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iPhone exclusivity poll ends, DVR vs. iTunes poll begins

With nearly 2,900 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“Should Apple abandon iPhone carrier exclusivity in your country?” has ended. Readers could say “yes” in two different ways, one indicating that they would like to use the iPhone on a competing GSM carrier, and the other saying they would like to use it on a competing non-GSM carrier. They could also say no, indicating that they felt Apple’s choice of carrier(s) was fine. Other responses were available for readers who live in a country where the iPhone isn’t exclusive, or where the iPhone isn’t available, and for those who aren’t interested in the iPhone no matter which carrier offers it.

Of all responding readers, a plurality of 45% said they thought Apple should abandon carrier exclusivity in their country so they could use the phone on a competing GSM carrier, while another 19% said that Apple should abandon exclusivity, but their preferred carrier is non-GSM and would require Apple to make a different version of the iPhone. Meanwhile, 24% of responding readers said they were fine with Apple’s choice of carrier, while 5% said the iPhone wasn’t exclusive in their country, another 5% said they weren’t interested in the iPhone regardless of which carrier offers it, and, finally, only 1% said the iPhone wasn’t available in their country at all. Thanks for all your responses!

Our new poll focuses on the choice between the iTunes Store and DVR-based TV show recordings. We’d like to know: would you rather buy your shows from the iTunes Store, or would you rather transfer them from a DVR? Or would you like to purchase your shows from iTunes, but can’t wait until the next day for the content to appear, or do you not watch TV or are otherwise uninterested in adding TV content to your library? Our new poll, “Would you rather buy TV shows from the iTunes Store or record them on an iPod/iPhone-friendly DVR?” lets you answer that question. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main iLounge.com homepage. Vote today!

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I think the poll is missing a variation… “depends on the show” Although I selected that I’d prefer recording directly, there are some shows that can wait until I visit the iTunes Store. Online vs. batch, some of us do both.

Posted by Aceon6 on May 1, 2009 at 12:38 PM (CDT)


My current situation is: I have no cable, no broadcast reception where I am. I do, however, have high speed internet and I buy the shows I like off the iTunes store.

My friends have a DVR, and depending on the show, I just go over there and watch their DVR’d copy. If I could transfer their copy to my iPod without any obstacles, I would.

So I guess my response to the poll would be “I wish I could do it from a DVR, but my only (legal) option is the iTunes Store.” Sigh.

Posted by Daniel S. on May 1, 2009 at 1:53 PM (CDT)


I get all my shows from Hulu, and the like.

Posted by Galley on May 1, 2009 at 7:06 PM (CDT)


For time sensitive shows…like Lost…I much prefer my DVR.  The two times I have missed an episode it was torture to have to wait until the next morning to buy the episode on iTunes. 

I also pay a ridiculous amount for my cable service and all the fees for a DVR and remte I don’t even use.  So if there was an easy way to transfer content from my DVR to my iPhone (or anywhere for that matter), I would love it.

Posted by TosaDeac on May 2, 2009 at 12:34 AM (CDT)

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