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iOS 6 Maps criticized for location errors, image issues

Following yesterday’s official release of iOS 6, users all over the globe have continued to register complaints about Apple’s new Maps application, the first in five years to discontinue use of maps and points of interest databases assembled by Google. As noted by iLounge editors, Maps now fails to properly route users to the nearest possible correct results, instead making seemingly random or logically tortured guesses as to which “Main Street” is being searched for, offering directions to Australia rather than America, and sometimes presents disfigured 2-D and 3-D renderings of cities.


Amongst additional issues spotted by various publications: AppleInsider mentions that a search for “Columbia, SC” brings users to Santiago De Cali, a city in Colombia;  the BBC reports on missing British towns and incorrect locations, the Irish Times notes the potential dangers of an incorrectly placed airfield in Dublin; and NorthScotNews of Scotland claims Apple has sent “the Highlands back to the dark ages” with black-and-white satellite imagery. A sarcastic Tumblr page titled The Amazing iOS 6 Maps documents more follies of Maps, including aerial photography interrupted by clouds and inaccurate directions.

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The irony: Apple ceased licensing technology from Google because they decided they were too much competition and they figured how hard could it be to create a global navigation system and keep it in house so they wouldn’t have to pay any of those nasty licensing fees, now they are helping to improve the odds of the competition continuing to gain traction in the marketplace by amateur hour crap like the maps and podcast apps.

What first party software from Apple has actually been a bonafide hit on iOS devices? I look at my device and there are a lot of 3rd party apps that I’ve installed because the Apple ones were so bad, and the only reason I continue to use their Music and Video apps is 3rd party solutions don’t sync play data back to iTunes and mess up my smartlist management.

I think it’s time they stop being so focused on making a whole new OS every year and just make a good OS that actually works as expected.

Posted by Code Monkey on September 20, 2012 at 3:41 PM (CDT)


I would disagree that apple 1st party apps tend to bad just simple. They figure to leave the more complicated features to app developers which is fine by me. are there some bad one’s. Yeah but Apple’s track record isn’t tainted by any means. Especially since you have to count stuff like phone app, contacts, calendars as first party apps. iMessage isn’t bad either.

iOS on a whole does run pretty well it’s the apps and their features people seem to have issues with.  You have to remember Apple employs a lot of people so it’s not like they are necessarily pulling OS developers to concentrate on Maps.

Posted by Daniel H on September 20, 2012 at 4:30 PM (CDT)


Maybe they should have pulled developers to work on this. This is an embarrassment. For a company that promotes itself as providing products that “just work”, and accuses others (i.e. Google and Microsoft) of beta testing products on users, this is a huge black eye for them.

If they come out and say “this is just a beta, give us time”, then they can’t claim moral superiority anymore over competing brands.  And since alot of people, me included, rely on Maps and turn by turn directions, i’d be furious if I had installed ios 6 over a MUCH better performing IOS 5 maps application.

Posted by Jeff on September 20, 2012 at 7:01 PM (CDT)


I live in the UK and used to use Maps a lot to see where customers and sites were, no chance now!
The updated app is next to useless for me.

There are many towns and cities missing or in the wrong place.
And the level of detail on imaging has dropped dramatically, where i work I have gone from seeing car level detail to a green blur!

No way would I trust the routes on this app yet.
I have had to start using GoogleMaps and the Googleearth app depending what I am doing.

Hopefully its a short term hiccup due to poor testing by a developer!!

Its a real shame as I think iOS6 on the whole has some great new features.

Posted by Cyberman on September 21, 2012 at 5:52 AM (CDT)


C’mon people. Just reinstall google maps. That simple

Posted by Fred on September 22, 2012 at 3:02 PM (CDT)


@5: Wow, more visitors from parallel universes, will wonders never cease….

Fred, not sure what particular version of the universe you’re from, but in our universe there is no Google Maps app, and, technically, never was. There was a bundled app with past iOS versions that used Google’s mapping tech to work and now it has been swapped out in iOS 6 for an Apple tech based one that is, to put it mildly, flawed.

So, no, for us it isn’t that simple as there is no such app and who knows if/when there will be such an app.

Posted by Code Monkey on September 22, 2012 at 5:10 PM (CDT)

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