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Interview with iPod’s Dirty Secret Video Producers

MacDirectory has posted an exclusive interview with the producers of the now infamous iPod’s Dirty Secret video.

“‘We placed three calls to the Apple customer service line,’ says Neistat. “Then we went into the Apple store in Manhattan for help, and then we contacted the Apple executive offices directly. They all confirmed that there was no iPod battery replacement program and they all recommended that we buy a new iPod.’ Regarding the Neistat’s claim regarding the iPod’s 18 month life, Neistat says, ‘They [Apple] didn’t specify 18 months, but they said that it was understandable.’

But, according to the Neistats, the story gets better. ‘We then purchased a third-party battery online. I’m very proficient with electronics, but it’s a very difficult thing to change the battery on the iPod, and that’s why I think Apple doesn’t offer the option… When I put in the new battery, I broke my iPod. So then I had to buy a brand new $400 iPod.’ According to Corey Neistat, it’s then that the fury that fueled the video truly kicked in.”

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Posted by Chimpee in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 4:20 PM (CST)


These guys are real idiots just looking for attention.  There are thousands of iPod users out there who have successfully cahnged their batteries.  This little video might provide entertainment value, but as an educational tool, it is tainted at best.

Posted by Brian McQuillian in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 4:26 PM (CST)


    Well, the silence is broken at last. I think a lot of us got the impression that these two were just in it for the fame, but we finally got the acknolegement that the new replacement deal was fair. The 3rd-party battery not being reliable is probably limited to a few users (bad battery, maybe?).
    I still condemn the brothers for not giving the full picture to viewers (esentially causing many people to not buy iPods). Now I see the SOLUTION (the missing part of the equation, you two) as sending an apology letter to the guy that gave themthe bandwith, and creating a site devoted to helping people with messed up iPods.
    Also, I wouldn’t credit these two with being the ones who forced Apple to make that plan. Seems to me that no sane person was going with Apples scheme that was forcing users to buy new iPods in lieu of sending them $300 (or however much they wanted). Apple adjusted. Now the brothers should adjust.

Posted by Sam in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 4:34 PM (CST)


Aren’t their 15 minutes (err.. seconds) of “fame” over yet?

Posted by Louis in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 4:37 PM (CST)


You guys houls be thanking them…without this fueled controversey, we wouldnt have this type of battery plan and instead u would have to buy another brand new ipod…such ingrates you people can be.

Posted by mac brat in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 5:50 PM (CST)


I agree with mac brat. Either the rest of you haven’t read or studied these string of events or you don’t mind spending 400 dollars for a replacement iPod.

Without the loudly voiced concerns and opinions from the Neistat brothers, WE would STILL be paying the 250 dollar battery replacement plan when the time arises to do so. It was through their efforts that forced a giant like Apple to listen to their customers’ concerns. It was through their effort that we won’t have to buy another iPod for a simple battery replacement.

In my book, their fame will last more than 15 minutes. It is people like them who make words into actions, and problems into solutions. If we had more people like them to take on the RIAA issues, we might have a solution to peer-peer downloading by now….but who knows. I salute the Neistat bros for taking advantage of the right to freedom of speach. They just saved me 150 dollars 18 months from now.

Posted by ILoveMusic in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 6:13 PM (CST)


mac brat, ILoveMusic:

The Apple battery replacement plan had been IN THE WORKS since OCTOBER. Giving credit to the general user base that had battery problems is fine, but giving credit to these two opportunist fucwads is incorrect. They just had lucky timing.

Indeed, the fact that they put up the video FULLY AWARE that the battery is replaceable and not acknowledging it as such is pure slime tactics.

Oh and one other thing. ANECDOTE != FACT.
My iPod is almost 3 years old, and the battery is perfect, as are MOST USER’S. Spreading mistruths to further a cause is reprehensible.

Posted by Floggy Bottom in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 6:29 PM (CST)


Excatly. There was no way Apple would create a program IN RESPONCE to a video that wasn’t in any way constructive, but destructive toward Apple’s name.

Posted by Sam in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 6:59 PM (CST)


Erm, if they were really so angry with iPod, why did they fork out another $400 just to get another?

It’s so obvious what their real motive is. Gee things people do to get famous.

Posted by chowie in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 8:58 PM (CST)


They did the right thing.  Apple has always had poor support for their products, they felt they got screwed over; as many have so they had a right to voice their opinion.  As everyone else in this message board has.

Posted by AudioGod in Irvine, CA on November 28, 2003 at 10:59 PM (CST)


Gotta love the rabid Mac fanboys.

“Applke can do no wrong.  Nope, nothing wrong here folks.”

Grow up.  Apple screwed the pooch with these batteries, and just because they have a program *now* doesn’t make it right.

Posted by stark23x in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 4:44 AM (CST)


I agree that Apple should have had the replacement program sooner, but the majority of any problems with a bad iPod would have manifested itself within the warranty period, of which 18 months is more than many other companies. One of the reasons I got an iPod was due to the many reports of good customer service that I have read on this site. I’m pretty sure the non fan boys did the same kind of research also before you blew $400 on one. Now because some idiots pooched their iPod changing the battery out themselves doesn’t mean a thing.

