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Mix: ROKR, iPod muggings, 3G mobile ad, iPod map

After much confusion in the press, Motorola has said that the yet-to-be-unveiled “ROKR” will be its first phone to be fully compatible with Apple’s iTunes.

The New York Post reports that local students have “become victims of a rash of vicious iPod muggings and a spike in larcenies at schools.” One Brooklyn transit officer said his district has seen “a near doubling of student iPod robberies on the subways in recent months.”

UK mobile operator 3 is running its first ever 3G mobile video ad campaign, for the iPod. A 14-second silhouette iPod ad appears before and after the Pete Tong show on the 3 music channel.

On his blog, Khoi Vinh says, “I printed out a map that covered my route from my apartment in the East Village to my office on 27th Street, and as I walked, I made a little dot every time I spotted someone wearing those telltale headphones. In total, I counted thirty-two iPods.”

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heh, not only do we have an article warning of ipod thefts but also an apparent treasure map for would be thieves looking for their next targets in one news update.

Posted by ACLeroK212 on February 17, 2005 at 10:05 AM (CST)


^^^ LOL! Just making it easier for the crooks. LOL!

Anyway, as for the muggings and larcenies concerning NYC students, quote:

“We would certainly support a police effort to etch anything after school or at other times,” Kalb said. “Kids should not bring cellphones or iPods to school.”

So these kids are bringing their iPods and cell phones to school even though their schools forbid it and ban these items? They deserve to be robbed. Maybe the little kiddies will get a lesson in following rules and in common sense: If you bring an iPod (or cell phone) to school expect to be robbed. So leave it at home. It makes perfect sense to me.

I don’t at all find this news of an outbreak of iPod thefts as surprising. I saw it coming and even posted about it on the boards. The theives aren’t going after adults with iPods because they know adults. They’re going after students. Students are EASY targets. They’re smaller, younger, weaker and typically not to bright about their rights and ability to go to the cops. Adults on the other hand will most likely put up a fight, are more likely to press charges and are much more likely to be packing a weapon like a legal gun. LOL!

Stupid kids. Maybe when all the iPod/cellphone touting teenagers take 44 stiches to the gut, they’ll stop bringing their toys to school. :rolleyes:

Silly rabbit, trix are for kids and school is for LEARNING not for showing off your new iPod/Cellphone and getting robbed at knife-point for it. Bunch of morons.

Posted by FallN on February 17, 2005 at 11:20 AM (CST)


Maybe they bring their cell’s to school because they are worried about their buddies getting mugged for their ipods on the way to school?

Posted by Goodlovin on February 17, 2005 at 12:53 PM (CST)


^^^ No, they bring their cellphones to school to show off, text message their friends and talk on it during school hours. Let’s get real here. They aren’t using it for security! I don’t see any kid text messaging the cops! So who the Hell are they text messaging so fervently? THEIR FRIENDS!

Kids will continue to be huge targets for crimes like this as long as their stupid parents keep buying them horribly expensive “toys” and letting them out the front door with it- cellphones included.

I personally wouldn’t let any child of mine have a cellphone unless they BOUGHT the phone themselves and PAY THE BILL themselves. That’s the only way they learn respect for expensive items like that and will take better precautions to prevent theft. When you don’t pay for s**t you do’t respect s**t. So the little kiddie that had mommy and daddy buy them an iPod will just go cry back to mommy and daddy about how they got robbed for it in school and their stupid parents will drop another $299+ to make little Johnny happy. I have to admit that it makes for great laughs. LOL!

Posted by FallN on February 17, 2005 at 1:09 PM (CST)


Expensive items need to be concealed sometimes for safety.

Why would the iPod be exempt from that basic common sense?

Posted by Nagromme on February 17, 2005 at 3:50 PM (CST)


That’s why I got rid of the white earbud headphones when I first got my Ipod so that no one knows I have an Ipod when I’m taking the transit.

Posted by crowpod on February 17, 2005 at 4:23 PM (CST)


C’mon, that’s a little unfair. A cell phone is important to have in case of emergencies and to check in with parents etc. I’m sure the benefits in safety far outeight the risks of getting mugged, especially if you’re careful about it. In terms of iPods, if you’re not going to bring it with you wherever you go (i.e. school), then there’s really no point in buying it at all.

Posted by catboy17 on February 17, 2005 at 4:33 PM (CST)

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