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iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3.0 news: a quick summary

The news out of Apple’s WWDC 2009 came so quickly that our News column has barely been able to keep up with it all. Here’s a quick summary of what was announced, along with links to our full articles:

WWDC 2009 Keynote in Brief: Learn about new MacBook Pro models, the $29 Snow Leopard upgrade, iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone 3GS announcements in our text play-by-play from the event. See over 100 pictures in our photo gallery, as well. Accessory problems twice interrupted the Keynote.

iPhone 3GS Announced: A weird name for a largely iterative upgrade to the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS features a 3MP still camera, 640x480 video camera, voice controls, twice the storage capacity (16/32GB), improved responsiveness, and modestly improved battery performance. It hits June 19 for $199/$299.

iPhone 3GS Upgrade Fees: AT&T and Apple are hitting “early upgraders” with $200 to $400 fees if they want the iPhone 3GS, depending on when they purchased the iPhone 3G or other AT&T phones.

iPhone 3GS Data Plans Announced: AT&T, Rogers, and O2 are amongst companies announcing plans with no changes for prior 3G service offerings, but potentially higher charges for features such as MMS and PC/Mac Internet tethering.

iPhone 3GS Gets Enhanced Remote Support, New Headset: Apple has updated the iPhone 3GS headphone port with support for the Earphones with Remote and Mic, which it includes along with the device.

iPhone 3GS Radiation Data Released: The iPhone 3GS puts out less potentially dangerous radiation at maximum in five of six measures than its predecessor, but more in the sixth.

iPhone 3G 8GB Now $99: AT&T and Apple will continue to offer the black 8GB iPhone 3G for a reduced price of $99, and are closing out the 16GB model for $149.

iPhone OS 3.0 Coming June 17: Free for iPhone and iPhone 3G users, $10 for iPod touch owners, it adds a variety of new software features to every iPhone OS device, and unlocks new hardware features in certain devices as well. iTunes video downloading and Find My iPhone are newly announced features, atop the massive list we’ve been compiling since March.

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I don’t think it’s correct to say AT&T;is “hitting ‘early upgraders’ with $200 to $400 fees.” It should say “AT&T;Giving Subsidies The Same Way It Always Has, Whiny iPhone Users Want an Unfair Exception.”

The only solution I can imagine is if AT&T;offered the iPhone 3G for $299 and $399 for a one-year contract (instead of $199/$299 in 2008 and then $399/$499 to upgrade in 2009). It would end up being the exact same price over the long run, and then (stupid) iPhone users who upgrade after a year wouldn’t feel cheated. (I’m not saying all iPhone users are stupid, since I am one, just that the ones who are whining about this are.)

Posted by Muero in East Amherst, NY, USA on June 9, 2009 at 2:58 PM (CDT)


I think this whole Apple iPhone 3gS is complete BS.  The 3Gs is suppose to be what 3g should of been. Instead, we all got an iPhone with a faulty wi-fi signal and a less than working 3g network. I’ll just wait til 2011 when somebody from Apple and At&t;finally brings out a phone that has everything its suppose to come out with.

Posted by Righteous in East Amherst, NY, USA on June 9, 2009 at 6:25 PM (CDT)


The surprise of this year’s event is that there were really few surprises. A lot of the GS features were already leaked or speculated long before Monday, so in the end most folks were saying “meh” to the announcement.

There were some surprises on the Mac side of things, like Apple’s decision to finally include an SD card slot on the Macbook Pro, the redubbing of the aluminum Macs as the Pro line with the plastic line being simply called Macbooks.

I’m not quite sure what folks were expecting from Apple for the iPhone and its OS at WWDC. From all of the rumors and speculation, it was pretty obvious the iPhone’s physical dimensions wouldn’t change much, if at all. I’m a bit disappointed they’re sticking with the plastic back, as my preference would be the anodized aluminum used in the shuffle, nano, and classic.

I certainly agree with Muero that AT&T;(and any other iPhone provider) needs to come up with an annual upgrade option for iPhone users, like a one-year plan that makes the iPhone more expensive than in a two-year plan, but also allows the user to upgrade the following year to a new phone and contract.

I’m having some difficulty getting used to the new GS moniker for this unit—it makes me think of the old Apple IIGS from back in the 1980s!

Posted by cxc273 in East Amherst, NY, USA on June 10, 2009 at 8:41 AM (CDT)

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