (CDT)


I’m logged in! My music collection is being analyzed as I write this. (Yay!)

Posted by podeluxe on September 22, 2005 at 1:07 PM (CDT)


New ilounge member here! i was able to connect to icuemix this morning and left it running to analyze my library while i went to work. i’ll be sure to write back when i get home to let you know how it went!

Posted by DevonS31 on September 22, 2005 at 3:00 PM (CDT)


For those of us who haven’t received our confirmation emails, are they coming or do we need to redo the process?

Posted by Brad on September 22, 2005 at 5:46 PM (CDT)


i hope this starts to work some time

Posted by thomas on September 22, 2005 at 6:03 PM (CDT)


Yup- They must still be having some big problems. I had about 1500 actual songs in my library but per iCueMix there were 429.

At present I haven’t been able to connect to their server to do much within their site.

Posted by podeluxe on September 22, 2005 at 6:08 PM (CDT)


I enrolled a second time (first time yesterday) and an activation email came immediately.  I clicked the link and activated, but the import utility won’t run claiming my acct. is invalid.

Posted by Brad on September 22, 2005 at 6:23 PM (CDT)


here’s the update: it scanned and moved about 1100 out of 3800 songs into the icuemix playlist. I’ve tried creating a mix from two different songs and neither has worked so far. according to the website, it’s supposed to build the list as the first song is playing. disappointing so far.

Posted by DevonS31 on September 22, 2005 at 8:25 PM (CDT)


Clearly, not ready for primetime.  Their server is probably swamped and doesn’t have the cycles to handle the load, hence authentication is failing.  Brilliant concept and a huge potential customer base if they get this working though… we’ll just have to wait it out.

Posted by Dave on September 22, 2005 at 9:20 PM (CDT)


Seems to have a few bugs too.  It seems to not be able to refresh the pages in Firefox on my PC, it just opens a new tab instead.  I left it running for several hours to analyze my collection (after only being able to login with IE) and came back to over 25 new tabs all showing the same thing.  Hopefully they get it worked out soon, looks like an awesome idea!

Posted by bmph8ter on September 23, 2005 at 12:22 AM (CDT)


The integration of this and iTunes is pretty cool but there has been software like this around for a while. I have used Moodlogic for a while and its pretty good. I wish Apple would include something like this built in to iTunes. It could help them out as it could suggest music we may want to but at their music store…

Posted by robroe on September 23, 2005 at 6:08 AM (CDT)

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