Posted by bg1 in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 6:26 AM (CST)


You guys are dorks. If you don’t find the humor it is either your underdeveloped mentally or mindless mac worshiper.

This is a satire video, and satires are designed to over kill the issue to get across the message.

Honestly people, calm down and chill. Jeezuz.

Posted by Bob in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 9:07 AM (CST)



I hope you read this… I cannot believe you would say Apple Customer Support is poor. Apple is the most respectful customer support company I have ever dealt with. I have had the most lame complaints about the littlest things and they have done everything to make it right.

1. Headphones die… they send me new headphones AND a new remote!

2. I order a $39 case, they send me a $29 case… I call, they send the $39 one and let me keep the other.

3. I order a Belkin cup holder dock, they send me the transmitter… they then send the dock and let me keep the transmitter.

Ok, yeah - you could twist this and say that they simply cannot send the right product, but frankly: it happens. Most companies would have you send the mix-up product back to them though!

Just for the record, there is none better than Apple Customer Support.

Posted by echostats in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 11:16 AM (CST)


echostats: If Apple support were that good they wouldn’t keep sending you the wrong stuff. I waited a month for a replacement remote which has the same design fault as the original. It took them 3 weeks to decide what 2.1 OK To Disco was - bug or intentional.
I do love my iPod but everytime I speak to them I become less likely to get an Apple PC.

Posted by Chris Matchett in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 12:34 PM (CST)


Echostats: just cuz you have great experience w/their customer support doesn’t mean someone else might not. Y’know the world-wide 15” aluminum PB white spots issue that’s going on? The one that only people living in a rock UNDER a rock don’t know about? A friend of mine has been burned on two books from two different stores now. He’s still well within Apple’s return policy (which is offensively short when you consider the industry standard of at least 14 days - Best Buy/Circuit City - to 30 days - Dell) but they’re saying that he has to send this one in to service. It is now his second 6 day old $2600 powerbook that a student had to scrounge, beg and slave to afford, and he has to send it in for warranty service. Same thing happened to me in April w/the 12” PB’s. They send you let you keep a $29 case for free cuz it probably cost them $ .50. When someone gets burned on a $2600 purchase, they’re gonna get a little ticked off.

Posted by bedoughty in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 12:42 PM (CST)


Just as a disclaimer: I love Apple, I think their products and design are the greatest in the world and I do realize that their customer support and satisfaction are consistenly voted in the top 3 out of all the computer companies. All I’m saying is: nobody’s perfect, and when someone makes a mistake, even if it’s the bloody Pope, it needs to be acknowledged and properly dealt with. Not swept under the rug or solved with a “Well, you could always buy another one.”

Posted by bedoughty in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 12:46 PM (CST)


[bedoughty]: just cuz you have [poor]experience w/their customer support doesn’t mean someone else might. I think since this is an iPod site, that our complaints about support are restricted to just Apple, which is unfair. Do you honestly think that someone being on their second Powerbook somehow translates to a COMMON problem? Let’s face it- he got screwed. Bad luck. Seriously, if this happened to more people, no one would buy Apple’s stuff. No one would SELL Apple’s stuff. Your example is the book being a “bad Apple” (har har PUN), and, if I’m reading correctly from the jumbled story, THEY WANT HIM TO SEND IT BACK. OH NO! THEY SHOULD GO OVER THERE AND SERVICE IT RIGHT AT HIS HOUSE, RIGHT? THE SUPPORT IS SOOO BAD. I’m tired of stupid unrealistic demands. Nobody’s complaining about service WITHIN the year period that THEY KNOW APPLE SUPPORTS.

No, just outside. What did they expect? These two showed a biased video that some are praising as advocating free speech. Woopdy-freakin-doo. Did it cause a step forward or backwards? Did they offer people with dead iPods any solution? No, just dispair. I’m sure glad that the few of you are more interested in problems than solutions, like Apple is.  Apple may not have chosen the best route for servicing iPods that weren’t within the warantee anymore, but dammit, they’re doing it now. So stop crying- move on. Thinking about the past is a great excuse to waste the present and forget about the future. Let’s move on. Everything that called for fiixng has been fixed.

And for the guy about the remote, I hope you never own a company where people just bring broken crap back to you and you accpet all of them as defects and not any as mistreatments. (Keep your pants on. It was jut a remote.)

Posted by Sam in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 1:11 PM (CST)


This video may be satire, and the contents of it may be true to some extent, but what I’m more concerned about is its message that vandalism is alright.

The thing is, if you were the company putting up the ads, only to have someone taint them later on, wouldn’t that, at best, be a huge pain to fix? Frankly, I’m suprised that these people weren’t fined for such a thing.

Posted by Sraphim in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 1:33 PM (CST)


1) Third party batteries are easy to fit. Done it!
2) They’ve been available for months
3) These clowns did NOTHING to encourage Apple’s battery replacement programme which was already underway.

That’s not Mac fanboyism, that’s simple truth. Unlike Bob, Stark and Audiosod, who are clearly PC bigots and anti Mac weenies….

Posted by Jacko in Irvine, CA on November 29, 2003 at 3:22 PM (CST)

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