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Mix: Apple’s iBod, XM Audible Store, Video iPod

The woman behind the striped bikini silhouette iPod ad says she was paid $1,500 to be photographed for the campaign, but that she still can’t afford one of the players.

Audible and XM Satellite Radio today launched the XM Audible Store, which offers exclusive XM programming available for individual purchase or download subscription, including “The Bob Edwards Show” and “Opie and Anthony.”

Microsoft and Texas Instruments representatives both recently said that Apple will more than likely introduce a portable video player before the end of January 2006.

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And the award for non story of the year goes to stripper nanny with deadbeat husband that can’t afford an ipod.

Posted by genrlz on August 16, 2005 at 10:50 AM (CDT)


oh boohoo… get a real job.

Posted by travis on August 16, 2005 at 12:27 PM (CDT)


Yes, get a real job you young whippersnappers!


Posted by ash8080 on August 16, 2005 at 3:26 PM (CDT)


Maybe if the iWhore got a iJob or an iHusband that was worth a damn should could afford an iPod.

/glub glub glub

Posted by Lil'conner on August 16, 2005 at 5:32 PM (CDT)


iPod or iBod?  Here come the APPLE cops.

Posted by Confused on August 16, 2005 at 5:49 PM (CDT)


lil conner…hahhaa right on. why didnt she include a free ipod in the deal? dumbazz, maybe if she would stop selling her body and get a job she can afford a $200 item. or become a stripper, i heard they make pretty good coin

Posted by hoping4vPod on August 16, 2005 at 7:40 PM (CDT)


“But I’m not bitter or anything”

Course not.  That’s why you were interviewed for an article about how you can’t afford a product for which you helped advertise.  That’s also why the dancing bit is stressed, and how you nanny part time, to you know, help pay the bills.  Since the $1,500 doesn’t help that much.  I mean really (rolls eyes)

Posted by Poprox on August 17, 2005 at 3:02 AM (CDT)


Why so hostile?  You know some people have little or no disposable income to put towards buying a $300-$400 portable music player.

Posted by Drew on August 17, 2005 at 9:29 PM (CDT)


Drew, it seems picking on defenseless “babes” is what certain iLoungers get off on. Treat people less than they would their precious iPod, as it seems.

Posted by flatline response on August 18, 2005 at 4:32 AM (CDT)


Wait… What ad was this girl in? I cannot remember an iPod ad with a girl in a striped bikini.

Posted by Josh on August 18, 2005 at 8:53 PM (CDT)

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