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IME launches iPod docking system for autos


Integrated Mobile Electronics has announced that its IME Docking System is entering production and will be available in 6-8 weeks. The IME Docking System is a modular, integrated automotive docking system for the iPod, Zune, and SanDisk Sansa. The system uses a universal base that secures to the user’s center console, dash, or wherever they would like to have their player placed in the car. Interchangeable docks connect to the base to allow compatibility with the various players, while customized dock inserts provide exact fits for the different models of each player. The entire system connects, via auxiliary inputs or adapters, to the car’s factory or aftermarket head unit. A full list of compatible aftermarket stereos and factory units is expected soon. The IME Docking System is available for pre-order now and sells for $250, additional docks are $90. For a limited time, the company is offering a 15 percent discount on pre-orders, simply use the code IMEDOCK07 to see the discount.

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Put does it work with the new nano / classic? 

I think apples needs a new logo to tell users which IPOD it works with.

Posted by jntaylor63 on October 2, 2007 at 12:18 PM (CDT)


$250? For a Dock!?! Are they NUTS?

Posted by Jason on October 2, 2007 at 12:32 PM (CDT)


Jason… It gets worst.

Apparently you spend $250 for a dock (that still needs connecting to a head unit preferably by a professional installer), and if you want an additional dock adaptor for a Zune or Sansa they charge another $80 each!

Am I really going to pay $80 so anyone I know with a Zune can play their music in my car?  Chances are if they have a Zune, I do not want to hear what they put on it!

Seriously though, this price is now competing with the Harman Kardon amongst others.
It plays video through compatible systems I guess, but that is not a unique feature.
Nope, I see nothing that justifies that expense for an usightly, modified dock glued to my centre console.

For $150, I got BMW to connect my ipod to the head unit which I can control through my steering wheel buttons. 
Still quite expensive, and arguably not very flexible as I have to manage tracks through specially named playlists, but sound is superb, and everything is genuinely integrated, with the ipod hidden away in the glove compartment.
In fact my old ipod Mini is now dedicated to the car.  I only take it out to add different audiobooks to the playlist.

Posted by Boca on October 2, 2007 at 1:21 PM (CDT)


That price is crazy. I put my ipod in my cars over 2 years ago. I used a standard apple dock, the sik imp for output, and had to buy a special plug for going into the back of my jvc aftermarket.

overall i think it cost me like $60, and it was a real apple dock so you’d know it works.

i just couldn’t have it setting out though so I costom molded a mount for it that integrated into my console so it looked like part of the car and put the ipod right at my fingertips… i used to have photos on here of it but took the site down.

might as well just pay someone 250 that has some time on their hands and a little car knowledge to make you something nicer then just a big hunk of white on your dash

Posted by Josh on October 3, 2007 at 8:55 AM (CDT)


Hello everyone, I represent Integrated Mobile Electronics. The IME currently only supports previous generation iPods. Our solution is a clean audio integration to most factory and after market stereo systems. As for our $249.00 pricing , the system will include one dock.And all hardware you will need to install it to your supported vehicle or after market player.  However with its future interchangeability we will offer upgrades to future players as they come.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us or email us and I’ll gladly answer any questions and concerns.

From all of us at IME Thank You for your interest and support.

-Dr. IME

Posted by Dr.IME on October 3, 2007 at 11:38 AM (CDT)

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