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International carriers blame Apple for iPhone 3G problems

Both T-Mobile in the Netherlands and Vodafone in Australia have suggested that connection and reception problems with the iPhone 3G were caused by the device, and not by their networks. In a posting (Translated link) on its company blog, T-Mobile Netherlands blamed Apple for the problems, saying, “The 3G coverage of T-Mobile is as good as the competition, there can therefore not lie. We suspect that it is a hardware / software specific issue of the iPhone itself.” CNet reports that “there can therefore not lie” should actually be translated as “so that should not be the issue.” A separate story from the Sydney Morning Herald cites an unnamed telecom source as saying that Apple provided carriers with the iPhone 3G the day before the device hit the market, leaving no time for proper testing. Jessica Forrest, a spokeswoman for Vodafone Australia, added that the iPhone 3G issues were device-specific and had nothing to do with the carriers’ networks. “We are aware of the issues on the iPhone 3G and we’re working with Apple to provide a solution,” she said.

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I live in LA (Willoughby and Hudson) and the 3G signal is dead… the EDGE signal is dead too… I have to put my iPhone in a determined spot to get just one bar…

Posted by taboO on August 13, 2008 at 12:54 PM (CDT)


i live in UBUD, BALI, INDONESIA and am interested in purchasing the scratch proof invisible shield advertised on this page .. is this an Apple Product ? ..
Psss ... before i had a chance to fully evaluate the i*phone i purchased a NOKIA 6120 which is a FULLY FEATURED fon in MANY ways .. to include 3.5G and HDSRM with BlueTooth connectivity so that i am able to utilize the signal of a simpati card and kinnect to the internet in the most remote of areas ..
THIS ALL WITHOUT A CARRIER OR AN INT’L CARRIER *of which AFTER living in the Unites States i am LESS THAN INTERESTED in signing “on” for anymore CONTRACTS // CONTRACTURAL SERVICES .. So perhaps you can share with me if the new i*phone permits the user to DEFER the aforementioned contractural services from carriers such as T*MOBILE and the likes ... and will permit me to utilize the sim card feature wherever i am travelling to in the Ancient WORLDS ... from the ricefields of UBUD, Bali, to the Ganges in India, to the Himalayas in Nepal ..e t aL ...
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
sheilah a. pouttu

Posted by Sheilah Pouttu on August 13, 2008 at 1:01 PM (CDT)



if you buy the iphone in the United States you MUST sign up with ATT at the time of purchase. you will not be given a choice. there is no way to simply buy the phone. in fact, when I was buying my phone, it was activated and the contract signed before they would let me pay for it. at first it looked like the activation wasn’t going to work and they said if it didn’t I couldn’t get the phone but the problem was solved so I could get it.

the phone is locked into the ATT network and if you unlock it you could damage the phone and make it useless. if you do, there is no replacing it for free. it is not under warranty because you messed with the software that runs the phone. there are signs all over the stores reminding you of this.

so basically the answer is no. unless your country is one of the few that has made it illegal for phones sold in the country to be locked and there is an apple store or other place in the country to by the phone, you will have to get a contract for whatever service is the one with the contract in the country you buy the phone in. and you will have to pay whatever international use fees that company demands

Posted by lucas on August 13, 2008 at 3:10 PM (CDT)



Just wait, the crapy thing don’t work good any way.

Posted by cheap on August 13, 2008 at 4:10 PM (CDT)


That answer was August 2008. Now it is August 25, 2009. IF If I buy phone in US: 1. Do I have to sign contract with ATT?  2. Can I CANCEL that contract if I move to Bali without major financial consequences?  3. Can I then get it unlocked in Bali and get a different simcard?

Posted by Phil Bohnert on August 25, 2009 at 10:44 AM (CDT)

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