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Id’s Carmack: Not enough money to be made on Android


Speaking in an interview with Now Gamer, id Software co-founder John Carmack made several statements on the development of games for iPhone vs. Android. When asked, “With Rage HD on iOS do you see yourself ever working on Android?,” Carmack responded, “Every six months I’d take a look at the scope of the Android, and decide if it was time to start really looking at it.” He continued, “At the last Quakecon I took a show of hands poll, and it was interesting to see how almost as many people there had an Android device as an iOS device. But when I asked how many people had spent 20 bucks on a game in the Android store, there was a big difference. You’re just not making money in the Android space as you are in the iOS space.”

He added, “We made more money than people may expect on the Doom RPG stuff. It’s just fun to develop on iOS. We’d show people what we were working on and they’d go ‘Oh, when are you going to ship that? And I’d say “next month” and they’d go ‘Aww, I wanna work on an iPhone title.’ It’s hard to make a rational business decision to say I want to take resources from something else and put them on this. We did actually hire a person to be our Android guy, but it looks like he’s going to get stuck on iOS development!” Id has released several games for iOS devices, including ports of its classic titles Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM, as well as the aforementioned Rage HD.

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I’ve bought everything I.D. makes for my iPad. I will continue to buy whatever they make, ‘cause it’s good stuff!

Posted by veggiedude on April 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM (CDT)


Android is a decent phone platform, but iOS gets all my love for apps. I think I’ve purchased a whopping two things for actual money on my HTC EVO, and hundreds of apps for my various iPod touch and iPad devices over the years.

Don’t get me wrong…I do like my Android-based phone. But eh, its just not that great for anything else…

Posted by Daniel S. on April 15, 2011 at 11:19 AM (CDT)


I’ve got coworkers that all got Androids.  not sure which model, but they’re decent as far as the hardware goes.
They all hate them.  Now, they’re coming form Blackberry, and maybe some of it is the curve, but I have never heard anyone using an iPhone say this.
My daughter and her fiancé also had them, and once Verizon got the iPhone, they switched.  They say it’s 1000% better.
All anecdotal from people I know.  But it does seem to represent a pattern.  I think ‘Droids have been marketed as direct competition with iOS devices, and many, once they have them in hand, are let down.
Myself, I’ve never used one, so I can’t state I agree or not…

Posted by sb on April 18, 2011 at 2:53 PM (CDT)


Well, I’m someone who owns a touch and a nano and an ipad (and a Kindle, etc etc….yes, a gadget nut), but have an Android phone (my second now, just replaced my Droid)and love it.  i love the free GPS system which saved me today on a hike in the wilderness, I love the flexibility for me to update and customize my home screens, I love how I can stick any video on there and it works without needing to convert anything, I love so many things about it.  Does it have every app out there?  No.  DOes it have every app that I want?  Yes. 

So as to #3 saying many people who own a Droid feel let down, I’d say that may be true to people he knows, but I’ll say that across my group of friends, and across my company (many of my coworkers have Androids), they love them.  I’ll also say that a few people I know with an iphone hate theirs given the dropped calls, small screen, and fragility of the glass.  I’m not going to make any sweeping extrapolations based on my small group of friends and their dislike of iOS devices.

Posted by Jeff on April 18, 2011 at 11:04 PM (CDT)


please read my post again. I was CLEAR bout my small sampling, but I’ll toss another number at you. My company uses (for now) Blackberries as the standard. But, clients are free to use ‘Droids and iOS devices.
The current count of Active Sync users is as follows:
iOS: 850
‘Droid: 39
That’s as of last month’s report.
I don’t care who, if any, like either. It’s a tool, like the Mac vs PC vs Linux. Use what you like. Clearly, your happiness is your experience, and your friends. Mine happens to be the opposite. Maybe it’s the business I’m in. Who knows. Don’t be so sensitive.

Posted by Sb on April 19, 2011 at 12:17 AM (CDT)


I don’t think I was being sensitive? I was hardly upset or furious or screaming invectives at yourself. I just was responding to the rather sweeping generalization you made when you said:

“All anecdotal from people I know.  But it does seem to represent a pattern.  I think ‘Droids have been marketed as direct competition with iOS devices, and many, once they have them in hand, are let down.”, which is a rather strong sweeeping generalization don’t you think? Even if you allow the “but this is just anecdotal, ya’ll” that you started with.

SO not sure where the purported sensitivity came from, I just wrote some good points about the Android, showing that not all of the “many” felt let down with their choice of phone.

Posted by Jeff on April 19, 2011 at 9:37 AM (CDT)

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