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Integrating the iPod dock into your car

iLounger Brett has informed us that he has installed his Pod dock into his car. he installed the dock using “2 layers of 1.5oz fiberglass mat, with the basic, fleece+resin as the exterior molding.”

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well.  thast about the uglyest thing i have ever seen.  is that tumor benign or are ya gonna need surgery to get it out of your car?

Posted by hhh in Irvine, CA on November 19, 2003 at 11:49 PM (CST)


its called BUYING a car charger. figure it out buddy. im sure whoever owns your car in the future is just gonna love that hole in the upholstery. unless you plan on keeping the car forever in either case your still a loser!

Posted by Jaguares in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 12:24 AM (CST)


Good lord, the above two people are mean, close-minded, and creatively bankrupt.

kudos brett on the idea, and carrying through with it.  you’ll probably enjoy it alot and it’s people like you who push tech forward and make the world for the above idiots a better place to live

Posted by geewhiz in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 1:57 AM (CST)


oh yeah, they’re probably laughably inept at making love too


Posted by geewhiz in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 1:59 AM (CST)


to down someones work without constructive criticism is retarded. the point of the install was to use the aux out with the least amount of money spent.  it had nothing to do with a car charger. i think he was successful with what he needed it to do and that’s great. i personally don’t like the look of it but he had some good ideas. and you wonder why there isn’t a bigger mod scene for apple products with the negativity that has been expressed by people with me too attitudes.

Posted by bg1 in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 9:05 AM (CST)


Thank you geewhiz.  I must say it is good to see some respectful comments on this installation of mine.  It is nice to see and read your comments in my email box and on the ipod websites.  Thank you all for your time and stay creative and open minded.

Brett N.

Posted by Brett N. in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 9:09 AM (CST)


I agree with geewhiz.  Lay off, the idea is cool and hats off to anyone who actually tries to implement an idea.  So what if it doesn’t work for you. 

Brett has given me some ideas to work with for when I finally get around to my car mount.  It is not an easy task and his is a simple solution that should be appreciated for what it is.

Posted by gilatrout in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 11:27 AM (CST)


Well done Brett.  I’m a new iPod owner and I’m looking to set up a car install based on your idea. Ignore the knockers.

Posted by Keiron99 in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 12:32 PM (CST)


I also agree with Geewhiz.  In this day and age when everything is geared towards sales figures, it’s nice to see someone actually MAKE an add-on.

Posted by Zim in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 1:08 PM (CST)


This place has just redeamed itself. There are a few that are just way too critical and far too judgemental to be helpfull in anyway on this site. It is sad that people like that judge someone’s life and character on petty things such as this. I mean come on…calling the guy a loser for making something more convenient for himself? SHeesh…

It only takes a few to ruin the reputation of a discussion place….but it only takes a few more to redeam itself. Bravo!

BTW, great job Brett! As long as it is usefull and helpfull for you…then it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks.

Personally, however, i prefer my iPod to be mounted higher up near the windsheild or steering column area. It is far too dangerious (for me) to be looking down fiddling with my iPod trying to find a song to listen to. I’m a very indecisive listener and i find myself changing from classical music to hip-hop, country, or musicals, all in one drive trip. Living in California doesn’t make switching songs on the go any easier. :)

Good job in any case!

Posted by ILoveMusic in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 2:08 PM (CST)


hey - that looks like a sock with a hole in it - but its goes to show how people love their ipods -  the concept of having a dock in a car is a good one - toodles

Posted by gabeE! in Irvine, CA on November 20, 2003 at 2:20 PM (CST)


Sweet, thanks you all for the feedback.  I have thoughts on painting it, yet now, this is the original, vintage if you will, I should let it live on.  in any case, bookmark that link.  Many more things in store, and the original site, is a nice one too.  Thanks again.

Posted by Brett N. in Irvine, CA on November 21, 2003 at 12:52 AM (CST)


I did something similar to this in my explorer but went about it differently.  If you know the explorer, at least in the 97 model, you’ll know that there is a big empty center console directly under the air conditioning.  What I did was take a CD player mount and screw it into the center console so I have a black plastic plate that rests perfectly level under the air conditioning.  Then I got some strong adhesive mounting tape and mounted the dock.  Works perfectly.  I love being able to pop my ipod in and out really quickly and not have to hook anything else up to it.  Just pop it in and go.

Posted by Patrick in Irvine, CA on November 21, 2003 at 2:50 PM (CST)


Huh apparently “S C R E W” is a dirty word on this board.

Posted by Patric in Irvine, CA on November 21, 2003 at 2:52 PM (CST)

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