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iOS 4.1 HDR, YouTube HD upload screenshots posted

Apple’s release of the final version of iOS 4.1 to end users is days away, but we’ve just received screenshots showing off two of the new and previously unannounced features: high dynamic range (HDR) photography and high-definition uploading to YouTube.

Our source indicates that the HDR camera functionality, activated by a new button on the top of the camera screen, has interesting characteristics and limitations that may be of interest to some users. First, when HDR is turned on, it now takes 3-5 seconds longer to save an HDR image on an iPhone 4, as the device gathers multiple images and uses them to create the more colorful final photograph. Second, HDR cannot be used with the flash—turning HDR on automatically turns the flash off, with the flash returning to its prior setting if HDR is turned off. Third, there’s a setting that will either keep the “normally exposed photo” or discard it when HDR is turned on. If you’re viewing this article from our main page, more screenshots can be seen by clicking on the article’s title.


According to our source, YouTube HD uploads will only work over Wi-Fi, as suggested at Apple’s event today. The HD uploading option will be disabled if Wi-Fi is not available. A sample video shown in the screenshots here shows a more than 3:1 increase in the video’s size when it jumps from standard to high resolution.

Finally, a feature previously suggested in beta versions of iOS 4.1—FaceTime calling over e-mail—now appears to at least attempt the call. With two registered devices running iOS 4.1 and logging their e-mail addresses, the feature presumably works without issues.

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“More screenshots can be seen by clicking on the title of this article.” Hmm, doesn’t seem to be working ...

Posted by rockmyplimsoul in East Amherst, NY, USA on September 1, 2010 at 5:56 PM (CDT)


Just to clarify…HDR doesn’t produce a “more colorful” photo as you state. HDR captures an image which has more detail in both the highlights and shadows.  It’s very useful for when there is a bright sky and your subject is in the shadows.

Posted by Sir Nerdalot in East Amherst, NY, USA on September 3, 2010 at 3:38 PM (CDT)


Fair enough, though the changes it’s making are color-related in the sense that it takes areas that are represented with overly flat colors and transforms them into better-shaded and thus more detailed renditions. Perhaps a better way to explain it would be to suggest that it brings more shades and tones into images, regardless of whether they’re strictly “colored” or just gray.

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz in East Amherst, NY, USA on September 3, 2010 at 9:51 PM (CDT)


Hmm, is it me or can no-one else log into youtube from the album app to upload HD video? Has it not been enabled yet?

Posted by Mark Thomas in East Amherst, NY, USA on September 4, 2010 at 5:03 AM (CDT)

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